I’m working on the horse right now, i will start posting first previews soon.
In the game you will have ability to choose a Horse’s nickname from the list (around 30 nicknames to choose from). All nicknames will be voiced as well, so it will be quite a cool feature.
You can support me on subscribestar to follow all the updates.

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  1. it would be cool if we were able to play bad guys to try to capture Lara. and then nail her to the cross and stab her face with a knife while sitting atop of her. I would push my blade deeper into her skull and then start to twist it side to side hearing her bones crack and the contents of her head spill outside. then I would glaze her disfigured face with my cum, fuck that’s so hot 😍

  2. I hope She can squirt on horse dick. Anal and pussy too. And double penetration.

    • Actually, we still not have instant answer about sexual activities with horses. It was just my suggestion, which someone turn into unmovable truth, i.e. words from Animo himself, but it’s absolutely wrong and unproovable, unless he reveal this case for sure.

  3. Strange idea of somebody worried about horse naming, no fence. Who the bald thought that would be great?

    • call the horse ultra daddy with giant cock maximus penis

      or daddy ultra penis maximus fucker gangsta

      or gangsta horse ultra cool daddy gangsta dominator penetrator ultra master alpha supremus maximus giant penis anus-destroyer deepthroat-this-whore-bitch maximus alpha ruler-of-lara dominator ultra maximus penis giant maximus alpha dominator hyper alpha perfection beauty alpha maximus

    • Maybe AnimoPron just wanted to give the most horse-powered supporters a nod of recognition… in a form of that rather strange ability to choose a Horse’s (voiced!) nickname.

      • old news considering this info is weeks old as VA will be clipped from previous audio files along with horse sounds… more recycled content presented as new…i expected more from you wirek…you normally on top of things here

        • I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not my news, obviously – just my conjecture based on AnimoPron’s news dated here on 2024-01-24 right before midnight.

      • pls no. it will probably take him six months to implement this and half the names will either be spelled wrong or overflow outside the text box

        • Well, it’s not my decision, obviously, but if I were AnimoPron I would ask the most horse-powered supporters to record their own voices for their nicknames and maybe also for several funny sentences that the horse would speak in human voice while fucking Lara. It might be strange, but also a nice nod of recognition for their support.

    • lara is cooler, fuck off with quiet

      who the fuck prefers quiet over lara croft

      • BTQ was bloated content riding the coattails of the popularity of lara x horse
        it didnt need to be 5 eps and take 2.5 years to release not even 2 hours of content
        its why he fell back to his side project cause no one wanted to work with him

        • 2,5 years it took to complete breaking the quiet???


      • youd think with the announcement of the TR remaster last year coming out now in a few weeks hed go back to lara x horse

  4. can she do gore stuff and drink magical potions that give her regeneration powers???
    and eat shit

  5. Maybe do some milk squirting sences? the game offers such nice tits and nipples, is a shame not to use them (yeahyeahyeah i am a tit fan)

    • Awesome suggestion.
      However, this cannot be realised until the skeleton is repaired (body parts pass through each other). Which, most likely, we will not wait for.

  6. I hope this doesn’t fall into a scope creep trap, where you have really cool ideas but it’s impossible to realistically realise them.

    • no cuz the game the part 1 is very high quality and works perfectly

      the only problem is that they develop the game too slowly

      • even a polished turd looks shiny eventually
        2 years (5 really from the mega folder leak circa 2019) to release a walking simulator with vidcapped sex scenes
        2 months on a save system for a “game” that takes under an hour to complete
        now busted (again) for working on the horse stuff thats nearly 3 years old
        keep payin this man to deliver you crumbs at a main course price

  7. do he post about what hes gonna do rather than what hes done all the time?
    no wonder his subs are leaving again

  8. >subs are leaving again<
    ↑ this happened because of this ↓
    kemono p & search animo then horse and see the date
    2021-03-11 @ 22:08:00 GMT

    thats what happens when your members leak your current day posts only to find out the info is months old. in fact nearly 3 years old in this case. congrats on playin yourself

    • youre appealing to a guy who isn’t bothered by losing over half (nearly 4000 subs) in just over 2 years since BTQ ended. you think he cares if subs find out hes been sitting on that horse & controller demo for 3 years? his pop has been declining for years. if losing thousands month over month for 2 years doesnt motivate him to do better nothing will. hell it took him 2 years of ‘full time work’ to get this game out and this has been around since 2019 in one form or another

      • im not appealing to anyone just dropping facts about how he skates and scams his way each and every month. take this game for instance. spent over 2 years of full time dedication on it as he claims. began by posting old shit from back in 2019/2020 and showcasing it like it was the current product. go back to may/june 2022 in this very blog. it was then all of a sudden the reviews changed and looked nothing like he had some years ago. to this day he has not explained the drastic different in quality or overall style whatsoever. but yet he claims he was working on it… false!

        he was sandbagging and luring guys into pay him each month like always under the premise hes some gold tier creator who has all these resources like mo-cap and shit. aint no one doing mo-cap for a horse fucking game bro! and never once did we see a preview of that setup or anythign like it

  9. *horse names will be voiced*
    how does that work or can the horses neigh and talk now

    • itll probably be someone rattling off the names as they cycle through. who the fuck would wanna here a horse talking let alone talking while fucking lara like toon?

    • Apparently, song reveals itself:
      “Look at my horse! My horse is amazing!” Damn, Animo, why someone turn you on? *choking from laughter*
      Horse called “Mr. Big Dick” and other small-wiened dumbass shouts…. FFS, why?

    • Well, it’s not my decision, obviously, but if I were AnimoPron I would ask the most horse-powered supporters to record their own voices for their nicknames and maybe also for several funny sentences that the horse would speak in human voice while fucking Lara. It might be strange, but also a nice nod of recognition for their support.

      • guy should focus more on making a (re)playable game instead of voicing horse names
        i wanted him so bad to do something for the upcoming TR remaster since lara/horse was his big break back in the day. instead we get a talking horse and many more months of updates about nothing

        • It’s the creator’s right to follow their own path of creativity, and it’s the consumer’s right to vote with their money or to simply leave.

          • i need some help understanding you. ive only been posting here bout a month or so. in that time, ive seen your name replying to nearly every comment good or bad… but never about AP or his projects. you insult anyone who dislikes or likes this place. why do you even post here in the first place?

          • @BlackBombJack 2024-02-04 at 07:22
            1. “ive only been posting here bout a month or so”
            That’s not even remotely true considering just your current nickname.
            2. “your name replying to nearly every comment”
            Up to this point in time there were only 11 comments from me out of 93 in total on this very page which gives only 11,83% of input from me.
            3. “but never about AP or his projects”
            This single thread contained 2 of my comments before your utter nonsense, and both of them are strictly related to AnimoPron and their projects, not mentioning other my comments here on this page also strictly related.
            4. “you insult anyone who dislikes or likes this place”
            I’ve never talked to you before my previous reply in this thread, so when did I offend or insult you in any way? That is considering your current nickname. Besides it is you who bothered me first, and I just kindly replied.
            Who are you trying to defend with your lies?
            5. “why do you even post here in the first place?”
            Well, if you cannot understand the 4 simple points above, then you won’t understand my reply.
            Since I’m usually accosted by utter idiots (pretending to be just imbeciles) and simple-minded liars in a way very similar to your own, this is my last nice, polite and gentle reply to your comment full of bullshit – that is until you change your nickname again.

    • he went on a casting of quiet in breaking the quiet netflix adaptation and disappeared. probably got raped to death by horse or something

      • Wow, you (both) clearly couldn’t last long, sissies.
        The rumours that I applied for casting or died during it are premature… ejaculation…
        (out) of your yearning, sadness and desperation, shorty.

          • Fabulous Friday Soirée?
            Well, I’m a Founder of Fun Society.
            Have you been having a Finally Friday Syndrome?
            Oh, don’t be so jealous that I didn’t reply earlier in your own thread – I’ll make it up to you today.

        • good ol wirek doing the lord’s work to keep this blog alive
          did you see the Easter egg about in his game?

    • Look at my horse,
      My horse is amazing
      Give it a lick

      Mmm, It tastes just like raisins

      Have a stroke of its mane
      It turns into a plane
      And then it turns back again
      When you tug on its winky

      Ohh that’s dirty

      Do you think think so?
      Well I’d better not show you
      Where the lemonade is made
      Sweet lemonade
      Mmm sweet lemonade
      Sweet lemonade
      Yeah sweet lemonade

      Get on my horse
      I’ll take you ’round the universe
      And all the other places too

      I think you’ll find that the universe
      Pretty much covers everything

      Shut up woman get on my horse!

  10. I love the game so far, i have a few questions tho.
    1. i’m curious if we will be able to free roam back to places we’ve been or fast travel? It would be cool to go back to the bunker Or the ship after we left (i love the ship ngl good stuff to do).
    2. what are the Silver/gold coins for? i’ve picked up a couple but dunno what to do with them
    3. I see there’s an interest in pee and such and was curious as to How many more such places that happens, apart from bunker and ship (Hate to admit it but the ship Ones were hotter?)
    4. (if we can go back) would the bunker have other stuff added? it’s such a nice place and there is power, could a sex machine be but there for Our character to use. it would be fun to see. or just dildos
    5. (final one) What other kinks/fetishes will we see? since we’ve seen beast of course and Pee, will we see Like other taboo type stuff? i did notice in the inventory you can zoom in on feet so would that be a thing?

    Love your Work and can’t wait to see what else you do to Make this wonderful game even more incredible!

  11. how to have the maximun fun while playing the game:

    1-put a dildo in your ass while playing
    2-pretend you are lara

    • quite true considering he lost thousands of subs since btq finished. he’s obviously not motivated by money or even willing to listen to his shirking base. many thought he would do something with lara because of the upcoming tomb raider remaster in a couple weeks. instead we get news on horse vocals.

    • u dont want this

      this game is actually quite fun and high

      fucking haters

      the only problem this game has is that is gonna take 10 years to be completed

      • how much did you masturbate after finding out your horse name would be voice acted?
        how much money have you pledged to such a 30+ year old gameplay mechanic?

    • Oh, have you asked everybody about it like LITERALLY every single one out there? ‘Cos I don’t think so.

      • is not about the shit, is about the degradation and masochism

        scat is very cool as a masochistic thing

      • This game going the extreme route and letting Lara play with and eat horse shit would be an absolute dream,

  12. id figure anons would want an actual game worth playing instead of barebones customization that look downright awful in most graphical configs. besides he made his own creation basically pointless to even play given he posted the cut scenes nearly 6 months ago himself while many unhappy supporters leaked them further back in june 2023

    he shouldve stuck to making videos, no one asked for this and even less seemed interested based on engagement here, same redundant info.previews leaked at f-95 and other baseless rumors posted elsewhere

      • hes been “working” on the horse since 2019
        and his last update was in march 2021 before finishing btq bonus

        guy lays honeypot after honeypot with “look im doing something” posts and then edges yall for weeks and month just to reveal a 4 second gif or some bs preview pic that was shown to his subs and leaked months ago… kinda like back in june 2023 when he vidcapped most the sex scences himself and uploaded it his own fucking profile on r 34 videos despite saying it was “supporters only” yet he made it free to all including the link to his now removed/flagged youtube trailer for this game
        he is a b8 creator whos best days are behind him and the only thing on the menu is nothing burgers. the game is to lure both monthly subs for more money and other people with talent in that can actually help or collab with him…. still losing subs and no one will collab with him… wonder why

        • this this same go who put his hired VA real life issues up for the world to read about and then later used the same excuse himself to further delay the BTQ bonus clips. voiclikecandy or her followers were not happy one bit and seemed to scrub or block and mention of working with AP shortly after.

          guys trash honestly and im glad very few wanna work with or for him at this point. this game looks ten years old at best

          • >a white knight appeared but was quickly dealt with
            no one either cares or remembers what did to her or posted about daddy issues or whatever the hell they were. she was hired to VA, it took forever, so he vented, like you and so many others do. hes not the only content creator out there or did you think hes tired of getting his shit leaked probably by people like you?

            either STFU or make your own shit

  13. Hoping for some dirty stuff with the horse, maybe make an optional horse golden shower scene, or some horse rimming. If you’re depraved enough maybe even some scat.

    • she should lick the horse asshole, also it gives the horse a lot of extra pleasure to have his anus stimulated and his g spot

      quiet licked the horse asshole

      if the asshole is a little dirty is even hotter because is even more degrading and masochistic to lick a dirty asshole, dirty > clean

    • why? he’d spend a year posting about working on it followed by another 6 months on some glitched animations. should go back to vids and bin this shit walking sim as many seem to calling it now given the sex scenes have all been vid capped for nearly a year now, whhats the point of playing it?

  14. would be cool if we could choose from different horses, size, color, mutliple?

    • Skins for horse? Thinking, it’s already in game (for different types of horses, or selective – who knows; possibility on second opinion).

      P.S.: didn’t post any ideas because I had 10+ pages of them with a bunch of notes.

  15. Here we go again… stop this Skyrim mod and go back to make movies please…

    • exactly

      guy took his sweet time of almost 2 years and delivered one broken release after another. anyone remember it took him TWO MONTHS to create a save function and that some THREE MONTHS after the first/second release! plus to those above who bitch about people like us bitching, AP Army, please explain how your “handler” is content to losing both thousands of subs and tens of thousands in support every month during the time it took for this to get out? the guy spent 2 years and still cant get any new support or help

  16. Would be cool to have two modes of riding the horse. On top and normal, or strap yourself underneath with his huge dick down one of her three holes

  17. Want a Chinese patch, which is very unfriendly to Chinese players, want to play, but can’t understand the subtitles

  18. maybe worth adding some rpg elements, based on items inserted, holes, that been used? Some toys for brasts, pussy, clit?

    • You don’t need to install. Just start the ‘exe’ and you can play.
      When you first start the game, it creates a folder with a few small files where your collected items and your game progress are saved.
      Path: C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\Local\BITS (v5)

        • yo do you just randomly reply to everyone just to verbally berate them or do you have some kinda motive or on topic reply? i ask because youve singled me a few times now and dont understand why and never really see you post about what AP posts

          • >by design
            *insert schoolyard clap
            *link to a you tube video related to his comment
            *insert pseudo intelligent remark that no one above ten years old find smart
            *finally sprinkle in pictographs

            hes been at this for months if not longer, targets everyone including his own replies when no one takes the bait, and he makes sure to spam the same reply multiple times. you will not reach him or get him to go away. hes either on APs payroll to keep the site traffic afloat OR he does it for free… either case is bad

    • or maybe even he gave up on trolling & making this place mildly entertaining to view… meanwhile yall fanbois jizzin over a VA MLP names & (re)posted preview pics about the next part of the game (walking sim) coming “soon”… were more likely to get GTA 7, yes 7, before AP likely to finish this

      • yea, this game is cool & great, except the part that is gonna take tons of years to complete

  19. Let’s commemorate the unsurprisingly sudden death of Alexei Navalny, a well-known Russian oppositionist enemy of Putler, with a moment of silence.

      • >if only
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        government funded = tax payer money

        • You should move to North Korea for real “work for the state and they will provide resources free to you on a rationed basis”, you “real” commie.

      • what in the cheese and bread line does this call for invoking such an anthem!? ☭ would never allow such acts

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        • you didn’t have to explain yourself, we understood long before you even commented

          • cheese makes you cheesy, im not gonna explain why

            milk and cheese are pathethic food, only retards drink & eat it

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    • no shit but he doesnt seem to mind losing nearly half his income from this in under 2 years since he went exclusive on the game
      >sToP cOuNtInG oThEr PeOpLeS mOnEy JeW

      by no measure is his a game a draw or success outside of it actually being made… congrats on losing half your support/income in the process. his team is 3 people deep including him. no one will take his commissions or collab with him. he ruined the game too by publishing the vidcaps on his r 34 videos profile last year just after the “supporters only” release to bait new subs into supporting… it wasnt very effective but again… um congrats?

  20. was so hoping he wouldve done a rerelease of lara/horse since the remaster TR game just came out. instead we get more of the same

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      Combine dry ingredients (and I sift) into a bowl. Add half of the dry ingredients, mixing until just combined. Add the milk. Once mixed, add remaining dry ingredients.

      Scoop into cupcake tins (best is about 3/4 full) and bake for 20-25 mins at 350. Let cool.

      • while it reeks of wirek humor and off topic nonsense, why would he self own like that? if anything is true in that, its that he is an agent of chaos as anything he posts is pure clickbait

        • your mom is pure clickbait too motherfucker

          LAST NIGHT I FUCKED UR CLICKBAIT MOM YOU FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • default name for supporters is shill
      default name for public is cuck
      other names will include: coming soon, working hard, I’ll post previews soon, this weekend, server issue, another bug, sorry guys, I hope to, need more time & support me

      he also has a poll up for people to vote on other names but of course wirek is leading with 136% of the votes

  22. animo, you have 3971 subs, for 6 dollars a person… 23.826 for month? Get a bigger team you cheap ass mf.

    • ironic that his game lost him nearly 4000 subs since finishing BTQ
      and many insult him on his subs page (though are paying to for that so… yea)
      its almost as if more people wanted just videos and not some unity (stolen) assets game straight outta newgrounds circa 2014

      • For me it’s a Good game, and I prefere this to videos. But, if they had a bigger team and the game took less time to release, they could avoid this loss of subs. It’s like he’s sinking himself.

        • the number one reason people will tell you they like this game is because AP made it
          there is no other reason or further discussion as most AP are of an npc mentality
          congrats to him finally making a game several years on the shelf but was it really worth losing so much, having no one take his commission/collabs, and literally having most of your fan base insult you on the daily?

          >laziness killed the horse video star
          shouldve stuck to videos, should’ve updated lara to go with the recent remaster TR1-3 or shouldve continued with making videos… nobody plays this beyond the first sitting

    • indeed, get a bigger team

      he probably spends his money in golden jacuzzis and fancy pointless bs

    • >u don’t
      go to r 34 videos and look up animopron
      all in game scenes vidcapped almost a year already
      zero point to playing unless you enjoy a walking sim

    • dont listen to the haters

      the game is super fun
      whether the scenes already appear in r34 or not is irrelevant haha
      as if people dont record gameplays of resident evil, cod story mode, etc hahaha

      ‘zero point in playing resident evil because the full story appears in youtube already’

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