Final V4 version of EP1 is released!

Yesterday we released the final version of EP1 for supporters here!
From now on, we will start working on EP2, which will be the second half of the level, including a boss fight at the end.

Public release will be slightly later.

99 Responses

    • there are super heavy bugs in ep4… sorry but it’s unplayable. EP3 was much better.

      – First i saw is no cum is running out after anal sex with beach statue,
      – dino sex – hanging in the air…
      – when i do the puzzles (dino) book will create, but the puzzles are alreade unsolvesd in inventory.
      – by change the puzzlebook in the inventory to another place – icon changed to letter#2 – and the
      inventory showing letter at twice.
      – by quicksave before inserting second nipple into statue, and load this saved game – statue does
      nothing after inserting second nipple…

      and a lot and lot more….

    • Apparently some bug fixes. I’ve played the supporters version yesterday and I’m still disappointed due to a number of bugs.

      If you pick up comic parts, some of them duplicate. Outfits you pick up also get replaced which is infuriating.

        • Agree
          I heard that the game has some bugs
          and some doors are still not open
          no cum is running out after anal sex with beach statue,
          dino sex – hanging in the air… Raptors can kill you….

  1. hire a bigger team to work in your game
    ‘we are only 3 developing the game’

    dude you are rich, u are gaining tons of money in subscribestar
    hire a bigger team you cheap ass
    ‘OnLy 3’
    you have more than enough money to hire a bigger team
    i bet he waste his money in cars & parties instead on in his game

  2. animopron is a god
    i worship you as a god for your god-like game of lara croft
    animopron is a god & divine

    • Nah, they certainly are not – not even a false idol.
      Nonetheless, you are allowed to believe in any nonsense you desire, fool.

      • animopron is god-like
        shut up cvnt, what a ugly loser you must be in real life, i bet you are f ugly
        judging by your cringe messages

      • calm down dear, let me kiss you, i give you homosexual kiss and we calm down and get full of love and i cure your anger dear ♥ come ♥

        • Thanks for your generous yet repulsive offer, faggot, but I’m totally not interested. Even if I ever were a gay, I still wouldn’t be interested at all just because your stupidity is very off-putting.

  3. The game seems to be promising, but the developer is just in my opinion Slacking
    After fucking the nipple chick, the floor to enter the Tomb to play TOK 2 long to build the LVL (no floor, always in water and then the screen is lode -.-)
    Doors Loading once, Twice,…. no door, no floor :cautious:, load again wait go pick up the 2 nipples fuck the bitch again,
    same door and floor problem :ROFLMAO:…
    I thought my Video Card is Old, so I putt the setting on Minimum still the damn Screen Shaky
    I mean to be honest the v3 is more stable and playable than this shit, in V3 after you come close 2 the Minotaur statue
    if you go right down the hill, you were able to explore the map.
    No Sex with Lara, but that’s okay no Horse :cautious: bad, but it’s okay for the moment (big hope v4 might have the horse, Lucky me
    just a Huge Minotaur statue with a Limp Dick and no horse :ROFLMAO: bravo what’s the difference :ROFLMAO: V3 and V4 ?
    When V4 is more fucked than the V3 in My hones Opinion, and the NG+ is just stuck on Black screen

  4. the game was actually pretty boring i would say it was probably his worse work. modern indie games actually are fun and they only take one developer.

      • i played tons of sexual games (and paying for them, this one is FREE) and i can tell you from experience, this is a very great high quality game

        very elite, ignore the haters

        • Then apparently you played only very bad games. Almost nobody except animo would release a game in this state, most games in development are not this unfinished. Granted, tons of games are just done with Ren’Py and barely contain any gameplay to speak of, but there’s enough stuff in unity that’s similar in terms of gameplay (not that BitS has any relevant gameplay).

          • i played good high sexual games, shut the f up cunt, im gonna completely ignore ur gay hater messages
            u wanna say shit and degrade this elite game, ok, like i care, i completely ignore loser cunts
            this game is elite, sad haters losers

  5. Launching this game starts up my Oculus software, are there plans for VR? If not can you make it not do that?

  6. Animo should do a q&a about the game once. Sad he has no proper social media account. This site is nearly enough for such interaction.

  7. this game is elite & great, and also FREE

    isnt that fucking amazing?????

    the problem is that animopron is a snail and will take years to complete the game
    invest more money in your game dammit, hire a bigger team dammit

  8. I hope in ep2 it will be possible to completely destroy Lara, maybe she will be captured by local tribe or something? And then they will slowly dismember her, cutting piece by piece, pull her bones out of her meat so her whole carcass will be cracking. Then they will tie her to a cross, fuck her limbs and fill them with cum so she will rot from inside out with maggots digging through her flesh day after day. Please make it happen

    • Please look up a psychatrist, or enter a padded cell, and never let people unlock the exit again.

          • :happy: .All s’taht, ohcysp dedrater rehtona tsuj er’uoy, han!

          • @Wirek 2023-11-16 at 23:12
            Heheh, it’s really hilarious that after all those months (like 1.5 years or so already) you’re still way too stupid, fake Wirek, to copy all the pictograms. And after all those hints from other morons about how to do it…
            Anyway, copying comments of others doesn’t make you any smarter, retarded copycat. Or I should rather say: retarded copypussy in your case, heheh…

    • Destroy her with dicks, size doesn’t matter.
      But what the point to kill her? Fun is over. This is the problem in our world. People push things over borderlines they shouldn’t have…

      • theres an artist named kingbang, and in his arts he has a goddess woman who keeps getting dismembered and killed & tortured over & over but she has the power to resurrect & regenerate so they kill & torture her over & over and she regenerate & they torture & kill her again & again & again & again, his arts are so cool

    • fuck off, that stuff is boring

      also quiet is less cooler than lara

      i mean is not boring but this game & lara is much more fun

    • in case youre keeping score… this was exact moment the original “wirek” went off the rails

      Some anon by the name of “Paid For By (former) Friends of Wirek (now wrecked” (also went by “Sponsored By Former Friends of Wirek” when he first started posting) who was either his friend of some anon fed up with wirek shit trolled him for months. finally doxxed the shit out of him positing his insta and meta profiles along with his frequented IP used in and around the Wirek, Poland area. many came from a local internet cafe there it seemed. when that wasnt enough, wirek started using a vpn which only blew up in his face because former friends anons literally explained how he figured out where the dude lived, his schedule and the half a dozen sites the original wirek posted at. this current wirek could be anyone as anyone can use the emoticons he posts as proof like : shoot: and to “prove” theyre the “real wirek and it just got worse after that being anyone can be “wirek:

      search posts from before the link above using the word “friends: to read even more dumb shit and how wirek got trolled into “replying” to himself but forgot to change his name or the time he replyed to himself only after former friends posted as wirek…

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        • Heheh, I see you’re gullible enough to swallow any bullshit you find out there, moron. And that fucktard “Paid For By (former) Friends of Wirek (now wrecked” (a.k.a. “Sponsored By Former Friends of Wirek”) used to believe that I’M A CHURCH BUILDING in some Polish town (check the link in his nickname):

          And then… he disappeared ashamed by his own stupidity. Not my fault, really!
          And there’s my reply related to O.o’s (one of the fucktard’s followers) INSTAGRAM REVELATIONS:

          So… You simply must be deaf, dumb and blind. I bet you cannot even tell the difference between your own yawning and farting.

          • 》not realizing he was trolled into replying yet again to defend himself on a horse pron blog

            dam kid we all figured by now you found that phpbb by now… guess not but please continue your tirades while we all laugh

          • >wirek / The More You Know ———->* are the same person posting under different handles
            >the depths both handles go to prove “their” side of the story shows the tale has some degree of truth

            only one of the above statements can be true
            mining the page shows wirek alone has posted nearly 500 times across 2 plus years while more you know some several dozen
            in either case you both OR one are in desperate need of help or actual human contact beyond using a keyboard

  9. Yeah this was garbage. Don’t care about the boss fight or anything about this game. Make a new version of Laura. Maybe with a wolf

  10. this game is so much fun & so elite
    bless animopron
    the problem is that is very small
    4 years into development and you only have this?? animopron is a snail
    how many years it will take for the game to be completed ?!?!?!

      • You will have to ask your milk-man about this!
        “…the grabing hands grab all they can – EVERYTHING COUNTS IN LARGE AMOUNTS”

        • Not that they’re grabbing anything in here at all that has not been given voluntarily to them already.
          I’d expect you to be smarter than that considering the lyrics you’re referring to.

  11. i subscribed to download the full version
    and you can have lara (or whatever shes called, tara, laura or whatever, we all know is lara croft) with a horse futa cock haha

  12. Need more wild animals in this game. If you played Tomb Raid you know what I’m talking about.

  13. always nice to see stolen assets and codes from other fan-made games
    couldve at least credited the people you took it from cause they arent on your “team”

  14. i downloaded the paid subscriber version (by becoming subscriber in subscribestar)
    but the bloody save files doesnt work in the subscriber edition
    the free version save files and the subscriber version save files are not compatible

    (i completed the game already in the free version and i wanted to start a new game+ in the subscriber paid version)

  15. The game is better thanI expected, I enjoyed the tomb scene, but the island map feels empty. I know ep2 will be focused on the minotaur but please don’t forget the horse content is also important. About the character model, I hope there will be more options to adjust her body shapes.

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