First video from the game

Check out this first test video from the game, we’re working on.

The character is – Tara. You can customize her body/clothes/accessories and so on.
Right now we are working on the rideable horses – the basic controller is already working.
You can check out a longer version on my subscribestar.

There’s gonna be a simple weapon system later, and different types of enemies. And of course – this game is mostly going to be about NSFW scenes with Tara & other creatures.

Right now we’re working on it in spare time, but after BTQ P4 – we’ll start working on it fulltime.

Check out the very first test here (hosted on


We’ve been working on the videogame lately as well, i will post some first videos here in a few days

Also, there’s a topic for supporters, where you can suggest your ideas for the last part of BTQ.

Breaking The Quiet 3 PUBLIC RELEASE

P3 of Breaking The Quiet is released!
The next Part 4 is going to be the last for this series.

Huge thanks for my supporters and followers here!

Download links:

FULLHD 1080p, (2,5 GB) Version download (supporters only)

Watch on
Download (720p, stereo): Torrent
Download (720p, stereo): Mega
Password for RAR: animopron

Additional Portugese/Brazil subtitles download (drop the file to the video folder).


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