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  1. Please have an option to control animals and fuck Lara instead of controlling Lara.

  2. Let us customize the Lara character and others. As well as control any particular animal companions we may want to have. I’d love to make a horse or bear sized wolf like a bone crusher and have that ravage her.

  3. So, with all the bestiality animations that you could have shown us… you go with the futa girl….. WHY???

    • We need to test an “erection” system before, and it’s easier to go with the main character.
      Anyway, people were asking about the futa, so i decided to do it now.

      • As happy as I am to see you do futa, is the option purely cosmetic or can we expect to be able to use it on someone or something in the game?

      • Please don’t make futa a focus. Its so overdone. Please focus on beast, with some canine pls.

        • Futa isn’t overdone, You want beast, then go support StudioFOW, or Region36, shit thats all they do is beast stuff. Animal sex is annoying. Dont even get why people are into seeing animals get fucked. Shit is worse than any other art genre there is. you animal freaks really fantasize about fucking animals.

    • That reasoning can be applied to every fetish under the sun. Let the game focus on what it can manage and what the devs want to do.

  4. Some Ideas for BTQ P4: (and the game)
    Let Quiet want to get her revenge and tie the Interrogator up. She do to the Interrogator what she did to Quiet like the Anal fisting Part, but this time shoulder-deep! Maybe you could make her accidently speak cause in her revenge she forget to be quiet and than decide to rage even more on Interrogator and stuff like that !
    For the Game, pls make some Animations like in the Games “Fairy Fighting” and “Wolf’s Dungeon” from Eluku !
    The scenes in this Game are my most favourite of all Hentai Games out there, and i would appreciate it, when you take them for your game too! Or make a similar 2D Game with more, longer, and more detailed scenes :3
    I would even pay you for that! You could do 2 Versions:
    1. with some Disney or video game characters and
    2. with your own characters, and for your characters you could release a low quality version for free and a high Quality version with a bunch of extras and extra scenes for paid
    Also you could implement in the game, that womans can fist mares! (vaginal and anal and shoulder deep)
    I would love to see that, cause you can’t find any videos for this fetish out there

    • Or lesbians fisting shoulder deep! Vaginal, Anal and maybe Oral too, and maybe some … – to mouth ones, like ass to mouth (fisting anal and than going out the ass and fist her mouth)

  5. Can you upload a version of the BTQ Series too, that look like the supporter previews? Cause the Belly Bulging looked alot better (more unrealistic) and harder (more forward, instead of upwards) than in the actual rendered release
    Would love to see her Belly Bulging like in the BTQ 3 supporter preview, where she got fucked first time balls deep anal on the stool!
    There she looked like get Dick-speared from Brutus horizontal, while she was Diagonal!

  6. YES YES YES, and horsecock futa aswell, it’s time for me to join your subscribestar, this did it

  7. Amazing work animo, this is good progress. Can’t wait to see what the cumshots look like. Cumming while getting fucked would be very nice too.

  8. Aw man it’s gonna be awesome to go first person while getting anal-fucked by the horse and watch your futa cock swings back and forth

  9. Will you be able to actually fuck things with the penis or is it just gonna be there with no actual use? Will there be female enemies to fuck or any scenarios where she can use her penis?

  10. Oh no..not the fucking Futa,,Disgusting..Girl with dicks is an instant turn off..freaking abominations..guys that like Futa’s are weirdo’s..

    Time and resources wasted on this could have been put somewhere else…

    Just like Wild Life wasted time and resources on Gay stuff,Ugh.

  11. Awesome work! I was thinking of joining the support with the new year! Btw I was wondering if there are going to be more fetish options like: cbt, footfetish, urethral insertion, etc…?

  12. having futa is amazing, will futa cock/balls have a slider too? what about chastity? oh animo, the possibilities. god bless you and god bless futa cock

  13. Futa trash awesome, total shit only weebs like who cant decide if they are faggot or not

    • I am openly bi and dispise anime and I love futa
      nice attitude, though, this uncalled hatred doesn’t make you look like a repressed homo at all

      • You dont need to say anything else beyond the “I love futa” that automatically makes you weeb retard who is fucked in the head. go “dispise anime” and go fuck yourself with horse dildos in the ass fag

  14. You are my personal super-hero.

    Thank you for implementing futa, can’t wait to try out the game.

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