Happy New 2024!

Happy New Year to everyone here!

Wish you all the best and stay cool!

I will be posting new updates here soon, from the EP2 development.

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    • Happy new year!
      And don’t forget that you can get face swapped images and videos of anyone at drfaker.com
      Beastiality content too!

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      • >batting 1.000 when replying off topic
        make it make sense
        pAy AtTeNtIoN tO mE sEnPaI

        • Dear SIR, you desperately wanted my attention and here it comes:
          With a baseball bat? Anyway, there are only 2.0 idiots baited here so far and you’re the 2nd one – deal with it.
          You clearly don’t know how to use the decimal point nor how to count all the way up to 7 (literally: seven):
          Better try not to use numbers that exceed your little brain’s capabilities.
          “off topic”?
          Yet you keep bitching about the same thing over and over and over again… under almost every AnimoPron’s post.
          “make it make sense”?
          So says the title of your sex video clip that you’re still trying to advertise in a pointless way.
          I’m sure you wouldn’t understand it anyway, SIR.

          • no idea your deal kid but you claim to know about me…k?
            from the month or so ive been here you clearly post off topic and are thirsty for attention. when you get it, you carpet reply nearly every comment some rando tl;dr response. good luck keeping this place afloat

          • @dixon
            do yourself a favor and don’t engage.
            that name been a cancer here for years and he ain’t the first to use to shit all over the place

          • @anon
            no intent of. i just comment and go most times. i just got annoyed trying to find if any reply to me the past 2 or 3 main posts and I see his name like 100 times in a dozen comments/replies and its fucking annoying. guy is literally thirsty on a horse porn/creators blog

          • @Dixon Cider 2024-01-12 at 15:49
            @Dixon Cider 2024-01-13 at 15:49
            Don’t put your blame on me, SIR. You claim that I was allegedly “thirsty for attention” and yet it is you who wrote “pAy AtTeNtIoN tO mE sEnPaI” out of your desperation.
            You claim that I allegedly “carpet reply nearly every comment” and yet it is you who is such a no-life that spends here every day checking for comments to reply them also day by day. And all this while you are bitching about the same thing over and over again… under almost every AnimoPron’s post.
            You claim that you see my name “like 100 times” which shows clearly that you cannot distinguish fake wireks from me. Just to be fair, you obviously had no chances with your terribly low IQ right from the start, SIR.
            Oh well, keep bitching about the same thing over and over again like an utter idiot… just as you used to… just to keep this place going. Good job, SIR!

          • @Wirek
            2024-01-13 at 16:39
            damn i had like 6 or 7 lines worth of replies. even some caps from behind ap 6 euro paywall about you. no point posting what you confirmed in this topic alone. all makes sense now AoC 100! later choom

          • @Dixon Cider 2024-01-12 at 15:49
            @Dixon Cider 2024-01-13 at 15:49
            @Dixon Cider 2024-01-14 at 10:32
            Well, I rest my case, SIR.

    • Here’s episode from trailer video that gonna lead right over there (i’ve thought that was a secret in, but left untold in ep1 so far).

    • >an AP vet appears
      >he casts nostalgia
      >it wasnt very effective

      Ellie was tame by his very next release/series in Lara X Horse which put him on the map and cemented his legacy (at the time) and spawned nearly a dozen (mostly poor) copy cats. guy needs to abandon this lara walking sim “game” and return to his roots before he loses even more subs

      • where is the bunker??? what bunker??? WTF???



        • its all the rage this year, many billionaires are building them n 2024 for some reason… maybe to escape whats coming

        • If you walk from the first beach towards the other beach at the very beginning, leave the memorial on your left and then turn right into the bushes. There you will find a concrete slab with a heavy steel door on the ground.

          • OMG THANK YOU DEAR
            i want you to fuck my asshole now
            fuck my asshole my love

  1. uhoh it looks like you know who is doing you know what to yet another thread and even looks like you know who found another named poster to torment and spam reply to. thank god for this comedy here. who the hell keeps track of their comments on a horse porn blog anyway ffs wirek

    • pretty sure that guy is either a friend to or is paid by AP to keep this blog getting clicks and traffic, this is no other explanation atp, no way id let anyone let alone a rando spread cancer across every post i make on my websites not to mention pretend to be others to generate more replies and thus traffic, made its an ad revenue thing, i agree with you about his callbacks to exact links buried in hundreds from six months back at times and all just to prove a specific point to whatever current day anon wronged him in his eyes, who the hell even keeps track of info like that that let alone at place that hosts horse porn and a TR like game?.

      • @Anonymous 2024-01-14 at 12:25
        @Anonymous 2024-01-15 at 10:17
        Cry me a river, mentally retarded hypocrite.
        Now, develop new threads just to keep this place going. Good job, SIR!

          • (-‸ლ)
            Wow! Is that all you can do (to just brainlessly copy from someone smarter than you)?

        • #wirek is a paid clickbaiter for AP
          #wirek is a unpaid clickbaiter for AP

          either case fucking sad fam
          any rando thread here your replies make up nearly half of them
          but you do you fam while the rest of point and laugh and forget about this place and you the moment we click away
          lookin forward to your tl;dr reply with all those links and exact numbers
          not really but we know ur already workin 100 on it

          • you do realize you cant beat him at this “fam”. hes been spreading his cancer around this place for over 2 years now under at least a dozen aliases. he spends literally all his bandwidth searching a horse porn blog to prove wild tangent points and gotcha lines and laughs next to a pile of cust filled tissues

            what yall dont realize is behind all that is a person that has failed so bad in life that they spend all their his life defending and deflecting on a blog dedicated to horse porn and a fledgling half assed game about animal sex

          • @Anonymous 2024-01-20 at 03:35
            @Anonymous 2024-01-20 at 03:42
            Cry me a river, mentally retarded hypocrite.
            Now, tell us more about yourself while replying to your own comments just to keep this place going. Good job, SIR (Sad Impotent Retard)!

  2. You have great content and the game turned out great. The only thing I don’t like is the design of the minotaur. it’s disgusting. Remake it completely. Otherwise the game is a masterpiece.

    • watch out, now animopron is gonna have to remake things that some fans doesnt like

      hes gonna please all fans and remake everything constantly

  3. yea ive seen enough. this wirek bloke really is either paid by AP or is tolerated by ap to destroy engagement with what small audience posts here. and after readin that blurb behind the paywall about him, it really does make sense now. and to the anon below
    2024-01-20 at 03:35
    thanks for posting the truth. it really is pathetic with either answer

    • many of the regs left here long ago. no point in checking in given the updates are monthly and releases yearly at best. the trolls and name stealing just make it even worse. AP doesnt even keep accurate updates and has given conflicting or impossible updates from post to post, so asking him to patrol this place for trolls and respond isnt gonna happen. he cant even keep his own wips status in order. hell even his subs openly mock his habits while he laughs and collects their monthly. hes not going to change or care about who does what here or there. hes been at this for something like ten years already. made tens of thousands. at least he tryin to do something different with the game

      • Nice making a post about namestealing trolls while stealing my name, you are just miserable.

    • oh stfu and stop circle jerking about wirek ffs
      this aint your personal army or blog
      every1 knows hes 4chin tier cancer & is 1 of the /b/est & /b/rightest of /b/
      u think cause u complain as much as he trolls makes u better
      nigga actually funny at times unlike your bitch ass
      so stfu & gtfo…. actually no
      take ur “im goning home and takin my ball too” post and then fuk off beta bitch

    • “to destroy engagement with what small audience posts here”?
      Sure, but only if you refer to yourself:
      being a defender of the coprophiles (under previous AnimoPron’s posts);
      being a greedy swallower of all kinds of bullshit you can find;
      being a sissy cry-baby bitching about the same thing over and over again like a SIR.
      So long, turd! And don’t come back… until you change your nickname again trying to hide your shame/impotence/retardation.

  4. dont try to suppress wirek you scum

    suppressing others is weak

    remember how animopron has been suppressed for his horse porn too!
    dont suppress others you scum

  5. Happy new year and I’m still begging for Tifa. She’s your key to fortune.

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