ALL content of this website is made with 3d programs and it’s purely fictional. None of real persons (or monsters) is related in this animations.

All fictional characters may seen in this animations is +18 y.o., even they are just a bunch of polygons and textures.

All software, that used to create this animations is licenced and geniune. All sounds are taken from “free-sound-library” websites.


All my animations (and pictures&gifs) is totaly free to use – you can upload them everywhere (on adult websites only) you want, without notifying me. But of course, you must” watermark on my content.

I’m not selling anything of my content, but you can donate me via subscribestar, and become my supporter&fan – then you will receive a lot of special stuff, including Full-HD versions of releasing animations. Also, you will see your (nick)name at the credits.


If you’ve got some questions\offers or something else – feel free to send me a message:

My contact email: [email protected]
P.S. I’m not doing commissions.

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  1. One thing is interesting that the FHD and HD versions are slightly different, especially the eye movement, or maybe that is just the difference of BTQ1 HD and FHD.

  2. Hi First of all I want to say that your animations are absolutely amazing and I wish you a very best for your future projects.I would love to know which software you are using to build the game and a little description how are you building it.

  3. I’ve watched only the Lara and horse anim so far and it is the best anim I have ever seen, porn or otherwise. Very few glitches and the rl sim is very high quality. Thank you Once I figure out how to use your site, I will do more

  4. I just dropped by to tell you that your work is amazing! The artwork of your animations is beautiful. I loved your attention to the details and fantastic realism. It all makes me want to return and watch them again and again.
    Thank you for sharing on Rule34video because others don’t work for me, unfortunately. Best wishes and good luck in your future projects!

  5. As do many more, Im sure, I say thanks for the dream coming true.I see from the renders of BTQ4, that mean bi— is gonna get it good! Cant wait. You really got a great thing here Animopron!

  6. Good god, I never knew something like this is existing!!!
    The quality… damn! Your earlier work was great, but BTQ is nuts! Those ideas… keep on going! Can’t wait to see BTQ4

  7. Hey Animo Pron, very nice videos you make. I have some brutal ideas for you!
    One of the women is lying on a table and this is on a small pedestal.
    Then there are two more horses added. One stands on the pedestal and rams his cock in the pussy. Rufus the second horse stands behind the first horse and rams his cock into the asshole. And then there could be another horse pushing his dick in the mouth on the other side. What could also provide a surprise effect is that in another scene Rufus fucks another horse in the ass. If the whole thing would come as an X-Ray version would be perfect.

  8. Hey i animopron i would like if you started doing something involving dogs and girls

  9. deeper. Ram the cock at the full length in her. And if he is cumming, fill the tits with sperm. (Tits growing)

  10. Nice, thats deep, but it can be deeper, 20cm deeper to the balls. And then a heavy cumshot.

  11. Force it all the way through and out the mouth
    Quiet could fist ass elbow deep
    Sure quiet has gotta get revenge 10 fold

  12. Perhaps you could render BTQ4 in 360 and 180 VR? Would love a thing like that. My pussy would fucking throb at that.

  13. why release something (BQ4), if you can sell promo, gif and this shit for money, wright?
    Too shame!

    When did you finely release new video??! This year or next?

    • Well, (financial) supporters/sponsors might get more (additional) content. All the free content available to the public is already published by AnimoPron on “MY RELEASED VIDEOS” page.

  14. More pervers, please!
    Huge prolapse, hand deepthroat, head in horses ass, more baseball balls in ass or maybe balls down through throat with baseball bat…

  15. What’s that melody in the credits? Does’t even matter what’s going on, I must know

  16. Was in a foul mood until I saw the bulge GIF. Now I am all better. This one is gonna be another stroke of your genius. Thanks for your artistry Animopron. We all appreciate it more than you know.

  17. can we see these girls squirt the cum from pussy and ass into other girls pussy, ass and mouth

    • There is some golden shower already in one of the previous parts but there will be some more in part 4 as far as I know. And bucket for cum is going to be used again, hopefully.

  18. Out of question will she “act” different to Quite? In example I mean somehing like is she capable of pushing out the balls similar to Quite or not. Does she get adicted to horse sex or does she reject it similar to Quite. …

  19. Hi
    I am a Supporter with 6 Dollar per month of you, by subscribe, but i dont have unlook your Site there. Why ?

  20. HI I found your “Breaking The Quiet” Rendering animation.
    I’m 3D artist too and i know how is difficult to make this !!
    Well done is a great artworks.
    I know very well annal sex and your animation and texturing is so corresponding to the really !!

    • Check your spam folder, either on your local machine or web server hosting your mail service.

  21. Hello I find your videos really cool please keep it up !!!
    I would think it would be particularly cool if you included a dog or an insect would be really cool.
    Keep it up

  22. I’m really addicted to your videos hihi.
    I always check your website for information about new videos every day
    You are really good

    • That’s a great idea and I like it a lot although a little bit of violence is also necessary since the current series is about “BREAKING the Quiet”. We’ll see what comes out in part 4a (the 4th one) and 4b (5th).
      I hope it will be something beautiful, tasteful and spectacular at the same time.

  23. more watersport-stuff would be very nice and some titties growing stuff aaaaand more X-RAYs pls!!!1 The 4th Part with X-Ray was BEAUTIFUL <333

  24. after the horse finishes with mistress, suddenly Quiet falls to the ground & a huge dick comes out of her pussy. Mistress, crawls on all four toward Quiet (still on the ground in shock), mistress start to suck on quiets” dick but unable to put it in her mouth. Quiet gets the erection & start fucking mistress.. At the end, the lie next to each other kissing & faling in love…
    I think this would make a great ending

  25. the animations are great, can someone tell me what programs you use? I intend to create animations as well.
    first of all, Thanks.

  26. Anyone up for a Tifa Lockhart series after this? The FF7 remake model of Tifa is really good

  27. the release for supporters in about ~2 weeks.
    Public release is gonna be 5 days after. (2020-05-08)

  28. Hi, im your big fan of your artwork. Love it, for the next breaking the quite can you make the girl who tortured quiet to be raped by several balck guys with big cocks. Lots of creampies and double anal creampie. Would glad to donate. Thanks a lot

  29. Dear animopron.plzz make again lara crofts and elephent not the horse for best you.

  30. When all holes have been pumped and she is FULL of cum, why not have the breasts increase in size, then the cum dripping from the nipples, pouring from the nostrils, and filling the eyes? Not physiologically possible yeah, but INCREDIBLY erotic

    • that would be completely unrealistic
      But Quiet could rub the tits with this magical liquid. Probably the tits would grow up like the horsecock before and possibly also lactating.

  31. Ponygirl training wanted. Whips, cufs, harness.
    Sluts in the service of the HorSEmen God.

  32. Listen, please Animopron. you saying that you are working on a new game instead of finishing BTQ, is proof that you don’t fully appreciate those that have been enthused over what you have been doing. You have heard that BTQ4 was also big disappointment, which it was. You should not believe that support for your work will not wane. Your work is very good quality, but there are other artists that are just as entertaining compared to BTQ3 and 4. Please quit the game for a bit and finish BTQ. For as much as you delayed BTQ4, don’t expect much support if you are delaying BTQ5, to spend time on another project. If you don’t hurry to finish BTQ, you may find your support depleted before long.

  33. yeah, give us more therefore shorter lovestories. -Lara is a little bit older, has bigger boobs and p.-lips, is also playing with horses together with her girlfriend in barns, stables and in the fields -full of passion, shivering and squirting

  34. I’ve been trying to download the content but it won’t let me open the RAR file and I don’t know where to go to unlock it. Also yawl know any other websites because Rule34 Video keeps stopping and when I reload the page it stops working.

    • Just put the password (same as usual) into the dialogue that pops up when trying to decompress/enter the archive RAR file.

  35. I hope the ending of BTQ ends with a woman pregnant with a horse’s baby and giving birth. Of course, both pregnancy and childbirth want to take place with women tied up.

  36. You need to start horsing cumflating around with character like 2B or Aerith or Tifa man, someone needs to up the bar for these characters. love your work btw!

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