BTQ Complete is released!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Today i released a full version of BTQ – with reworked/improved sounds, fully combined together in one video.

It’s posted only for supporters, but i will do a public release a week later.

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  1. Merry christmas animo!
    Also, do not let the haters bring you down, they’re just sad cunts that do not deserve your attention.

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          • There’s a slight difference between “funny and original” and “just trying to be funny and original”, i’m not going to help you with that one if it isn’t obvious to you already.

  2. animopron's super gay step uncle who molested animopron when he was but a wee little gay boy says:

    comment section is going by so fast nobody’s gonna know i’m gay

  3. Adoro suas animações, mas eu gostaria que tivesse uma versão com Loli, nunca vi uma loli ser estuprada por um pau gigantesco.

    • lolis e coisas gigantes devem ser uma das coisas mais abundantes q vc pode achar no fundo da internet… com cavalos inclusos

    • Loli e o que mais tem… Não com essa qualidade de animação mais tem demais na net sem falar que ele pega personagem prontos pra facilitar a animação

  4. For Christmas, I want … Santa to go down the chimney, rail my Jewish cunt with a black dick and impregnate me with Chinese semen.

  5. This is so bullshit!!! Why are you releasing this and not the atwt?!!! That is what we wanted its Christmas and you dont even release shit other than this..this is bullshit idgaf!!

    • Its what YOU wanted for christmas. I actually wanted the full compilation. So you can suck my dick. You must have been naughty this year for santa not to get you your wish. LMAO

    • cause hes sitting on it on purpose. he told his support back on october 22 the combined video was done and was gonna be online “this weekend” only for him to post the 1st bonus without sound. meanwhile the VA he commissioned was having RL problems and she only just got it done this week though he’s not going to release it anytime soon. next up is the bonus 2 followed by a bs hype collab of a 14 page comic book with DevilHS of sorts. no idea how thats gonna work out but dont wait around it. it’s not gonna be done any time if at all. Devil knows AP track record being a solo creator and milker…

  6. >reworked
    you removed the episodes individual credits and placed them in full at the end of episode 5 and used a instagram-quality filter to increase brightness and color

    You made everyone wait six months for something that took not even six hours to do (though this was already done by subs/fans months ago). Meanwhile, the only reason you did this was because you got shook hard by truth-trolls both here and in your pay area (Keep editing and deleting comments with actual links to screen shots of proof). I bet you think you’re a hero now by doing this, huh? That’s cool. I mean, it is the time of year to believe in made up things anyway…

    Meanwhile, still no word on that three year old Lara/Minotuar game. No word on that sound commission you can’t find anyone to do for the first bonus. AND you’re still sitting on the second bonus being done but are gonna milk that for another three months…
    >good work does not excuse poor work ethic

    • my dood just chill and go to f95zone
      they post EVERY THING this guy does and far better creators at that
      as for editing coments, he does that all the time when he gets a bug up his ass

    • >instagram quality filter to increase brightness
      I don’t see a single difference between this and the past releases.

      >keep editing and deleting commnets
      I think I would have heard about this somewhere else if it were the case. There are plenty of other forums that discuss Animo’s content. I have only seen a handful of schizos like you accuse him of this.

    • Its sad how all these grown men are defending him like some king lol he’s full of shit and excuses. Sitting on top of all.these projects.milking the shit out of them.

  7. Im just gunna say in the atwt there needs to be scat and like clumps of shit on the cock. It dont even need to look like shit or smell…just like light brown is enough. Cmon animo make it happen!

    he’s sitting on the soundtrack to both bonus parts right now but went ahead and released this first. the bonuses will be next month followed by an announcemnt about a collab comic book of about 15 pics of sorts between him and and devilHS. that will be like a year to make… ffs, you think after 5 years by then of doing the same shit, he’d change and do some other project by now

  9. nothing like telling your paying support this was complete back in october just to post it 2 months later like nothing. that and your purposelyholding back on the sound for the bonues and wont be releasing them anytime soon… and good luck on that comic book you and devil gonna be doing…HA… like that wont be released until 2023/4 the earliest…and fyi, this complete thing was done (better) some 6 months ago… f95zone sends regards

    • agreed. they had this six months ago. not with the credit removal, but they did combine and compress for easier download. this guy puts out a 10GB file like nothing and it’s fucking incomplete too! still, that comic book thing is gonna be trash. he mentioned that back in early november and him and devil havent even started any work on it. its gonna be a commison thing like all his other projects. they guy is terrible at timelines and releases

    • Lol i mean at the end he’s still making bank and youre not…pocket watching a porn site…ooufff you wanna bitch then go see how women are taking money and making bank off misleading bullshit on Onlyfans

  10. is anyone gonna tell him that freelance anons did this like months ago and with better voice acting too?

  11. why is the torrent for this stuck at 81% for everyone!? even when the guy actually releases it, he still fucks it up

    • Can you reenact with words what are they saying and intonation apostrophes ?

    • downloaded fine for me. mustve been the rush as he posted it, but still. Don’t waste y’all bandwidth. Literally nothing is different except its one massive file of the five 1080p versions of the episodes. Hard to beleive this took him 6 months to “make” considering he used a file joining prog, spliced the credits to the very end and made a torrent

      • Of course it’ll take him this long. Don’t you know? A n I M a tinG Ta k E s T i m E

  12. As good as your graphics are, I still don’t know who would pay $6 a month for the amount of content they’re getting. I mean, good material to get off to is not that common, but come on.

  13. Okay in ATWT please just make it realistic. We need to see the insides and guts pushed out the ass like a bunch of ground meat. Also if u can make a big prolapse like sausage links

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          • And im guessing your early-mid 20 ass thinks youre above him?? Motherfucker go sit at the kids table

    • One or Two children who aren’t supposed to be on the internet, thinking being a troll makes them feel self important. Likely visit other creator websites and do the same bullshit because they are intellectually retarded and bored.

  14. Guys I am with the NoFap movement. Whoever heeds my call will be like spreading the seeds. Some will perish but others will find soil and grow to yeald good fruit. Stop wasting your energy to the void, save it, cherish it and it will pay you back!

  15. I think it would be awesome if you somehow got this released on blu ray. I would buy a copy.

  16. he combined the 5 1080p clips into 1 and moved the credits to the end and called it day
    this is what you claimed to have been working on for 6 months along with a 5 minute bonus clip thats incomplete at best and used cutting room floor stuff you had from the series?

    so glad i dont pay for this shit

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    • Why r so many of u all so comically racist? Definitely wouldn’t be talkin like that in front of an actual black person…

    • Lol love how people still hide as a anon to use the N word…but you walk past them in real life quiet like a church mice

  18. Are there any Muslim Animo fans out there? Because I want to remind that Our God Allah condemns watching porn if it is not man-on-camel and 72 virgins will punish the sinners with strap-on dildos after death.

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