Updated version

Guys, we will soon release a final version EP1, with most bugs fixed and fully open map (most doors will remain opened, so you can explore the map how you like).
After that we will start working on EP2, and i will keep posting updates on that.

Beasts in the sun EP1 PUBLIC RELEASE


The public version of BITS EP1 is released!

It is a very complex project, development of which started back in 2019. It was under “slow” development first 2 years, while last 2 years we were working on it full time.
The core team we have – is just a 3 guys, so i’m really proud of the result we did. Now you can finally check it and play the game!
We will take a short break, and then start working on the next episode.
It’s a first public release (and third for supporters), so keep in mind that some bugs are still there.

Huge thanks to our great supporters – this project was possible only because of them. If you like the game too – you can support the development, this will give us a big boost for making next parts of the game, big thanks! Supporters version of the game has some additional features to it as well.

You can repost the game link/clips anywhere you want, this will also help us building bigger playerbase/fanbase to improve the final experience.


DOWNLOAD from MEGA (16 Gbs)

P.S. To use torrent download – you need any “torrent client”  (you can just google it). Then – just open this small .torrent file.

You can download a supporters version on my subscribestar – it has some additional features – more clothes, more character settings.