Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone here!
We are working hard on EP2, and quite a lot of cool new features to the game itself – including fast-traveling, sex scene interactions, solo scene player, DLSS videon feature and so on…
I will be posting new stuff here soon, when i will be back animating new stuff.

P.S. Don’t forget to launch the game tomorrow, maybe you will find some gifts, who knows

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  1. kinda hard considering all the scenes were vid capped back in may and the map makes the day before map look crowded
    maybe ep2 will bring better stuff but knowing you thats at least 2 years away

    • yeah, i would wish for an hips-/butt-customization, as i like ’em small and cute

  2. Question: When future episodes come out would it carry over the progress we made in the previous episodes? Like I want to start Episode 2 with the revolver and ammo I found along with the outfits I manage to find in New game+ Or do we have to start a completely new game each time an episode comes out?

  3. Still waiting for a version that can be played on Apple Silicon without fatal error crash to reboot of the entire computer.

  4. Thank you for your entire work for us Animo! This game is far from finished but now it’s one of the best adult game out there! I hope it could be released on Steam or Epic one day

    • For sellers it’s inevitable.
      Even with fact of many r18 (yeah, Carnal Instinct is available) in Steam, they gonna hide behind the wall of selfish rules. So, better not use annoying pr methods for your work – it looks like camwhoring. It’s the same one.

      And yeah: yesterday had kinda surprise with that tree. Hopeful, more good hiddens became.

    • …me too…
      …hoped we get the link at christmas, but there was no update.

  5. Ya it feels like the world is a bit empty, and the scenes desperately need more interaction. More content in a smaller area where you can do more than press one button would be amazing. Love what you are doing, and I appreciate that someone is finally trying to make a decent game. FOW’s was such a disappointment, they should have stuck to animation.

    • FOV for origin are group of incompetent. If you knew what left behind of them, how many changes they flew and stick to one guide line – sure here was then disappointment. So, you are correct.
      Good point for Animo’s crew – he’s kind of ground himself already, and better not has that same mistake again, no more.

  6. Go fuck yourself! Make some horse porn videos! Who needs this bullshit game 😆🤡

  7. Anyone know why the game keeps giving “fatal errors” in V5?
    Reloaded some saves since I skipped some stuff, thinking that was it but it keeps happening anyway. Somewhere at the end of the tomb.

  8. Amazing work.
    Can you add the ability to see the action from the players first person perspective? great for when giving horse or monsters BJ
    Will you be adding horse for sex scenes like in your videos?
    Is it possible to have gang rape in it, for when there are multiple enemies on you, i.e getting Double / Triple Penetrated, Spit roasted, Bukkake etc

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