Here’s the list of all my animation releases:

15) Breaking The Quiet Part 3

FULLHD 1080p, (2,5 GB) Version download (supporters only)

Watch on
Download (720p, stereo): Torrent
Download (720p, stereo): Mega
Password for RAR: animopron

14) Breaking The Quiet Part 2

FULLHD 1080p, (2,8 GB) Version download (supporters only)

Watch on Rule34Video
Download (720p, stereo): Torrent
Download (720p, stereo): Mega
Download (720p, stereo): GoogleDrive
password: animopron

13) Breaking The Quiet Part 1

FULLHD 1080p, (2,2 GB) Version download (supporters only)

Watch on Rule34Video
Download (720p, stereo): Torrent
Download (720p, stereo): Mega
Download (720p, stereo): GoogleDrive

password: animopron


12 ) Lara with horse 1 on Unity 3d

Download a VR version (only for supporters)

Download for WINDOWS: Mega, Google drive
Download for Windows (32-bit):
Google drive

Download for OS X (test): Google drive

Download for Linux: Google drive

PASSWORD: animopron


11) Lara with horse 2 EP 4 X-RAY bonus

FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (1,6 GB) Version download (supporters only)

Watch on Rule34Video

Download (720p, stereo): Torrent (magnet)
Download (720p, stereo): Mega (no farts sound version here)
Download (720p, stereo): GoogleDrive (no farts sound version here)
password: animopron


10) Lara with horse 2 “All-the-way-through” bonus

FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (480 MB) Version download (supporters only)

720p, stereo (192MB) download from MEGA (password: animopron)
720p, stereo (192MB) download from GoogleDrive (password: animopron)
Watch on NaughtyMachinima
Watch on Rule34Video

9) Lara with horse 2 EP 4

FULLHD 1080p, no sound (960 MB) Version download (supporters only)

Download (720p, stereo): Mega (no farts sound version here)
Download (720p, stereo): GoogleDrive (no farts sound version here)

(old sounds)
Download (720p, stereo) Torrent file
Watch on Rule34Video (thanks to ShadMan for uploading it)
Watch on (very low quality)

password: animopron
*if not working, try: ANIMOPRON

8 ) Lara with horse 2 EP 3

FULLHD 1080p, 5.1 sound (1,4 GB) Version download (supporters only)

720p, stereo (944MB) download .Torrent file (user suggested)

720p, stereo (944MB) download from MEGA (password: animopron)

720p, stereo (944MB) download from FileDropper

Watch on Rule34Video

Watch on (low quality)


7 ) Lara with horse 2 EP 2

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  1. Is there gonna be a link for shadbase so I am able to download part 3 of breaking the quiet?

    • Shadman is not hosting lenghty videos on his website no more. But i think, he will keep previously uploaded videos.

      • Well did you upload the video to anywhere else, cause I cannot download from mega, orrent or subscribestar, and rule34 does not have a download video link

        • Download the app called ‘Aloha’ on your phone. It’s basically a browser that enables you to directly download videos.

        • Well, you are useless AF if you can’t download a torrent on your laptop. Don’t bother downloading any other sheeeet. :v

          • Well I am just wondering if he will fo a standard zip file containing all four episodes of breaking the quiet, and we can dowloan them together without that .rar thing instead it would be a standard .zip file that contains all four .mp4s’ of breaking the quiet

          • Anonymous at 2019-08-31 at 00:29
            I think the files are very large, it is your own fault for being lazy..

      • Hey armino, habe you ever Considered making a RDR2 vid? Karen Jones is super hot and would be perfect for something like that….

    • I think the problem is that shad has re-arranged his files… ;/

      just search rule34 for it, plenty of copies..

  2. Amino have you actually been on shadbase reasently because your shadbase links dont work anymore

    • ShadBase went gay and won’t be hosting lengthy videos anymore.

      But I can see why, lengthy videos taking up space he could use for future works.

      Still gay.

  3. Ideas for The latest movie.
    Have brutus lay on HIS back so The girls can ride him. While he pushes his hips aswell. Fucking Just The tip and Gliding all The wey down on HIS cock
    When he comes deep inside, and feeling The belly full, let her just ceep The sperm inside her, playing with the bouncy belly walking around, haha dont waste any sperm, just ceep most of it inside.
    When he fucks both of them, let him do it slow and fast and let him lift his dick up and down when he is inside their pussies
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    Deep troating
    Belly full of sperm, and brutus comes inside again
    One girl fucks brutus with The strapon while he is fucking
    Doggy style
    Brutus SiTs down while they Are riding
    Just some ideas(:

    Let him fuck their pussies and ass

  4. I love your work!! Any chance of releasing (a) your earlier work and (b) the original “Ellie in chains” video (before one or two hypocrites virtue signalled) please? Thanks!

  5. Are you working on breaking the quiet 4 too?? i really wanna know what will happen next

  6. Please make video of doreamon show’s nobita and shizuka cartoon porn videos there is no videos of these cartoon characters so please make videos of these cartoons

  7. I just dropped by to tell you that your work is amazing! The artwork of your animations is beautiful. I loved your attention to the details and fantastic realism. It all makes me want to return and watch them again and again.
    Thank you for sharing on Rule34video because others don’t work for me, unfortunately. Best wishes and good luck in your future projects!

    • Well I can hardly wait to seeing part 4 of “Breaking The Quiet”. The quality is overwhelming. They should transmit it on TV channels like Animal Planet or National Geographic Wild (after midnight, of course) with a title like “Proper ways of collecting stallion sperm for horse breeding” or something similar, heheh. I wonder, what is your nationality, Animo Pron? What country on Earth has a citizen with such incredible imagination and skills to present it to others?

      I also have some ideas for the 4th part. I hope some of them appear useful in any way to you at some point.
      The interrogated submissive girl takes a revenge on the interrogator dominant girl by fisting her (1 hand in the pussy and 1 in the ass, then 2 hands in the pussy and then 2 hands in the ass) as a warm up. Next the previous dom girl takes her own horse in the pussy and in the ass so she doesn’t have to imagine what it’s like any more. Brutus is so happy finally fucking his owner that he makes very loud horse noises and his neighing calls 3 wild mustangs from the sands to the party – two for each girl (pussy and mouth, pussy and ass with one horse lying on his back, pussy and ass with both stallions standing up on their rear legs like during the boxing fight). Alternatively those 3 other horses might be brought along by a young yet already pregnant daughter (riding on one horse to the bar) and a young son (riding on 2nd horse’s back) of the currently punished dom girl leading the 3rd horse loose with companion of 2 dogs. Apart from double-fucking of 2 mature women by 4 horses already described above there might be also similar double-fucking of young pregnant daughter by the 2 dogs. And in the end excited son joins in and fucks his own sister in the pussy while one of the dogs penetrates her ass and the other one forces his dick into her mouth for blow job. Grand finale: orgy of 4 people and 6 animals of 2 kinds. That would be something even more overwhelming and not seen anywhere yet. I would like to see it in the quality of your last creations. Well if maybe not in this (the coming 4th part of BTQ) then hopefully in some future projects of yours, Animo Pron. Best wishes and good luck in your enterprises.

      What a pity “Mega” service and “FileDropper” service don’t work for me – I mean don’t work at all or just sending an empty file and I can’t download and watch your earlier works listed here like “Lara’s horse blowjob” nor “Lara with horse”. I can’t find it anywhere else either.

      • OK, “Mega” web service actually works, I just needed a different web browser (updated Google Chrome for smartphone worked for me). But “FileDropper” web service actually reports 0 kB file size before downloading at the bottom of their page. Just to let you all know.
        Finally I could see that those older animations already mentioned here earlier are simply hilarious! Thanks for publishing them too.

    • It’s a mystery. I guess it’s not that easy to animate a porn story in such a beautiful way. People say it’s going to be ready around spring or summer of year 2020, so be patient.

  8. oh man, just found you animations, hot stuff. too bad brutus didn’t mount the torturer when she was ass fucking quiet, that scene would be awesome.

  9. next time please make Brutus fuck her ass right after he came in hers, like fuck her while her belly is still full of his cum would be more awesome

  10. Looking forward to Quiet Part 4! Lots of lesbian anal fisting, anal beads etc. please. Less of the horse.

    • Less of the horse? Now that’s just insane! Fisting (or even double fisting pussy and ass) and toying with various stuff is OK but I would rather see 1 more (or even 3 additional – 2 for each girl) horse(s) at the same time there.

  11. в Нарушение Тихой 4 части вот бы оби девушки занимались бы с лошадью и т.д!

  12. in Violation of Quiet 4 parts of here is would Obi girls engaged in would with horse and camping on Afghan!

  13. i agreed .. breaking the quiet 4 must be revenge ..
    also i have ideas for new adventures ..
    18 years rich college girl who has survived plane crash on bermuda triangle
    buy the way nobody knows what happened the plane
    there are three island this area
    first island full with giant black men
    second island full with orgs
    third island full with centaurs
    she is a first female to set foot on the islands
    i have more ideas what will happen on islands
    if you need .. i can give more details

  14. Animo broh when you release the new game i m very exited and you have to make it on android so we all enjoy it !best of luck!

    • Well, you have here several links to external websites where AnimoPron has published his/her own animations. Try to search for something similar in there since they’re not so prudish, puritanical or willing to censor almost everything out.

  15. Super, just GREAT! Personally, I miss black nylon stockings with a seam and a Cuban heel, such retro. This is my fetish and I think many would accept this idea. I look forward to the next ideas. Greetings to the entire team of IT professionals working on films.

  16. Great videos! We wanna see more Lesbian domination in Part 4: huge anal beads stuffed all the way in followed by some insane fisting

  17. Your ideas are so strange, as a Chinese, I can not tell you how much I admire your Igor

  18. FileDropper can’t download,it’s empty.I’m in china,those old videos can’t download in Mega、Google drive and subscribestar.Can you provide Torrent download?

  19. A want to see more of Ellie in Chains, please, do another video. It’s too short

  20. Why no GoogleDrive for part 3? I don’t want them access to my PC for Torrent, nor want to “sign up” for Mega either.

    • Well, “Mega” web service actually works just fine without registration – just close the empty registration form that appears after clicking on “download” button. For more information read my 3rd comment from the top.

    • Not too soon if any time at all, I’m afraid, since BTQ4 was split into 2 parts – 4a (the 4th one) and 4b (5th) – in order to speed up the release date. And there’s also a game project waiting in the queue as far as I know.

        • Part 4a (the 4th one) is expected to be released In April this year or closely around – according to what AnimoPron has announced here on the news page. I don’t believe they have already any estimations concerning part 4b (the 5th one), the game project or anything else.

  21. Finish it. Before the virus kills us all. Want to see part 4 before that might happen.

  22. Can’t wait to see Quiet’s ass filled up with objects one more time! Maybe a 20 inch dildo? Extremely large anal beads?

  23. So many video abt horse!!! Already bored. I really very hope (and not only me) that the next one will be tentacles!!! It is huge area of possibilities and options!!!

    • There’s so many hentai anime with tentacles out there already. All of them are so far out that they are so boring… one could easily fall asleep. Just look for it for yourself and you’ll see that there’s plenty of this – especially Japs love this seafood crap.
      I would rather see some action with multiple dogs in future projects by AnimoPron… in their quality and fantastic realism.

  24. Wirek, you are right! But AnimoPron can make it not bored and not to fall asleep. There are not many videos good quality with tentacles same as AnimoPron

  25. Hello animo. Thank you for sharing your works freely with us poor people. You make such astounding animations. Can you help me though with one of the files. Im having problem decompressing the files of btq 2 720p. It keeps giving me the decompression error

  26. Would love to see Quiet have a nice, fat, rectal prolapse as well… that somehow the mistress/interrogator gained the upper hand again and let Brutus go at Quiet as punishment. Maybe the mistress/interrogator butt-fuck Brutus as well to make it hornier or something.

    I would also love to see Quiet use the strap-on on the mistress/interrogator’s pussy and ass

  27. Thanks for this amazing animation work, makes me randy! Can’t wait for Part 4 to be available…
    What could be your next amzing stuff after Breaking The Quiet?

  28. BTQ4. WTF is wrong with you? I was liking this series until #4. Eating horse ass? Really? What’s next, sounding the horse cock with their arms? DONE with BTQ.

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