Update on BTQ

I’m currently working on the last action scene for Interrogator. I will post something more here soon, but i don’t want to spoil the cumshot moment before release.

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  1. if I told you that I was really a starfish that found a cellphone under the docks would you still love me ????.

  2. You’ve been doing a great job. The best I’ve ever seen. Keep it up.
    PD: please do an All The Way Through scene, or at least a bonus one

    • Do u have any idea till when the part 5 will finally release i check the site daily just in the wait of that only because of BTQ only started watching animie porn

    • Yes please rimming have the girls stick the face deep into brutus ass and then brutus fart on them and maybe even shit a little on their face and have fart sounds please thank you

  3. @animopron. Love your work. How soon are we looking at on that next preview?

    • Just long enough to get about 17 more billing periods out of all the gullible subscribers here, and then finally release it the day after the accounts are all charged one more time

          • I’m here enjoying the free content. You’re here crying, whining, and bitching like the broke, entitled pee-pants crybaby you are. That’s the difference. And you’ll be back each day, hitting F5 and hoping for a release, running your mouth in the comments because you’re a manchild.


          • dude stfu you sound like a bigger man child just throwing random insults together that dont make sense..stfu

  4. Just want to say I check this site 3 times a day for the new installation and can’t wait! I’m so excited and love the fuck out of any fart noise as a horse cock goes into a butt. Again, youre awesome af. Thank you♡

  5. Amazing, i wonder what masterpiece will it be:) (secretly hoping for an even bigger belly, then maybe some atwt into quiet, who knows right?)


  6. Could you please release VR versions of your videos? My Reverb G2 will arrive in a few days

  7. Congrats on streamlining this so well that its taking under 5 months to nearly be done

  8. hopefully belly will leak and all that poop that was in her intestine flows out with the cum. also since u did ellie in chains when will there be a femboy…

  9. Guys.. Is there something wrong with us for being into this animated bestiality porn? I’m pretty sure it’s my favourite fetish, but I feel so disappointed in myself for liking it.

    • As long as you don’t force anyone into it especially in real life, you’re good. People like videogames with disembowelment and even worse shit yet they don’t go around killing people, all is fine.

    • I mean i dont have a fetish for it but i just love the impossible hardcore porn you can make with 3d animations. And im not like those other retards here who is afraid to see atwt anal etc. But this guys quality in animating it makes it so much better than just some weird 3d horse shit too

    • As long as you dont like gay ass ANAL shit all is fine, u r normal straight male

      • As if on queue, here’s the closet faggot that is scared of fucking girls in the ass.

        All of Animo’s videos involve anal sex. Maybe just, don’t come here? Pussy.

  10. Não esqueça das legendas em português/Brasil por favor, adoro o seu trabalho.

  11. We need with a Minotaur, 2 horses (at the same time), or a Cereberus:

    Yorha No.2 (Nier Automata)
    Ciri (Witcher 3)
    Yennefer (Witcher 3)
    Triss (Witcher 3)
    Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)
    Suri (Black Panther’s sister)
    Harley Quinn
    Wonder Woman
    Power Girl
    Jasmine (Aladdin)
    Jessica Rabbit
    Claire (Resident Evil 2)
    Chun Li (Street Fighter)
    Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat)

    • Hmm good thinking choices.
      Chun Li – not a lot of porn about, Jessica – yes, she’s great for big troops, Harley are just monsterfucker (as usual), and Yorha – you’ve been created just for that, no exceptions.

  12. Lara and horse was your best work,.. subjectively, this is much better objectively but i liked Lara & horse much more.. i am hoping for good interactive one to come sometime in future
    Btw i hope everyone is well,.. i feel like its very bad to get ill from anything these days so i wish every one good health…

  13. Sir please.!post the 2 or 3 mints shorts clip for us as soon as possible because i can’t wait it anymore

  14. Amazing work. Would love to see the sluts passionately rimming Brutus asshole for several minutes. This to prove their love for him from the deepest of their harts and their tongues the deepest in his ass

    • I am a straigrh person and i don´t see the problemen wit the anal, besides, the last cum was in the uterus

    • Did you both READ the message that author leaves? He not wanna spoil cumshots (it can be one continous like in previous ep, or like lwh4 – two, and even more, where is that balls-refilling potion gone again?…).

  15. Is there a rough estimate for a release date and do you have a Twitter that I could follow you on

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