Official first release is tomorrow

Ok guys, it’s official at last – the release for supporters will be tomorrow!
Public release will come a bit later, i will post an info.

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  1. Why don’t you let supporters playtest and report bugs instead of trying to find and fix them yourself? It’d be a lot more effective than delaying every time something goes wrong, I’m sure people wouldn’t get pissed off at a single bug.

  2. bro you delayed the game 9 times in less then 40 days
    you really think we beleef you will release is??? xD

  3. Okay so realease is in 3-4 days

    Honestly everyone knows you just want to finish the month so you get that subscribe star money

          • Sure but if you are at the end of the month you get all the money it doest matter when they subbed its a new month

          • For example .At the end of the month you have everyones money
            from the 1st till the 30/31 of the months

          • @Anonymous 2023-08-30 at 01:34
            @Anonymous 2023-08-30 at 01:43
            So what? In the middle of the month you’d get money from everyone subscribed between 16th of the previous month and 15th of the present month. There is no logic in your comments, moron. You just seem to be way too stupid to understand what just Hdgs (2023-08-30 at 00:50) and Anonymous (2023-08-30 at 01:13) both said.

      • dude these dumb retards can not understand the concept of a month lmao. like it’s been thousand years since humanity invented calendar and these neanderthals still can not grasp how is that possible – person gets charged their subscription fee on 13th day of each month. it’s some kind of magic to them lmao.

  4. Suck it non supporters! Keep seething and circle jerking eachother off and posting dumbass shit comments.
    Go upstairs and see who your mom is fucking. The whole rugby and hockey and wrestling team is there trying to see who can ATWT her first and make her bulge and prolapse onto the ground. Brutality

    • QUOTE: dumbass shit comments.
      proceeds to post a dumb comment………………

      *HONK* *HONK*…..
      you hear that???? it sounds like a CLOWN

    • What do you mean ??
      You pay for something i will download after 1 day
      who the fuck pays ????

      • you will download it only if we, subscribers, will be kind enough to throw a link at you like an owner throws leftovers to his dogs. but if you dumb hobos will continue to bark and whine you won’t get anything. so be a good boy and follow our commands.

    • It’ll get leaked in a day. Man, the people still subscribed are so retarded it’s genuinely kind of sad. Just coping with being scammed for so long I guess.

    • Suck it supporters we be getting this shit for free. Keep crying & coping while your fathers are getting face fucked by your whole street brutally. 😂🤣

  5. There are new videos on the rule34, after that I am considering subscribing to them

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