Ok, right now i’m doing the liquid simulation for the ending scene. Everything else is done, and it’s gonna be released pretty soon. I will post some shots here tomorrow, from the cumshot scene ending

Update: I’m still working on cum simulation, so it’s gonna be +1 day delay on update.

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(CLOSED) Searching for “environment” designer/3d artist.

Ok guys, so a little announcing – i need some additional help with “environment design” for next project, so i’am searching for talented 3d artist.
Requirements: experience in outdoor/indoor environments creation, must be a “3ds max” artist (or Maya, if you can convert it as 3ds max scene well).
It’s a single-job thing, and it’s gonna be paid very well (but it’s depending on final result).

If you’re interested – email me (don’t forget to attach at least 1 example-picture of your artwork). You can remain “anonymous” if you want it, of course.


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