Another GIF from ATWT

Check out this third GIF from ATWT bonus scene. It’s quite long already, but it looks good. I need to finish last 2 sex scenes.
Also, i posted couple more previews for my supporters.

P.S. You may need to click on the image, to play gif on Imgur.

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    • You’ve been whining about this for a whole year now. Exercise some patience for another month you Russian pervy milf.

      • Stfu moody bitch maybe you need a cock thru the ass since you cry about therapy

        • Just go fist yourself if you want to see action. Record your own prolapse too fuktard

  1. I once had a little chicken that would fly out in the open and bring me the finest girls in the world to fuck. It was such an Enormous pleasure to have a chicken mate as your friend, plus it would eat the girl afterwards so nobody would possibly know what happend to the poor girl. Various famous girls that i fucked and it ate you can’t even count. But one day it went on a trail to find a girl and instead brought a guy with 50 pounds beard, i was quite confused and angry, so i killed both the man and my precious chicken with a pocket knife i had earlier and made a pie with their corpses and gave it to some poor guy in street who was begging for help, the guy ate the whole thing with pleasure.
    And now here i am talking to you buggers cause i can’t fuck a girl anymore thanks to my bloody retarded chicken,i miss it so much sometimes
    Please forgive me Matilda!

  2. Scat losers finally get to see something come out of her ass. Congratulations. Now fuck off.

  3. With such a large dick coming out of her asshole her womb should also be pushed out

    • I’d you know the lore of MGS5 you should know Quiet doesn’t have any organs. So this time this type of ATWT is completely fine.

    • Well since the human digestive system is about 25 feet long, that horse cock should be at least that to go all the way through without any damage.
      This is just as unrealistic as, say… Star Wars.

      • That doesnt make sense bro. The digestive system has twist and turns. So what happens when the cock goes in the mouth and hits a bend? Brutus will keep pushing and things will pop and rupture or everything just gets pushed out the ass

  4. >4 plus years of work put into BTQ series
    >not even 2 hours of content
    >almost 300 dollars per sub

    imagine supporting a creator in any positive way while they seem more content and concerned with promoting their (lacking) work ethic by posting never-ending, roundabout claims of the same fake excuses sprinkled in with recycled weeks-to-month old “WIP” assets posts with each project only given solely to further delay already completed content to scam even more rather than celebrating actual promised and timely released content to their loyal subscribers

    …now imagine defending this

    • Imagine coming to this site mere hours after a post and getting upset at ATWT horse porn.
      Do I think the results are slow? Yeah. Do I think it’s worth money to wait each month for no result? Not really, so I don’t subscribe monthly. At the end of the day Animo makes high quality vids for a niche fetish at are available for free. If people think what Animo does is worth the monthly subscription then who cares? Them subscribing allows us to get free vids to fap to. lol

      • He’s not making these for free, that’s the entire reason he milks this shit out. He’s made over $1.5 million dollars on this shit since it started.

        • If I was making that kind of money I’d milk it too. Who the fuck wouldn’t

        • Elaborate on this farcical number of 1.5m you came up with. I’d love to see you prove it. Because you can’t, can you?

    • I wish you all would stfu. Nobody cares. Youre still gonna be here for every post, every gif, and every little update til the shit drops regardless

    • Imagine complaining about how your animated horse fetish porn isnt coming fast enough. Jfc. Its every other comment with this shit. Its bad enough that we have all these scat fags lobbying to add literal shit into the mix

      • As the Soy Knights gathered for a last ditch effort in defending their flawed King and his domain… little do they know the castle has already fallen and their King long since abandoned them…
        >banned from over a dozen creator-friendly hosting sites
        >created dummy accounts to self-inflate view counts and “purchase” subscriptions to gain more followers
        >freely alters comments and blocks those that post proof of his past within SubScribe Star
        >posts “pay-only” versions of ALL his work on the same day for free while claiming not and that’s it’s “someone” else griefing/pirating
        >blocks users who point this out but does NOT remove their monetary support IF you complain to SubScribe Star
        >continually posts outsourced work as his own as this is the REAL reason these projects are months, if not over a year apart now
        >has at least 2 ToS violations pending regarding this among other things…
        This is who you defend
        This is who you support
        So yes. Please continue to shower me with your Soy-ism as you defend a man who laughs at all of us while gladly taking YOUR money for work, and posting it, that isn’t even his anymore. It’s one thing to support him if he provided fair content. It’s another if you willingly allow yourself to be his victim as all of are. Enjoy your next silent film posting around February with no mention of the previous bonus’ lack of, the previous game that’s over 3 years in the “making” using stolen assets, and defending a guy who treats you with such “kindness”.

        >not knowing his entire operation is a metaphor for fucking his fan base while he bags more money

        >some memes write themselves in the form of your eventual replies

        • Cool can I get proof to anything in that fucking chapter of bullshit? Or are we just going with “dude trust me”

        • Jesus man, you need to go outside more, you’ve ruined your brain by cooming way too much for your own health, also get that jizz addled brain checked, it can’t be healthy.

    • stop pocket watching another male and make money,you fucking beta males bitching about this shit is just getting fucking old its just 3D porno…PORNO!

    • Go touch some grass, actually go mate with some grass, go outside and fuck the lawn already you disgusting basement dweller.

  5. Aqui esta hijos de puta por lo que todos enfermos pediamos a gritos , animo tomate tu tiempo pero sacalo con audio.

  6. Eres un genio, llevo mucho esperando una escena de este tipo.

  7. Totally unrealistic, weird and fucked up. But somehow I still find it incredibly arousing.

  8. wow…..real mouth to asshole~ so fantastic~
    i will wait for full vesieon~!!!
    hurry up kudasai

  9. I’m back niggers
    >rehash old content
    >announce break
    >return from break
    >announce new project
    >scam people for a whole year
    >announce break
    >repost old content again
    Well played animo, Well played

  10. Post the proper first bonus already. When will the sound issue be resolved? Is the second going to have it too?

    • Maybe hes animating it all first and adding sound after. Ever considered that?

      • Actually he himself said that there are sound issues. Whjch means there’s a problem. Basic English, not hard to understand.

      • he commissions the sound out to other people
        we arent the only ones he fucks with with not giving them proper releases or honored dates

  11. You forgot something in all your movies. The chick flare. It only flares in Lara with horse 2 i think

    • guy takes six months to make a 5 minute silent film using 5-7 year old assets and software
      >you see a tech demo pushing the ps5 to it’s theoretical limits and think horse porn
      even if he had full access to it, it would take him YEARS between releases given his track record

      • it needs to be done – if it’s done right, it will look completely real, come on, this is the holy grail

  12. >why do you have the exact same problems with every release?
    >why are you never clear and purposely vague regarding releases?
    from no sounds to rendering mishaps to server overload to “I need more time for reasons” to some other random problem
    it just seems with every project, you post literally the same posts with only the date(s) and project(s) being different
    can’t wait for a null or troll response to literally the number one complaint each and every non-release posts

  13. I remember when I first subscribed to you on Patreon. Right after you finished the Laura one. Those where the days. Glad you’re still around.

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