Beasts in the sun EP1 PUBLIC RELEASE


The public version of BITS EP1 is released!

It is a very complex project, development of which started back in 2019. It was under “slow” development first 2 years, while last 2 years we were working on it full time.
The core team we have – is just a 3 guys, so i’m really proud of the result we did. Now you can finally check it and play the game!
We will take a short break, and then start working on the next episode.
It’s a first public release (and third for supporters), so keep in mind that some bugs are still there.

Huge thanks to our great supporters – this project was possible only because of them. If you like the game too – you can support the development, this will give us a big boost for making next parts of the game, big thanks! Supporters version of the game has some additional features to it as well.

You can repost the game link/clips anywhere you want, this will also help us building bigger playerbase/fanbase to improve the final experience.


DOWNLOAD from MEGA (16 Gbs)

P.S. To use torrent download – you need any “torrent client”  (you can just google it). Then – just open this small .torrent file.

You can download a supporters version on my subscribestar – it has some additional features – more clothes, more character settings.

427 Responses

    • Can anyone help me to solve the puzzle in the room with the tree statues? I managed to fit the pieces in the frame in many combinations including the eye looking in every direction.

  1. I guess i am not good with torrent files because no matter what app or website i try i cannot get either link to work. Hopefully eventually there will be a place i can access the game via a weblink or something. but until then im open to any suggestions

    • It simple. Dowload a torrent client e.g.: bittoorent, qBittorren etc. Install the client then dowload and save the torrent file from here.Open the the torrent file with the client select a directory when it dowload and clikk the dowload button

        • He said it way complicated, just get the torrent program and then you can automatically download it.

          • what is torrent, and is the game a virus bc i want to play it but if i have some shit on my pc i will lose the last bits of sanity that i have after playing dying light

  2. Does anybody know if the quicksave is working? I can never find the quick save slot and have to rely on the autosave

    • Quick save works correctly and it’s autosave. Hey do you know where to find both breast parts of entrance statue. I found one but what about other.. Can u help?

    • Quick save is pretty useless, unless there will be an quick loading option – as it is now, you can only load autosaves from times they are being done, so you will have to play until an autosave occur or you will be losing taken progress between the last autosave and the progress after that – until the next autosave!!!

    • can you tell me how to save period? ill make me character and there is no option to save.

    • Quick save is pretty useless, unless there will be an quick loading option – as it is now, you can only load autosaves from times they are being done, so you will have to play until an autosave occur or you will be losing taken progress between the last autosave and the progress after that – until the next autosave!!!

    • Quick save is pretty useless, unless there will be an quick loading option – as it is now, you can only load autosaves from times they are being done, so you will have to play until an autosave occur or you will be losing taken progress between the last autosave and the progress after that – until the next autosave!!!

  3. Played both New Game and New Game+ and still the same thing, idk what you guys added, if it was only the save thing, the game just ends in the minotaur statue

    • Quick save is pretty useless, unless there will be an quick loading option – as it is now, you can only load autosaves from times they are being done, so you will have to play until an autosave occur or you will be losing taken progress between the last autosave and the progress after that – until the next autosave!!!

  4. dang. two years for a game with like three scenes that i beat in like 40 minutes. at least the quality is somewhat decent. still glitched out of the map twice and crashed like four times.

    • hey can you tell how to pee on the pot..?
      i tried but it didn’t fill up..
      please help me

      • step 1:tap “F” into pee style,press LMB( left key of mouse) and hold to shoot.
        step 2:use directkey “A” or “D” to aim.

        in the tomb, therea’re two places needing pee——one is three girls statue, another one is ceiling drop room.

        • hey..for how long i have to pee to fill the pot…i tried but it didn’t filling..

    • Agree mostly, except i wouldn’t call it somewhat decent(the graphic is decent but the “gameplay” is terrible with barely 10 fixed event)
      I was hope he return to movies after he have his fun with this “game” project but look like episode 2 is the next…

      For anyone who think it is quality game, i recomend to check Wild Life(atm far the best adult game), Carnal Instinct, Silicon Lust, Home Together, …..(literaly any Unreal engine game)

    • “like three”… it’s actually more like thirty Didn’t glitch out the map even once.

      Now compare that to the tons of Nutaku bullshit that actually offers money to even see the majority of the game.

  5. Listen! Id love to support you but I have no credit card. I find it totally unfair that I have less charakter options now.

      • I dont want and I dont need a stupid credit card. How about Animopron adding alternative payment methods???

        • Bro… you are out of the society… how do you got your PC? Your family give it you? I am pretty sure you are not at the age to play the game.

          • “Bro”… I am 35 and basically noone has a credit card around where I live. I have a bank! card, I pay with that. You know nothing and are ignorant enough to just assume before asking. Seems like you are the child.

  6. How to safe? Nothing works for me. If I press F5 I see a small symbol but nothing happens and there are no Autosafes ever when I play. Bug?

    • Quick save is pretty useless, unless there will be an quick loading option – as it is now, you can only load autosaves from times they are being done, so you will have to play until an autosave occur or you will be losing taken progress between the last autosave and the progress after that – until the next autosave!!!

    • still no lip sync, shame.dude says from begun 1st priority next version lip sync,by next version, did he mean next episode? can anyone tell

  7. hey can anyone tell how to pee on the pot…?
    i tried but it didn’t fill up..
    please help me

  8. Dividing the content into a supporter Version and a non-supporter version is a stupid idea imo. I bet more ppl would support you without that kind of behaviour. And there are ppl who already would like to support you but cant because it will only accept a Credit Card. In Europe most ppl dont have one, why would they?

    Also come on.. the “Safe-System” is still really really! shit

      • Actually I am the creator of the the MOD Survive (Legend of Grimrock) and I worked 7 years on it. Its completely free for everyone. Check it out if you want, I can proove it. I am not unthankful I just told my opinion.

  9. whats this? i am sitting naked in front of my computer , i want to wank like insane but i have to run on the beach with lara and nothing happens? i am generation Pacman, i dont know how to handle this.

    • Just imagine that you are Lara and you are looking for a dildo or something to wank off or a dick that needs sucking.

    • climb on the wall , and press “S”+”Space” to jump to the hunging stone block , then jump on the hunging bucket stone nearby. then, you can finally reach the opposite of the gap.(I
      had spent nearly 2 hours to find this way )

  10. That statue with golden cock in the beginning on the beach.. what does it unlock? Tired of running over the island finding nothing. And no idea, where to get the code to enter underground

  11. now playing 4h, only running on the beach. boring… now im gonna erasing it of my harddisk

  12. i thought this is a game to molest a young woman with beasts and other things, not a game to jump and run all the time

    • I agree. I haven’t played yet but from the gameplay footage I saw (running and shooting a bow and arrow to kill beasts) and the complaints in the comments – it seems like this game should be one where all you do is run around trying to fuck as many beasts in as many ways as possible instead of trying to kill them.
      Scoring should be how many orgasms you can make Lara have and stuff like that.

  13. In all honesty I feel like you should stick to making movies. It is such a hassle to play through an H-Game. When it comes to porn I would rather spend money on movies rather than games.

    • I disagree @Alice,I think this Game is awesome, I love it very much actually. (Besides the Safe System and the unthankful non-supporter Version.)

  14. What the hell? Just a passage through a cave, several closed doors, the keys to which cannot be found, although I climbed all around. For example, there is such a door on a ship. And a door in a cave with one of the nipples. And then the game just ends after the statue with the minotaur. Seriously? Or is this not the full version of the game?

  15. reading the comments, there is a lot of hate, friends, it is difficult to make a game and have it work moderately well and also that there are only 3 people (cyberpunk took 9 years to come out with a company with hundreds of workers and the game that came out was a shit) don’t be so bad

  16. Maybe you could use Lara’s model from WildeerStudio. I also don’t know if it’s possible because I don’t know the engine.

    • And then start the ‘copyrights’ dogfight between adult moviemakers? No, thanks.

      • copyright is gay, people should share their models, much higher arts would be created, but everyone is so obssesed about the copyright and gaining tons of disgusting money while degrading what they do and suppressing others, money is gay, it degrades everything

  17. So they have been working on the saving system for the last four months. And the minotaur in their trailer is just a fucking statue. After seeing the horse that shows when loading the horse will disappear and thats the end of the game. I think watching the videos of this game from r34 is better than playing it.

    • I have to disagree, the gameplay is quite fun for me. Better then Subverse for example. They should release this on Steam, would be easier with the updates.

  18. Does the three statue puzzle have a particular solution needed to proceed? Or at least any sort of clue, or is it just bugged?

  19. AutoSave and Safe with F5 not work. I try to run like Admin not help. When “I” die, game try to load last AutoSave. But make “fatal error” and quit.

    • Quick save is pretty useless, unless there will be an quick loading option – as it is now, you can only load autosaves from times they are being done, so you will have to play until an autosave occur or you will be losing taken progress between the last autosave and the progress after that – until the next autosave!!!

  20. Does this game work on a Mac? I’d prefer not to download such a huge torrent if I can’t run it in the end

  21. where can I find the second nippie? I can only find one in the middle………

    • Ok so i just tried the game, and you should have at bare minimum a GPU with 3GB of VRAM. (Otherwise you’ll run out of memory.)

    • Minimal for comfortable plays:
      I5 \ Ryzen 5 1600
      3gb (better 4) video
      16gb RAM
      motherboard that can easily not overheat with that
      25+ gb free space

      Of course, you can play it on not so ‘requirement’ setup like mine 1050 2gb with ‘out of video memory’ (without fix), 8gb ram of instant lockdown when you choose high parameters (or messing with scripts, or play newgame+ more than one time), and without free space engine just can’t operate to unpack all needed into ram. Tips and ‘jerking’ with engine\scripts turn this playable, if you knew what to do correctly.

      • It ran perfectly on my rig with max graphics (1440×900)

        Ryzen 5 1600
        RX 470
        8GB of RAM

        • For ‘smooth 30fps average’ run – yep, it’s enough.

          Proud of them choose ue4 instead ue5.

          • It ran at a consistent 60fps for me (Again, my monitor is only 1440×900)

  22. How do I explore the ship? There are boxes blocking the door under the water.

    • and the trailer shows parts of the game that are not in the actual game yet lol. He’s gonna drip feed content like he always does lol.
      Never change Animo. Never change.

  23. после первой статуи что открывается на скале с красным крестом и как туда добраться?

    • что за первая статуя? И какой красный крест ты имеешь ввиду?

      • в начале, ты проходишь островок, доходишь до воды, сворачиваешь на лево к огоньку, там стоит статуя, за которой есть расщелина, в которой внутри комикс спрятан. статую активируешь, а затем игра показывает, что ты что-то активировал- на скалу через воду, на той скале красный крупный крест, но добраться туда нельзя

        • ого. я даже не заметил, что что-то активировалось. Надо будет подробнее там посмотреть.

          • За статуей открывается проход, 2 метра пройти

          • проход открыт и без статуи, после сцены лара говорит: что-то открылось, только что?

  24. wow. 3 raptor scenes, 4 mummy scenes, 3 statues you can interact with ONCE per playtrough.. and thats basically it.. Where is all the content you showed us for the past couple years? How many years will pass until we see everthing? Quality is great but come on man, where is the rest?? this is barely 1 hour of content

      • Maybe he is ungrateful, but he is allowed to have an opinion and tell it. Im pretty sure thats why there is a comment section.

  25. after the first statue, what opens on the rock with the red cross and how to get there?

  26. after the first statue, what opens on the rock with the red cross and how to get there?

  27. after the first statue, what opens on the rock with the red cross and how to get there?

    • Il faut le télécharger via les liens en haut de la page et le lancer directement de son dossier.

      • Je ne veux pas paraître incapable mais est ce les torrent qu’ils faut télécharger ?

        • en fait, c’est des liens vers des torrent, il te faut un logiciel de téléchargement de torrent ou une fichier de ta box où les mettre pour qu’elle les télécharge.

  28. and… where is the horse? where is the minotaur? ok the game is good, but. the trailer is totally different from the game. thanks animo.

    • Those were probably simple aimations shown in the trailer.

      But they’ll cum (literally), we just have to be patient.

    • you will see the horse ( and then the minotaur) after leaving the ship ( your last location in game part1)
      and the first part is finished then….

  29. Fun game, I’ll send some money your way.
    Please add a way to replay the challenges. I love fucking me with a dildo while she takes the challenge

  30. I’m impressed with the performant translation of Animo’s usual fluid dynamics and texture quality. All we need now is for the fluid streams to match the size of the gape, and some splattery decals around them as well.

    The main character looks great above the waist, but the hips/ass are too big or shaped wrong. Gives the impression that her waist is too low, and makes her thighs the straight look of a man’s thighs.

  31. I’ll keep the necklace on to protect my girl from the evil dark futa magic surrounding the island.

    • I used it to get to (what I thought was) a secret area. You can throw it over the wall you crawl under, then onto a raised platform area, and then jump off it to grab a ledge and wall crawl down to a place to jump to another ledge on the other side. She made a big deal that I’d found something interesting, yet I still had 0/7 secrets found at the end, and I thought I spent a lot of time exploring.

      • Yes, your opinion is proved to be right.
        You are so intellingent that I admire you with all my heart.

      • alternatively, on the raised platform, there is a tall vase you can jump onto to get up to the ledge for anyone who has their box disappear

  32. First of all, I’m not a gamer, so I only know the options (keys) I’ve learned in the last two and a half days.
    I walked for hours on the island, collected many puzzles, coins, writing and flowers, opened a treasure chest and was fucked several times by the raptor and the statue in all holes. In between I had to take a pee.
    I was in the small cave and have been in the big cave for hours, but I can’t find a way out.
    What do I have to do to get out of the cave?
    Or is this the wrong way to my ship?

    • Once you enter the cave you jump and climb through it to get out the other side. There was a spot where it was a little less than obvious you need to jump/climb up another ledge, then some vines to climb too.

      • Thanks for the info. But in the meantime I had managed it on my own (after another three hours). Now I hang a few scenes further, but that belongs to such a game probably…

        • How to climb up? I have reached the vines then up the ledge and then i am stuck

          • Just go forward with ‘w’, then it goes up. Or do you mean how it continues when you are at the top? Then you have to jump back and forth until you reach the top where the daylight comes from.

  33. Yeah, so loading the save just does not work, it crashes every single time no matter what save you load. Anyone having the same issue? Anyone has some sort of fix for it?

  34. Anyone also think there should be a walkthrough, telling us where to get stuff? I keep missing things and there are no quick save loading…

  35. You spent additional time on saving system and yet you forgot to make sure that quicksaving works. Dude, you’re a laughing stock of development.

  36. I managed to get to the ‘end’ of public release Ep 1 v3. Things I noticed:

    * I thought I found a secret or two but it said I found 0/7. I spent quite a bit of time exploring, reading notes, doing puzzles (found all but one page so far). Climbed over the wall in the tomb, went down a hidden well, and snuck in the crevice behind the beach statue, all of which seemed like bonafide secrets to me, but weren’t apparently counted as such. Couldn’t find keys to two doors, but apparently one may be in the ship wreckage I didn’t spend enough time on?
    * Quick saves seem to have no way to load, as many have reported.
    * Auto saves often crash on load, apparently I need to hit Apply as someone stated, to avoid the Fatal Error on many of them?
    * Solved comics often don’t merge into the first one, I end up with duplicate comics. Sometimes the unsolved puzzle itself didn’t go away either.
    * The two chests near the end of the tomb allow me to unlock them twice, with different codes, but the same loot. I’m guessing the simpler codes were for testing playthroughs and forgot to be turned off?
    * When emptying these chests into my inventory, the inventory limit didn’t seem to hit, and I apparently lost a lot of my existing items, including all my pink flowers and silver coins.
    * Kind of a shame I have to drop the letters after a while to make room for everything else I managed to grab. Perhaps those could merge too, into individual journals?
    * Seeing that you can complete all the mummy and raptor poses, but not the statutes, on the first play through, irks my OCD a bit. I guess this is another reason to play through Game+.
    * I thought having the bow on Game+ would allow me to kill a raptor. I put like 6 arrows of the 10 (why not my original 30?) into it before I ran out and the beast would not drop. Is that possible?
    * Secrets I know I missed: The bunker, the lab locked door, the boat locked door. I see the bunker code posted here, but does the public release have a hint somewhere that I missed, or is that insider knowledge only at the moment? Did anyone find a key for the locked door in the lab? Not seeing it mentioned in the comments. I’ll try the shipwreck area again to see if I can find the key for the locked door.
    * Being redirected away from some of the earlier potential action instead of getting suggested to explore the raptor area first might be confusing. I wasn’t sure if it was going to loop back that way after the cave. Something as simple as “I should check out the ship, but also explore here first in case I can ‘t get back” would probably do the trick.

    All in all, I enjoyed the playthrough, but maybe my nearly 40 year old attention span is better than some of these people’s. It does seem like a lot of people have reported a lot of the same bugs, so a bit surprising more of these weren’t addressed. But I am a software developer (and game developer) myself so I understand the limitations of a small team.

  37. Hey bro, I think you need to add a “state” to her holes so that after frequent use they get wider permanently or for a while, like a buff or debuff.

  38. What I forgot in my first messages: a big compliment to the three guys who developed this game.
    As a non-gamer I can’t really judge if the quality and the requirements of the game are good. But since it’s free and created by only three guys, I’d say it’s very impressive! I can’t tolerate all these assh…s who didn’t pay a cent but complain about every thing.

  39. And there’s no one single pay option for this game, if you want everything you’ll have to pay monthly? Fuck this shit

  40. I started to play on my laptop, it’s running surprisingly smooth but I will finish it my more powerful PC. Some clipping we have sometimes but nothing gamebreaking. The cave/tomb is oddly dark some places, Lara should carry a torch to seeing more details. Puzzles are challenging enough, the peeing statuses were fun to solve! Mummies are great buddies, if you let them to catch you can try out all the scenes with them.
    Overall it’s a very decent game, obviously far from finished, but promising. A Tomb Raider game with a lewd Lara :v Big shootout for the personalization option, finally I could play with a muscular Lara Her ass is a bit big for that, it should change with the body type but it’s a small detail.
    I hope you guys will release the game on Steam some day, I’d gladly pay for it, even full price!

      • the other side, its the same to the first peeing girl. you should peeing in the bowl, use ‘F’ and left mouth.

    • Lol, Jokes on you bud, the game is considered finished as it is. Whoever is willing to pay full price (i assume that’s supposed to be $60-70) for this game has lost their mind.

  41. Bugs:
    1. Cross right on location minotaur statue – opened world
    2. If use “space” on video with backpack – backpack not working
    3. can’t use weapon on game +
    4. Multi items when found it on game +
    5. Accessories delete if turn off it on start game +

    gameplay with accessories in bunker

  42. How do you pass the death trap with the ceiling coming down? I keep on peeing in the 2 bowls, tried to lower the graphics, but I keep on dying… I spend 10/15 secs per bowl, but nothing works.

    • I died the first time but realized that if you’re peeing in the right place the liquid almost immediately turns green. If it isn’t changing color, you’re not hitting the right spot, I’m guessing. It should only take like 3 seconds I think, once I found the right orientation.

    • Lower your graphic settings so that you can see the pee particles, you should immediately see the level rising when you’re in the right spot

  43. It seems to me that the game will start on the beach where we have prehistoric times, followed by Egypt, in episode two it will probably be ancient Greece, maybe then Rome. That the island would be a replica of many cultures until today?
    Bugs and oddities:
    Some chests open twice.
    When managing items, the item box permanently deletes things and duplicates them (for example comics).
    When three raptors are attacking me, a sex scene pops up that is interrupted by another sex scene (the second raptor), the control interface for the sex scene remains in the screen after the end, but you are already playing the game and doing research. Solution, you go to the checkpoint and load game, the problem goes away.
    7153955 is the code from the bunker. How can it be obtained by playing the game? By reading the log near the bunker I created a code that didn’t work here.
    How do I open the alchemist’s door?

  44. The quality level of content compared to his last work has degraded considerably. I can watch this same shit (but from 4 years ago) by other creators for free on a half dozen legit websites without having to torrent. This dude has gone from cutting-edge to has been. It’s not even worth a follow anymore.

    • Torrenting is still free dumbass. If you are mentally challenged enough to use a simple torrent client, go back to watch gummibear porn

    • Actually, choosing wisely between lazy work with game development and polish videos – i put my opinion on the game: more time consuming, more skills required, but done with production got you aesthetic delight. So, better game be instead movies.

  45. We should make or get a forum or Discord server to talk about this game.
    This comment section isn’t made for such kind of conversation format, too slow and not real time

      • I mean, Fortnite is on a phone so I guess it’s not a crazy request, but yeah, I think for 3 guys, releasing a game on one platform can be hard enough.

        • Not mentioning that a phone would require around 12GB of RAM to run this game decently (unless assets get downgrded)

  46. I can’t uninstall the game. It keeps saying folder in use when im not playing the game what do i do?

    • You can’t cause you didn’t install it. They made it like a portable program version, you don’t have to install to use it. If you want to delete is just delete the whole BiTS folder what you downloaded from here and done.

    • Have a look into a task-manager – sometimes the bits.exe will still be in use after closing/exiting the program, so you will have to close (kill) it manually…
      For a full deletion (as this is a portable program), just delete the whole folder where it’s copied to and also delete the folder /user/[your user name]/appdata/local/BITS.

  47. There’s not enough double penetration like in the comics. We are also looking forward to sequels with horses and minotaurs.

    • You have to pee into the bowl that triggers the mechanism for the grid to the second mosaic puzzle. To do this you have to get the box from the previous room and climb on it. You can pee with ‘F’ and ‘LMB’.

      • You don’t need the box for that, all I had to do was aim a little higher at the start.

  48. I have a sofware bug that repeats even after loading the previous scene, so I can’t continue playing.
    After opening the door with the totem I get fucked by a mummy. During this the second mummy joins me. After I can move again, the second mummy immediately catches me. Then all of a sudden I’m hanging in the air and shortly after that I’m outside on the island and the raptor fuck possibilities are displayed. I then get fucked by an invisible raptor. The island is no longer sand, but completely covered with a thin layer of water.
    Does anyone have the same problem and/or a solution to this?

      • So, is there anything I can do?
        Or do I have to delete the entire BITS folder, re-download the game and play the game completely from the beginning again?

        • The redownload worth a try. Or at least, if you still have the torrent file, put it back to your client and check the files again

    • This same sequence has left me outside, then I went exploring and ended up in water with no clear exit

  49. where can i find the directory of the save? I want to transfer them to my Laptop. Big Thanks Nice Game!!!

    • windows button + r then type %appdata% go to local and find the folder named bits or beasts in the sun and then youll find it

  50. I downloaded the torrent file. What it gave me is something called a .pak file. I’m trying to figure out how to use one, but I honestly got no clue. Any help?

  51. Wow, guys, what a cool game. I really enjoyed playing. Of course, core mechanics is kinda simple, but the game have different highlight)).
    I really love the idea to make buttplugs and piersing an equipment slots.
    And you made some opportunity to shorten the next walkthrough with those wooden planks and not nessesary secret paths.
    And the game even has some replayability, cause of this secrets, poses and NG+. Wow, realy interesting work.
    I think there is way too much visual novels in porn games sphere and too few games with actual gameplay and 3d characters.
    I hope your work pays off. Thank you.

    Most inportant thing: I cannot understand if I did found all the secrets, because NG+ not counting them from previous walkthroughs.
    And less important: Right now there is something really wrong with inventory and stuff. Items are constantly duplicating. Comic book is displaying sometimes instead of character’s model lol. Collected comic pages do not count towards the book. But I think you already know that, it’s really obvious.
    What is not obvious to me, is why on earth, you gave to a loot, a colorfull rarity inscriptions? lol. It is so strange. Why? It makes absolutly no sense.

  52. Don’t mean to complain, but there are some pretty weird bugs and visual glitches. The game already crashed once for me, and ran weird three times until I closed and restarted the game. I think the forced hdr effect is pretty bad. Dark rooms are just pitch black, and standing in shadows changes the brightness, too. Would be nice to be able to just turn that off in settings. There’s a bug where your camera angle is off after a sex scene, but if you center in another sex scene it returns to normal. Another bug where your items get replaced by other items you just picked up.

    • Found a few more bugs, and more info on the item bug. It seems the item that gets replaced are tied to one another. Top row, last slot is overwritten when you move anything, first slot top row is overwritten when you pick things up, but this one is a bit finicky. Found a way to get outside the ‘don’t go here’ zones, but you can’t get back in and can’t trigger anything. Also found a bug at the wrecked ship where if you don’t clear the doorway when entering the ship, the blocks/crates that appear to block off the entrance can actually push you back out of the ship.

  53. Quicksave with F5 doesn’t work. I tried to collect and discover the starting shore before heading toward the tomb but after that I can’t save the progress. Only option atm is the checkpoint/auto save system. So be careful.
    Another thing is the HUD and minimap or a normal world map. Sometimes I really don’t know where I am or where I has been earlier. Would be great to see the discovered-undiscovered areas like in a real open world sandbox game. I know it’s a really early development state but I’m enjoying it more than usual so it has GREAT potential.
    You guys should open a forum or something to discuss ideas and improvements for the game… For real now.

      • these are the nipples for the tomb entrance.. i need help with the blocks for the second statue

        • in the lake where there are some underground plants that shine you sink you will find a cave you come out in another place you will find the nipple

  54. he says short break, well thats going to be one long ass short break for sure

  55. Hi. I’m level designer. Who should I talk to about the opportunity to join your team?

  56. Hello there I played your game and now it’s on my wishlish! I’m here to point out an issue the jiggle physics of the boobs are not present in sex scenes.

    • And I also noticed that, your customization will reset whenever you enter in any of the sex scenes. hope you fix it next time, I’m waiting for the next update!

      • Tara’s Body Customization. like when you lessen the size of the boobs it will revert to the default size when you enter any of the sex scenes.

  57. Have you ever consider adding a difficulty level where monsters choose what to do to the main character if they caught her? Like more than 1 scene/position per caught and something like a gangbang with zombies with an ending bukkake?
    Anyway, this game is great! Hope could have some more content!

  58. Hi I really enjoyed your game. Can’t wait for EP2. I hope there will be some horsey stuff. Might include some extras like to give the horse BJ whenever you feel like so it’s not gated to story progress

  59. After leaving the tomb, and then exploring the ship, I seem to be back outside. Where do I go from here?

    • On beach to the right, to horse (cutscene) near a ‘lake’ and more to right, then to minotaur statue (episode ending). Of course, you can (BEFORE touching it) go right and explore future places of level design (with fallings through, stucking in rocks and invisible barriers on water).

  60. This game is awesome. It’s the most fun I’ve ever played. My favorite characters, free costumes, not too difficult levels, beautiful scenery, and the production team’s hard work is all evident. I hope I can play the full version soon. game.

  61. How to solve the rock puzzle on the floor and open multiple doors?
    On which puzzle rock should I step?

    • watch the door when stepping on stones. if you choose the right ones the door opens . keep going until it completely opens

    • first row:middle ;
      second row:middle, then turn left;
      third row:left;
      fourth row:left, and then turn middle and right;
      last row: right, and exit.

  62. Awesome work! Have you thought about doing some animations with only mens? That would bring a lot more people that have different tastes

  63. HELP. I got out of the tomb, entered the ship, and now i’m back out of the ship. Where do I go from here

      • I didn’t find the hose, and I am stuck running around between the ship and the exit from the tomb

  64. the crash on the load the save is horrible. I do not think any solution works. I tried to
    1. click once and press Enter.
    2. Click once and double Enter.
    3. Double LMB.
    4. Select with keys and double Enter

    it just crashes every time.

    man, just make the code open source and we will help to fix it. Also, make a clear crash dump, then we can nail the error

  65. Worth the time, amazing results, congrats on this project, if you guys make this available on steam I’ll wish list it and will buy it at full price, with current situation that AAA games have, this thing rips them into pieces! Great job! (for real! It’s a great Open-world adventure platformer!)

  66. I got to the raptor area through a bug when fighting the mummys. What is the right way to get to the raptors

    • Explore the beach area at the beginning instead of entering the cave. When you first approach the altar, an animation will play. Then go down and open the chest, or fuck the statue or whatever on the far beach. About that time, coming back to the altar again will play another animation introducing a raptor.

      Or, open the bunker with the code mentioned in this comments, and when you come up, there will be a handful of raptors after you.

  67. Is this playable in VR? Because when I launch the game, it launches SteamVR, but I didn’t find any related options.

    • What also sucks is that you can’t even just let SteamVR run in the background, because if you’re headset goes to sleep that kills the game.

    • +1 on the SteamVR – if possible, please disable the SteamVR integration for the build. It should be enough to check off the “Initialize XR on StartUp” option in the Project Settings / XR Management.

    • Found a solution – temporarily rename the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR to something different (e.g. _SteamVR). Then it won’t lunch automatically.

      Just finished the episode. Super impressed, great work!

  68. i wish tomb raider underworld would be like this, full of sex, pleasure & fun, instead of murder, pain, gore etc, humans are schizophrenic and get offended at nudity and sex while they like gore???? this world is mentally ill

  69. entire game was vidcapped months ago but whats the point of even playing it when all the scenes are just glorified loops to begin with? that and half the shit you previewed in this blog wasn’t even in the game? no wonder your subs are leaving more and more by the day bro.

    im one more

  70. I found the key from the ship. You must dive into the big broken part of the ship left side, there is a lamp. There you can find the key.

  71. For those people debating whether this is worth it, it absolutely is not worth the $360 supporters have pledged towards this if they’ve supported it since the beginning.

    Character models have no lip sync with what they’re saying, there’s much less content from what was shown in the previews since 2020 and while the graphics are good, they’re not as good as what was shown in the trailers. Just feels like a total bait-and-switch project to be honest.

  72. ‘You can repost the game link/clips anywhere you want’
    as if we needed your permission
    one of the rules of the internet is that everything that is not being sold for a price (free stuff), can be reposted
    if an artist sells their art = you cant repost it because you are making the artist lose money
    if an artist gives the art to everyone for free = you can repost it, fuck their permission
    people that try to suppress others from reposting free stuff are white collar-nazis

    • you do realize AP has “reused” dozens of assets in his videos and now game created by others while giving them zero credit or even a passing mention. his “team” of 3 carry the bulk of the work but ether him or the other 2 have put out dozens of commissions for ‘similar” assets used in his projects across various websites

      he commissions out bulk assets to others and then repurposes them for his own while taking full credit

  73. How do I get to the other side of the ditch at the exit of the temple (behind the door where you have to shoot away the jammed door mechanism)? I have tried to jump, but this ends up in the water. I have dived, but found nothing to get me further. I tried climbing up the wall out of the water, which didn’t work. I have tried to shoot through the rope on which the stone and the bucket are hanging so that the water level rises, but that doesn’t work either. Now I’m at my wit’s end….

  74. I want to supporter game, but subscribestar doesnt accept my card, what can i do?

  75. The game crashes every time I try to load from a save. I don’t know what this might be due to, but until it’s fixed, it will be impossible to play. I can’t tell what the problem is from the log files. Maybe I’m the only one who has this problem?

      • Он видимо спрашивает зону появления раптора. Она показывается в катсцене, когда Лара писает вначале

  76. When I take a bow and arrow what should I shoot? I don’t understand that part.

  77. When I take a bow and arrow there is the message shoot the wooden planks. Where are the wooden planks? What should I shoot?

  78. What is the minimum required graphics card configuration for this game?

    And I use Nvida GT1030 to finish playing it. Especially when I open the package of character, mouse cursor in screen becomes moving slowly very much. Do you encounter the state?

  79. When I use GT1030 to run the game, the value of FPS is only about 5-25.
    What the value of yours?If I need to update graphic card?

    • Since this games uses UNREAL-Engine 4 i suggest mini- mini- minimum a GTX1050 with 128bit Memory-Interface and 2GB VRAM!
      Better would be a GTX1060 with 192bit Memory-Interface and 3GB VRAM or some similar RADEON rebranded R9 280 with a 384bit Memory-Interface (which the 1030 has only a 64bit Memory-Interface).
      Since the GT1030 was introduced in 2017 i would also suggest some RADEON RX 5xx from 2017 with 128bit/256bit Memory-Interface and 4GB/8GB VRAM.

  80. I was’t full aware of the existence of this game and never really liked erotic games and such, but i knew BTQ and that was a very good quality animation, when i discovered that you guys were making a game, i thought that was a great ideia, knew that It would be good.
    But after trying It, i’m fucking loving It, the weird stuff that most people like wasn’t what get me, i truly liked the way the game Works, i found the graphics and gameplay much better than so many games from big Studios i haver played.
    The Character, ambience, gameplay, graphics, camera, everything, IS almost perfect to me, It isn’t Just a porn game, it truly is a game that is Fun to be played and have the sex stuff like a great bonus.
    Played It whit my wife, we had much Fun, i truly Hope that the game gets complete, until there, i Will keep playing It, Couse o loved It.
    There is some people criticizing the game, but don’t worry, the game is in a pretty good state right now, o know you guys Will make a great Work, like you alredy Did.
    Looking forward to buying the full version, you guys are awesome, thx.

    • Forgot to comment, but it really is impressive what you guys achived here, it isn’t just a great game, but is well optimized, i’m running it on a gtx 1050ti and it manages to stay over 60fps, everything on epic. So anyway, thx for the great game, truly hope you guys can make it.
      Best game on the genre. S2

  81. I’m sure most of us would have rather have just had more videos like breaking the quiet. Especially since the last chapter of btq was kind of disappointing. I really have no use for a game with very little sex involved with it

    • Not really. The first three where amazing but then came the bloated stomach videos. This appeares to be the new direction as the default character of this came is equally messed up with those balloon tits. At least here I can change the appearance.
      The second scene is amazing in the game. Can’t wait for the next parts.

  82. Ngl I’m actually really impressed by the result. Had 0 expectations but it’s actually pretty good

  83. i see, so im not the only one who can see no save menu when u press esc. sad. or is saving supporters only? any supporters here? hows your game?

    im caught between two stools, one one hand i feel the disappointment of all here because it really lacks of tech (and maybe a lil bit more content) and that u can only support with credit card is meh and 3 years is a long time wait for one episode
    …..but on the other hand, youre just a handfull of devs, corona happened, i did not more expect as a demo and this version feels like one so im fine…. im also ok with the content…. raptors, mummys, statues, collectables

    at the end im gratefull for a public release, thats rare, i hope u find a handfull of more help and the last hope it doesnt take too much time for the next episode…how many episodes do u calculate with? i hope its finished after 3 or 4

    • PS: i also like your videos more, but hey do your thing.
      …..does someone know somebody who lets plays dis on specific sites?

  84. atı buldum ama yakalayamadım. boğa da bitti oyun…tekrar oyuna başa dönüyor diğer yükleme yeri açıldı load+ olan yerde ne gibi farklılık olabilir…

  85. How do I get to the secret room in the tomb behind the centaur image? Thanks in advance for any advice.

  86. hey, i am 67 and i have never player such games (except pac man 43j before) , is there a light version or a version for old people who cannot play videogames like that? it seems to be a funny thing, but i dont know what do to. and i havent got a joystick yet!

    • I’m also almost your age and never played a PC game until 2 weeks ago either. So have courage. Just try it out. Apart from your player drowning or being raped by a horde of raptors, nothing else can happen….
      You don’t need a joystick to play.
      Besides a good PC with a graphics card in the upper middle class, you only need a keyboard and mouse.
      With the mouse you set the direction and mouse buttons also have different functions later in the game. Here are the required keyboard keys that I know of.
      W – forward
      A – left
      D – right
      S – backward
      Shift – run (hold) – sprint
      Ctrl – duck (hold) – crawl
      Space – jump, climb (you have to test in combination with [shift] W, A, D, S)
      E – execute operation (is written when needed)
      F + LMB – pee
      C – change camera perspective
      X – stand up after deep fall
      B – put on weapon
      Q – pull weapon
      RMB – aim, LMB – shoot
      I – menu for events, inventory and character
      ESC – main menu
      Windows + D – minimize game
      Alt + Enter – split screen

      First, explore the entire island and learn the functions of the keys. In the further course, however, you must always pay attention to the instructions that appear from time to time. You can always read the current main task under ‘I’ Events.



  89. I just downloaded it on steam deck and it runs pretty well actually 😅 the keys were a bit of a mess but after I set them up its fine, still though I miss the huge horse animations like BTW 😓

  90. I would like to support the artist with a donation, but every time I pay with my credit card I get a message from my bank a few days later that someone has tried to buy something with the details of my credit card. Is there another way to support the artist? maybe via paypal?

  91. My only complaint is that it goes too rough from the start, the Dick’s should progressively get bigger in the ruins (meaning that to get out you need to be stretched to a pharaoh level) ❤️

  92. Is there any games like this one?
    Maybe there are games less with an adventure part, but with good looking bodies and genitalia simulation?
    Or this game is one of a kind?

  93. So far I think I have found all the content this game has to offer, except for two things:

    #1: The key to the locked secret door in the “mad alchemist’s” room

    #2: The “secret” dungeon “behind the minotaur image”.

    #2 vexes me greatly since I tried to look for this dungeon behind the minotaur statue, but found nothing. is it just a urban internet myth?

    If anyone has found out anything about these two things, please tell me, thank you.

  94. I used the bow and came in another room with the broken bridge.
    have no idea what is the next step. anyone can help?

  95. How to load a save without a fatal error:
    1) Launch the game
    2) Start new game
    3) skip cutscenes
    4) Load your save

    This works for me

  96. how to escape from the room with the four mummies?
    I tried for a long time. have no plan!
    thanks for helping me, cause its frustrating.

    • finally solved. In the room with the 4 mummies there is a rack on the right side. climb up there.

    • You have to dive towards the red light on the side where the ship is broken apart. There is a door that you have to dive into. In the ship you have to go up to the waters surface, but you only have room to breathe. Thus, you also do not see where it goes. You have to swim and dive until you come to a staircase. Attention! If you leave the ship through the door again, it will be blocked by falling crates and you won’t be able to get back in!

        • I then aborted the game and loaded the saved game progress: ‘Tomb Exit’ or ‘Crashed Ship’, then the door is no longer blocked. Whether there is another way I do not know.

  97. I have downloaded the game I believe but when I open it it doesn’t have new game pop up and I just sit at the home screen. What did I do wrong?

  98. Not gonna lie, this trailer looks so much better than the game. I wish animo would just make a huge video/movie instead of a game lmao

  99. Where is Crypt Looter puzzles #6 and #11?
    I can’t for the life of me find them.
    I’ve found the rest.

    • Puzzle #11. In the room after crossing the missing bridge, to the right of the door where you can see the mummies in the next room.

  100. I just started playing the Talos II principal and I’m in the tutorial world…All I can see is Laura getting smashed everywhere with the art assets they used >.<

  101. Can anyone help me to solve the puzzle in the room with the tree statues? I managed to fit the pieces in the frame in many combinations including the eye looking in every direction.
    I would be really happy if anyone could help me.

    • You don’t have to create a picture, just make sure all the pieces fit into the shape! The first puzzle: Place the square from the top right with its top corner against the bottom corner of the picture with the horse. The triangle from the top left must be placed on the top left next to it. The triangle from the middle left must be placed at the bottom left next to it. The triangle from the bottom left must be at the bottom right. The triangle from the bottom right must be rotated twice with the arrow key and lie to the top right of it. The second puzzle on the other side: The triangle from the bottom left must be on the top right. The diamond from the top left must be at the bottom left. The square from the middle left must be in the middle. The triangle from the top right must be at the top right. The triangle from the middle right must be at the top left. The triangle from the bottom right must be in the middle.

  102. i kinda enjoyed the dirty pee scenes especially on the ship, when lara made a total mess. thanks for turning me into a pervert

  103. I downloaded the game, but sadely cant start.
    it sais fatal crash ua engine.
    What can i do?

  104. The game is unparalleled. There are bugs to fix though. I’ll support what you guys do. Add some features like captivity, double penetration, and pregnancy if possible. Make it more challenging to escape from monsters. Thumbs up for your work.

  105. c_p hot teen available Samples available for review ✅✅ search 🔍 me on
    Telegram at ; Megallinz

  106. The game is amazing. I’m looking forward to the second episode. Maybe someone here can suggest other games in this style that we can play while we wait?

  107. The game is whack, graphics and gameplay look about 15 years outdated. Sex scenes are the worst Ive seen from you in 12 years. Everything about this sucks. You’re terrible at making games, bro.

  108. alguem ai sabe como abrir a porta que fica dentro da caverna submesa e onde esta os dois quebra cabeca que nao acho em canto algum que sao o 11 – 12 que falta da parte das mumias?

  109. Does anyone know how to open the door inside the sub-table cave and where are the two puzzles that I can’t find anywhere that are the 11 – 12 that are missing from the mummies’ part?

  110. o jogo ta otimo tem otimos graficos e otima movimentacao e achei bem otimizado. em algumas cenas de sexo ganhou ate do outro game / wild life / ja que nele eles pulao a parte e seu game nao pula a parte adorei estao de parabem tambem jogo os games wild life e carnal instict e o sem game foi o que chamou atencao bom trabalho

  111. The game is great, it has great graphics and great movement and I found it well optimized. in some sex scenes it even beat the other game / wild life / since in it they skip the part and your game doesn’t skip the part I loved it, congratulations I also play the wild life and carnal instinct games and your game was what caught my attention good work

  112. Bianca Verme, puttana eri e puttana sei! metteró in giro i tuoi nudes di quando eri minorenne, prova a farli cancellarli titti!

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