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  1. looking really good!
    will there be stomache/throat bulges like in your animations ingame?

    • ^ My thoughts exactly. I wanna see that belly expand with cum. Maybe even a pregnant feature

        • Maybe a lactating feature as well, the nipples model are so good, it would be such a waste if they can’t flow milk like the dicks tho

  2. What exactly will you do in the game? You will have choices or you will navigate the whole action?

  3. I Hope the Game will become Free, of course i have no Problem to pay for it, but i still Hope it becomes Free to play.

  4. Lara’s anus model looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it expand and stretch out to accommodate the giant horse cocks in the game >:3

  5. The game is going to be free, but supporters will have some additional content. No multiplayer of course.
    You can explore the island freely, but you will have a map with “interesting location” marks.

  6. Nice work Animo, really excited to see a game from you! Hopefully you’ll go all in and create much, much content for it. I would love to pay a fee for the game if that would allow you to create more content (addons/”DLC”)

  7. Can you add an option to make the nipples “longer”? Would be nice, cause they look more errected than and not like “flat”!

  8. something tells me its just going to be with a horse again even though its a game

  9. “And of course – this game is mostly going to be about NSFW scenes with Tara & other creatures”

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