Update on release date

The first release of the game is very soon, we already started to make a supporters list, which i will include in the game’s titles screen.
In the recent weeks i added even more cutscenes and stuff, so it took a bit of additional time. It’s definetely worth it, now i really like the state of the first version release.

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  1. The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear

  2. Take your time i´ll wait till it coming, making a game like this on your own takes time

    • I struggle making babies so I know exactly how the developer feels. No one loves me even DrFaker 😔

  3. notice every delay is posted in the fourth week of every month…just to make sure people stick around for at least one more billing cycle…

    • His page is set so your subscription renews on the day you started to support. There isn’t a billing cycle. Everybody renews on different days.

  4. >be ap
    >ghost your subs~trolls for weeks at a time
    >finally post an update about current project
    >delay your latest project for the umpteenth time


    • is it really abuse when nearly 4ooo people willingly pay him to do this to themselves? at least its better than the 10k he had years back. still far too many need to wake up

      • Well, there was a point in time when ap actually broke the subscription system to get money from unsubscribing people. So not all of them would be willing to do so.

  5. funny how every post he made this year either says “very soon” or “were working on ‘x'” every single post and yet we are no closer to anything except more delays. meanwhile the teaser/demo was rolled out some EIGHT MONTHS after he said subs would get to play it. anyone that supports this clown has an iq of room temperature. that being said wait until everyone learns this is a one-shot thing and nothing is gonna be added to it!

  6. convinced a majority of his supporters are using stolen credit cards
    nobody using their own bread to feed this guy

    • I mean it’s one day’s cheap breakfast money. Not much unless you are living in a 3rd world country.

      • heheh, not for russians with the collapse of rub currency and its current exchange rates

    • just go back to may of last year and see how many “coming soon” “very soon” and “ill have more info soon” comments this guy posted about. his subs support his pipe dream to create hype

  7. hard to complain when i dont support him with a pledge. that being said i also have a brain

    • That’s why I don’t support this clown. He is milking money every month from his supporters. Has been running this scam for years.

      • Until there is serious competition, that’s what you get.

        Then again, compared to 4000 “suckers,” more than 500k people getting this content for free. People don’t pay for the end product, people pay so this guy continues to do this shit.

  8. Thank you Animo :)<3, it has to be a really difficult work ! Wish you the best my friend !

  9. Guys, guys. This is classic Animo. For YEARS now he has done this. Slowly, very slowly drip feeds his subs to maximize profits and the crazy part is that people STILL SUB TO HIM!! Despite all the bullshit lol I low key can’t even hate this guy because he’s got loyal subs that pay to be taken advantage of. Every month it’s the same thing. Delayed. I’m working on it. It’s almost done. Something happened and now it’s being delayed. Oh wait, yeah we’re almost there. Maybe next month. Oh, middle of the month. Oh wait, something happened. It’s the same fucking thing lol meanwhile, the project has been done for MONTHS and he’s just showcasing already done animations with the quote, “It’s coming along nicely.” Bruh has been done with the project you sheep lol he’s just dragging it out to keep making THOUSANDS of dollars. Can’t wait until his following drops down to 100 people and he’s forced to actually start sticking to timelines and releases. IMO: his animations are great but he trolls the fuck out of you horny bitches. Break Quiet was great, but he trolled you with the sounds. Farting 98% of the scenes. Geez lol.

    • Most people don’t give a shit about $6. It’s cheaper than having a breakfast for them and they mostly have a life so they check from time to time and move on.

      I mean you are ranting about a guy who makes a living from 3d horse porn animations. There are lots of creators out there spamming boring 8 second loops with vanilla positions and ultra soft sex, and they earn much more than this guy.

  10. to dumb retards who complain about FREE content – nobody is holding you here, you can leave any time and spare normal people from your endless bitching. thanks

  11. Around the middle of this month…We’re now near the end of the month without a clear release date haha.

    • nonutnovember? is it wednesday? because hypnotoad already tolds to all incoming “pay me all ur muney, don’t think – pay, my dudes, pay me”. have parallel with some bitch called top1 for do what exactly?

  12. Holy fuck, a bunch of crybabies crying about delays. This happens when developer wants to release the product in the state he himself deems to be up to his standards. It’s understandable to not have a certain release to for an indie developer.
    Good job so far, waiting for the greatest fap so far

  13. “The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear”

  14. LMAO All you fucktard gaylords here crying about a delay for a PORN game. Go get a life, suck a cock, drink some rotten cum, and fap to your uncle getting assfucked ATWT and then check back in
    Fucking faggit gaylord crybabies

  15. – “The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear”

  16. Imagine the type of absolute retard that’s still donating to this blatant scammer. 3+ years of no releases for a short demo that’s of significantly lower quality that other games that have been out for years, and he STILL manages to miss every single deadline lol. Animo always finding new ways to dissapoint. kys.

          • Still seething because he got scammed, grow up pussy. Apparently not falling for one of the most obvious scams of all time makes me the retard? lol. Learn to read dumbfuck.

    • Ayo if anyone could tell me some of these other games that would be super cool. AP dick suckers please don’t reply, because i won’t.

  17. This is why I wouldn’t bother paying ever. shit service and even if you pay you get the “content” 5-7 before the people that don’t pay anyways… duh…

  18. Animo eres un mmgvaso!! Siempre con la mierda del “delayed” ojalá y el caballo te lo meta también y te lo saque por la boca

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  20. LMAO miserable animo cocksuckers don’t know how to defend him besides attacking those who spill the pure truth about this project ad trash-tier BTQ series

    • I mean btq is good. You have to give him that much. The delays however are fucking stupud

  21. The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear.

  22. The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear…

  23. >imagine ghosting subs for 3 weeks to create a splash screen of their names to tout BITS success
    >its more like a memorial at this point given you lost nearly 4K since main BTQ saga wrapped up three years ago

    congrats on another successful project animo. we look forward to many more years of hyping “coming soon” “working hard” and sUpPoRt Me” posts for your next project

  24. fresh post just dropped stating aug 7th is public release (5th blown deadline)
    blames usual suspects with delays (as always)
    cant promise future content (LMAO)
    gives praise to subs while touting BITS a success (losing subs good for business i guess)
    ends with rhetoric self hype support me garbage

    yep no one had this on their bingo card for sure. cya yall next week for more folks

    • yeah a total success losing 100s of subs since announcing this some 2 years ago AND i just noticed he went and deleted ALL the preview pictures he posted to the blog. guess he got tired of people calling him out on how they look nothing like what he released or will release. even that mega folder from 2019/20 has more content than what he put out which shows just how dated this game really is

  25. …The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear…

  26. calling it now
    next post will be him needing more time or tech bs
    goes dark another 10 days
    posts token this weekend post for release
    another week goes by
    game out week of aug 20
    blog locked down to get out ahead of the complaints of a lack luster “game”
    week of sept 3rd he teases future content (thats 12-18 months away)

  27. The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear….

  28. Ya I’m an amino dick sucker. I like how he scams people lol. It’s his hustle. Don’t be mad 😡 cause you can’t do it lol 😂

  29. Is the last day of the month still considered the “Middle of the Month”?

  30. I used to follow this guy a few years ago patiently waitng for the next episodes of Laura with Horse and Breaking the Quiet series. He ran the same delay scam then as now. That’s why I didn”t waste my money on his site. Someone should report this guy to Patreon for not providing goods and services on a timely manner. Maybe Patreon can light a fire under his ass. I’m just saying.

    • he was forced to leave patreon because they changed their policy on content both promoted and offered by their hosted creators

      he’s only gotten worse over the years with lying about WIPs and release dates. problem is no is forcing his subs to pledge. they should and can leave at anytime. nobody here remembers when he had over 10k monthly subs before he went to shit.

      and I’ll always despise him for fucking over his commissioned VAs and other content makers over the years. guys a cancer and most the community knows which why he works alone or with a “team” of 2 or 3 lackys

      • damn i knew you are that retarded simp who drools over voicelikewalrus’s sounds. hopefully next time animo (and all other creators) will use ai voice over so these dumb whores wont be able to make a living over “moaning” in the mic.

        • 》take note kids
          anytime anyone posts truth about AnimoPron, another AP loyalist shill is born… plus you didn’t have to go so hard about teeming us you’ve never touched a woman brio, we already knew

          • Yeah, I admit that is a pretty bad take. I have commissioned Voicelikecandy three times myself and am very satisfied with what I got. I still find that people are a bit hard on the guy though, because you can just unsubscribe… what is the problem? I always just wait; and if the stuff he puts out is good… I sub to get the 1080p versions. If more people did that I guarantee you that he would either stop making content, or get his ass in gear because he is used to the money. Maybe he has a gambling problem. Maybe he is involved in crypto scams also; who the fuck knows!? just stay away from it, and you’re good XD

          • lol i can get any whore i want, that includes your mom, bitch. she will be happy to earn extra buck so her retarded son would be able to spend more money simping for average cunt

  31. I’m sure the developer of the game is trying their best to make the game on the Unreal Engine which is not an easy task to do.

  32. Fun to read the shitstorm these fap-restrained no-lifers commit on this page xD

  33. new month…
    …The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear…

  34. Why the hell is he lying everytime about release dates? He just making his fans angry. If he just put something like ”release date will be around end of this mouth but probably will be delayed to up to 3 months – depends on my free time” and nobody will be angry at him except stupid people, but like this he will be the stupid one always. Sometimes people are like…. come on think a bit.

    • I agree, how he announces shit is extremely weird.

      Maybe he is trying to keep only the faithful subbed so he can milk them without worry, maybe he is just stupid + has serious scope creep problems.

      He just needs to record 30 seconds of 480p video (W.I.P.) and even then he misses the fucking deadline, ghosts his supporters, appears a few days later saying “processing was down for some reason??”

      He says “release is %100 this month,” and that they are just working on “sex-player,” and an entire month later he says he is still recording mocaps, then announces a release date for an announcement then even fucking misses that deadline.

      A good game is eventually a good game, no matter rushed or delayed. For me, extreme amount of delays means the higher ups are just incompetent when it comes to setting deadlines, doesn’t mean the game is buggy or is going to end up good.

      Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed a shit load of times and people still fall for this stupid “a delayed game is eventually good :SS” quote.

      Animo is doing this shit for years and I believe he is capable of meeting his deadlines but he just keeps adding shit constantly, which is ultimately nice but he gotta stop saying shit like “coming %100 this month.”

      • My bet is on the last minute scope creep issues.

        Release was going to be %100 last month but he decided to spam mocap cut-scenes to make them look better, added a bunch more shit and apparently the programmer is working on a new controller for the main character at the moment. Fucking wild.

        And all the snowflakes say “game development is hard :SS”

        Nah, Animo just realized game development is fucking easy with the right tools and he ended up with scope creep.

        • Yes, nobody has to pay him. Everybody wants a quality product.

          The problem is, I see an announcement saying “release is %100 this month,” and it’s not. I see an announcement saying “expect a 30 second fucking wip cutscene tomorrow,” and there is nothing tomorrow.

          He constantly posts shit like “we need a few more days,” and I check back a few more days later or get a notification, just to see him posting another delay.

          It’s absurd at this point. He just needs to stop giving dates, it only annoys people.

          • you all put way too much logic and faith into what he posts when he actually does. you only have to go back through the history of his posts on this very blog to see his career long delay train he runs on trolls and subs alike. he’s never delivered a quality product on time and never will. he clearly either employes or endorses those that rush to his defense across the internet do he doesn’t have to. he stopped caring along time ago about being liked or even a respected person or creator. now it’s merely stringing everyone along month to month with obvious bait posting while he does the bare minimum and produces even less. this is just one of many reasons why no mainstream or very few indie creators work with him.

          • and yet you’re still surprised every single time, cry-baby

          • do you ap npcs have any other line than “you’re still here”? you getting paid by the post or word usage?

    • Apparently AnimoPron loves to tease and troll all the sissy cry-babies aka stupid leeches with demanding attitude in this place.

  35. Get ready for the next update on the update about the update that got updated to 2024.

  36. I get confused on the meaning of “Middle of this month” and “the beginning of the next month” too.

    • https://postimg.cc/pmqfdr2c
      ^posted on July 10th to money subs^
      taken from f-95 forums and you can easily verify this if you want…

      how anyone can explain let alone defend this is beyond reality. someone up top posted calling them NPCs because they ignore anything you post and call you a cry baby- you’re still here. they have no idea how much this guy is not only disliked but avoided in the creator community.

      • lmao “creator community”. your dumb ass aint a creator nor it is anywhere close to it. the only community you can speak for is retarded community. also who are you still here?

        • ah yes another N(AP)C comment after another truth about their handler is posted. truly a dime a dozen these days. do guys actually get paid to shill or do you actually do it for free?

          never said I was a creator nor part of it. though little do you know about your handler and his status among many. silly little N(AP)C

          • animopron is avoided anywhere? you don’t avoid them, you bring internet traffic to them with all your nonsense comments, moron. they surely appreciate you being their spin doctor in this place, retard. i bet you do it for free ‘cos you’re apparently stupid enough to do so

          • and yet your still refuse to click through this very blog to verify everything I’ve posted and linked to… have an independent thought and break free of your AP collar and leash

  37. lol you twats make me laugh LOL you do realise that it TAKES a lot of effort to make a game it can often take 3 to 5 years maybe more, do you think you losers could do a better job wow how far up your asses are you, it will be ready when its ready

    • Fallout New Vegas took a year to develop.

      This game is %90 porn animations and %10 actual game with some climbing and shooting. This isn’t a triple A game you fucking idiots, stop acting like you know shit about game development.

      Everbody wants it to come when it’s ready. That’s why people keep bitching about it, because Animo keeps saying it’s ready but constantly fucking delays it.

      • yeah a year by a dev who’s been in the industry for many many years and have hundreds if not thousands of devs in their company working on the game, wheres as far as i know Animo is a single person dev? DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE HERE or are you blinded by your complete and utter retardation lol

        • One is a triple A game made by a small studio in a year.

          The other is a porn game in development for at least 4 years, using mostly free & paid assets and it’s a linear platforming / shooting game.

          I see the difference, you morons are just too pussy and acting like people don’t pay thousands of dollars to this guy.

        • Also nobody is bitching about the time it takes.

          People hitch about the fact that this creator constantly delays shit and blames others.

          He missed his own deadline at least 10 times in the last 3 fucking months, no matter the quality this is just utter bullshit.

          He should stop baiting people and say “when it’s ready,” just like how you pussies keep parroting here.

    • Time for some perspective here…
      》he made a glorified Nude Raider walking simulator using assets ripped from various sources dated at least four years old
      》compiled mega folder from about 2 years ago contains vastly more with this project and shows its decline over the years from 2019
      》leaks and offical previews are oddly higher quality than teaser
      》hardly anything posted to date was in teaser
      》he has blown at three deadlines with teaser and now two with the “complete” version
      》has ghosted his money supporters for nearly a month after stating repeatedly the game was a 100% ready and set to release in mid July 2023

      you all really have no idea or simply don’t care or have a stake in the game. that’s fine but you honestly can’t sit there and bang away at your keyboard defending his ways when all you have to read his own words posted here and leaked from his members area. guy can’t even keep his own timeline or house in order but gets mad and calls upon his shill bots to run defense when people talk truth about him

        • ah yes another N(AP)C shill bot refusing to accept reality or at the very least click through the headline posts in this very blog to verify every thing so many of us have pointed out over the months… then again that would require independent thought and for you to remove your AP collar and leash

          • everybody knows that, moron except u and others as stupid as you are, bitch
            and yet you’re surprised every single time, cry-baby

  38. *watches the shill bots gather in the distance
    *checks notes
    ah yes… every time they mass to dredge post anywhere a thread is dedicated to their handler means a drop is imminent… of course that means the August 7th giving us yet another release date and more delays… wait… did I let that slip?

    • and without further ado…

      “We are doing some final tests, fixing some last bugs over here. We also ran into some small issues, which will take a bit of extra days to solve.
      With all in mind – i can announce the releasing date – 15 August.
      This should be enough to release a stable version, with all the features working without the major bugs.
      P.S. If you still didn’t include your nickname for the titles – do it in this post please.’

      LATEST PAY MEMBERS POST NEARLY ONE MONTH AFTER GOING DARK BACK ON JULY 10TH…gee its kinda like i know what hes gonna post before hes gonna post it huh? cant wait to see the ap shill bots run cover for this nonsense and we all cant wait for a broken release that string his subs along more into the new year

      • bwhahahahahahahaha 3 blown deadlnes. dont worry bros this one gonna be the one! god who the fuck would pay to be cucked so hard week in week out with this shit. rushed teaser because his subs we leaving by the hundreds. now the same shit after ignoring them for a month.

        • to all the AP trolls, rent free defenders, shill bots, loyalist, monthly pledgers and partners in collabs alike…
          >endless delays
          >same old excuses
          >every post a remix of the last
          >blown deadlines with nothing to show
          can any of you actually explain why you actively defend, support and blindly pay this man to continuously lie, gaslight and cuck the shit outta yall each and everyday? i get some like that shit but all of ya? i get why he acts like this being the only fish in a pond with no competition but does that really give him the reason to blatantly treat ya all like shit?

          and with that outta the way, you really think the aug 15 release is gonna be the one? then what? another year? two years to patch the shit its gonna be? reminder that subs were suppose to get a playable version back in nov 22… they got it in may 23 and that was because he started losing dozens of subs weekly in that time!

          • You aren’t gonna get any valid responses let alone responses worth of dialogue. He’s been at this for years. His flock ain’t changing their minds. No amount of red-pilling is do anything except drive up the post count.

            But you are right about his lack of competition. Though that’s now out the window more or less after his “game” release. Better off getting a DL of Wildlife or those SexyBeach hentai titles for a far better fap. Hell even shit Second Life with user mods can achieve what he’s put out to some extent and you could actually role play in real time too. What he did is nothing special and its time for his followers to stop treating it as such.

            And as foretold nearly 2 weeks ago…look for a brand new post here calling aug 15 the new (new/new/new) release date for BITS. fyi, 3 people are hosting the torrent for it right now and 2 of them are incomplete… that tells you how groundbreaking and people wanting this is

          • good god man, you and Kintaroe from f-95 zone should fight it out in a cage or something. we get it, ap is horrible at releases but has posted near weekly the last month. of course the same old delays and even the weather this time around. but he never forgets to beg for money or new subs. funny part is you are no better than people like Kintaroe that gush anytime his handler puts shit out.

            we get it man, you hate ap but obviously care enough to stick around for a release when ever that may be. and as for Kintaroe, hes no better bitchin about “if you no pay you no complain”. thtats been wrekt a dozen times over and hence ap main thread getting nuked at least 5 times a year. i bet Kintaroe has multiple subs too for ap

          • They sound EXACTLY like Scam Citizen shillers.

            It appears there is a strange type of customer acting like the product is some sort of divine gift and they didn’ pay for it… And lost of wise-ass retards acting like they “understand,” the artist or they know how “game development is hard / complicated ://” or whatever.

            I mean on Subscribestar, you can clearly see even the mos t”loyal,” supporter are frustrated but they comment like if they say bad things Animo is just going to get mad and don’t release shit at all XD

            Another cultist-customer behaviour similiar to Scam Citizen is the fact that act like Animo didn’t blatantly lie or delay shit for like 15 times in the last 3 months…

            All they say is “idc it should come when it’s ready, i don’t want a rushed, buggy product :SSS”

            Nobody wants rushed buggy products you fucking morons. People are just fed up with Animo straight up lying, delaying, baiting.

            He is doing this shit for years, I don’t give a fuck about what problems he encounters, there is no way you can miss a dozen deadlines you set on your own, after years of experience.

          • As for the 2 morons up there:

            Nobody is hosting any fucking torrents, Animo still getting names for credits what they hosting?

            Animo posting weekly doesn’t mean shit if %95 of them is about announcing dates and delaying them, or a couple WIP cut scenes with modest camera angles and no sounds.

          • it’s not about defending anybody, really
            it’s about you and others similarly stupid being retarded cry-babies who keep bitching and whining, and weeping at the same thing over and over and over again… just like you were surprised every single time with things so obvious to everybody else, morons

          • We keep crying and bitching and whining because Animo keeps coming up with excuses, false release dates, delays, bare minimum teasers, contradicting progress updates.

            2 months ago he just needed a couple days to prepare “sex player” now he is recording mocap and getting new controllers for main character.

          • We cry because Animo keeps doing this shit over and over again.

            If you are okay with things, why are you even here?

            You afraid Animo not gonna release the game because we are complaining unlike your obedient coomer brain? XDDD

          • oh you are indeed surprised… every single time with things so obvious to everybody else, morons

  39. >post about a future post
    >tease info or release
    >plans change
    >rinse and repeat
    how can anyone either support or expect anything this guy puts out at this point to be true? one only has to look back through his own words and read the lies over the two years hes been at this latest scam. teaser was only given after 100s of subs were about to pull their support. and that was only EIGHT MONTHS after he said they were getting it. we should be lucky being only a month late… for now

    • this cant be the same guy that had over 10 thousand subs making lara and quiet videos right? guy should have double, triple following in making a video game but doesnt. 6 thousand subs left him in 3 years!

      • Mentioning sub count is cringe.

        Those people leave because they were interested in videos. For games, you need better marketing or just put the game behind paywall completely instead of releasing for free after a week.

        If he decides to go full paid for this game and promise content updates, he is most likely going to earn more than WildLife devs or other interactive porn animation galleries.

      • So the real problem is today.

        After missing a dozen of deadlines he set on his own just the past couple months, the bare minimum excuses and all the other shit he has done after BTQ, the “teaser,” not having even a single sex animation, yet there are 3k people still subbed and most actively check him out.

        They are too thirsty to leave, afraid to criticize due to other cultists or just don’t give a fuck unless there is an actual release.

        There are lots of cringe dinosaur supporters too, asking how to see the sex animations in that 5 minutes teaser. Funny to see how they get confused when told there is no sex animaitons XD

      • It’s better cause Brutus assfucks the shit out of her when she told him to stop. That’s what we wanted to see😋

        • it’s enough to take a look at your comments when someone wants to see the shit coming out

      • ikr
        it’s just 2 animo’s original videos:
        Breaking the quiet – All the way through – Bonus
        BTQ Triple Bonus X-Ray
        merged into 1 and rebranded against animo’s rules of free use
        nothing new there

    • meh, it’s rather 0% better at most
      you shouldn’t blow your own trumpet that you couldn’t even last a mere 4 minutes

  40. this guy despite years of experience in the business and all the freedom, still misses his own target 10 times a month causing both frustration and high expectations

    we only got people who got frustrated of delays for now

    after the release i cant wait to see cultist supporters’ reactions who defending this game is gonna be the first AAA porn game with like hours of sex animations on top of hours of actual gameplay XDDDD

    yeah some supporters claim this is AAA porn game made by 3 people its so funny reading those foking idiots they have no idea about anything, i would milk their money too if i was animo

  41. LMAO All you fucktard gaylords so desperate for a PORN game. Go get a life, suck a cock, drink some rotten cum, and fap to your uncle getting assfucked ATWT and then check back in
    Fucking faggit gaylord crybabies

    • hey its the memelord looking to get another screen shot up at f-95
      to think this is the lone highlight of your life

    • Damn you always had the best comments! I love to tap while reading your post

    • Lmao says the bitch crying on a thread about a porn game. Stfu. Don’t call others losers when you yourself are the biggest one. Nigger. Fucking animo cocksucker. Enjoy drinking his cum fag.

      • Lmao says the bitch crying on a thread about a porn game. Stfu. Don’t call others losers when you yourself are the biggest one. Nigger. Fucking animo cocksucker. Enjoy drinking his cum fag.

  42. If still it would be pledgers who complains, it’s 100% legit… but no… just a bunch of spoiled children who haven’t their “free” toy fast enough.

  43. We love ❤️ you amino. I’ve never cum she hard in my life. BTQ was the best 🌟. Keep milking my cum and my money I Dont care. We just want more!!!

  44. what a fucking cunt this guy is. Fucking milking subs coz hez a cunt. draggin shit out coz hes a cunt

  45. Wow, you’ve made it so far past “middle of the month” that you’ve made it to the next middle of the month.

      • Have you ever promised your friend or somebody else anything? They don’t give you money, but they’d still expect it from you and also would be disappointed, if you were delaying your promise endlessly. TLDR: You are the stupid one here

  46. IDK, looks kinda generic. Like any of the new Tomb Raider games, but with a naked Lara skin. So inferior gameplay added. Would much prefer an XstoryPlayer type of game.

  47. Anyone want to see a video of me fapping. Let’s be real we all love to look at dicks right? Big cum dripping dicks plowing asses that say no. We want to see ass fucking rapping and girls saying please stop

  48. he just posted to subs that public release will be the end of THIS month and he appreciates everyone’s understanding being that game development is vastly different from videos

    in other words see you in late September early October after one or two token delay like with every other project. subs already asking what’s next with add on content and future stuff… late 2025 maybe you’ll get something but keep supporting him at full rate in the mean time

    • you forgot the part of about being over five years of off on development for just to run through every thing in under two hours, pretty decent for a small team but it’s easy to see he either vastly over estimates his skill as a developer or just loves to troll all with months of gotcha posts and missed release dates

    • wait until the mASSes find out many of the previews he boasted about are NOT in this release but rather future ones which his is hard at work already…in other words cya in late 24/early 25 for the next release…he also said hes done on his end and now handed it off to the programmer…yep another built in delay to make it another month to collect…but on the plus side posted theres 50 cut scenes totaling about a half hour of video so um good i guess…of course many of the previews he posted are NOT in this release but rather only “2 encounters” with mobs….

      in other words, months late and several (subs) dollars short

      “I can’t wait for the next delay!”

          • -why are you here

            -you are still here

            -just leave

            These are the arguments of a middle aged loser with all the time in world and a small amount of income

            Or the words of a fucking moron who thinks he is the only one paying money without expecting reliable communication and a complete product

          • People are here because most active subs on his paid page are fucking boomers like you keep giving excuses on behalf of animo

            Meanwhile they ask retarded shit like “can i play this on my phone???”


            This placemmight be a shithole but at least the feedback is raw and real

      • Those cutscenes are mocap, besides the effort of setting shit up it takes 5 minutes to record that shit.

        There are only 2 enemies in the game and only Animo knows how many actual sex scenes those enemies have.

        After the release even the retarded subs gonna get mad because after multiple delays = still a demo release XD

  49. “people will remember first release harder than delays”

    No animo. People will remember you said “we fixed pretty much all the bugs but we need a few more days” and proceed to give the exact same excuse for 6-7 times on top of 3 missed release dates.

    When you post the release date of the ACTUAL full game, nobody is gonna fuckin believe your ass

    Either find a better way to milk your subs or stop giving fake release dates

    You delayed this shit for months and it’s not even the full game and you revealed it 2 days before release.

    You are losing it

      • I began supporting Animo when he started to work on the game fulltime.

        I supported, I expect good communication and a return of my support.

        I at least expect him to stop giving fake release dates.


        • I mean why the fuck do you all pay for?

          If he says he will delay 2 more years are you going to just say ok and keep your sub?

      • Considering 5k subs gone and even on paid page people make fun of delays, show frustration and dont believe the latest release date…

        It’s facts, not an opinion.

        Lets hope the amount of stupid cows are enough to keep animo satisfied financially

          • The stupidest brain-dead fags repeating the same “yet you are still here” shit. You are the mf that are pay pigs to animo and continue to support his bullshit. If you sissy ass mfs had a spine and banded together and just unsubscribed then he would have released the game in a heartbeat. But no you like sucking his cock and milking his cum and guzzling it down everyday. You are the fucking reason that the game will never be released. He will continue to milk brain-dead MFS like you and you will gladly support him just like the bitch you are.

          • Maybe because I paid money and at the minimum I expect him to give better release dates instead of delaying a demo release billion times a month you fucking moron?

          • This mf is in the industry almost a decade and he is working on this game for at least 3 years

            There is no way this guy doesn’t know how “complicated” it is to release a game or any product

            Even you fucktards seem to understand there is always something unexpected during game development, yet Animo himself seem to not understand it despite giving it as an excuse and just keeps shitting out fake dates

  50. Lol, he just delayed it yet again “for a few days,” to fix bugs.

    It amazes me how he and the supporters constantly talk about releasing a “finished product,” but ironically the first release isn’t going to feature Minotaur as well as a huge chunk of the game.

    He is basically delayed this shit 10 times in a month just to release glorified demo.

    • lets hope for his sake that the content is more than a bunch of statues and 2 enemies with 3-4 vanilla sex loops

      i will also shit myself laughing if he ported LWH and BTQ animations for horse sex instead of making new animations XD

  51. “NEed a few more days 10000% true this time trust me guys

    Also I could give you a glimpse of horse fuck animation but i cant be bothered to release good progress reports/updates just like how I cant be bothered to release a fucking demo

    check out this 480p minimized screenshot of mocap thumbnails and see you a week later in my next post where i will give another excuse for another delay”

        • I laugh at dumb morons and their mundane struggles) cant even imagine how hard it is to check, comment and communicate every single day on a page of creator that you hate so bad(( it must be a truly miserable life not being able to let go something that you hate so much…

          • yet you are still here, checking and commenting and communicating with a “dumb moron,” every single day.

            i paid money, i expect better and consistent deadlines. you on the other hand pay money yet you not only lost your ability to criticize but gone too far to the point that you actively defend the creator and get mad at “haters.”

            i am not the miserable one here, you are.

          • you are like those lifeless people who follow celebrities life on instagram when their own life is shit

            fucking tribal mentality. imagine feeling the need of being accepted by some 3d horse porn community. i would milk stupid fucks like you too.

            brainless naive dinosaur.

  52. at this point i just think its the programmer milking animo lol

    aint no way a creator is this stupid

    • “The grabing hands grab all they can – EVERYTHING COUNTS IN LARGE AMOUNTS”

      • Not that they’re grabbing anything in here at all that has not been given voluntarily to them already.
        I’d expect you to be smarter than that considering the lyrics you’re referring to.

        • voluntarily pay for coherent progress updates and releases

          nobody is paying to see carelessly recorded shitty wip videos and to hear “we need few more days,” for 6 months

  53. See I only check like once every month or two, knowing of the bullshit. Last update I saw with middle of month. Now I see on the 23rd he said soon, and its now Aug 15th when I checked to see same old Animo scam. LOL

  54. cyberpunk got delayed like 6 times, duke nukem forever took 14 years to develop and these stupid fucking dinosaur bots at support page still say shit like “a delayed game is good”

    they also keep pointing out its 3 people working and its expected. well, since even you fucking morons expected it, why animo didnt and kept giving shit loads of release dates?

      • quite literally the only reply most AP shills reply with it

        how can you defend him at this point?

          • It is.

            Shill or not, everybody is here because they like the end product. The problem is, “haters,” don’t like Animo’s work ethic and how he still can’t meet deadlines after being in the market for almost a decade + working on this game for at least 3 years.

            Telling people to “fuck off,” in a passive agressive way means you are okay with Animo’s shitty work ethics.

  55. >make it make sense
    he stopped making videos
    announced his game nobody asked for
    lost nearly half his subs/income during its development in under 2 years
    shills praise him as God tier creator
    haters call out his endless excuses/delays for every project
    game admittedly has limited content despite 2 years of hype previews that aren’t in “first” release
    >yet all still come here every fucking day

    • >immovable object v unstoppable force
      both sides are equally cancerous when it comes to their love/hate for AP. meanwhile he laughs all the way to the bank every month while both sides bicker over timed releases of horse porn

      • I mean you are here bickering too.

        At best, you are just the third side. Doesn’t make you any better than others.

        Only way to end up here is porn. Why do you try to make yourself appear better? Lol.

    • Why do you assume people come here everyday? It’s anonymous?

      You are here too and clearly very informed about the situation. Did you come here everyday in the past, perhaps?

      No matter, everyone is here for the same reason as you, they keep getting notifications about delays.

      • anon with the double reply in under three minutes… but I’ll play along

        I’ve been here only a few months until I found f-95 forums. They post the actual member post info, not the shit here. So yeah, I guess I am informed. And I never said I was better or worse than any. Just stating both sides are with heavy faults. And all while AP stalls either with or without merit and still makes bank.

        As much as you AP smarks or supporters love to post “you’re still here” cause you can’t explain or defend months of reading rehashed posts that lead to one blown deadline after another. I’m still here to educate and inform those to what’s really going on with this project from f-95 which anyone can read. But they don’t and post shit like their master

        • I don’t bother putting a nickname and my intention isn’t to act like 2 different persons.

          But hey, good job figuring it out?

          “I’m here to educate people,” bro get the fuck out. You are not better than any others. In the end you are here giving your opinion.

          What the fuck are you teaching to people? At best you are just glorifying Animo’s work ethics and by extension supporting “you are still here,” bots.

  56. >high quality and hype…low work ethic and honesty<
    and yet the shill-bots and loyalist are still here defending his roundabout delays and blatant lies…meanwhile people like me are still here dropping truth bombs with sources and you get mad at us

    yall the people confused by what bathroom to use and probably the people that continue to wear masks alone in their cars or homes for 3+ years and got 12 boosters for a virus that had a 0.04% death rate for everyone 75 and younger!

    • giving yourself a pun nickname and half baked argument isnt anything new. if people wanna pay 6 bucks a month to read a gotcha post every week or so and maybe get an actual release in a year then thats on them. we all have our faults and addictions just like you. ap is like an endless dlc maker that somehow always has people waiting around for regardless of lies or missed dates.
      but your type are just as bad flooding this board with endless banter and needling every time someone does happen to support him or bait you into a response. just because youre pretty much right about your quality/hype v piss poor ethic thing doesnt make you any less outta line with how you go about it.
      now go fap or something and wear a mask

    • Your tactic to make me give money to animo just to spite a dumb covid denier is tempting

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