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17) Breaking The Quiet Part 5

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16) Breaking The Quiet Part 4

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15) Breaking The Quiet Part 3

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14) Breaking The Quiet Part 2

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13) Breaking The Quiet Part 1

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12 ) Lara with horse 1 on Unity 3d

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11) Lara with horse 2 EP 4 X-RAY bonus

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10) Lara with horse 2 “All-the-way-through” bonus

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9) Lara with horse 2 EP 4

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8 ) Lara with horse 2 EP 3

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7 ) Lara with horse 2 EP 2

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  1. Is there gonna be a link for shadbase so I am able to download part 3 of breaking the quiet?

    • Shadman is not hosting lenghty videos on his website no more. But i think, he will keep previously uploaded videos.

      • Well did you upload the video to anywhere else, cause I cannot download from mega, orrent or subscribestar, and rule34 does not have a download video link

        • Download the app called ‘Aloha’ on your phone. It’s basically a browser that enables you to directly download videos.

        • Well, you are useless AF if you can’t download a torrent on your laptop. Don’t bother downloading any other sheeeet. :v

          • Well I am just wondering if he will fo a standard zip file containing all four episodes of breaking the quiet, and we can dowloan them together without that .rar thing instead it would be a standard .zip file that contains all four .mp4s’ of breaking the quiet

          • Anonymous at 2019-08-31 at 00:29
            I think the files are very large, it is your own fault for being lazy..

          • Awesome series please create Lara with horse 1, mean how Lara came to that place where 2 started

      • Hey armino, habe you ever Considered making a RDR2 vid? Karen Jones is super hot and would be perfect for something like that….

      • animopron can i ask, aside your supporters, your videos rule – mc2020

    • I think the problem is that shad has re-arranged his files… ;/

      just search rule34 for it, plenty of copies..

  2. Amino have you actually been on shadbase reasently because your shadbase links dont work anymore

    • ShadBase went gay and won’t be hosting lengthy videos anymore.

      But I can see why, lengthy videos taking up space he could use for future works.

      Still gay.

  3. Ideas for The latest movie.
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    Just some ideas(:

    Let him fuck their pussies and ass

    • Belle full of sperm no and not everyone likes that i dont like seeing them with a big tummy while being fucked is not a turn on

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  7. I just dropped by to tell you that your work is amazing! The artwork of your animations is beautiful. I loved your attention to the details and fantastic realism. It all makes me want to return and watch them again and again.
    Thank you for sharing on Rule34video because others don’t work for me, unfortunately. Best wishes and good luck in your future projects!

    • Well I can hardly wait to seeing part 4 of “Breaking The Quiet”. The quality is overwhelming. They should transmit it on TV channels like Animal Planet or National Geographic Wild (after midnight, of course) with a title like “Proper ways of collecting stallion sperm for horse breeding” or something similar, heheh. I wonder, what is your nationality, Animo Pron? What country on Earth has a citizen with such incredible imagination and skills to present it to others?

      I also have some ideas for the 4th part. I hope some of them appear useful in any way to you at some point.
      The interrogated submissive girl takes a revenge on the interrogator dominant girl by fisting her (1 hand in the pussy and 1 in the ass, then 2 hands in the pussy and then 2 hands in the ass) as a warm up. Next the previous dom girl takes her own horse in the pussy and in the ass so she doesn’t have to imagine what it’s like any more. Brutus is so happy finally fucking his owner that he makes very loud horse noises and his neighing calls 3 wild mustangs from the sands to the party – two for each girl (pussy and mouth, pussy and ass with one horse lying on his back, pussy and ass with both stallions standing up on their rear legs like during the boxing fight). Alternatively those 3 other horses might be brought along by a young yet already pregnant daughter (riding on one horse to the bar) and a young son (riding on 2nd horse’s back) of the currently punished dom girl leading the 3rd horse loose with companion of 2 dogs. Apart from double-fucking of 2 mature women by 4 horses already described above there might be also similar double-fucking of young pregnant daughter by the 2 dogs. And in the end excited son joins in and fucks his own sister in the pussy while one of the dogs penetrates her ass and the other one forces his dick into her mouth for blow job. Grand finale: orgy of 4 people and 6 animals of 2 kinds. That would be something even more overwhelming and not seen anywhere yet. I would like to see it in the quality of your last creations. Well if maybe not in this (the coming 4th part of BTQ) then hopefully in some future projects of yours, Animo Pron. Best wishes and good luck in your enterprises.

      What a pity “Mega” service and “FileDropper” service don’t work for me – I mean don’t work at all or just sending an empty file and I can’t download and watch your earlier works listed here like “Lara’s horse blowjob” nor “Lara with horse”. I can’t find it anywhere else either.

      • OK, “Mega” web service actually works, I just needed a different web browser (updated Google Chrome for smartphone worked for me). But “FileDropper” web service actually reports 0 kB file size before downloading at the bottom of their page. Just to let you all know.
        Finally I could see that those older animations already mentioned here earlier are simply hilarious! Thanks for publishing them too.

    • It’s a mystery. I guess it’s not that easy to animate a porn story in such a beautiful way. People say it’s going to be ready around spring or summer of year 2020, so be patient.

  8. oh man, just found you animations, hot stuff. too bad brutus didn’t mount the torturer when she was ass fucking quiet, that scene would be awesome.

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    • Less of the horse? Now that’s just insane! Fisting (or even double fisting pussy and ass) and toying with various stuff is OK but I would rather see 1 more (or even 3 additional – 2 for each girl) horse(s) at the same time there.

  11. в Нарушение Тихой 4 части вот бы оби девушки занимались бы с лошадью и т.д!

  12. in Violation of Quiet 4 parts of here is would Obi girls engaged in would with horse and camping on Afghan!

  13. i agreed .. breaking the quiet 4 must be revenge ..
    also i have ideas for new adventures ..
    18 years rich college girl who has survived plane crash on bermuda triangle
    buy the way nobody knows what happened the plane
    there are three island this area
    first island full with giant black men
    second island full with orgs
    third island full with centaurs
    she is a first female to set foot on the islands
    i have more ideas what will happen on islands
    if you need .. i can give more details

  14. Animo broh when you release the new game i m very exited and you have to make it on android so we all enjoy it !best of luck!

    • Well, you have here several links to external websites where AnimoPron has published his/her own animations. Try to search for something similar in there since they’re not so prudish, puritanical or willing to censor almost everything out.

  15. Super, just GREAT! Personally, I miss black nylon stockings with a seam and a Cuban heel, such retro. This is my fetish and I think many would accept this idea. I look forward to the next ideas. Greetings to the entire team of IT professionals working on films.

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  17. Your ideas are so strange, as a Chinese, I can not tell you how much I admire your Igor

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  20. Why no GoogleDrive for part 3? I don’t want them access to my PC for Torrent, nor want to “sign up” for Mega either.

    • Well, “Mega” web service actually works just fine without registration – just close the empty registration form that appears after clicking on “download” button. For more information read my 3rd comment from the top.

    • Not too soon if any time at all, I’m afraid, since BTQ4 was split into 2 parts – 4a (the 4th one) and 4b (5th) – in order to speed up the release date. And there’s also a game project waiting in the queue as far as I know.

        • Part 4a (the 4th one) is expected to be released In April this year or closely around – according to what AnimoPron has announced here on the news page. I don’t believe they have already any estimations concerning part 4b (the 5th one), the game project or anything else.

  21. is the lara with horse on unity 3d a game aaand if it is can u please make it for android i am dying to play a game like this

  22. Finish it. Before the virus kills us all. Want to see part 4 before that might happen.

  23. I really hope Animopron’s doing well amidst all the debacle around the world.

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    • There’s so many hentai anime with tentacles out there already. All of them are so far out that they are so boring… one could easily fall asleep. Just look for it for yourself and you’ll see that there’s plenty of this – especially Japs love this seafood crap.
      I would rather see some action with multiple dogs in future projects by AnimoPron… in their quality and fantastic realism.

  26. Wirek, you are right! But AnimoPron can make it not bored and not to fall asleep. There are not many videos good quality with tentacles same as AnimoPron

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  28. Hello animo. Thank you for sharing your works freely with us poor people. You make such astounding animations. Can you help me though with one of the files. Im having problem decompressing the files of btq 2 720p. It keeps giving me the decompression error

  29. Would love to see Quiet have a nice, fat, rectal prolapse as well… that somehow the mistress/interrogator gained the upper hand again and let Brutus go at Quiet as punishment. Maybe the mistress/interrogator butt-fuck Brutus as well to make it hornier or something.

    I would also love to see Quiet use the strap-on on the mistress/interrogator’s pussy and ass

  30. Thanks for this amazing animation work, makes me randy! Can’t wait for Part 4 to be available…
    What could be your next amzing stuff after Breaking The Quiet?

  31. Amazing Animation, but I think with the tools now available a lot more can be done.

  32. BTQ4. WTF is wrong with you? I was liking this series until #4. Eating horse ass? Really? What’s next, sounding the horse cock with their arms? DONE with BTQ.

  33. Hello. Jessica 21 y.o. tits size 3 and beautiful ass)) Do u want sex with me? I waiting for u here —->

    • Most probably not sooner than next summer, I’m affraid. If we all live long enough…

    • I don’t know how it was back then several days ago, but each time I try to download “BTQ_4_720p.rar” from Mega web service it works just fine. Try fairly recent Google Chrome (either on a desktop/laptop or a smartphone/tablet version) web browser for Mega web service – your smartphone (even quite old) might be pretty helpful. So… Good luck then!

    • I don’t know how it was back then several days ago, but each time I try to download “BTQ_4_720p.rar” from Mega web service it works just fine. Try fairly recent Google Chrome (either on a desktop/laptop or a smartphone/tablet version) web browser for Mega web service – your smartphone (even quite old) might be pretty helpful. So… Good luck then!

    • I don’t know how it was back then several days ago, but each time I try to download “BTQ_4_720p.rar” from Mega web service it works just fine. Try fairly recent Google Chrome (either on a desktop/laptop or a smartphone/tablet version) web browser for Mega web service – your smartphone (even quite old) might be pretty helpful. So… Good luck then!

    • Well, FileDropper web service returns a file “Lara_with_horse_2loops.flv” of 0 B in size in every web browser that I have available. But I’ve just tried the other link (“LWH1_2loops.rar” of 81.1 MiB from Mega web service) and it works just fine.
      “ffmpeg.exe” -hide_banner -i “g:\downloaded\Lara_with_horse_2loops.flv”

      Input #0, flv, from ‘g:\downloaded\Lara_with_horse_2loops.flv’:
      audiodelay : 0
      canSeekToEnd : true
      Duration: 00:01:01.76, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 10995 kb/s
      Stream #0:0: Data: none
      Stream #0:1: Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 262 kb/s
      Stream #0:2: Video: vp6f, yuv420p, 1280×960, 10240 kb/s, 25 fps, 25 tbr, 1k tbn
      At least one output file must be specified

      Try fairly recent Google Chrome (either on a desktop/laptop or a smartphone/tablet version) web browser for Mega web service – your smartphone (even quite old) might be pretty helpful. So… Good luck then!

  34. the file dropper files aren’t working and mega files are removed. Torrenting the files seems to have been most reliable where availiable. I would even vounteer to download all the torrents so that amino doesn’t have to keep running a torrent client.

    • I don’t know how it was back then several days ago, but each time I try to download “BTQ_4_720p.rar” from Mega web service it works just fine. Try fairly recent Google Chrome (either on a desktop/laptop or a smartphone/tablet version) web browser for Mega web service – your smartphone (even quite old) might be pretty helpful. So… Good luck then!

  35. Please animate a part in which Brutus Cums inside Quiet’s pussy making her belly bulge, keeps on fucking her til he cums again bulging her belly more squirts a huge amount of semen (and perhaps we could see Quiet’s eyes go blank/ahegao, just saying).

    • Full Comment was this one:

      Please animate a part in which Brutus Cums inside Quiet’s pussy making her belly bulge, keeps on fucking her til he cums again bulging her belly even more and keeps banging her til cumming again, only this time pulls out and cums all over her belly, chest and face while her pussy squirts a huge amount of cum (and perhaps we could see Quiet’s eyes go blank/ahegao, just saying).

  36. Hi, Compared with Quiet, I like Lara more. Could you please make more videos about Lara?

    • Thanks for your videos. But I really like Lara. I want to see more videos about her.

  37. Awesome work dude, please try to create Lara with horse 1, mean how Lara came to that place where the 2 started

  38. Great animations!!! I just came across them. Thanks very much!!! How about some piercings as the story goes on?

  39. I congratulate you very much for making such an amazing animation. You realize many beautiful fantasies that one cannot imagine and do. Congratulations and thanks again and again.

  40. After the BTQ 5, you could make a series from Ellie (TLoU) or A2 (Nier: automata)

  41. I just have found your account and videos and i am really excited! i haven’t stopped jerking off and that’s big for me as i am not that much into anime generally. BUT THESE videos! With Lana..absolutely amazing! I am just wishing you keep producing and publishing more! Is there any other account in bdsmlr in example or anywhere else? This is gold!

  42. скажи по каким дням выходят обновы или где инфу искать!?



  45. Hey dude, you are incredbly awesome

    After BTQ5, you think about make some aliens, orcs and monster stuff? I mean, monsters and etc fucking and destroying gorgeous women like your first character, Lara, for example

  46. I would love to see how the mistress put that underwear on the horse. He was so horny (almost a month without cummin…) that she has to put that underwear on him (to avoid that he cums with the feeling of that massive cock shaking and hitting his legs)

  47. I really loved so much the moment when Quiet licked the horse’s ass. It would be great to see more of that, and also how she fucks his ass with her arm and a huge dildo until he cums

    • Have you seen Mavis’s (from “Hotel Transylvania”) “Big Halloween” by Secazz?

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    Have the Girl put that Cockring over the still limp Penis and have her make him hard with the other hand either by stroking it or some ball touching (light slapping) until the rings fits perfectly. When Brutus is cumming it would be hot to see a slomo-cumshot (if possible with moving camera) and have the girl really drenched

    when Brutus is comming inside the girls mouth have some cum shooting out of her nostrils which then can be used for ass fucking lube later

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    play with the other girls (cum enhanced B I G B ( o ) ( o ) bs
    after Brutus has cum use some of the girls squirt to massage Brutus balls to make him hard again. He gets big and hard but the other girl wants him even bigger so she gets
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    When he cums the other girl gets so totally drenched like you wouldnt believe. Maybe have the girls have a catfight in sticky horsecum.

    Or one girl could fuck brutus ass with a major strapon while he fucks the other girl

  49. Please continue Breaking The Quiet, it’s awesome. It would be great to know more of the history of how that happened. Who’s the Mistress, who’s Quiet,what’s what she has to say….it’s really awesome,thank you so much!!

  50. After BQ-5, what about Quiet going away on Brutus and meeting Lara and her pet horse. Then they both realize what they both want and take turns getting double penetrated by their ‘pets’ in an orgy of lust.

  51. For first-person view 3d video, I would recommend rendering a VR 3d 180 video for VR headset, a real-time unity vr game is not needed, and stereoscopic video would already be outstanding in VR effects (anything first-person view), which, is easy to render (3dsmax camera settings), but it doubles the rendering time for both eyes (2x image each frame)

    • Yes, please… And I would love to see it happen in many various positions simultaneously like:
      – spit-roast (mouth and pussy, mouth and ass);
      – pussy and ass with one dog lying on his back and the other one standing above them like a dog-girl-dog sandwich;
      – both girls in 69 position licking each other’s pussies while being fucked by 2 dogs in their assholes from both ends etc.

  52. Amazing! I would love to see characters from the Final Fantasy series someday

  53. Hey Man,
    you have done a really good job, much appreciated.

    I’m waiting since months for a new video, can you tell us when it will be released?

    thank you

    • Previous part was released on 2020-06-15 so I wouldn’t expect the 5th (a.k.a. 4th “B”) part to come out any sooner.

  54. It would be awesome if the master himself could come up with poster, banner, and background art for those of us who catalog this stuff on our private media servers, eg Plex.

    • I suppose banners are pointless since they’re dated, but here are the aspect ratios:

      Poster: 2:3
      Background: 16:9

      Also, on Plex you can have a poster representing the entire series followed by different posters and backgrounds for each episode.


  55. Hello -Animopron- sorry for the awful English, but I use a translator … Anyway, I really like your work, it is one of the few that does animation work of this style, I was wondering if you would do work such as nipple penetration, I don’t labor or urethra Fuck you know … where the horse will fuck Lara Croft’s urine hole … I mean … it’s just an idea, I’m not ashamed to be a girl with a taste for hentai but , I would like to see works of this style, in any case … good luck with your future projects. : 3

    I love your animation

  56. Hello Animopron! Congratulations,you have created such a HUGE piece of ART It’s sublime, I love the stories, the characters, the places,the attention to the details… I love it so much! I would love to know more about Lara’s and Quiet`s previous arguments (how they reach that situations) , and I believe it would be great to mix both stories. Thank you so much, for real, it’s really really good! Bless

  57. Thanks for it, is sooooooooo good… and it would be awesome to see something with Lady Dimitrescu

  58. Question for mr Animo Pron. what workflow did you use? I’m not rushing the 5th part of BTQ but I’m just curious to why does it take so long, is it because of all of the simulation? but then again, if it was simulated before rendering, the rendering shouldn’t take that long right ?? I’m asking not to rush, I’m genuinely curious to what your workflow is and why it take this much time to make your piece. Thanks!

  59. почему так долго не выходит Breaking The Quiet 5? хууууу, спойлеров много не ненада!!!!

    • In just a few weeks, I guess. Previous part was released on 2020-06-15 so I wouldn’t expect the 5th (a.k.a. 4th “B”) part to come out any sooner than that.

  60. Would love a scene in which Lady Dimitrescu sucks and fists a horse ass,then she fucks him with a huge horse dildo and later she makes other horse with bigger cock and balls fuck the inferior horse. Something like “Lady D and her sissy horse”.

  61. we need to see res 8 village porn and you make the mother Dimitrescu fuck her 3 daughter shit hole with a horse cock .. turst me thats gonna be crazy

  62. Привет ты обещал уже в конце этого месяца выпустить Breaking The Quiet 5 ииии а на выйдет или нет!??????

  63. Download and torrent links for BTQ 2 & 3 are broken. Anyone know where I can get the srt files?

  64. The final part 4b (the 5th one) of BTQ has been released to the public (on Torrent and on Rule34video)today in the late afternoon.

    “ffmpeg.exe” -hide_banner -i “g:\Downloaded\Breaking The Quiet 5 – Animopron.mp4”
    Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from ‘g:\Downloaded\Breaking The Quiet 5 – Animopron.mp4’:
    major_brand : isom
    minor_version : 512
    compatible_brands: isomiso2avc1mp41
    encoder : Lavf57.83.100
    Duration: 00:39:41.68, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 5659 kb/s
    Stream #0:0(eng): Video: h264 (High) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p, 1280×720 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 5517 kb/s, 50 fps, 50 tbr, 12800 tbn, 100 tbc (default)
    handler_name : VideoHandler
    Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: aac (LC) (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 132 kb/s (default)
    handler_name : SoundHandler
    At least one output file must be specified

  65. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lara is very sexy and hot, and also I love the energy and enthusiasm she had to get her ass fucked hard. Once again GOOD JOB, I hope to see a new series soon with Lara hotter and more anal slut. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    • It would be really nice to see AnimoPron’s animation with 2+ horses in action… in several years if we all live long enough.
      I’m disappointed it wasn’t included in any part of BTQ considering all the years the series was developed.

        • It took ca. 4 years between BTQ1 and BTQ5 (a.k.a. BTQ4b) being developed and published. The series is great, but my expectations (after BTQ1, 2 and 3) were even greater. This is what I meant in my previous comment.

    • I bet the quality of such animations would also be outstanding and impressive… maybe… in several years if we all live long enough.

  66. All the old lara with horse videos arent working. The flvs wont play (invalid data), and the mega files dont work.

  67. Привет, когда будет что-та новенькое надеюсь что-та с большим и на долгим!

  68. Thank you for the best movie, and I appreciate all your fantastic characters, good work
    I waiting for the new one thank you

    ps. lady dimitrescu 🥰

    • No.
      Elvis… ehm… Both girls have left the building. Thank you. Thank you very much.

        • A whole series? I don’t think so, I don’t expect any in the near and predictable future – only 2 short bonuses for BTQ and the game project as far as I know from the publicly available news section on the start page, but I’m not a decision maker.

  69. I have an idea to continue the ‘Breaking The Quiet’ story. It could be that now the protagonist is riding a horse looking for virgin girls or teenagers for the horse to fuck. It would be somewhat murky and interesting to see. What do you think?

  70. great animation
    what about more licking and titjob and rubbing action and even animals can lick lara and more dirty words and fondle her body
    lets think some fatansy like horse suddenly get humans intelligence and can speak make trap for lara then fondle her body, touch her, lick her and grab her tits

  71. Is there any other part coming of this series ?
    I’m desperately waiting for this…

  72. Wow. These videos are awesome!! I was wondering if you could do a series where Lara is doing it with two horses. That would be amazing

    • Yes, it would be amazing indeed…
      – spit-roast (mouth and pussy, mouth and ass);
      – pussy and ass in a boxing fight-like position of 2 stallions with a girl picked up in the air by 2 shafts;
      – pussy and ass with one horse lying on his back and the other one standing above them like a horse-girl-horse sandwich;
      – both girls in 69 position licking each other’s pussies while being fucked by 2 horses in their assholes from both ends etc.
      …but I don’t expect it to happen soon or ever at all.

    • Well, it actually depends on a file type and its contents:
      – If it’s an empty/damaged/blank file, then it should be deleted and downloaded again.
      – If it’s an archive file, then it should be extracted.
      – If it’s a video file, then it should be watched, especially if its contents is interesting to you (basing on its source, title, description etc.).
      – If it’s not interesting to you, then the file should NOT be downloaded in the first place.
      I hope it helps in your dilemma.

  73. Dammmmn keep up the work dude ! Still not enough stuff of Lara & Quiet. We want to tear their assholes apart -more than yet

  74. I hope the next story could inspire you!
    Really intense story, i imagine Lara and the mistress going in an oasis, taking a bath and sleeping, but surprise, Brutus is not there, So they decide to search Brutus and see it jumping into a lorry. A ranch will be the place of new adventures. The two girls are made prisonners during 10 days. First they are attached by a master who’s a special tranny with muscles, whipped, forced to eat and drink special things, cleaning the stables. A morning Lara is inviting to be used for protrusion, she’s attached and fucked by a horse that have a big cock but not as big as Brutus one’s. When Lara is splashed with the cum, she becomes invulnerable and liberate her, Giving a lesson to the master who’s shut in the box! Lara goes to search Brutus into the horse park and call it, then a young girl’s coming : “what are u doing here, who are u i must call my aunt!”, Then a race begin between the young girl and Lara who’s riding Brutus! Lara catched the young girl with a lasso. “Don’t tell your aunt she’s now punished!”
    The young girl is crying! Lara decides to give her to the mistress and locked them into the box.
    “What’s happen” ask the mistress? But Lara say nothing!
    The young girl’s gonna be prepared by the mistress, after a good breakfeast that Lara offer them. Lara find receipts of magic potion notice under the mane of Brutus, and immediatly goes preparing it! The mistress is touching the young girl, undressing her and begin to kiss and abuse her! Lara’s coming back with Brutus into the stable, hearing the young girl groaning!
    The master who’s watching between the partition of wood is now excited to see the scene with her niece and the mistress!
    Lara comes into the box looking at the big cock of the tranny, and she is a little surprised! The cock of the tranny master is growing under its leather legging!
    Lara is tempting by it and goes sucking, she remove the gag in the mouth of the tranny!
    The young girl calls her aunt, and the aunt say “Oh yeah my dear i’m saved now”
    Lara decide to put the master into the other box with the mistress and the young girl.
    Then the young girl is shocked, she didn’t know that her aunt was a tranny!
    The master is confused, and the mistress said laughing “oh my god, what a familly affair” ahahah! “Come on now i want my revenge on u” The Mistress takes the tranny by the cock, the young girl wants to escape but Lara comes to intervene. The young girl watch her false aunt be humiliated by the mistress, Lara’s keeping the attention of the young girl pulling her hair. The mistress says” your aunt is now going to fuck you my dear” ahahah!
    The trannymaster says “i’m sorry my dear”
    The mistress : “come on suck your aunt now” ahahah!
    Lara and the mistress are kissing watching the scene! And Brutus is getting hard its head comes throught the door of the box!
    “Is your aunt now your uncle, little bitch?”
    MMM, Lara attached the young girl by the hands, she licks asshole!
    Lara sucked the tranny before putting the cock inside the young girl asshole!
    The young girl is being rammed watching Brutus cock!
    Lara open the door and Brutus is coming.
    The mistress : “Oh my love king of the horses, come together we have good job for u”!
    Lara can’t stop sucking Brutus’ balls, she licks its ass, the mistress support the tranny to fuck her niece and finally fist them!
    Lara takes scissors and cut Brutus ponytail.
    Brutus is exciting, Lara need to be fucked by the tranny so she takes place in the band!
    Then the mistress force The young girl to suck brutus cock.
    Brutus is putting its front legs above the young girl and takes her anal!
    Lara takes a table behind Brutus and tell the tranny to jump on it.
    Brutus is gonna have a surprise (censored party)
    The tranny put his cock inside Brutus asshole! Lara is getting on the table her head under Brutus ass! The young girl’s going deeper with Brutus cock and the tranny can’t believe what is doing, oh my dear, i hope you enjoy it! Brutus is having a neigh!
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    Brutus is gonna cum so the mistress comes to take out brutus cock from the young girl asshole, Lara put magic potion on tranny cock.
    The tranny cock is bigger, and she (the tranny) is inviting by the Mistress to take Brutus cock!
    She sucks brutus,, then Lara , the young girl and the mistress put their ass up to be taken by the tranny, Brutus come after, exciting to put its huge dick on tranny asshole! Then everyone come one after the other to receive a asshole destruction, potion used by everyone, and for the last scene a triple fisting in Brutus asshole, Brutus that will finish to lick tranny cum! But someone saw eveything, another creature from another dimension…

    • I don’t share your excitement because of “a special tranny with muscles” and licking/fucking/fisting Brutus’s ass, and “another creature from another dimension”. I don’t mind pretty futanari (chicks with dicks), but I do mind “a special tranny with muscles” (dudes with boobs). Similarly pretty female homosexuality might be a turn-on for me, but male homosexuality is definitely a turn-off for me. Besides, the hole story seems unclear and confusing to me – your syntax of English language might be the culprit here, but I’m not an expert either.

      • OK
        I unserstand your way to see, i’ll propably just publish my version of the following with illustrations just to begin work with graphic tab and maybe first 3d monster. Thanks for your answer!

  75. “no scissors to cut the tail of Brutus, better attached it with a rope on the saddle”
    To cut tail of a horse is not possible!

        • It’s already available for download, but (officially) only from (a.k.a. ) in 720p maximum resolution since you’re not AnimoPron’s subscriber. You may also search for unofficial leak releases on various websites.

  76. здравствуйте скажите, а что-та как сюжет нарушая тишину будет ?

  77. I’d love for Animopr0n to revisit the idea of Lara taking a stallion in the missionary position and taking the massive creampie in her poose. The parts I found incredibly hot were the horse pinning Lara down with his barrel and just bottoming himself down to the hilt and thrusting into her, and watching the cum escape from her vag before the stallion pulls out.
    What I would have loved to have seen is the horse staying inside of Lara even after he already unloads inside of her the first time, doing the slow grind inside of all the slosh and slurry he made inside of her to get himself hard again, pin her down again with his barrel and take her again in the mating press, piston and saw into her, watch the cum inside of her escaping with each thrust, and unload a second time.
    As the horse finishes creampie’ing Lara’s poose a second time, the horse slowly tries to lift himself off of Lara and attempts to pull out, only for Lara to close her legs around the horse’s flanks, begging him to stay inside of her a little longer, and begins to grind her hips, and smearing the cum mixture all over the stallion’s base and front part of his scrotum. The horse then lowers himself back on Lara to fuck her a 3rd time in the mating press, but later on during the 3rd rutting, the horse gets a little too amped up and climbs up the tabernacle with his hind legs, carrying Lara’s body up along with him, and proceeds to jackhammer-fuck her. His gigantic balls slapping loudly on Lara’s ass as he savagely thrusts downward into her poose. After a long, drawn-out vertical fucking, the stallion cums hard again, flooding Lara’s womb a 3rd time, seminal slurry spilling out of seams between vagina and horse shaft, bathing Lara completely in the escaping sex mixture.
    The horse slowly gets off the tabernacle, but is unaware that Lara is being dragged along with him as his shaft is still inside of her vagina. Lara tries to navigate with the horse by walking herself with her hands while her hips are still suspended by the horse’s massive shaft, and as the horse walks himself over to the side to lay down, Lara is also brought down alongside with the horse; she was able to reposition one leg in between the stallion’s legs, just in time, so that he doesn’t lay down on top of one of her own legs. Lara now finds herself spooning the stallion’s belly, with his dick still inside of her, and sees the trail of cum leading from the tabernacle all the way to where the stallion beds himself. Cum is still oozing out of her vagina. Lara jests to herself and resigns herself to keeping as much cum inside of her by using the horse’s penis as a plug, despite the steady stream of semen still escaping from her. She then drifts off to sleep, cuddling with the stallion in their post-coital bliss.

    • In short: fountains of sperm and copulatory tying/locking in non-canine animals (a bit like knotting in dogs).

      • In a sense, yes. I find the idea of staying inside of your partner after cumming inside of them extremely arousing, and seeing how many more times can I cum inside of them without pulling out; especially the frothy mess that both you and your partner make when you continue fucking after giving her multiple creampies.

  78. “…
    Ich habe keine Lust mich nicht zu hassen.
    Hab’ keine Lust mich anzufassen.
    Ich hätte Lust zu onanieren.
    Hab’ keine Lust es zu probieren.
    Ich hätte Lust mich auszuziehen.
    Hab keine Lust mich nackt zu sehen.
    Ich hätte Lust mit großen Tieren.
    Hab keine Lust es zu riskieren.
    Rammstein – “Keine Lust”

  79. I don’t know what program you’re using but any chance to re-render these as stereograms for 3D effect in VR?

  80. Hi! First of all: Good job! could anyone reupload torrent for parts 1,2 and 4? Or reseed them? I’ve always found 0 seeds. Thanks

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