First video from the game

Check out this first test video from the game, we’re working on.

The character is – Tara. You can customize her body/clothes/accessories and so on.
Right now we are working on the rideable horses – the basic controller is already working.
You can check out a longer version on my subscribestar.

There’s gonna be a simple weapon system later, and different types of enemies. And of course – this game is mostly going to be about NSFW scenes with Tara & other creatures.

Right now we’re working on it in spare time, but after BTQ P4 – we’ll start working on it fulltime.

Check out the very first test here (hosted on

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  1. Wonder if you would ever considering creating a gay animation? A guy getting fucked by a horse, one of the few animated ones out there…

      • Anon2
        Your are a toxic idiot and i want you to leave the internet
        we dont like peps like you
        Anon one asked a normal question, and you are akting like his desires are less worth than yours, just because they dont fit your fetishes.
        Aczept that there are other people with other needs, and wanting gay animation is a legit desire

        • i almost waited for the last snowflake bullshit word “Homophobic”

          Fuck Off.. we don’t want to see gay ass bullshit here.

          • @asd you and anon2 are being the snowflakes here, buttercup…
            I personally would prefer Futa though

          • you say “we” like you represent animo’s whole motherfucking audience. like you have any damn say in his fanbase. fuck off. animo’s probably not doing that as they probably aren’t into that kind of stuff but no need to be damn agressive and “homophobic”. this is literally the website of a guy who makes horse porn animations and games for a living and if you think gayness is dirty or inmoral you’re obviously idiotic beyond belief. if gay porn is bad, horse porn is the worst.

          • You’re judging people’s fetishes, yet you enjoy watching giant horse cock porn

          • The worst homophobic persons are gays and can’t accept it.

          • Wondering why the anti-gay-stuff-people always have to be so damn aggressive and negative. You guys are not forced to see everything ya know? Let people have own tastes

        • I like people like him. He riles up people like you and that amuses me. Don’t like it? You can always go back to tumblr.

    • It’s possible to change the model of course, but i think it’s easier to create a “futa” addon to the model, if somebody wants it.

      • I would certainly welcome a futa version, but if a male version is fairly easy, that would probably be worth doing too. Always nice to have options.

        Whatever you wind up doing, just make sure it’s not too much of a burden. Small developers have it hard enough without feature creep to worry about.

      • you better make modding easy as hell because there’s definitely gonna be a community for that after release. you can’t possibly include every customization that fits everyone’s tastes but you can make it possible for people who know modding. i expect some more customizations in the main game but mostly it should be reserved for addons.

        • Well said!!!!! keeping in mind that any game that has an easily moddable base as far as i know will be way more popular than if it hadn’t. Everyone likes their tiny little specifics that they can get put in

      • Futa is the way to go. Big fucking dicks on girls is what we all want. We want to see anal fucking and deep ass stuffing.

      • Any intent to add any Hucow action into the game and/or BTQ4?

        I’m sure that you would come out with interesting scene with girls and industrial milking machine

    • Why waste his time seeing a guy get fucked by a horse when he could make a not gay and actually good video

  2. hmmmm some part of the ground the feet went in the ground. that need to be fix and the way she run it doesn’t seem real. real people dont run like that unless they acting silly. its her arms. I understand its a female character. that running animation is to silly

    • It called “foot ik’s” and it’s working, but it’s “bugged” in full-resolution mode right now.

      • really hope to see some ATWT in the game or in BTQ4 since it didn’t make sense how long the horse cock was going from the bad guys pussy to top of her head when she stroked it. But when halfway in Quiet it hits her sternum, and when he goes balls deep it is still hitting her sternum with double the length now in her.

  3. oops sorry one more comment. when running on sand it get stuck on the shoes and gets kick off from the shoes. you know what im talking about right? try running on sand you’ll see

  4. Woul love to be able to play as a male character and or set up situations with the horse for her

  5. Simply amazing idea, Animo! Correct me if i’m wrong, but this kinda work is faster to get all done, right?

  6. Any chance for some horsecock Futa? A future video series worshipping a horsecock Futa pov wouuld be amazing. Non of that gay ass vagina on Futa shit of course, cock and bals only. Pls think about it. I think it would attract a whole new group to you.

  7. Do you plan on the 1st person view to be available in the nsfw content aswell? Like you included pov scenes in the vids. That would be very nice!

  8. I LOVE the idea! And i also would dare to hope for some ryona scene, maybe death animations or something…

  9. There are problems with the contact of the feet with the surface: in some places the leg passes through the ground, while in others it hovers above the ground. Sometimes it happens at the same time Also, the moment of the fall is ridiculous: as if someone pulls the strings tied to her legs and hands. Running did not seem to me frankly wrong, but I didn’t really look closely. But I think, since this is not particularly striking, you can not bother;)

  10. Tara? You mean Lara just a tad modified? Lol. Just work on BTQ P4, don’t waste your time on this.

    • Dude… No need to be an ass. Video games are a bit more complicated to make from the ground up than an animation. Because you need to factor in that it also has to be INTERACTIVE. The guy wants to do something new. If you liked his other work, you ought to support his new efforts.

  11. Drop BTQ4 and do this instead. if there is pussy action in this game i will buy it.

  12. hey animo…i know this is unrelated…but could you make a sequel/remake based on ellie in chains?? i would looove that!!!

  13. If you guys add a “Workshop” option to this game so people can use their own skins and sliders you’ll probably see good profits

  14. Holy shit animo you’re the best! my mind cannot comprehend how you could do this with whatever you have. i myself am unfortunately not a supporter but i’ve started watching you sometime ago when btq 1 and 2 were released, and looking back at past animations from that and future works, i can only say that you have improved more and more greatly with each work. and i just want to say that you’re incredibly talented nevertheless your tastes, choices, or anything else. of course the game does seem to have it’s flaws but it’s only in development right now and it already looks goddamn amazing. i am looking forward to playing or at least seeing the game and am curious about what other “creatures” await tara besides a horse. you really get more and more creative with time and my only real complaint is the fact that tara is obviously just slightly modified lara. however even that isn’t mandatorily a problem as lara is a hot character anyways and people don’t come to your site for original characters. it still amazes me to this day that you release everything you make free even to non supporters despite being one of the best nsfw artists in the world and i shall be waiting for more of your updates and works.
    i am also excited about more customizations and the possibility of a big modding community. regardless, the possibilities are endless.

  15. Wouldn’t it be nice not only change outfits, but also modify them, like colour or length?

  16. Perfect idea, Animo! I hope the pussy will also be modifiable (big labia vs. small labia, prolapse uterus etc.)

    • Having watched the BTQ series it will probably not be available. It will be anal only, possibly with a futa option…

  17. The tits are a bit too big. It would be a nice option to have something that allows the players to control the size.

  18. Wow that’s pretty impressive continue with this project it looks promising and i know you can make it

  19. Many more short stories, ex Little Red Riding Hood. And users select Main Character and punishment. Thanks.

  20. Tara= Totally-not-Lara
    What interactions will we have? As much as I like seeing horse on girl, I would certainly appreciate it more.

    Also, futa/trap pils!

  21. Looks amazing. I would like to see custom hip and areola/nipple sizes. Even without, looks great

  22. If this won’t be done until BTQ4 then this won’t be released until 2030.

  23. are you going to make sliders for body customisation because i’m not a big fan of huge boobs or ass

  24. I was going to beg you to include a POV mode, but then it actually happened during the video. You already know what’s up, you don’t need me to nag you.

  25. Some Ideas for BTQ P4: (and the game)
    Let Quiet want to get her revenge and tie the Interrogator up. She do to the Interrogator what she did to Quiet like the Anal fisting Part, but this time shoulder-deep! Maybe you could make her accidently speak cause in her revenge she forget to be quiet and than decide to rage even more on Interrogator and stuff like that !
    For the Game, pls make some Animations like in the Games “Fairy Fighting” and “Wolf’s Dungeon” from Eluku !
    The scenes in this Game are my most favourite of all Hentai Games out there, and i would appreciate it, when you take them for your game too! Or make a similar 2D Game with more, longer, and more detailed scenes :3
    I would even pay you for that! You could do 2 Versions:
    1. with some Disney or video game characters and
    2. with your own characters, and for your characters you could release a low quality version for free and a high Quality version with a bunch of extras and extra scenes for paid

  26. You could implement in the game, that womans can fist mares! (vaginal and anal and shoulder deep)
    I would love to see that, cause you can’t find any videos for this fetish out there

  27. That scene where you have FPS and can look down at your breasts… Reminds me of that old Jurassic park game where your health was on your breasts as little hearts.

    Feature or coincidence?

  28. “Non of that gay ass vagina” You are so incredibly stupid its not funny.

  29. if not to much truble could you realese an version that is not complete, you know how far it has come.

  30. wow this looks so good, even just as a walking sim, please please release something or an update on it if its still being worked on

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