Update on public release

We spend some additional time on saving system, public release should be in a couple of days from now.

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  1. Wow supporters absolutely seething. Enjoy your shitty unfinished version without saves that got leaked in less than a day. Imagine the absolute delusional cope it would take to justify paying money to this scammer LOL

    • I pity the world we live in. Without proper education, we get idiots like the guy above who accuses animopron of being a ‘scammer’.

      Animopron’s model is to provide fan-fantasy content for the world, for free. Supporters help keep him active and allows him to produce more. In return, they often get early access to them, such as the many wonderful Lara videos released over the years.

      • Thank you. Finally someone who knows what they’re talking about. Fucking idiots thrashing animopron so much and for what? No one is forcing you to give him money.

        • We’re just laughing at retards like you. Simping for a porn ‘artist’ lol. Fucking loser.

          • You realize you’re calling someone a loser while simultaneously posting to a horse porn comments section.

          • What a hypocrite. Calling fans of animopron simps just because they want to support him as an artist. You must laugh at ppl in the groccery store because they pay for fresh food, while you and your broke coomer buddies just dumpster dive in the back.
            You are out here consuming someones work that is not only top tier, its fucking free! All because they want to contribute and show their support. Not only is this mf a loser, projecting his entitled “disappointment” onto others, but he is a hypocrite and a bum. Get a fuckin day job

          • Lol animo simps absolutely seething, write another paragraph of retarded nonsensical food analogy you fat loser XD Get his cock out of your throat you pathetic dork.

      • Oh no, we live in a world where people who blindly support a blatant scammer who misses every (self set) deadline by months/ years to deliver an awful substandard product that others have done better years ago get laughed at, what a shame, society is truly collapsing lol. Idiot.

  2. Saw your LWH3 easter eggs. Please make a horse gangbang, we need to see all lara’s holes get filled with horse cocks.

  3. please fix not being able to shoot with either gun or bow… looks like they fail to equip.

  4. how the fuck do you not release something with saves in the year of our lord 2023, unity has that as a fucking system baked in

    we solved this problem in 1986 with the NES. TWICE.

    if it’s so hard to implement a save function, you might want to go ask YandereDev, they could teach you a thing or two about coding skill and consistency

  5. I’m going to be really mad if my pc can’t run it. One more delay and I dont know…..

    • Most games today either use Unity (which Animo has used in the past) or Unreal.

      But if we’re really lucky Animo would have used Source or Godot (which are freeware and really well optimized).

  6. >game leaked over a month ago
    >all sex scenes uploaded to video format
    >all easter eggs found and explained
    >data mining revealed many assets left purposely unfinished

    Meanwhile instead of focusing on improving, or expanding, a game that sorely lacks over HALF of what was previewed over the last TWO YEARS. You instead focus working on (milking/stalling for time) a save system that should’ve been in place months ago. But good to see the blog unlocked again. Maybe here both paying subs and trolls alike won’t have their opinions censored like you’ve been recently doing behind a paywall…

    Perhaps if you spent as much time worrying about what people thought or showing “pipe dream-previews” that are months to years always if at all knowing your history, maybe you would’ve had a much smoother and on time launch. But here we are some SIX MONTHS after your first release date (of seven to date) and you’re hard at work on making a saving system for nearly a month now…

    Can’t wait for the next update in early 2025!

    • boohoo the guy making one of the best porn games ever takes his time and you entitled fuck cant play right now… it‘s not like he‘s a tiple A game studio, making games takes time and it‘s better to take it than to make a lesser version of what was once envisioned

      • >best porn games ever
        Games implies plural yet he’s created one that barely qualifiers for an alpha build

        boohoo the

        >guy making one of the best porn games ever
        “Games” implies plural yet he’s made only one and that barely qualifies as an alpha build

        >takes his time
        That he does… by baiting his monthly subs with messages of “working hard” and “coming soon” all while making them pay for an additional EIGHT MONTHS of monthly support to obtain a broken build.

        I’m not sure you understand that word by how you employ it… but one is to expect a reasonable goals met within a reasonable time all for a reasonable price. Paying an additonal 48 dollar pledge for not only a late and broken build, but one that has been revealed by many supporters to have been purposely curtailed to lure even more monthly pledges in under the guise of a timely release.

        >cant play right now
        The game has been leaked since mid May along with it’s latest build nearly a month ago. It is easily found by all but you it seems…

        >not like he‘s a tiple A game studio
        So then he’s either not “making one of the best porn games ever” OR any unity-asset filled mess can qualify as “GOTY” in your mind… yikes!

        >making games takes time
        Yes… and he’s been at this one for nearly SIX YEARS on and off. Also, this project and it’s multiple time shown previews were once used as a stepping stone or “break in case of emergency” to pacify monthly subs between months/year plus waits between video releases. Please refer to the MEGA folder complied sometime in 2019-20 for the actual state of this project as it contains far better previews and compiled assets as what was produced this year.

        >make a lesser version of what was once envisioned
        Based on those paraphrased words, I say you found this place around June/July of this year because many AP posts contained more or less those words. You should really read before you launch into attack mode here.

        I’ve made no secret in being a one time monthly sub long before I woke up and saw him for the near career long scammer his is. Nearly every video release plagued by the exact same issues like clockwork. There is no excuse to make monthly subs wait FOURTEEN MONTHS to release a thirty minute video in BTQ 5 for example. Or to put your now defunct partnership with VA VoiceLikeCandy real life issues in a public light only to turn around and then use the same reasons yourself to prolong releasing both BTQ Bonus 1 and 2 as another example. Or unpausing/pausing monthly pledges for nearly two months at random times right after as he attended to “his” issues. Meanwhile 100s of long time supporters were charged in full only to be told take it up with SubscribeStar. And thus after all that, and bleeding subs down to 3600 from a once HIGH of nearly 8500, he moved on to his game full time.

        >class dismissed

        • One of the best porn games does not imply that he has made multiple games, just that multiple porn games exist and he is making one of them… I also don‘t get what you mean by baiting, you don‘t have to be a supporter, he is not forcing you to give him money, if you‘re only giving him money to play an early release then you could have just waited for said release and payed him once.

          • >you could have just waited for said release and payed him once

            How does one do that when in this project alone, he announced no less than SEVEN unique release dates across eight months?

            Do you not understand he has used this exact formula dating back to mid BTQ when his sub count exploded?

            And please define what makes his game of if the best”. I’m curious to know your standards…

      • Imagine you promise one of your friends or family something and then delay it for 6 YEARS. Do you think, they’d be still greatful about your lazy ass not getting anything done? No, of course not!

        • Yeah, right… Too bad AnimoPron is not your friend, poor bitch.
          Apparently AnimoPron loves to tease and troll all the sissy cry-babies aka stupid leeches with demanding attitude in this place.

      • You’re genuinely braindead if you think this is one of the ‘best porn games ever’ lol. Guess that’s to be expected from simps though.

  7. quick question does anybody else not get past the bowl you have to fill? For me it just doesn‘t fill up no matter what I do and I can‘t progress

  8. The news about postponing the public version is really shit, on the other hand, Animo is the only one who created a quality porn game that has a sophisticated game system.

    • please direct your limited attention span to Carnal Instinct, a game which may look familiar since it has basically the same premise but a TON MORE CONTENT including boning (or getting boned by) a large majority of the NPCs you meet

    • Wild Life, Breeders Of The Nephelym, Silicon Lust, Carnal Instinct, ….
      There is really ton of Unreal or Unity adult games, i really recomend you to check some decent game site.
      This game actualy a really button tier one not quality one, some why i think you only did see Ren’py “games” so far

  9. Some of you are really salty. Delays are always annoying, but the eventual release has always felt worthwhile. It took ages to see what finally happened to Lara and then to Quiet, but the result is good enough that the wait no longer bothers me. Making games takes time and solving problems is only easy once it’s done.

    • what are you on about, years of btq production and we still havent seen either quiet or interrogator, or both, being brutally dismembered, and thats what you call worthwile?

    • AP is short for “Always Postpone”, not AnimoPron. No amount of quality can excuse the torrent of similar delays for EVERY project… and yet with each announced delay, they are presented as “one of a kind” or “a first time issue”. Meanwhile, he wonders why he’s lost nearly 5500 monthly subs from his peak during BTQ to ONLY gain back 700 during the last two years BITS has been worked on full time.

        • Instead of wasting your life parroting NPC dialog unfit even for a meme, why not engage me in meaningful discourse and explain why you disagree with me or support APs roundabout delays and clear manipulation of his supporters?

          Then again, that would require independent and free thought on your part when it comes to AP. Something that is perhaps shunned, but definitely lost by near all of his supporters.

          But by all means, live your life knowing it will never emerge beyond my shadow…

          • You just seem to be way too stupid to understand anything more than just one line of simple text and therefore engaging discussion with you is simply pointless.
            Nonetheless, let’s try again… As someone has already explained, citing “it’s not about defending anybody, really
            it’s about you and others similarly stupid being retarded cry-babies who keep bitching and whining, and weeping at the same thing over and over and over again… just like you were surprised every single time with things so obvious to everybody else, morons”

          • @wirek
            I have no issue with you, but it seems you have one with me. First, are you the same “”wirek” that had their IP data, IG progile and at least a half a dozen sites other that you post to posted on this blog some months back? I recall seeing a link burying within a few threads here. After that, you? seemed to vanish for a bit so I and others assumed it to be true. Not to mention, they called your pictographs a “one trick pony” after it was posted for all to use.

            However, why do you have an issue with, or rather my intellect? It seems anytime anyone posted negative about AP, with proof mind you, people like rush to his defense by employing trolling or NPC dialect? Tell me, which one are you?

            Finally… h̶͍̖̳̗̰͋̅̍̂̚a̷̞̺͙̝̝͍̔̈́͐̂̽͒̚̕͠͝ͅv̵̡͛̒͒̀̄̂̽́e̴̻̗̐͊͂ ̸͔̘͙̠̯͉̜̓ͅä̶̧̨̮͚͎͕̣̤̻̝̈́̉̀̋̉̅͒͘ ̶̘̺͙̠͙́̃̉̄̀͆ḡ̷͓͓͉̮̮̔̆͂́͌̈́͘r̴̛̰͙͒̏̈́̉́̈́̐͐͘ȇ̷̙̦̳̫͎̪̘̈́a̶͙̒̽̀͐͆t̴̞̳̪̉͋̀͘ ̵̧̡̥̘̼̞̣̾̃͐̄̑̅̒͜ď̵̟̈́ą̷̻̭̜̜͇̱̩̍͛̉͋̂̚̕͘̕ẙ̷̢̮̳̥̜

    • No shit, Sherlock! Imagine you promise one of your friends or family something and then delay it for 6 YEARS. Do you think, they’d be still greatful about your lazy ass not getting anything done? No, of course not!

      • Yeah, right… Too bad AnimoPron is not your friend, poor bitch.
        Apparently AnimoPron loves to tease and troll all the sissy cry-babies aka stupid leeches with demanding attitude in this place.

        • Tell me, are you employed by AP or do you run defense for him as a courtesy or perhaps as you’re being blackmailed? It appears going back not even a few threads, you’ve launched many a tirade upon several named and unnamed posters. Every time though, not responding to their negative criticism of AP, but rather, you attack what you perceive as stupidity or what most call childish ways?

          Again I have to ask, to what ends will you not go to run defense for the negative criticism of AP? Finally, I hope the rumors aren’t true about AP himself posting here under pseudo names just to drum up traffic and interest in his product. Surely he hasn’t got the time or the will to do such things. Besides, he’s too busy rehashing old excuses posts to his subs how this delay will continue for sometime and that he is “hard at work” creating a save system.

    • he has different understanding of time unlike other humans does, so when he say a couple of days he mean early to mid Oct

  10. I remember back when i would comment about this guy stalling just to make more off his subscribers people would get piss talking about how hard it is to make what hes making. its funny how many people are trashing him now about stalling.

  11. бля когда видос-то выйдет? надеюсь ларку будут драть так же жестко как ебут хохлух наши десантники

  12. He hasnt dropped the game because most likely the game is still trash in it’s current form. I don’t subscribe but I’ve been following this dude for close to a decade. The endless announced dates and broken promises are how this guy rolls. But, the dude has a track record of delivering quality content, albeit, at a snails pace. I really want to hope this new project works out but from what he’s shown so far it looks like its gonna be a serious regression in terms of quality pron, comparable to a thousand other things that are already out there. This dude should be delivering better than average.

  13. While we’re waiting for the release, roast me.
    I’m coming here to read comments recently, show me your creativity!
    It reached its peak under the BTQ development, show me once again

        • omg, “which year” ahahahahhahah your so funny lol. like animo hasn’t specified the exact date, and you said “which year?” masterfully using the factor of paradox, while playing into the fact that animo is known for delaying his content lmao. remarkable irony, you must have a truly brilliant mind to craft such original jokes on the spot, bravo.

  14. the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real the game isnt real

  15. Will it be available on Steam? Or somewhere?
    Or just downloading the iso file and done like in the old times?

    • Eyyy.. We beggars can’t be choosers you know. How long something takes during development in general is very hard to predict.

  16. More than a week passed… and I’m obsessed again.
    Send help. I want to be happy.

  17. “Sorry, guys. I fell down a well and I’ve been here for about 10 days now. Public release should be in about a month.”

  18. When people said it was going to be released in the middle of October, I thought they were joking. I’m starting to fear they are closer to the truth than expected.

  19. You spent some additional time on saving system and yet you forgot to make sure that quicksaving works. Dude, you’re a laughing stock of development.

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