Update on atwt bonus

I’m still working on the atwt bonus – it’s much more complex, than the previous one. There should be around 4 scenes in total, with 2 cumshots.

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  1. Take your time Animo.
    As a 3D artist, l know rendering feces being pushed out of the prolapse is tricky.

  2. I once went to farmers market to buy a huge pumkin for Halloween but there i saw her.
    My love and my life, oh how should i describe it! Everything was perfect within her.
    I immediately fell in love and talked to her. She was so sweet and kind that she gave me her number in our first visit, do you believe this shit?
    I died imaging our future life with her until i got home.
    The next day i called her for hanging out and she immediately accepted.
    I was wheezing!
    I bought her flowers and when i saw her, i gave it to her and she loved them and gave me a great juicy kiss.
    We went to a fancy restaurant and people were watching us in a weird way but i didn’t care, i was with my love.
    We talked’ bout every thing until it reached the sex stuff and she blushed and told me she had a surprise for me and already my johnson was hitting the table below.
    She invited me to her place late night and my god oh my god we had sex, but not just an ordinary sex, it was ment to be in heavens originally and she admited to me that she loves me aswell and we will make a wonderful couple till our death.
    We shared a kiss while my johnson was still in her beaver and i slept like a little baby.
    The next morning i wake up searching for my girl but instead i found a giant rotten watermelon with my dick sticked to it.
    That moment i found out that i was high on drugs the whole time and assumed the watermelon was my girl all the time.
    Man it shattered my soul like a stone thrown into a glass.
    Now that you are reading this, i am already on Golden Gate Bridge.
    Life is meaningless without her so do I.
    Remember me guys and weep for me.

    I begging to all who read this support animo on subscribstr and vote for him stop btq series and animate me with a mare instead . I have been fucking the same girls for 6 years already amd am getting real xhosted. Maybe some un can also contct peta for protection bcs animo has beem real hard on me cock. Also that purple potion gave me ball cancer nd rimmung from quiet waz nonconsenzual so please report rape to the police as well

    Pleeze take some actiom as imma poor horse real

  4. Do you think it will take a long time to release this Atwt bonus? I’m looking forward to this bonus, I found this action very interesting

  5. It will come out 2nd week of January 2022. Animo is more predictable than a Swiss watch.

  6. … shouldn’t you be adding sound to that bonus? Idk i feel like by making more unfinished content rather then actually finishing said unfinished content, you’re making everyone feel like you have no intention of actually finishing

  7. Hopefully there is both mouth —> ass ATWT and ass —> mouth. The LWH ATWT was so hot in part because you got to see the terrified look on her face, so I hope Animo recreates that with Quiet too

    • have someone punch you in the kidneys and eat alot of dairy,you’ll be scatting and bleeding in due time

  8. Please make it realistic! A dick going atwt needs to push all the guts and intestines out the ass and major prolapse onto the floor. Maybe quite can use the prolapse to masterbade

  9. >announce project
    >post teaser / recycled assets from previous project
    >1st delay / “weeks old work posted as new” post
    >post 2nd teaser / more unused- recycled assets from previous project
    >2nd delay / “look at me I’m working see?” post
    ^^^YOU ARE HERE^^^
    >announce paid release date with “unsure” public release
    >3rd delay / pushed back release dates (sound/server/need more time/rendering issues)
    >post new release date
    >release unfinished product to subs 1 minute before 2nd deadline ends and lock comments
    >rush to 4chan / reddit / r34 for a 5 minute video that took 6 months to make
    >laugh at people actually paying for this knowing he gives it away for free himself
    >release unfinished product to normies 7-10 days later
    >announce new project while teasing further/final completion of previous one

  10. why haven’t you told your supporters the truth? the REAL reason these are taking longer is because you’re using supporters money to commission out parts of the work you claim to be fully yours? think I’m bullshitting? this is slated for February/March release and will be 7 minutes long with no sound!

  11. In the name of Jesus H. Christ the Son of Allah the Camel Lover I hereby urge you all to stop watching the Unallahly Haram Coital Act of Horse on Beaver. Remember, as the Holy Quran sayeth: “Should a good man watch porn, it must depict Halal act of Man and Camel and afterwards the Animal should be killed on film or sold to another village.” This is the way of our Lord the Allah and those disabiding will get their ani burnt in Hell.

  12. I hate you animo.

    But I guess it’s fitting that he has dick cancer and is also a clown with a tube going from his own asshole to his mouth.

    You see guys, that’s how this how started. It was his obsession WITH the whole ATWT bonus. Yearning and yearning for more insight led him to the monster he has now become, painfully typing and plugging away with heavy code and seriously exhausting graphics at his keyboard,in his cum-dumgeon apartment. You just have to let life finish him off now, nothing left to it..

    And it is Not Sad! It is just life. Life is basically a clown with his own shit pumping into his mouth and you watch and you cry and you jerk off to it but then, ya go to work.

    Wow and work sucks. Let me tell ya, only way to distract yourself sometimes is to Google some fucked up shit. Like idk, a horse being forced to rape a woman’s farting asshole. It’d be awesome if it pushed all the way through her stupid body holy shit it does?!

    So you cum, then you reflect and ya go yep. I’m better than the person that Made the horse rape cartoons. So I’m gonna figure out how to connect with these other humans, who seem the actual reason of animo. DONT YOU FUCKING GET IT GUYS?!


    • when the comments are more entertaining and fap worthy than the actual content here… you’ve lost your audience

      • Though his substar counters tell a different story, the comments have long been more fun than the content for quite a time indeed

        • you do know he’s lost several hundreds every month since July when he released BTQ5 after 14 months, right? you do know for the next now 6 months after, he’s put out exactly 5 minutes of content while promising work on a 2 year old plus concept game that’s he’s only teased and used as a stopgap between projects to make subs happy, right?

          i dont understand how people can continue to support a guy that has put out a whopping 40 minutes of content in a single, tightly liked niche in over a year and a half and not expect something more for their money.

          • You kept posting that so often I could not help fact checking. And i didn’t notice anything of the sort; rather the sub count keeps slowly but surely creeping up actually.

          • >as of this post
            7891 subs paying 6 bucks a month totaling 47376 USD per month

            you a special kinda stupid if you think ANY creator is getting nearly 50K a month releasing the level of content AP has!!
            even if you factor in subscribe star fees and what have you, like 10% or something, he’s still getting nearly 44K a month cleared
            again… you are REALLY dumb to think this is real
            >pro tip
            he was warned then later banned years ago from Patreon & every other other creator friendly site he was on for having dozens of bot/dummy accounts to generate view and sub counts simply to get noticed. not to mention the multiple ToS violations and member back charging cards to remove their payment to him for lack of promised and guaranteed content you’re a dumb fool if think he hasn’t been doing it again!

          • You REALLY should get a life man. Or a mental health specialist perhaps.

          • instead of bitching and pocket watching go figure out how the fuck to get off your lazy ass and make some money instead.beta bitchass

      • meanwhile, you still believe a white guy is a white supremacist for justifiably shooting 3 other white people during a BLM domestic terrorist rampage during which said 3 white people shot were all either an unregistered sexual predator, or a previously charged felon carrying unlicensed firearms of which all admitted and proven to be aggressors in said case and yet you worship a guy that was carried from a court because of a cramp
        >the more you know

        • lol you been dying to get that off your chest…did you make the kyle cry face while writing your lil ptsd rant

          • not quite… I just made the face you make when confronted with actual reality along with facts proven under oath in a US court of law which happened to be on the same day a black man was accused of a similar event and also was found not guilty in his self-defense case
            >the more you know

          • lol you’re still on,stop making the kyle face…I think you need a lil ATWT yourself

      • imagine clinging to LeFlop’s three inch killer so hard that you felt the need to paraphrase his now deleted tweet on a horse porn blog
        to think you were the sperm that won the race while the best part of you ran down your mother’s leg
        damn son, seek Ra

    • he’s probably already stopped work like he did the past 3 years with this btq shit. imagine waiting another 6 months for another 5 minute, slient video

  13. good grief i miss a few days of shit posting and we got the usual suspects with trolls, a story written by a monkey, a 4chin boomer green text thing, a confessional of sorts that would even make father blush and even a blm/rittenhouse reference

    but you knnow what i dont see, ap posting anything even to his shirking paying base

  14. >not knowing the pattern
    he will post on 16.12.21 to claim rendering has begun
    he will give a soft release window before xmas
    he will then post on 23.12.21 saying he needs more time running into an “issue” while posting a “finished” rendered gif that’s weeks old (he’s left file attributes info in before)
    the new release date will then be around 15.01.22 with the public coming 10 days after that around 22.01.22
    in the end, you’ll get another soundless 7 minute clip including a link to the combined btq series as 1 video with transitions… great

    • yo you the same guy that did the timeline above?
      i mean your off the charts autistic and all… but you aint wrong

    • its just porn….you can calculate all this shit but cant get no type of pussy,not even fat bitch pussy

  15. can anyone help me right now? I mean, for real? I cant stop coming to this blog in the hopes AP senpai will finally notice me. I mean, i psoted up top before, but its still not doing anything. I shill and defend senpai lack of work almost daily at all his other posting and hosting sites all in the hopes I finally get noticed. can anyone tell me what I have to do to finally get noticed by senpai? you think he’ll acknowledge my humble work I do for him?

      • why is everyone so harsh? doesn’t everyone wanna be noticed by something or someone else? can’t help if I simp for a dude that makes horse porn once a year

        • its just horse porn who gives a shit,you might as well run around and check brazzer and all these other sites and make sure these daddy issues babies are being paid right

  16. Hey guys

    No update today just so juicing can shill more for me. Also haven’t seen Wirek in a while. If you’re reading this, please get back to me for the regular ass-eating session.

    Other than that, I’m delaying the release for a while for the gullible subs to give me more money xddd

  17. Ya all niggas need to go outside an mate with grass, not just touch it.
    The levels of sperg is astronomical with you people, go air out your coomer brain outside, seriously.

    • fuck you internet doctor ima blow this load when the fuck i fucking want to,i’ll squat like a gargoyle and nut in your fucking cheerios

  18. >18 months
    >40 minutes of content
    >over 100 dollars
    this is what you defend and shill for
    was it worth it

  19. H dear all,

    Animo’s mother here. I am very sorry to inform you that Jonathan sadly passed away today at the hospital. A week ago he had a particularly rough intercourse with our horse Julius and got a through and through perforation of his digestive system. We had to call rescue to actually get him off the horse’s penis. Jonathan was taken to the hospital where the doctors have been struggling for his life until today when he sadly parted with his life. His last wish was that I ask his supporters to keep donating money to BLM as he wanted to redeem himself from exploiting black slaves bought by his substar revenue. Please pray to God for Jonathan and may He have mercy on his soul.

    • how many double comments…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  20. >nearly 4 years into BTQ series
    >not even 2 hours of content
    >almost 300 dollars
    imagine supporting a creator more concerned with promoting their (lacking) work ethic with a neverending roundabout of the same fake excuses with each project given solely to delay content on purpose to collect even more money rather than celebrating actual promised and timely released content to their loyal subscribers

    • just shut the fuck up,stop counting another mans wallet and worry about getting your own money

  21. You will like it! ➀ πŸ“π–π–π–.π•π„ππŽ.ππ‘πŽ

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