Working on BTQ bonuses

I started working on BTQ bonuses couple of days ago – i expect to release some of them this month already.

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  1. At the time of this message the comments section was peaceful. Only 5 comments (6 if you include this one) existed.

  2. All the raging 12 year olds must be asleep. They haven’t started bitching about anything yet

  3. Wow, expecting this month. Okay, see you on Christmas, I’ll send you a postcard

  4. All you sick fucks need to get a horse cock up your asshole and atwt. Better if brutus bitch slap you first with his cock and then cumflate you till you barf his cum

  5. Oh shit I’m late
    >rehash old content
    >announce break
    >return from break
    >announce new project
    >scam people for a whole year
    >announce break
    >repost old content again
    Well played animo, Well played

    • Think you could better then show us.
      You get this stuff for free so quit acting like bitch.

    • Oh! The copy/paste critic strikes again! I’m curious if you save your one and only masterpiece on your hard drive or do you just take it from your older posts? Or does your computer stay on all the time to keep it in the paste memory? Please share your ingeniousness with us, we want to know more how you managed to become so cool.

      • C/P doesnt make it less true
        were coming up on the “reset” in the holiday break post where he “forgets” current project(s) like lara/mino and the supposed bonus which he already said was a combined video… um, great? and do you really wanna see the same recycled stuff he did with atwt from lara/horse just with a different skin in quiet? the guys range is super limited

        • Yes, I want to see the same “recycled” Stuff, because it pleases me well. But if you don’t like it but still watching it, you are as dumb as your pathetic review. C/P doesnt make it less true…

  6. >BTQ bonuses
    because no one can combine mp4s like AP
    because this hasn’t been complete since may
    because AP needs to milk that dwindling sub money further before “holiday break”
    >lara game
    like clockwork as the month changed you drop all mention of it after getting torched and proven a liar from multiple anons last few posts with posts from your own blog no less which you’ve ignored both here and on subscribe star

    I have never seen a content creator defend their lack of effort and sparse published content so fiercely such as you. If only you spent half that energy into actually publishing content instead of pointless polls, recycled pictures/gifs and your personal favorite, the bait and switch

    • last paragraph is probably the most intelligent thing ever said on here… too bad it will get flamed and buried when the ap defense force gets activated with their triggered response
      .cry more
      .and get you’re still here
      .imagine crying about house porn
      It’s a damn shame since ap does actual good work of a high quality, but making people wait months and over a year for a single video of a ultra exclusive niche fetish porn shows he honestly doesn’t give 2 fucks about his subs as long as they pay

    • You don’t like then don’t show support. (which you probably don’t anyways lol)

  7. and just like that, Lara minotaur was forgotten in favor of more pointless BTQ extras. 3 plus years and and not even 100 minutes of video content provided to both subs and leeches alike
    both the trolls and loyalists get EXACTLY the same content

  8. Don’t know if it’s possible because I don’t know anything about rendering or your work process but I would definitely pay for VR POVs

        • Yeah i will bring my camera on a tripod and record your mom getting ATWT by a black dildo and all her guts will be pushed out

        • not about doing better, its about doing actual work which he doesnt. you could render on a potato PC quicker than he did wasting FOURTEEN MONTHS to make a 38 minute video

  9. Just wondering… How many bonuses did you make? If Its possible to tell us.

  10. Or, you know, at least start rendering this month. So maybe we’ll see them next spring or so. However long he decides to milk it this time.

    I feel like you have to say something like that to get attention beyond all the haters who be sippin haterade. The Lara with Minotaur animation most recently posted is one of my favorite porn clips I’ve ever seen. It’s low res obviously and really short, but if you made some sort of a clip with the woman on top riding a massive dong like this that’s my fave thing to see. Gives a really nice view of the ass. If you did this for one of the BTQ bonuses or you did it for someone else with a bigger ass that would be dope.
    I think one of the things that mentally excited a lot of us about Lara with horse was that it was basically all her choice. She kept coming back for more of her own free will. There are people who like more rapey porn, but I’ll just voice the interest for hardcore horse stuff that’s still largely consensual (like parts of BTQ and all of Lara with Horse). LWH had the horse pushing things further than Lara initially expected which was perfect, but at the end of the day Lara kept coming back for more. Anyway, looking forward to the bonuses. I love the sucking/farting noises and ATWT content too.

    • It’s ovious that Animo got his own fetishes that won’t change much over time. More or less it’s always a new version of Lara with Horse. But that’s the thing I really like, because every time he has some funny new Ideas to keep the same old story interesting. And if someone doesn’t like the base concept, he needs to find another source of porn stories or start creating his own ones.

  12. How about a horse doing some cunilingus… His long tounge deep in the womb and ass of quiet, maybe in XRAY

  13. still waiting on AP response to having paid subs now spending over 250 across 3 and half years for exactly NOTHING extra from what trolls like me get. I long abandoned supporting a person who defends their work ethic more than their actual work. I welcome ANY paid supporters to legit defend this practice

    • ap doesnt give two fucks about you, this blog or his paying subs for that matter
      hes not gonna respond either truthful or not
      if he does, hell deny and laugh you outta the building
      look we all know his MO at this point and were just about at that “reset” in holiday break post
      youve obviously been butt hurt so just move on
      you know it’s gonna be weeks (months) until those bonuses are released let alone the next project
      in the meantime, check out creators that actually create content and not gossip like this place has become

      • I dont know if Animo dont care or do care about me but i can bet you all of my money, property and life that I dont give a flying fuck about you or what you think. As a matter of fact I care to know when you death comes.

  14. you really gonna sit on this some more? it’s been 3 months already since you finished and still nothing on these bonus clips? then why are some paid people (supposedly) bitchin’ about these were supposed to be done already but you went and dug up old lara footage instead? at least tell us what the bonus is that way we can come back in 6 months when it’s done

  15. The comment section was so nice for a bit. What happened?

    Animo, you are doing great! Keep up the incredible work!

    • the 1st is on you,stop eating so much fast food,and the 2nd one is something came as a package of what you was going to be born with most likely,everyone strikes a deal with the devil at some point

  16. Make 1 or 2 things for ur game then go back to btq because u already have the content lazy ass.

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