We’ve been working on the videogame lately as well, i will post some first videos here in a few days

Also, there’s a topic for supporters, where you can suggest your ideas for the last part of BTQ.

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  1. terrible mistake giving supporter the ideas they going to make your video sucks. because most of the people here are psychopath. and im pretty sure not many people will be please. your taking ideas from them your going to be sorry you wish you hadn’t. some even giving ideas the character will be fuck till their body rip a part all bloody and gores everywhere. to the unimaginable possible. do you want that??? oh yeah im pretty sure one of your support will want the girl getting fuck till her shit endless shit everywhere on her body on the floor or maybe they will want you to make her eat her own shit or eat the horse shit. yeah good for you man they going to make you work harder then before

  2. I think…More more…anal toying fucking .. More ass and pussy gapes …. Spitting sprem…scat …shitting…. Mouth ….Very smoothly … Slowly dirty shitting mouth…….Making u r vary good movie……Plz add my suggestion…..I have more ..anal…And dirty video…. Thanks….

  3. Oh no. Please finish Breaking the Quiet Part 4 first. No one cares for the video game.

    • It’s gonna be 6 months at least anyway, so… a month more or less, doesn’t make that much difference….

    • Imagine being such an entitled cunt you’d ask a creator to not work on something.

        • You don’t even give Animo money you entitled fuck, nobody gives a shit about your opinion.

          • You don’t need money, every view and word of mouth counts.

  4. I’d like to see ATWT and more “blowjobs”. I would love if you do a special video for ATWT just like Lara, but the special is about Quiet I guess. That’d be a nice idea.

  5. Fisting the horse, double blow/titjob, cum expansion for MC, MC getting fucked by Brutus while wearing strapon.

  6. Looks great! May I request that you allow us to make her tits even bigger than that?

  7. the other woman taking revenge by tying her and making her give her horse to stick both hands in her vagina and her ass. put that baseball in his ass and make the horse stall until the ball comes out of his mouth.

  8. Please suggest deep vaginal creampie. Brutus should enjoy with the interogator but take over Quiet in the end and fill her once more.

  9. interrigator blows the horse again, but this time it grows in her throat and gets stuck, this turns brutus on so much he pins her down and throat fucks her till he cums multiple times as she struggles to pull the softening then rehardening cock out but fails, actually show her struggling not just taking it like a limp bored fish like quiet was during her scenes… dull

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