The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear

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  1. Hi, I have a question please. Release of what, teaser or some larger part of the game? Just to know if I should look forward to something new or expect the part of the game that can be seen on the videos on the Internet.

  2. BTQ 5 released in July 2021. In two years this dogshit game is all you have to show for yourself?

    • ???? Games take a long time to make especially if your making it by yourself or with a small team.

    • bits concept dates back to 2018/9
      used to bait money subs into staying/joining
      third time this has been done

      expect the “public” teaser in august/sept followed by months of “decades” old previews and “look at me” posts followed by his mo holiday break into the new year followed by “ive returned full time (again)” and the cycle begins anew

      you can see this with every release dating back to at least the start of this blog

        • youd be lucky to get an actual demo for BITS by the end of the year instead of that less than barebones teaser they dropped a few weeks ago

  3. ah yes… another current post about a previous update post about a yet to be made uncertain future post

    and you all wonder why the trollin hate and how this clown has lost nearly SIX THOUSAND subs since BTQ while barely gaining FIVE HUNDRED new pledges since starting work on this “game” for a third time over a year ago

        • I mean…the asking price for a sub isn’t crazy, and based on the quality of the content they put out, I’m sure its not as easy as 1-2-3. They’re human and have a life.

          • cool reasoning… now use that logic on those that actually pledged to see a polished product the now three times he’s returned to working on this concept

            mind you that no mention of a teaser was given until may 23 after 7 months of boasting about a first build back in nov 22 and that was only after spending 6 months making a 4 minute trailer. his entire pay area was dedicated to showing a game, not a pre-alpha release such as this that seems like it was thrown together by a grade schooler

          • 9K monthly subs for lara/horse at peak in 2018
            7K monthly subs for BTQ at peak in 2020
            4K+ monthly subs when BITS returned to active development
            current subs sit below 3800

            you can quote all the quality shit he does put ou but you can not dispute the fact each release takes longer and longer and each is met with all the delays as it’s predecessor when it came to video releases. btq 4 and 5 took over a year EACH to release and the 2 bonuses another 8 months for five minute clips. meanwhile he paused collections once for a month in that entire time

            please explain by what metric losing over HALF your member base is good thing

        • yet here you are… again… still whining and weeping about the same thing over and over again, bitch

          • At least say something truthful, kid. What you call crying, I call dropping Red Pills! The you openly support, of course without money, thrives on creating hype and delays. Been at for at least as long as he’s has this blog. I’d ask you to read the posts yourself… but well smooth brained kids can’t read or think unless an app tells you to.

        • my brother in christ you are complaining about a horse porn maker on the internet

    • Wehn BTQ came up, one cried for Lara with Horse.
      Now BIS is the actual project and suddenly BTQ is wanted.
      So animo just have to begin something new and everybody will miss BIS

  4. this not only fell off a cliff but thankfully hit the bottom. ain’t no one believing these posts anymore or even talking about this anywhere.

    • >trolling for either side is the only thing keeping this place going
      take away that and each post would get no more than 20 replies

      >ill have more info soon>>>i have the info but need more time to get it right>>>heres the info some weeks to months later now clap
      welcome to new format of posting that replaces the “5 delays of doom” used during the latter stages of btq

      • guy literally makes posts about a future post talking about yet another post

        who the hell even believes this anymore? just release the dam game like you hyped up for two years now instead of that trash teaser made on a six year old game engine

          • BTQ took over 3 years to complete and doesn’t even total 2 hours of video
            meanwhile pledgers paid over 200 dollars for it

    • yet here you are… again… still whining and weeping about the same thing over and over again, bitch

      • yet here you are… again… still supporting and cheering about the same delays and fake release dates over and over again, bitch

        you might do better than to support a creator that actually creates something other than hype and broken games and only to fall flat and lose nearly 70% of his backers in 3 years

        • >dont waste time trying to wrinkle smooth brains / logic runs off of them like water off a ducks back<

        • yet here you are… again… still supporting, whining and weeping about the same delays and fake release dates over and over again, bitch

          • and yet here you are still running the same tired floor routine defending your handler. guess youre the new wirek now. and @FlexiLexi fuck off and let me solo this low level troll

    • I hope so, as far as i know, Animo lived in Russia, but moved to better place. So i would say there be Russian sub, but not in this release

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  5. dude i won’t even be able to run it. can we please just get a video that everyone can access

  6. Bla bla bla… not good enough… bla bla bla… too long waiting… bla bla bla… milking money… bla bla bla…

    It must be some sort of beeing cool, to state desinterest and dislike by commentig every little update, but when I try, I just feel like an Idiot.

  7. Anyone remembers Dale ‘the intimidator’ Earnhardt? Yeah, AP is like Joe Logano

  8. guys to everyone who will be wondering why there might be no release in mid july, its because i havent ended my sentence properly, i wanted to say “The release will be around the middle of this month, i will post an exact date here, when it will be clear of niggers”. please until then kill all negros you might stumble upon

  9. 5 daies until the middle of the month and i guess i know, what will happen on this date: void, void, void…
    Get your fucking death and die!
    A new BTQ would bet better than this sh…y game, nobody wants!

  10. I think the game will be amazing and I definitely want it, but the waiting and constant announcement of a release that doesn’t happen is annoying and ruins the joy of looking forward to the game.

    • youre better off just not even checking in here. hes always gonna extend and prolong the release by any and all means. guys as lazy as they come but somehow has a following even though he’s put out so little. hell btq 4 and 5 took a combined 28 months and subs paid over a 100 bucks EACH in that time

        • 》imagine thinking AP makes an amount of money to be jealous of

          he doesn’t even get fifty cents on every dollar and that does not include his country tax or conversion rates. then again you do believe his monthly income, or work, is something to be jealous of. you know because 5K a month after everything is unheard of riches….

          • sure, sure… you’re counting other people’s money so eagerly and it makes you so credible

        • why would i be jealous of not only someones implied income being LESS than mine, but their the sub-standard work ethic as well? guys lucky to clear 10-12K/month after ss fees and taxes…congrats on that entry level middle class thing…i could make that in a week with trades…learn markets/crypto i say…and for his releases for the people that ACTULLY pledge to him…nothing like paying 300 bucks over 4 years to get 7 videos that are leaked with minutes…welcome to 2023 i guess

          • sure, sure… yet you’re still here whining and weeping about their money they get from their subs

  11. so it’s the middle of the month… again… can’t wait for the next post saying “we still need more time and working hard for an end of July release and SuPpOrTmE” post

    • Nope, it isn’t the middle of the month yet, but since you are someone who can’t wait, you are allowed to cum prematurely.

      • who the hell cums to broken promises and endless hype like this place? local ladies here offer far better and guaranteed service unlike him and his excuse parade

        >inb4 we working hard and will try for the end of the month public release
        >oh wait…

        try reading his leaked members post before you post kid

        • kinda hard to do when he hasnt posted anything new there but we all know your shit comment is right, doesnt mean i have to like it though

  12. It’s not middle of the month but “around middle of the month”. Remember what it meant last time? Next “update” post (not release) gonna be at the very end of July or beginning of August

  13. Omitome > AP
    clearly inspired by ap early work but unlike him, actually releases on a consistence basis thank me later

      • so you like futa from btq? strange
        ugly chicks like in btq? …k
        plastic looks of models? …so you like you ap
        whey didnt you say so?

    • that crap is mostly compilations or short clips not exceeding 5 or 6 minutes of boring loops.
      man, your taste is pretty shitty

      • 2, 3.44, 4.30, 6.00 girl with horse
        11.44 misspelled 1 part 1
        12.55 misspelled 1 part 2
        0.42 misspelled xmas
        2.08 brawnfree stables
        1.48 satisfied
        11.24 misspelled 2 part 1

        new solo creator puts out nearly an hour within his first year
        has two feature length videos and one still ongoing
        three individual shorts
        highly active/interacts with subs via DMs and discord
        no excuses or BS
        again Omitome > AP

        please go on and compare him to your handler in AP kid. ill take Omi anyway over AP purely because of the NO BS EXCUSES or BS TIME DEALYS that plague every single of his releases. guy spent 8 months last year making a 4 minute trailer and said a build was coming in nov 22… another 8 months later, he released a walking sim. btq was needlessly delayed acorss THREE years which lost him thousand of backers in the process. guy has LOST subs since making the game too but cool

        • leave this place then and go rim the anus of the shitty creator you simp for so much
          what holds you back in this place anyway?

          • difficult to side with you given your preferred creator given all he’s good for is creating nothing burgers and controversy at this point
            >concept of BITS is over 5 years old and previews shown are all old work
            >posted publicly about his former VA for BTQ real life problems and leaked where she lived
            >then not 2 weeks later used HER excuse as HIS excuse to pause work and further delay the 2nd bonus of BTQ
            >in that pause had dozens of former pledgers blacklisted via their CC during his pause early last year for questioning his work with his own posts AND pause wasn’t even for a full month so everyone still had to pay that did support him
            >lost nearly HALF his subs since this time

            but cool lets celebrate his game

          • leave this place then and go rim the anus of the shitty creator you simp for so much
            what holds you back in this place anyway?

  14. >make post saying next post will have an update
    >make new post using past post as update in the future post
    mAkE iT mAkE sEnSe

    >always postpone

    • >always postpone
      a fitting name if any as he delayed the public release (again) until at least the end of the month per his subs

      • https://postimg.cc/pmqfdr2c

        theres the proof and the “built-in-delay-mechanic” as in “i cant rush the release…great, final product”…. say the guy who took over 5 years to make this on and off… GTFO with this BS

        • that is so damn true!
          “…the grabing hands grab all they can – EVERYTHING COUNTS IN LARGE AMOUNTS…”

        • if that pic is true, the last line is a bit concerning as hes now gonna exploit that and delay this shit for even longer. still what is the actually purpose of this game anyway? none of the previews he shown were in that trailer or in the teaser

    • like anyone would want this displayed on their STEAM card or history
      that being said, they have plenty of worse trash than this

  15. Definitely past the middle of the month and still don’t have the “exact date” yet…

    • https://postimg.cc/pmqfdr2c
      latest pledge post dated July 10
      expect a post here in a few days to announce… yet again… another future post containing more info or *SHOCK* an actual release date…then add 1-2 weeks to that and it should be here by mid/end august and he’ll point to that final line in his post above to justify even more delays

  16. Animo can’t be surprised that everyone here hates him. When he writes that the game will be released around the middle of this month, you go to his website to check it out. You check it day after day, several times a day and nothing. He has 129 comments from angry visitors and he ignores it. I don’t know how to say it politely, but I won’t reduce it to vulgarity. He fails tragically in communication with visitors. He should think about himself. Why does he promise something when he keeps putting it off and doesn’t deliver. It is such a problem to write that he is postponing it, will not set a date because he is unable to do so, and that he is apologizing for an unfulfilled promise.

    • when the majority of your “work” since your last major release some two years ago has been hype-posting your current project mixed in with previews that either have been shown already or are months to years old in some cases…you have a problem

      when your forced to fallback to something you once dubbed a “proof of concept” or “something I’d maybe like to do one day” and suddenly gets put on the front burner solely because many creators and VAs refuse to collab with you… you have a problem

      forget us trolls, free loaders and pirates for a moment… when you jerk around your actual paying supporters with endless roundabout delay posts to contradicting your last or recent posts with your current one… you have a problem

      its no wonder why he’s lost over half his paying subs since BTQ and gained next to nothing since announcing this current project. and now with his latest post going along the lines of a “finalized product”, does this mean the next release of BITS whenever they is will be it? what then? if i were paying for something, youd be damn sure id want my moneys worth but ask those that joined him after he announced doing this nearly two years ago that their 150 bucks was worth what they got

        • difficult to be jealous of those taking nearly a year to make what I make in 3-4 months through investment stocks & dividends alone…and thats not ever counting my actual jobs…not that youll actually believe someone like me can work in such a fields and yet dabble in such filth as this place…but even using SS own page https://www.subscribestar.com/pricing and giving him a generous 20K “take home” per month, it does not factor in his taxes and payout to his commissioned teams…if takes homes 10-12K a month hes lucky and congrats to him being on the bottom rung of the middle class…again difficult to care about those on the ground floor from my penthouse

          • even if that reddit ramble is true just hop off already. everyone knows ap methods of release and posting updates are trash. no one here cares or even pays for it at this point. did you ever think thats why hes lost a fuckton of subs? why am i gonna pay for something i can google for 5 seconds and get it for free?

          • @Flexi Lexi
            you think with my lifestyle im not only offended but even care you choose to either validate or not what I already know to be true and live daily? thats cute. all ive been saying for weeks now is that if had a website that hosted what i make and my support base THAT PAYS ME TO DO IT gets cut in half in not even two years, youd be damn sure id change my way doing things in an instant.

            obviously people will pirate shit as its way too easy as even hes posted the link to his “private” video page on r34 videos from time to time for the 1080p stuff. either by mistake or not. either way, its not a good business motto to maintain and then use to defend what little base he has left.

            if i invest in something, youd be damn sure id not only want a return on my orginal investment but a strong rreturn as well. enjoy these “weekly” preview shots that are recycled and rotated and mirrored once every 6 months or not even in the final product as with many of the BTQ stuff. and fyi them bonus clips he took nearly a year to get out… ALL of those clips were done before btq5 came out cause he put them as previews by mistake…they only took as long as they did because of the VA he hired then out on blast

          • don’t give us that bullshit – i bet you’re poor as a hobo and that’s why you keep whining and weeping just like a bitch while counting other people’s money

          • Imagine not caring about “ground floor,” yet boast about your income or get into arguments with them.

            You are just a fucking larper not earning shit. I hope you don’t earn shit, because earning that amount of money yet constantly ranting here about 3d porn is pathetic.

            It’s not even about you having kinks, it’s about you constantly ranting here.

            Even if you got that money, you probably live a shittier life than the average ground floor 3d horse porn enjoyer.

  17. Would be easier to post development dairy / weekly updates, then setting the exact date and deal with people expecting something to happen.

    • literally does in both his members area and here to much lesser extent… problem is both have and continue to contradict each other in terms of project status to timeline of work being done on projects

      • -promised the full game in a couple monthsand half a year later released a teaser with 2 minutes of actual content and zero fucking animations

        -he probably spends most of his time doing jack shit not even thinking about his “work.”

        -even the way he records his 30 sec wip videos feel like someone put a gun on his head to forcefully release an update

        -in the business for half a decade with this game is in concept since LWH times

        -no pressure since he got star citizen level of cultist supporters who are ok with everything and they give excuses on his behalf


  18. last post was july 10th in members area. guess hes “working” on the next delay of bits. do i hear august? september anyone?

    • along with his track record, the closing words in that post lay the groundwork for yet more delays in releasing the “finalized” version of his walking simulator. hes been silent in the members area too since that time nor has he given any indication if he will expand work on this after the public release. gotta do something to keep them subs around…

  19. not only is ghosting the trolls he ghosting his money peeps as well
    hes been dark for over a week there but someone still policing comments there asking about the full release
    guy waste more time build up shit and then wonders why people get mad and bail

  20. Not that anyone would care about a walking simulator, but being a week late and hyping over it for almost a decade is just sickening. Just stop AP. Most came here for BTQ 1-5 and nothing else. It was one of the few “high quality” zoophilia videos out there, wich probably brought you more money in, than this game ever will. Just get back to animating.

    • Yeah so true. The fact that the delay increases exponantially is really scary. I don’t understand why anyone would subscribe to him, especially now.

    • Nah lil bro
      BTQ was worthless garbage that only miserable basement dwellers that choke on their own cock would enjoy

    • https://postimg.cc/pmqfdr2c
      hes still ghosting his paying peeps since the 10th. i cant understand how 1000s pay him to literally release less than one release per on average. are the recycled WIPs that good? are the fluff/hype posts more fluffy and hypey in the members area? it was never about counting other peoples money like some here attack others for. its about paying/supporting someone that creates content you like… i cant imagine those have been with him for years at this points. hundreds thrown away on minutes worth of content

  21. I thought that A3D miro had fallen down but apparently he’s not the only one…

  22. Hello author, I am a visitor from China who found that you released some cg of the game when browsing r34. I have read a lot of comments and people are complaining about why you did not release it in the middle of this month, and I have a little, but I still look forward to this game. Your video has always given me a new feeling, I am optimistic about you, and I hope you can make works that impress me again.

  23. You know, when I think of the “middle of the month” I always think of at least the 23rd or more.

  24. Middle of the month? If we’re feeling generous that’d be about now then.

  25. its beyond me how this guy has any support still…
    lies after lies after lies… constantly

  26. I’ve been supporting you financially all this time. I’m sick of it. I unsubscribe. I will watch it for free on the Internet.

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