Release is very soon

We’ve been stuck with bug fixing a bit, we are fixing some last things right now.
Release should be very soon, sorry for the big delay. Making an initial release is always very hard, and it’s impossible to predict how much small things you have to fix…

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  1. “sorry for the big delay” but keep giving me money don’t stop on that part


  3. The cherry on top, there won’t be any sex scenes with the horse.
    I included the source (f95) in my initial comment, but it is awaiting moderation for approval.
    So this message may appear twice.

  4. I guess spammed mocap cut-scenes at the last minute because the actual content you promised and advertised isn’t there.

    No horse, no minotaur, 2 enemies probably with 2 positions only and a bunch of vanilla sex with statues, huge chunk of the map is missing…

    You are able to port all the horse animations you have done before yet you chose to even excluse horse animations from the “first,” release.

    You have cultists instead of supporters, and you are going to milk the shit out of them with a bunch of lazy updates in the future, aren’t you?

    • You better have some surprise content in the game because people are really fed up with your shit.

      Even your cultists don’t have endless patience and you going too far right now.

    • You know how to extend their limits tho.

      Posting a public update to keep some of the cultists in line.

          • Honestly if this guy was honest about the tme lines i would support as soon as i saw that its releasing very soon i knew it would be like 2 monthes so

            thats why i will pirate this game

            i would much rather him release buggy af than the shit hes doing now

    • 》verified
      all content already leaked via screens from his subs… purposely held back content to lure fresh anon subs in but failed… all the while continually promoted content he either knew he wouldn’t or couldn’t include in first release… called out by dozens via his members area for lying about true status of game… teaser build was rushed to calm the masses but only made things worse… now shifts blame to programmer and other team members… retracted release date and no timetable

      congrats AP… congrats

    • thanks for supporting and being a clown for this pathological liar for at least a year so i can play his mediocre demo for free

    • quite literally the only thing N(AP)Cs post in response to anything negative about their cult leader yet most do rent free while pirating his content

      strange dynamic indeed

      • So you wanna shitpost like a wirek, huh? Then look no further!


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        Place a : before and after each Pictograph
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        Also he loves to post there too

        Just copy and paste as it. No : needed

  5. on supporters page he says he is working on features. here he says he is still fixing bugs.

    always very soon, always a few days away.

    maybe switch the charging method so you no longer have to look like a clown to collect more waves of subs money?

    • interestingly, they didn’t mention anything about money, only u did, poor retarded cry-baby

      • are you mentally challenged? Do you understand how patreon works? Patreons get charged per month you moron. If the guy just delays all the time he still get’s the patreons’ money each month without actually providing any content to them.

        Regardless of his intentions this is what actually happens. What the comment says is he shou;d pause patreon charging if he always misses releases dates.

        If anyone’s retarded here it’s you.

        • so gtfo with your bitching to that patreon site, retarded moron
          and if you’re bitching here while still paying any money to animopron in any way, then it is you who is seriously mentally challenged here, stupid bitch

    • he either doesn’t run this blog or doesn’t care if the information posted is true and matches what he tells his subs… every single post contradicts the other and it will never stop…I guess losing nearly 4ooo subs in 2 plus years or half his monthly support isn’t motivation enough to be honest or forthcoming… but please keep supporting the cult and feed his ego

        • Aww, look at that AP cultist over here. Bitching about their privilege to get milked every month while getting nothing. You poor thing

          • oh, look at this retarded cry-baby over there who’s bitching although just leeching
            i’m neither being milked by animopron nor defending them, nor cultivating a relationship with them, you moron, ‘cos i’m not a stupid bitch like you are

        • ever notice anytime anyone posts anything negative yet truthful about either AP or his work ethic, an AP cultist quickly retorts using typical smark responses such as “you’re still here” or “cry more”

          quite literally talking digital heads parroting bullet point replies to deflect and project their handlers short comings and blatant lies

          and meanwhile they aren’t even on the payroll but are so bleach brainwashed into believing anything posted by AP is gospel and to be treated as such while anything is pure fantasy

          • haters are just fanatics like blinded fans, but from the other end of the approach
            animopron dgaf about your opinions
            your “revelations” are obvious to everybody else except you, moron, you’re just surprised every single time like stupid bitch that you are

        • oh look another N(A)PC response
          no wonder your dad never came back from the store

          • oh look another N(A)PC response
            no wonder your dad never came back from the store

      • Hes really lost 4k subs? You would think he would feel that. Did he ever post anything when they were unsubbing to try and stop the bleeding?

  6. i have seen lots of creators shooting themselves in the foot but it’s the first time i see one sprayin it down with a machine gun

  7. This dude is 75% bullshitter, 25% content creator. And honestly, the stuff we have seen in regards to this “Game” over the last year+ doesn’t look like anything special, with graphics that look about 10 years out of date. Glad I’m not paying for it.

      • People who ask if “u r stoopid?” always amuse me! It is like an oxymoron. I will wait while you go look that up… okay, type “” in the search bar… the search bar is usually a blank rectangular area in your browser. What is a browser you ask? Oh, forget it.

        In your “werds”: “HNNGNgggggg HUGGA BUGGA 3010!”

      • Im sure that animo is the one who calls people cry baby every time, fuck ur weak ego u bitch

    • he creates hype rather than content…a millennial clout chaser if there ever was one… guy doesn’t care about white talking or saying what… just keep clicking…nothing more nothing less…

        • I’m starting to think this dude that calls everyone cry-baby is actually animopron…

          you know, dude, either man up and use your name or put a leash on your dogs.
          There are valid criticisms in these comments.

        • ever notice anytime anyone posts anything negative yet truthful about either AP or his work ethic, an AP cultist quickly retorts using typical smark responses such as “you’re still here” or “cry more”

          quite literally talking digital heads parroting bullet point replies to deflect and project their handlers short comings and blatant lies

          and meanwhile they aren’t even on the payroll but are so bleach brainwashed into believing anything posted by AP is gospel and to be treated as such while anything is pure fantasy

          and this one a double poster too

          • haters are just fanatics like blinded fans, but from the other end of the approach
            animopron dgaf about your opinions
            your “revelations” are obvious to everybody else except you, moron, you’re just surprised every single time like stupid bitch that you are

  8. This song has been going on all summer and it’s boring, don’t you have anything better? In a month, when the last thing is fixed, a new bug will appear.

    • it’s a summer hit 4 years now, and yet u r still surprised every time like a moron

  9. Thx for letting us know, looking forward to the release.
    Godspeed to you guys.

    • Yes you will definitely need godspeed to travel faster than light to go to the past, that’s the only way you will ever see this game in your lifetime.

  10. I Like how you say first impression is important like a utter fool
    you delayed it 5 times now in less then 40 days
    that good 1e impression does not exist anymore
    what next? 6 months for 1+ scene???
    sins the are only 2 mob scene in the game atm?????

    • he’s mostly likely delaying it to add more content honestly…the backlash from his pledgers has not been kind as many point out that nearly ALL posted previews will NOT be in this build but rather future ones… he could care less what is posted here by either side but he can’t not afford to lose even more backers

        • Tell your network admin (your mom since your dad never came back from the store) it’s time to change the password again. With but a single FireFox addon, I’ve seen your IP respond to 5 of my comments. Most within seconds or in batches. I think it’s time to revoke your internet privileges for a while but your mom needs to work and all so Ill be nice.

          By the way, I think its time to clean up that “hidden folder” you use to store your porn in. My keystroke logger thanks you….

          • Tell your network admin (your mom since your dad never came back from the store) it’s time to change the password again ‘cos retards like you shouldn’t have ability to publish anything. Read-only access is enough for dumb fucks like you who give full rein to own imagination – you know shit and no addon would help you, and it’s so obvious that you wouldn’t even know how to use a system calculator, not mentioning a keylogger, you stupid cry-baby

  11. there’s a bullshitter and then there is you
    bro you always say very soon, few bugs, almost finished, a few touches and its done.
    like what are you cooking ?? Game of The Year?? anyways good luck with the release whenever that is

    • Ap is trying to get game of the decade, because it took so long. Too bad the game is shit.

    • you have no love from ur family and ur very likely to be a porn addict with fucked up fetishes that could lead you to jail. get some help u fag

      • you have no love from ur family and ur very likely to be a porn addict with fucked up fetishes that could lead you to jail. get some help u fag

    • People responding “do better” to any criticism are future candidates for Darwin awards I am sure

        • you guys are so stupid cant even insult back properly lol this is literally “ur mom gay” level

          • you guys are so stupid cant even insult back properly lol this is literally “ur mom gay” level

    • You don’t need to be chief to tell that chief is an idiot, and his “wait for 20 minutes, and it’ll be done” turned into two fu**ing hours.

      • your fat ass cant leave without huge beefy steak every 10 minutes, we know that. but please consider changing your habits because your mom is tired of cleaning toilets after your aggressive diarrhea

        • Have you spent last 5 years arguing with kindergarten kids?
          Cause that’s the level of mental abilities you demonstrate.

          • I am arguing with retarded kindergarten kid right now lol.

          • such a poor attempt at “no you”, its pathetic. your little fag brains cant come up with anything original?

  12. he didnt post SHIT last month, only a 1 minute cutscene with no sex or anything fapable,and this month he is only posting updates with false dates to crush all of his subs hopes and make them anxious and sad.Don´t give him your money

  13. stop hating guys,just wait a little longer and keep paying him every month.Im sure we will se this game before 2042

  14. I think AP is laundering money by using bots on patreon… cause its kinda unreal to be this consistent at delaying things/making empty promises. An actual dev would learn from mistakes not get worse.

    • AP either vastly overrated his video/ game developer skills or intentionally sandbags development

      The cause however is irrelevant as is the end result is the same.More delays equals more time which equals more monthly pledges.

      Fun Fact: Go back to when he announced a full time return to this this. May 2022. Look at the quality of preview posted before AND after this date. Notice a severe downgrade while hype posting became the norm. Previews looked better when he did this as a SUDE PROJECT during BTQ. Also why were 90% posted previews, implied and outright claimed, to be in the first release later cut or purposely held back? Finally why did it take EIGHT MONTHS for pledgers to get a playable demo when they were told a first build ve in Nov 22?

      Keep drinking the AP(A)id kids and you too can become a “creator”.

      • The quality difference is because Animo can’t be bothered to post a competent update.

        He records in game previews on low graphics for some reason.

        • I was referring to actual content implied and posted by AP. Now how it was presented or recorded. He is purposely withholding many of the previews posted to both the blog and his subs alike. For nearly 2 years, he never once countered or implied/posted other wise all of the content shown would not be in the first release… but here we are.

          It wasn’t until his members leaked (and vented rightly so) did he go on the defensive. Of course with all new shifted blame and excuses as to why… in the end no real reason was given outside “we’re working on it/more bugs-more problems/send me your name to include/support me”… just like with EVERY SINGLE PROJECT he’s ever done!

          Call it being a bitch. Call it crying. Call it leeching. Call it you’re still here. Call it you’re mad bro. Call it it’s just 6 bucks. Call it whatever the fuck you shill bots and N(A)PCs are told/programmed to post on dozens on sites by your handler. You can not and never will be able to defend or explain how with the posting of any new content. Every single eventual delay ridden release. With all them, he posts the EXACT SAME ISSUES EVERY SINGLE TIME!

          Sane unending delays. Same buzz words. Same empty hype. Same shill support me. And all just to “prove trolls wrong” and “pacify supporters concerns” alike.

          This is the sole reason no more than 3 or 4 people will even work with him let alone communicate with him directly on projects. The reason why he’s lost over half his monthly support in just under 3 years. The reason why he was chased from paetron. And the reason why he’s gained next to no new support since BITS full time work was announced despite the months of campaigning across dozens of sites using many bots, shills and sites to host BTQ just to generate ad revenue.

          His following is mostly a NPC cult that uses the same tired lines that even the smoothest of brains can debunk. I’m embarrassed to say I once supported him and for a long while some time ago. I wish I knew now, then, long before I even pledged to him in the first place! Animopron is talent-less developer with a brainless cult following that will continue to fund his ways.

      • because animopron dgaf about opinions of bitching cry-babies although just leeching just like yourself, moron
        and yet you’re surprised every single time like a retarded bitch that you are

        • lol you use the insult “cry baby” so much here to the point that it took me only 10 minutes to figure out who you are

          even the supporters under paid posts are disliking your retarded comments lol

          • you know shit and apparently you’re giving full rein to your imagination, moron
            it’s actually hilarious how stupid you are, oh well…

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          • Oh, sorry kid.
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          • Obviously you can’t get what he’s talking about.
            You need bran capable of processing at least more then 3 tasks for that.
            And you already busy staring into screen, drooling and poking buttons with your index finger.

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    • Not Baldurs Gate but more Carnal Instinct. Carnal Instinct is already playable altough in beta, have alot of content already and the UE5 version, although lacking in content, looks really good.

      I guess we will see if AP ever gets to a point where something is released and playable..

      • Not much gameplay there AFAIR.
        Well, at least it’s way more finished then Wild life.

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  16. Who’s going to be the first to hack into the archives and find he never started building the game when he said he did? hahahaha

    • You mean like the “walking demo” he posted five 5 years ago? Or how the horse riding demo from 4 years ago is of a higher quality than one in the teaser or shown here? Or the fact he took 6 months and boasted about a 4 minute trailer that most of which isn’t even in this release a year later?

      There is nothing to hack. AnimoPron is a hack himself and his cult following will always rush to his defense no matter the case. Just look across the many hosting sites they’re flooding now about this release “coming soon” which always happen a week or two before an actual release. Almost like the reason why he got booted from Paetron. He claimed content when it was ToS violations using bot accounts to flood his page, inflate sub counts and leave glowing reviews just to drive up ad rev.

  17. A month later, release is still very soon. You really should evaluate your use of words and understanding of time.

      • Not really. I’ve been here since BTQ1. I’ve encountered a lot of “very soon’s” and “almost there’s”. Just stating the fact. The only thing I’m actually waiting for is Animopron finally learning from his misguided approach. Sucks to be a paying supporter though. Glad I didn’t pay anything to this guy ever. I wanted to, but being pissed upon is not really to my liking.

        • thanks sherlock
          you’re not just stating the fact, but you’re stating the obvious which apparently is still surprising to you
          what actually will you do if animopron keeps trolling all the stupid cry-babies in this place – will you stop paying them, leave and stop leeching or just stfu?
          you’re ridiculous if you think that animopron gives a fuck about your opinions or decisions

          • Why are you here then?

            If Animo doesn’t give a fuck what makes you defend him?

            Just fuck off and chill until release????

          • @Anonymous 2023-08-23 at 21:15
            He’s not defending AnimoPron, you retarded moron, and he’s not bitching like you are, stupid bitch.

          • Not really, I’m actually amazed that some people continue to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot even though they relay on external support. I wonder if Animopron starts to care about what he says if more of the current supporters decide to shift their payments to someone else or simply quit doing it. And what I’m going to do? I’m going to be amazed again each time I see dumb decisions.

  18. “Still working on remaining things. The game itself is working, but we are trying to make most the features work on the release.
    There is very few left, we will work all the upcoming weekend days to make it.”

    ‘Weekend days’ over Animo you need to come up with a new excuse.

    I suggest volcanic eruption, tsunami, solar flare distruption or tornado near your programmers area

      • N(A)PCs will forever respond with preprogrammed one liners
        They are incapable of nothing else
        And if not one, they are content to defend or encourage AP’s ways behind debunked logic that even the smoothest of brains can understand

        • You just seem to be way too stupid to understand anything more than just one line of simple text.
          For instance there has already been a reply in one of your numerous threads, citing:
          “it’s not about defending anybody, really
          it’s about you and others similarly stupid being retarded cry-babies who keep bitching and whining, and weeping at the same thing over and over and over again… just like you were surprised every single time with things so obvious to everybody else, morons”.
          Yet you still don’t understand it for obvious reasons and you’ve become boring with all your whining at the same thing every time, you stupid bitch.

  19. Not trying to get emotional but after reading some of the more heated comments there is validation. I went threw the past year and a lot of the updates are almost the exact same wording, “very soon, couplie more days, unexpected bugs”, etc. I know nothing about making a game however for the amount of patrons he has a pr hire might be needed.

    • These comment sections under his posts are just for people to vent and be as aggressive and insulting as they can be nowhere else on the internet. So don’t take anything here seriously. The guy is a notorious liar who probably has a major problem with motivating himself and overcoming his laziness which is why he keeps half-assing stuff until shortly before the deadline and then trying to make up for it while extending the deadline over and over again.

      Part of it might be strategy to milk supporters, part of it surely is pathological laziness. Nobody on here believes in his words anymore, people just like to mob.

  20. To nobodies surprise he delayed it YET AGAIN by saying they need ‘just a couple days’ and it will be ‘finally done.’

    Its the 5th delay this month and apparently he will ‘pause charging’ if there are more delay’S’ as if he wasnt delaying the release constantly for the last 6 months. I cant wait to see the subs reaction when it turns out as another ‘teaser’ and boring soft porn. Probably an overwhelmingly boring amount of cutscenes too since he tried to make the game look like its filled with content because half the shit he promised wont be in this release XD

  21. “The release will be around the middle of this month”
    Next topic – let me guess: “Release Is Very, Very Ssoon”
    And the topic after that: “Release Is Very, Very, Very soon”
    And the topic after that: …

    • do you know that you are not obliged to fanatically follow creator you don’t like? like, you can actually move on with your life and spend your time more productively than stalking this page?

      • Same goes for you. This is an old post there is no release

        Why are you here Just take your own advice and fuxk off until the game comes out

        • I’m not whining like a little bitch at least, these guys talk trash about animo while simultaneously following him like religious cult, that’s insane

          • Ever though about the possibility to talk trash and not follow the guy? Remembering once in a while (like every second month or so) that this page exists to see if the next release is still “very soon” from arrival makes me laugh every single time.

          • again, there is no release or any significant update yet you are still here.

            people are mad because this guy keeps delaying this game. its the 5th time just this month and this is going on for 6 months.

            some people sub for months to get wip videos or because the release is soon. they give money, they say “ok” to few delays but its just madness at this point so people express their anger.

            whining like a little bitch means whining when there is no reason to complain. this is just feedback

          • nobody gives a damn about your brain fart that you call”feedback”. nobody. there is only one type of valuable opinion – from people who invested into his project, vote of a single subscriber is more important than voice of a thousand freeloaders. and everyone on animo’s sstar page supports him and makes fyn of you imbeciles. stop bitching like a cunt, get a job and learn to pay for things that you like.

          • i am a long time subscriber you fucking boomer with a status obsession

            not everybody supports him under the comments but you fucking bots swarm everybody who criticise because of your monkey tribal mentality

            not to mention animos shenanigans when it comes to this kind of shit.

            but fuck all this, imagine being so lost in life you feel a genuine connection with a horse porn creator to the point that you pay them money so they make something but you also act like its a gift from gods not something you pay for

            stupid lifless mid aged white guy… your country should revoke all your customer rights for all your purchases

          • remember to never whine like a little bitch when your order comes with normal coke instead of sugar free you obese fucc

          • you are supporting the establishment with your money so they can continue to operate. they dont have to order anything

            and cooking is very complicated! everything can go wrong! the furnace may broke, the chef might get sick, waitress may drop the plate, they might overcook your meal, there might be a storm in the area!

            shit goes wrong, just shut the fuck up and eat shit. if your order is wrong, remember how much cooking is complicated

            dipshit weasel

          • if you have a wife or a gf i bet she got more balls than you stupid beta ass boomer

          • if restaurant would make a bad meal for me I will just leave and won’t come back until people I know say that it’s back on right track. you fuckers instead bitch and whine all the time, while most of you poor fucks are leeching content for free. and again most of subs are consent to wait a little bit more to get content of a better quality, so you dirty hobos should shut you fucking mouth and wait in line like a good doggos that you are.

          • And the restaurant is serving you shit right now

            Instead of leaving you are here defending the restaurant and telling people to eat shit while your mouth is full of shit

            You enjoy eating shit

        • So you wanna shitpost like a wirek, huh? Then look no further!


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          Open and close each selected word with a colon
          (:lol:) but just remove parenthesis and you’ll get

          source for details

          Finally, you can spam these too just like the fake wirek

  22. some subs tell people to fuck off or call them newcomers or freebies or whatever just because they subbed just now because the release is soon

    i mean sorry guys just because you were getting fucked in the ass by the creator doesnt mean i should too. its your own stupidity

    i gave him support for a couple months, he turned out to be a douchebag so im pulling my money away.

    i have the option to pirate it day one anyways but i wanted to support his work. he just fucked up his relationship with supporters

    • if you don’t like or don’t accept their policy, you stop paying and you move on with your life – it’s perfectly ok
      but if you come back every now and then just to keep bitching in the comments, then it’s just stupid and pathetic
      that being said all the freeloaders and leeches whining here are even more stupid and pathetic for being fanatics – either hating or loving – animopron clearly dgaf

      • People don’t whine for no reason

        They whine because it’s been 6 months full of “a few days delay” posts

        I think its you fucking morons who came late to the ride and you think its just a couple delays

        He delayed this shit for 6 months and he is still delaying with half the content missing

          • of leaving you are here defending the restaurant and telling people to eat shit while your mouth is full of shit

            You enjoy eating shit

          • so you are saying animo is taking your money for the last 6 months just to troll freebies like me? lolololo

          • Hail wirek!
            Glad to see you’re still alive!

          • stop responding to yourself wirek e
            we know you’re that (A) (P) pussy

  23. hey guys do you want to see what these bots defending for the past month? check this out

    aug 05
    We are doing some final tests, fixing some last bugs over here. We also ran into some small issues, which will take a bit of extra days to solve.
    With all in mind – i can announce the releasing date – 15 August.
    This should be enough to release a stable version, with all the features working without the major bugs.

    aug 12
    Today i fully finished everything on my side, now i’m waiting for programmer to finish his things.
    Check out the screenshot from Cutscenes folder – we recorded 50 different cutscenes (4 files here are not cutscenes), overall lenght of them is 23 minutes (just cutscenes, without counting sex animations and different short interactions)
    Can’t wait to release the product- i love how the game have quite a lot of depth (lore/letters/comix), including some very well hidden areas.

    aug 14
    We will need couple more days to debug some issues we found (found some critical bug on sex scenes player, where character has it’s position shifted for unknown reasons).
    I understand how everyone is sick with delays (me as well, i’m working all of this summer non-stop), sorry for that, but such bugs has to be fixed.

    aug 18
    Still working on remaining things. The game itself is working, but we are trying to make most the features work on the release.
    There is very few left, we will work all the upcoming weekend days to make it.

    This is the intial release, with all the main game features – and we had a huge list of different small bugs… Some bugs were taking up to 1 day to fix.
    Next updates will be much easier to make, cause we will have all the “base game” ready.

    aug 21
    We were a bit stuck on fixing some bugs, now it’s fixed and i’m doing a full testing. Still impoving some small things, but finally all base things are working as they should.
    Sorry for such a big delay, i know it sucks, i don’t feel good about it, sorry.
    Sometimes we were fixing one thing, and few others broke, that was very infuriating.
    We will take just a couple more days and it’s finally done.
    P.S.If something “bad” will happen, and there will be more delays – i will pause charging my supporters, until it’s done.

    • it is just the start! do you want to see what else these bots defend? let us check bits of animo comments

      aug 12
      “There will be 2 “enemies” in the first version”
      “Minotaur is gonna be later, yes”
      “But it won’t be any big delay for sure”

      aug 18
      “There will be horse, but the first part ends before you “tamed” the horse.”

    • the neat part!

      jul 10
      “Release is this month 100%, we just need some additional days to finish things”

    • bots are so angry to whiners so i tipped and wanted to see myself

      3 sentence engrish updates going back a year.
      more delay posts
      5 minute teaser supposed to be full game he bait and switch
      teasing backers with wip enemies and animations. never mention they wont be in the game
      lot of wip mehh sex with sculptures?

    • after full game bait and switch to teaser. then delay. people think its going to be full release

      no. after months of delay he is going to release less than what he taesed and promised

    • people dont have to pay and anima can do what the fuck he want with his projects

      im here to point and laugh the defender bots

      check this comment from backer about last delay

      “the life of Coding
      There’s 99 bugs in the code
      fix 1
      there’s 102 bugs in the code”

      they be coping hard to feel good about spending hundresd of dollars to see 10 seconds mummy sex

        • oh, yes u r surprised every single time, pathetic morons
          that’s exactly why u r whining at the same thing every time, all u ridiculous cry-babies

    • Yes please animk talk more about how the game has lots of depth with letters comixxx and lore because thats the main content in a porn game thats why people pay you: to make letters

      Dont mention there are jjust 2 enemies with on any of your main posts because who cares about porn in a porn game amirite

  24. I was quite looking forward to BITS at the beginning of the summer, but now that I see the numerous delays and the fact that it will be a demo of some kind, I am leaving my expectations for this project and consider it more of a misstep by Animo. You are looking forward to the middle of the month in July, nothing, postponement, ok 100% until the end of July, another postponement, then the middle of the month of August, postponement, not really reading about postponements all summer made me disgusted with his project. If animo didn’t promise anything and just worked quietly and occasionally showed something from the game, and then one day surprised us, it would have been much better. I think there will be a series of further delays at the end of September. I remember December 2022 and the trailer with “First release coming Q1 2023”.

    • You seem to be new here. AP did that for all his releases, but this game is actually on a new level with almost a decade of developement. Somehow, AP still gets supported from a couple hundreds of people, known as cultist, trolls or bots. Then there are freeloaders, who want all the stuff for free and whine about AP being oblivious to the damage they do to their brand. Personally, I’m a freeloader. I wouldn’t support AP at all, as long as they are such a jerk. I hope that brings you up to date.

      • Quite honestly, i don’t see the point about “freeloaders”. Cultists support the guy in development so that the game can be released for free. There is really no point in in paying the guy to develop a game to then for him go and SELL it to non-backers while backers still pay him monthly further. If your development of a game is completely financed by backers (paying hundreds of dollars for a single game over the months and years then), there is no reason why it shouldn’t be free.

  25. “Release Is Very Soon” – but not before all these paying idiots have been charged for another month …

  26. Keep taking our money 💴 animopron. We love ❤️ you. Breaking the Quiet was the best. I still cum so fucking hard to it. Please take my money 💴 in fact charge more! We will always 💰. (Obviously this is satire) lol 😂

  27. it’s impossible to predict how much small things you have to fix…HOOOOOOOOOYEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH🗣🗣🎙🎙‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  28. let us check more defender bot moments everyone

    aug 26
    We are aiming for tomorrow/monday. I will keep you updated.

    let us check a specific defender bot. this is a very special bot. he defends animo like his li fe depends on it and i see he is a subscriber for motnhs.

    defender bot comment on subscribestar:
    “I don’t know what I did to get 3 dislikes but i don’t gaf cause I done seem like 2 people on here say it will be delayed despite it only being 2 days and the fact that Monday hasn’t even passed like give him some fucking time like damn he said it will it either come out today or tomorrow so i don’t understand what all this hate is coming from”

    check this one! animo promised the game will be released 100%, that was 2 months ago. add another half a year worth of dealys. add the last 2 month “few day” delays.

    this bot is so sutpid he still talks stupd things like “give him time” lol man i was believing the bots here just trolling but no these bots do seriously pay for animo and eat all the shitt up completely ignoring the lies incompetent dates laughable updatet posts and dont understatnd why people angry

    • “i will keep you updated”

      yes 2 days later still silent and no info if game is coming or not. most likely find another rare buugeyman to delay the release for a “few days”

      • r u a retarded attention whore who replies 2 own posts or r u just surprised every time as much as other pathetic morons in here?

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