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  1. ATWT would be great and maybe the other girl could get the mouthload at the other side.

  2. Please ATWT into Interrogators ass, out her mouth into Quiets mouth as they kiss 💋

  3. When I watched the episode with this scene I was wondering if this would happen very nice!

  4. Мне дозновательница хозяйка брутуса понравилась больше она офигенная

    • To call it gay, Brutus needs to be a mare wielding a strapon dildo – Somehow that idea makes me horny. Can’t tell by myself if I am now a pervert, gay or both…

  5. Come on guys, we’re better than this
    >rehash old content
    >announce break
    >return from break
    >announce new project
    >scam people for a whole year
    >announce break
    >repost old content again
    Well played animo, Well played

  6. >amazing
    it only took 3 months to produce 1 render from a series that took over 3 years to complete
    didnt you say this was complete along with the combined BTQ files into one seamless video
    whelp… so much for that distract-! i mean side project of lara/minotuar
    now people can return to bitching about BTQ (again) for the next 6 months until this is released (again)

    • you forgot to add
      when you post a render that was already posted (leaked) to a sub reddit weeks ago and try to pass it off as “new” now

      that being said, youd think after 3 plus years of doing one single series and pretty much the exact same clip each time, youd move on to something else. shame because i thought that lara game was actually gonna happen

  7. Why you guys so obsessed with anal? Wtf dude
    Btq 2 and were too much anal already
    Fk this shit

    • I agree, i hope one bonus is about Quiet getting a vaginal creampie.
      (since in the full release never got one).
      Well that, and more girl on girl action.

  8. Nice!
    Still hoping from some pussy eating, kissing or feet licking between the girls.

  9. still hope to see Brutus gets pegged by strapon, or at leat prostate massage

  10. i hate bisexuals, look at that girl being top and bottom at same time, ew, u either top OR bottom not both, i hate it

  11. guy is giving rockstarand EA a run for their money with reusing the same stuff over and over expecting people to care/support about. btq reuses so many angles its not even funny. lara/horse was vastly better. true it didnt have much voice over but at least it was different with each clip and wasnt recycle crap simply used to pad runtime and to justify a 3 plus year creation to complete

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