Public release is tomorrow!

Ok, it’s official now – public release is tomorrow, in the evening (eu timezone)!

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  1. Cuando me enfrente alas momias, al matar ala segunda con una flecha, se me salio el juego

  2. keep up the good work Animo! don’t pay attention to these filthy niggers who are only able to whine and steal someone else’s work

  3. >leaked 3 months ago (feels likes years at this point)
    >all scenes vidcapped (not his best work as focus was on vidya)
    >decomplier shows some finished assets 3 years old (circa 2020 mega dump)
    >also reveled purposely incomplete coding (perhaps future content or just lazyiness)
    >structure in place (though not complete) for a “keylogger” of some kind related to IP (to track leakers)
    >now going on a 9th release date over all and a 3rd release date for v1.2 alone (no-one-saw-this-coming-no-one)

    cant wait for that “tomorrow” release date… which actually means this weekend… and that pushes back the next meaningful update into late 2024/early 2025 given your track record… unless of course your subs dip (or revolt) again (again)…

  4. cool ill check back in a few weeks
    pretty sure he’s gonna find a “last minute bug”

  5. TBH i was disappointed , Minotaur we saw in trailer not presented in this release.
    i didn’t enjoy that much (the bunker was fun but no option to replay) , let hope we see minotaur – horse – dp mummies and more beasts with longer gameplay in ep 2.

  6. I hope there will be torrent option. I can’t download more than 5 gigs via MEGA cause it’s limited… it would take at least 15 hours for nothing :S

  7. We’ve Been Tricked, We’ve Been Backstabbed and We’ve Been, Quite Possibly, Bamboozled

  8. Well evening is passed, we’re at night by now…
    Shoulda check back tomorrow

  9. The content from Animopron is great. Just don’t make promises you can’t keep- it’s frustrating.

  10. i was patient since it was announced, now all i can say is: why the fck do you say something/ promise something you can’t keep?

  11. Hey guys you should go and cry in maternity! If you are here I think is because you want free access to the content so why you complain? Let the things follow the right path, Animo for sure is just trying to reduce the bugs to the minimum. So keep calm my friend. However, if you paid or donated something then ok you have all the right to make complaints.

  12. Ok, it’s official now – public release is not today because in Europe it is already the next day.

    Of course public release will be never, I am to busy doing cocaine and hookers with all the cash you retarded morons pay me for doing nothing the whole time except copy pasting some old animations I made years ago and keep making empty promises you idiots still believe. Just keep the money flowed into my pockets and all will be fine and nothing will change!

    • It’s fine, there’s always people who complain like they are the most important people and those are the ones you hear, but those who appreciate your work and understand you mostly don’t raise their voice. Announcing Release Windows you can’t fulfill is just something that fuels their anger so I would advise you not to make such concrete release windows if you’re not sure of them.

  13. the version is out for subscribers, he uploaded a torrent and told everyone that the mega link will be up tomorrow

  14. I’m guessing Animo isn’t really from the EU because it’s just gone midnight and we’ve heard nothing. Simp him all you want, but you can’t deny their sloppiness when it comes to deadlines. “subs got it early”. No – We got a half-complete, buggy mess that was lacking a save feature.

    If you go to a supermarket, buy a full pizza but only get one slice you don’t just walk away and say ‘thanks sir’.

    Con artist…

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