Breaking The Quiet 3 PUBLIC RELEASE

P3 of Breaking The Quiet is released!
The next Part 4 is going to be the last for this series.

Huge thanks for my supporters and followers here!

Download links:

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Password for RAR: animopron

Additional Portugese/Brazil subtitles download (drop the file to the video folder).


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233 Responses

  1. That ending Really hope Quiet is going to get some revenge on her, maybe putting her in Quiet’s position. Hope we’ll still see things through the main character’s eyes, to see some POV action

  2. The new part turned out boring to me. It was like the horse bumping the quiet’s butt for 20 minutes straight. The ending was in some way unexpected but not very surprising and to some extent one gets too bored over the preceeding 20 minutes.
    I can only hope P4 will resolve the cliffhanger in an interesting way.

  3. All the recent videos look the same. The graphics are great but the action is kinda boring.

  4. I have a pet peeve about this one. The mouth of the interrogator does not move as she moans when titjobing the horse. I find this to be a bit lazy, despite the rest of the work put into the video. Please improve on this in future releases.

  5. Suffocation/blackout from too much horsecum was a thing I never thought I’d see. Great work on this third installment.

  6. You fucking cunt. Delay over delay. Don’t give dates if u fucking hold ur words . piece of shit

  7. Ok I only fap to animo videos. I waited until the full release. I just bust the biggest load of my life. I mean that shit went everywhere. It was so worth the wait.

  8. Somebody please explain me why the ropes disolve with the cum… Also please no part 4, keep interrogator dead, make a new movie with a Nintendo character or Elsa with a even bigger horse and tons of anal

        • We know she just passed out, but seriously spend another year on this? Just let interrogator die and move forward to a new characters please

          • But I wanna know what happens next. This is an interesting twist tbh.

        • Can you please acknowledge the fact that your horse cock made no sense in these animations.

          The interrogator strokes the cock and it goes from her pussy to above her head. Quiet then gets fucking anally by the same cock that’s bigger than her torso. It gets halfway in and hits her abdomen.

          Then suddenly brutus goes balls deep and fucks her harder, so twice as much cock in her, and still it only pounds against her abdomen. By the previous seen length on the interrogator we can all agree it should’ve gone All the way through when anally fucking Quiet while balls deep.

          Would’ve been great to see an ATWT BJ scene.

        • Hey Armino, i wondered if you could make a Vid with Karen Jones from RDR2. She is so hot!!!

  9. Unfortunately, I have to say that I find the newest Creation quite boring compared to the videos with Lara. Too bad, the wait was not worth it.

    • same here I can’t even get hard to masturbate. the only hot part of this quiet project is in part 2 deep throat is not sexy enough for me

  10. Congratulations on the 3rd part of the series. I did not believe that a continuation for the 4th is being considered.
    It is time for the dominant bitch to get a very long, deep and brutal double pussy fisting. And then anal to….

    • Yeah, pussy fisting! The ideal opportunity for fisting was when BTQ had anal fuck and levitated on Brutus cock – time 17:15 – 19:00.

    • You can translate it by yourself – just edit the original .ENG file with any text editor. Don’t forget to rename ENG to BR, so the videoplayer can recognize the language. You can send me a translation to my email.

      • Can you please acknowledge the fact that your horse cock made no sense in these animations.

        The interrogator strokes the cock and it goes from her pussy to above her head. Quiet then gets fucking anally by the same cock that’s bigger than her torso. It gets halfway in and hits her abdomen.

        Then suddenly brutus goes balls deep and fucks her harder, so twice as much cock in her, and still it only pounds against her abdomen. By the previous seen length on the interrogator we can all agree it should’ve gone All the way through when anally fucking Quiet while balls deep.

        Would’ve been great to see an ATWT BJ scene.

        • Chill out, man. Those animations are not a biology nor anatomy classes/lectures.

    • Sai daí, Márcio! Quer tradução do que, caralho? Kkkk.
      Mulher quase nem fala nada

  11. notice the time the interrogator puts his face in the fucking pail to see the face of lara croft


  13. Good episode worth the wait IMO. I was really hoping Lara would get drowned in that bucket of cum. (Interrogation style, whole head in bucket, gasping for air, etc…) (next ep, hint, hint, wink, wink.) Anyway.. I know it is old, but I liked this whole lifting with cock scene. Thank you for this awesome video and for providing the fetish. You cant find this kind of stuff IRL. Cliffhanger was great, excited for the next EP. Cheers.

  14. Dude, the ending had me like :O. I’m kinda disappointed because it was just butt fuck but I guess you ran out of ideas and just made a giant plot twist. You’re the best animator ever. Still, why didn’t Quiet do it in the first place lol. I know, it’s for people to fap but… is it because she drank the cum through her skin and retrieved power? Lol xD. I’m so excited to see the next part. Dude you’re a beast.

  15. Don’t watch it, there’s no point. It’s the same old stuff mostly. But not spoiling it.

  16. Hope Quiet will get revenge over that Tormentress… After she soacked in all that horse cum maybe she’ll able to grow some megaclit and abuse holes of her enemy.

    First scene of new part will begin with Tormentress regaining consciousness restrained and Brutus ready to use her on Quiet’s command. No?

  17. I hope for more anal prolapse in this part, after the big horse cock, but it’s nice to have relased after a while.

  18. Am I the only one that the video com’s up black is it because I’m on mobile?

  19. Videos of Animopron are the best on the net. Superb quality and really hot. I like all of the the Lara Horse Videos. They are great and I like BTQ 1 and 2 too. But BTQ 3 isn’t so good. Quality as ever but not so hot. Sorry. But keep up the good work. I can’t wait your next video.

  20. Hey man that was an awesome release.
    Are there any chances of making a 2160p/4k encode?

  21. i so fucking predicted in the beginning of june that he is going to drag out the sound version 1 more month so he gets more patreon money.
    the guy is pathetic and as others said before, the new episode is lazy.
    anyone who says: fuck off its free, i say fuck you can still tell this idiot how much of a cunt he is

    • I knew it too and the only way they’ll learn is to destroy them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over for it til they crack.

    • Try changing it to HD when you watch it then you’ll be able to watch on the lower ones below

  22. Animo, as a fellow artist, I really want to offer you this heartfelt critique. I want you to succeed. I sympathize with you, I don’t make 3d animations, but I’ve dabbled in it and I know how hard it is.

    Your videos are peak quality, and yet… why all the wasted time and effort? I mean it’s your art and you can do whatever you want, but some of the things you do are just baffling from a business sense. People came here to see hardcore horse sex, so much of your BTQ videos have had nothing to do with that. Why would people want to pay you when half of your videos are just teasing and wasted time? You spend so fucking long on these videos, you need to be efficient and make good use of your time.

    Here’s a list of things that wasted time in no particular order. I also may have forgotten some:

    *The wine bottle scene: I can find videos of girls doing this all over the internet. Why did you waste god knows how long animating it? I mean I know you looped a ton of it but still, I bet you spent weeks on it. You are above animating stuff like this.

    *The baseball bat scene (from the previous video): Again, I can find this everywhere. I would like to mention that unlike the bat, putting the baseball in Quiet’s ass was great! Because you made it involved with the horse sex when you had it plug up the cum coming out of her in part 2. Similar to cock stopper thing from Lara with Horse, which btw those videos were way better because you stayed on task.

    *Putting Quite’s foot on the stool: The horse was fucking her fine without it! Wasted effort!

    *The peeing scene: I can forgive this one if it’s a big fetish of yours or other people’s. But you’ve said how hard it is to animate liquid. I like watersports but I didn’t really find this hot (partially because I prefer the guy to pee on the girl), this just seemed like a huge waste of your time to me, but again if this is a thing for you I can forgive it.

    *Every scene where the interrogator just kinda rubs the dildo: It seems to happen a lot and what purpose does it serve? I mean maybe once or twice is fun, but iirc it felt like way more.

    *The “cum drinking scene”: Holy shit dude you actually were about to do something really hot. I enjoyed the inflation and her shitting the cum into the bucket, I was then looking forward to her drinking it. You kind of foreshadowed it the whole time by putting the cum in that bucket. AND WHAT DO YOU DO? You interrupt it for a dumb ass fight scene but oh I’ll get to that later. Why would you make us want something only to take it away from us? Btw you also did this every time you didn’t let Brutus cum (and that can be okay but you did it at the end of the freaking first episode!!) Like if I’m reading Game of Thrones, I expect to get hurt by what happens and it’s okay because I want that drama. But in porn? DUDE I want that gratification. Don’t promise something in porn only to take it away! Or if you’re going to take something away, at least replace it with something better. But even then, why not just have her drink a bunch before moving on to your stupid fight scene. And now that I mention it…

    *THE GODDAMN TWO MINUTE FIGHT SCENE: What was the point of that? It had nothing to do with pumping a girl full of horse cock and cum. Yes, a narrative can make porn hotter, but I don’t think this was worth your time. Or if you think it is, please just do it more efficiently with minimum effort. Just have Quiet do one punch to overpower the interrogator, that’s all that was needed. Or at least make the fight hot! It’s not that hot being in the interrogator’s perspective while she’s getting beaten up (and btw being in her perspective so much is another problem but I’ll forgive that as just being your personal preference). It wasn’t even a good fight scene. The punches had no weight, and everyone flew around like ragdolls. It was all original and unique animations so I can only imagine that you spent way more time on this than the actual sex scenes, which were all animations that you looped. This video was 30 minutes long. The fight scene was about 2 minutes, 1/15th of the video. You spent a year making this. 1/15th of a year is 24 days. YOU SPENT ALMOST A WHOLE MONTH (probably more since these were original animations) ON SOMETHING THAT WASN’T GOOD AND NOBODY WANTED. AS A FELLOW ARTIST, THIS BLOWS MY MIND. And even if this leads to something interesting in the next video, that still doesn’t make up for the cum bucket tease and this fight scene being so fucking long. I never came while watching this video, and the boner I had got killed when this scene started.

    I’m sorry that I’ve gotten heated. Bro, I love your work and I want you to succeed and make money. After watching the free version of this video, I was planning to subscribe to you for a bit as a way of tipping you. But after watching this I won’t be doing that, I bet a lot of others won’t either. Please dude, just stick to what you’re good at, and that’s making raunchy fucked up sex.

    PS: The voice actresses could be better too. Like I’m sorry but girl you’re getting raped by a gigantic horse! Scream a little more. She just kinda seemed mildly displeased the whole time. The interrogator could be a little more passionate too imo.

    • every time you didn’t let Brutus cum ..
      (and that can be okay, but you did it at the end of the freaking first episode!!)

    • They care more about that money then anything else

      • As they should! And if they do care about money they should do a better job. I mean I’m sure they make plenty, but they could make even more! He could have condensed this video to be 15 minutes of better content and he could have had it done it 6 months instead of a year! I don’t blame him for padding the video by looping some of the sex scenes, that’s fine. But I’m sure he worked hard on that wine bottle scene or the baseball bat scene and they aren’t what people wanted! If he just straight up cut those scenes from the videos there’d be no difference in his subscriber count (other than a positive one) I guarantee it. These people are paying for horse sex videos, not long videos. I’d pay him good money just for 2-5 minute long videos of increasingly creative inflation scenes. They’d probably take him like 2 months to make each one. I think he’d have a higher number of more consistent subscribers if he did something like that.

    • Most of your argument its right but I cannot take you seriously for the simple fact that you claim yourself as an artist, make $0.03 value draws dont turn you into an artist, you pretty much kill all your argument with that line…

      • I have a 4 year art degree. I didn’t really study drawing porn though did it’s new to me, lol. The stuff on my HF is kinda experimental for me and I agree, it’s sub par. I’m working on stuff that’s way better but it’s hard while I work overtime at my job. Either way, it doesn’t invalidate my arguments.

    • Great critique of this video and why it’s a complete disappointment/failure.

      I hated this BTQ series from the start, mainly because I don’t like Quiet or find her attractive (as someone who has beat MGSV) her face looks like she has been bitten by a bunch of bees and it’s puffed up. Not only that but from these THREE PARTS we had 0 vaginal sex. What a complete joke!

      Anyhow, you’re on point with those remarks, I really don’t understand what’s the point of these worthless scenes that took his time away when he could’ve been doing what people wanted – horse sex. But as far as I know it’s because people on patreon voted for it. In my opinion he never should’ve allowed the audience decide what the video is going to be.

      And yeah that voice acting is so bad it’s unreal, especially the interrogator.

      What a waste of time and effort.

      • If that’s true about the patreons voting that’s a shame. On one hand, animo needs to make money and offering that incentive can help. But he shouldn’t allow things like this to happen. If he does continue to offer this, the choices should be stuff like “Anal, vaginal, cum inside, atwt, etc.” Not “Anal, pointless wine bottle scene, pointless baseball bat scene, etc.” He needs to stay mostly in control.

    • Hey, some proper criticism for a change instead of cunts shitting on the artist.

  23. animo thanks another great vid and the ending was awesome can’t wait for part 4
    also thanks for the piss scenes they were great hope there’s more piss in the future

  24. Ola parabéns, pelo trabalho. suas animações são ótimas.
    gostaria de saber se poderia disponibilizar as legendas PT/BR das partes Breaking The Quiet. obrigado pela atenção abraços.

  25. Honestly this was pretty lame. Voice acting was lazy and repetitive – her entire body is being used as a cock sleeve for a horse dick that probably weighs as much as she does, and she didn’t even scream once. And why did she not erupt like a FUCKING VOLCANO at the end? the horses cock was in her throat. If you’re gonna spend so much time on high quality animation, at least add some novelty – have the interrogator untie her after shes lifted up by the cock so she tries to get away, but literally can’t because the cock is up to her throat. have her try to push off the ground only to fall back harder onto the cock. Something.

  26. The sound version on rule34 is literally the sound only. Anyone else having the same trouble, or am I really just the unlucky one among millions of watchers?

  27. so, question, did Shadman not want to put your video on his site? cause, if so that sucks

    • He is removing all large videos from the archives, including Animo’s previous work. It is to cut down on space largely.

  28. It doesn’t seem to work for me, it might be my computer (doubt it tho lol) or Rule34, but i just wanted to let you know if you can do anything about it.

    • It’s not working for me either dude. I’ve been looking forward to this I’m bummed. Put it on shadbase!

  29. both the supporter and none supporter. I guess people like seeing the same thing over and over. same position same concept but different object use from lara croft. its like starring at the wall and not turning left or right. same thing. I wonder how long will they realize they are idoits.

  30. incredibly stupid that when the bad guy is jerking the horse off WITH HER TORSO, his dick is clearly Balls deep level with her pussy and the head of his dick is well, taller than her torso and head. Meaning that when he fucks quiet later and he had half his dick in her and was hitting her sternum, when he went balls deep soon after, it should’ve been an all the way through scene, but the dick didn’t get any “deeper” in her when he shoved the other half of his dick in, it still hit the same spot on her chest.


  31. It is an automatic translation. I was very much looking forward to the third part. The degree of completion is high and it is a wonderful achievement. As I have mentioned in other comments, I felt a little tired of horse fuck. I think that there is a dry comment because the expectation is high by all means. We also expect the fourth part. Please be careful about your physical condition and do your best.

  32. I loved the Lara series, I really liked BTQ part 1 as it appeared to be natural progression of Lara with more plot, voice acting and such. But parts 2 and 3 are mostly huge disappointments with maybe few minutes total of hot scenes and rest being the same old and boring at this point fucking animations. There’s no progress at all in Animo’s work! Yes, the ending was surprising but that’s not kind of “surprising” I expect from this type of content. Don’t forget you’re making fucking porn for sickfucks, likely nobody cares about plot twists. Seriously, you just wasted bucket full of horsecum just to make this stupid-ass fight scene. That’s pretty good trolling, I admit.

    I’d wish EP4 be as surprising (yet in good way) as ending of this one but after last two episodes I kinda lost hope and for now I’m not looking forward. That’ll probably be the same old shit again, only now with roles changed. This whole BTQ series should end on second part and Animo should move to something new cause now it’s just ridiculous.

    • ” Seriously, you just wasted bucket full of horsecum just to make this stupid-ass fight scene. That’s pretty good trolling, I admit.”
      Ikr? Instead of making her belly inflate again from drinking all that cum Animo decided it would be better to cuck everyone and make a pointless 2 minute fightscene that took a month to make.

      “This whole BTQ series should end on second part and Animo should move to something new cause now it’s just ridiculous.”

  33. All you guys are lame. The video was awesome. Shit I came twice during the vid. I love rape horsebshit.

  34. BTQ is still great, but yes, there was high expectations. Hope animo will not be very upset with our comments.

    • I am really missing the creativity. Like in Lara where her neckless gets stucked in her ass.
      BTQ really looks like a brainless mainstream porn to me.

      I think if get Millions of $$$ u can handle some criticism.

    • Since his first videos it’s “anal only”. You still havn’t understood that this is his particular “mark” ??

      Anal is clearly his fetish and it’s for an audience that loves it too…

      • Faggots cant handle vaginal sex because that reminds them they will live forever on a man body.

  35. well… after the 1st part i had hope for 2nd part because it was bad. after 2nd part i had hope for the 3rd. now i dont care anymore. this shit is boring af. LWH had some charm, this… meh, dont care about part 4. i hope the next project isnt such a trash.

  36. The whole bucket scene is absurd: just trying to make her drink the bucket without the use of a funnel shows, first, the stupidity of the interrogator, and second, that there was no intention for Quiet to drink anything. Also, even if Quiet does push the bucket, there is no reason for it to turn complete over and be complete spilled, unless interrogator is not only stupid, but also hopelessly clumsy.

  37. host through shadbase? not gonna happen? just wondering. nice one btw, thought it was way better than the others!

  38. Good job and keep up the good work. Some people wil always say it bad its not good. But i can t wait for part 4. Maybe brutes can fuck interrgrator pussy, And accidently fucks her ass

  39. Great vids as always man, keep up the great work! Looking forward to pt4 and beyond!

  40. Even if Interrogator gets fucked now, it will be totally expected and it’s been too long since we have asked for it. The excitement has died.

  41. I like very much the surprise of the first animo short movie. The Lara Unit, especially. Do you have suggestion about similar videos?

  42. i rly wanted to see more pov fuck behind like in part 2 whe she fucking quiet in the ass when the horse comes to fuck her this turn me on sho hard

  43. Please let the main character get fucking FUCKED UP in P4. That bitch needs to go down! Hope she never walks again!

  44. So, we had more anal this time than both previous episodes oral+anal combined, OK.
    As vaginal has the least screentime in BTQ, I do hope that part 4 will bring some of that
    The interrogator looks like she’s into deep ass play, but what happens when a hole not so used to it gets…well, used
    Also, it looks like Brutus is so well trained, it moves and even calmly enters on command. I wish we get some more raw action that was in LWH, where the hole got penetrated simply because it was literally in a wrong place at a wrong time sometimes It’s a force of nature, not a giant dildo, where you can choose the time and place, afterall…

  45. the other woman taking revenge by tying her and making her give her horse to stick both hands in her vagina and her ass. put that baseball in his ass and make the horse stall until the ball comes out of his mouth.

  46. I always look forward to your work, and I checked for this release at least once a week. It was well made and some of it was great, but I felt a little disappointed because it was the things we saw before in the other parts. I would love to see some funny parts in the next part – for example – one girl slapping the other one’s face with the horse cock until it gets hard again, one girl pushing sugar cubes inside of the other one’s vagina for the horse to lick it, or horse holding the girl in place by standing on her with one leg while she’s being fucked by the girl who was interrogated. Stuff like that, ridiculous, funny, yet somehow hot stuff. You could also make it more brutal and make one of the girl brand the other, like they brand cattle. Or brand the horse while it’s inside of the girl, so he gets more violent. A lot of weird things to add, that would make the last part shine. I’m really counting on you.

  47. Please additional Portugese/Brazil subtitles for the “Breaking The Quiet Part 2”

  48. Very nice. Great weird erotic nasty stuff. We see the continuation and the tables have turned. Kinda want to see the “torturer” be smashed by the horse since she mentioned she’ll never let Brutus do that to her “holes”. I hope Quiet changes that. I just hope we see this from Quiet’s perspective now and see the torturer’s face once and for all. LOL

  49. Who thinks Lara and Brutus need to meet?

    Each one trying to “break” the other …. 3:-)
    Who’d win? how’d it play?

  50. Coloque legendas em português / Brasil do BTQ part 1 é 2 para baixar!!

  51. Be warned of potential spoilers here!
    Unlike surprisingly quite many self-appointed often aggressive, hateful and insulting critics or so called artists/experts above (including “JGatsu”, but mostly “Anonymous” not so brave heroes), I want to express my appreciation for an amazing job well done. I really love the public release of “Breaking The Quiet 3” in almost every aspect. The artwork of your animations is beautiful, Animo Pron. I love your attention to the details and fantastic realism. I perfectly understand that those animations are not a biology nor anatomy classes/lectures, although some people didn’t get it yet. What “JGatsu” (and others) criticizes and doesn’t like, I like a lot and appreciate. What he/she (and others) expects or even demands, I’m glad that it’s not there. I find the 3rd part very exciting, it touches so many my sweet spots:
    – amazing pulsating gaping ass-hole;
    – intriguing Quiet’s face and her expressions;
    – all the pissing and squirting looks natural in this situation;
    – horse cock tit-fucking with close-ups and without cum-shot to preserve resources of Brutus;
    – Quiet’s self-restrained moaning like she’s enjoying it on her own way;
    – interrogator’s sexy voice and monologues;
    – passionate jelly dildo stroking, bouncing and playing;
    – Quiet’s foot on the stool amazing movement;
    – bottle insertion into interrogator’s beautiful pussy;
    – long butt fucking with deep entry and lifting on horse cock;
    – horse cum dripping from his balls, her ass, his dick everywhere;
    – cum sipping from the bucket and spilling the bucket contents all over the place;
    – the ending fight scene like Quiet didn’t actually want to hurt/kill her interrogator for some reason and the bottle sex-toy becoming a weapon;
    – Quiet squeezing and choking the dom girl with legs to the point of her interrogator losing consciousness while the horse cum is still dripping out of Quiet’s ass (masterpiece to me!);
    – I’m glad and appreciate that there’s no all-the-way-through ass to mouth nor mouth to ass (as a bonus to some of the fans may be OK, but not in the main part, I hope) and the same applies to any “X-ray” tricks;
    – I’m glad and appreciate that there’s no horseman, centaurs nor other unnatural creatures (although dogs might have some fun there too, maybe in part 4 or some other project/animation).
    There is so much action and it is so NOT boring at all that one (me for sure) can watch it many times just edging! I wish there was more pussy fucking and maybe even double horse fuck (in part 4 or some other project/animation: pussy-mouth, pussy-ass with both horses standing in boxing position). Pussy fisting, pussy-ass fisting and pussy double fisting would be nice as a worm-up in the 4th part, for example. I can hardly wait for the BTQ 4 to see what happens next.

    I think “Breaking The Quiet 3” is an excellent progress. Just like in A. Hitchcock movies – first comes the earthquake (BTQ part 1) and then the tension, temperature and excitement only rises (through BTQ part 2 and 3). The same was true for the “Lara With Horse 2” series, although I didn’t like the “All-the-way-through” and “X-RAY” bonuses. But I’m not going to bitch about it – I’ve seen them once and I won’t see them again. I can understand that there are people who like those bonuses a lot and really appreciate them. That’s OK with me.

    Over a 100 of critics/artists/experts here seems a lot but compared to the millions of views of each BTQ part (including part 3!) on various porn websites it is just a drop in the ocean. So don’t worry, Animo Pron, and do your job the best as you can. I haven’t seen anything better in the hentai anime world than your published high quality animations with sound. And I’m sure those critics/artists/experts haven’t either, anyway. I guess they have cummed too early and that’s the true reason for all their fussiness, grumbling and frustration.

    • Hey dude I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I want to reiterate that Animo is one of, if not the most talented hentai artist online. His technical skills are off the charts, at least for the actual sex actions. In my opinion, he sadly just didn’t put his amazing skills to good use. In my opinion he wasted time animating things that only a minority of his audience cared about. From a technical standpoint this animation wasn’t bad, but it could have been much better for a larger amount of his audience if he had allocated his time and resources better.

      But obviously this is my opinion. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If this is what Animo truly wants to make, then he should continue to do so. He shouldn’t just pander to what me or the rest of his audience wants. This is his art. That being said, I still want to give him my feedback and let him know that me and many others from his audience don’t want to pay for this.

      • Hey dude, I’m glad you appreciate Animo Pron’s skills and talent. I just hope you do know the difference between an opinion and a fact – especially when talking about minority and majority. I know what I liked about Animo Pron’s creations. But I don’t know what all the others liked or didn’t like about them because I’ve never carried out a public opinion survey on the subject and I bet that you haven’t either. I’ve seen the simple stats (number of thumbs up or down and total number of votes or positive/negative comments) under Animo Pron’s animations on several porn sites just being curious (and I’ve done some simple maths) and they speak for themselves, really. That’s why I claim that your opinions about minority/majority are simply false. Just look for yourself if you care.
        Anyway I totally respect your free will and full right to withdraw your support if your expectations are not satisfied.

  52. Love this ‘Breaking Quiet’ series – but please can we have less horse action in Part 4? MORE lesbian anal domination – fisting, anal beads etc.

    • Or you could just search for a video with REAL girls doing this lesbian domination and toying – there’s plenty of it on the internet. Why animate this? And put it in BTQ 4? Less horse? Now that’s just insane, hehehe.

    • this statement is perfect example of trying to cater to people that don’t appreciate whats being made with the animation.

  53. C’est la première fois que je vois une animation porno de cette qualité. Bravo à l’équipe super travail. Merci
    (Réalisateur de films x à la retraite)

  54. когда будет 4я часть? очень жду. автор лучший

  55. Me gustaría mucho poder ver el último video de esta serie anima tan Chula y deseada por todos nosotros.
    Pero la verdad que no dispong9 de dinero para suscribirme al canal por lo cual me veo obligado a esperar a que salga en alguna página para poder verlo y eso contando que pille Internet gratis de algún sitio.

  56. Si algún alma caricativa me puede ayudar se lo agradecería eternamente.
    Gracias por todo.

  57. I don’t understand people who bash releases (every release). This is one guy not Dreamworks and it is some of the best graphics out there. I loved the bottle scene and I love the anal. Everything about this series is amazing. Thanks so much for producing this.

  58. I don’t think there is any other cartoons 3D or otherwise any thing like this on the web very good job sparking the imagination of so many people it’s not for everyone but I’m very impressed thanks for your work and keep it up your a legend

  59. I love these videos but cant find anything thats nearly as good. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Try searching those websites, where AnimoPron publishes their hentai anime, for keywords that are of your interest.

  60. damn good, dont listen to the assholes saying stupid crap. one idea i had was to have a second interrogator show up with another horse to help work on Quiet

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  62. Is there a part 5 coming because i remember at the end of part 4 said to be continued

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