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  1. >rehash old content
    >announce break
    >return from break
    >announce new project
    >scam people for a whole year
    >announce break
    >repost old content again
    Well played animo, Well played

      • Im not following him. I just come around sometimes to see what shit he has to say.

        • Sounds like you’re wasting your own time then lol. You should probably look into that.

        • that’s following, you fucking idiot. Claiming that it’s “passive” and then getting upset is the dumbest shit. There’s more to life than to be upset that your porn isn’t up to speed, get your shit together.

    • animo is like work ethic angel compared to wildeer tho
      btq was disgusting hydeous dyke waste of resources. hope game will have face and body customization cause sense of beatuty is not animo strong side.

    • >you must be new here
      These are from five years ago from a concept game he was working on during lara- horse. This was supposed to be the next project after that, but he went eighth BTQ. Three plus years later, time to trot out old work as new

      • >you must be lost in time
        We started doing first work on this game, exactly 2 years ago

        • >imagine working for 2 years just to produce 3 gifs

          no wonder you’ve lost so much support and have 4 ToS violations pending against you on SubscribeStar. that being said, you might want to check YOUR OWN post both on here and your subs page. YOU’VE stated this was born from that very lara concept game. but that’s ok. not like that, or this will see an actual release and is just being used to sting followers and subs along until you announce your next project

          • when ever truth bombs like this drop, the shill bots soon appear to defend their master…

            regardless, a bit over the top for “horse porn”
            still doesn’t make the rant less true
            well put

          • 2 years included over 30 minutes of 3D animations that are high quality compared to your average loops of other animations, voice acting, and liquid rendering. You have to be the dumbest fucking moron if you’re thinking that these are easy feats or if you think that you just did a “GOTCHA” moment.

            Hey how about this? Go outside. do your hobbies, taxes, whatever the fuck, because clearly the only tough shit you have in your life is to be a mongy bitch about how your horse porn animator isn’t your slave and how you wasted maybe 5 dollars in your sad pathetic dorito dust filled life in those 2 years you greasy fucking tool.

        • When a content creator defends their work ethic more than their actual work…

          Holy fuck, no one cares about time stamps or 2 v 5 years with this. In that time, you’ve ONLY released GIFS with this! And since we’re talking facts…

          FACT: 3 plus years to make BTQ while not even being 100 minutes of content

          FACT: Subs paying over 200 dollars for said content during that time, and nearly 80 dollars in the 14 months you took to make BTQ5 at 38 minutes.

          FACT: EVERY single release since Ellie in Chains you have had delays with… the exact same ones every single time. How many times can you mess up renders, forget a soundtrack, crash server, “run out of time”, random issue after random issue. NEVER one self posted date kept…yet you kept taking money!

          FACT: this is the third time you’ve used a side project intended for release just to bridge the gap between mainline projects

          Just admit it and be done with it. This is string subs both angry and potential subs along until “another holiday break” from which you’ll come back to post the new project which itself, won’t be released until this time, but next year.

          >inb4 rent free
          More like I know the business motto and exactly how ap does things to both subs and help alike. Now go and release that 3 month old ATWT-XRAY of BTQ clips…oh wait. It’s not December yet. Still 3 more months to collect that money for 3 gifs from a bait n switch project

        • we??? lol 2 yrs??? that shit should’ve been done then or at least a demo lol stop bullshitting yourself animo

  2. This is very good animation! Will we be able to see progressive permanent damage to the heroine back entrance?

  3. Looks awesome – I really hope the game will be released one day.

    Don’t think anything else is remotely near this in the quality of the animation.

  4. Oh man this looks great. Hopefully the game will include some full-on animals as well as anthropomorphic creatures like the minotaur.

  5. OMG, this is so much better than I dared hope for after the first time you showed gifs from the game, seriously I can’t wait. Any estimated time of release? 1 year, 5 years?
    I wanna be a supporter when this is all you’re working on

  6. Looks fucking amazing. Idk why you guys troll animo so hard. You’d lose a lot of fap material if he stopped refilling the cookie jar

  7. Make new vids with the Tanuki girl from BNA and a few beastmen to fck her everyway possible. Possibly use the white wolf in both his forms and there are beastmen that represent horse, rhino etc… Just pick those with the biggest cocks to stretch the little bitch. She can transform too so add that into the mix.

  8. I’ve never seen so many people bitching and moaning about needing to wait a while to get their free porn… lol. Get a life you losers, you can always just never come on this website again but you choose to bitch and moan every post instead… haha, pathetic

      • like anon said up top
        >when a content creator defends their work ethic more than their actual work
        AP has a long history of blowing deadlines and disappearing for weeks leading up to, and even beyond sometimes, on self imposed and posted deadlines. it’s clear he borderline abuses his paying subs. shame since his work is good quality, but when you take a year to make a single video. that’s just horrible

    • did you ever think these commenters are actual paying subs? AP answers in the paying area about as much here. plus he deletes comments too

    • I have to say that this is not “free”. Many people pay for this, and the author does get a lot of money to support his work, but the author always looks for excuses, which is why people are so angry.

  9. great animation
    what about more licking and titjob and rubbing action and more dirty words and fondle her body

  10. PSA: this 2 year old project is nothing more than a 1 minute teaser video and 3 gifs… you should feel bad

  11. can we move on from Lara and Quiet at this point? so many other and better characters out there

  12. getting mutant rat vibes from that angle with that tail. ever consider doing like girl on girl with body length dildo or something? maybe it’s time to the barnyard rest for a bit, no? i mean with lara and quiet ridin’ horses for years now. why not let just 2 girls go at it with an ever increasing dildo

  13. I don’t know what’s wrong with the people in the comments, everyone bitching sounds like an entitled 15-year-old who hasn’t paid for anything in their life but still thinks they have the right to complain. Keep up the work and actually, you know what? Take your time. Your work is worth the wait, and your own wellbeing takes precendence over everything else.

  14. What engine are you using? If it’s unity or unreal, can you please enable stereo rendering during the sex scenes for VR viewing.

  15. Idk if you, Animo, will actually read this and cara about what I’m talking but, let me try.
    I think it’d be great if you added some x-ray option for anal, vaginal and blowjob scenes, in the movies and in the game. Another thing: I think it’d be really nice if you make her belly bigger when the monsters cums inside her. I mean, not really breed, but as if she was a cum holder (of course, not all the semem). That’s just suggestion, I just really appreciate your content, it’s almost perfect..

  16. Bulge looks nice. hope there is a pregnant version of her? or bloated belly would do the trick?

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