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  1. Unrelated but haven’t read the answer anywhere. Will your game support VR? Really really hope you can. Your Lara with Horse VR test a few years ago was incredible.

  2. you have thought about how you are going to sell your game. Are you going to launch it on a steam-type platform?

        • Who knows? The 4th part was supposed to be the last, but Animo decided to extend the period of milking money from the supporters and split it into two parts. Maybe then he will want to “extend the pleasure” even more and make another part?

      • That’s a lot. Can’t we get it quicker?
        I love the series and story too. But I feel that Animo just wants us to wait longer and doesn’t actually need more time

    • Fr same she is getting her ass tearing apart I didn鈥檛 think she was gonna get fuck in the ass


    let him fuck her pussy. make her womb prolapse. or some other degenerate shit. but stop with this fucking gay shit holy fk. whats next? furry porn? are the majority of your patreon fans really faggots? or why are they keep voting for LGBT stuff??

    • More anal please (Quiet could help ruining that ass, the interrogator certainly didn’t refrain) ! Just ignore that pussy, this is punishment ! Go till she enjoys her ordeal just like Quiet did before, Brutus ! And that should make Quiet jealous (she didn’t try this fullsize Brutus – wait, is he fullsize ? ) and wanting more ballsdeep anal pounding treats. But anyways, thanks for the hard work Animo, eager to watch this. Curious about the game too, of course. But as much as i enjoy the horsecoks you used to satisfy Lara and our new couple of stars, i wonder if you’re still wanting to try something else someday, like tentacles or humanoid monsters ? Thanks again.

    • mmmm now make quiet crawl up brutuses ass and she crawls her way to his stomach and sits there and digests. When she gets digested brutus starts shiting out her clothes but his cock gets 2x bigger and fucks the interrogator but then quiet emerges from his cock and pulls her inside his cock and they both get digested together and brutus is left with a giant cock that aches for me and fucks proceeds to go out and absorb more ladies by shoving them up his ass and then digesting them to make his cock bigger. He then will eventually encounter a group of femboys and then fuck them till her cum and get pulled up his cock to become apart of him and slowly he begins to turn into a horse man who goes out and fucks femboys and shoves ladies up his ass to be digested and absorbed and pooped out

    • lol i hope one day your spouse pulls out a strap on while you sleep and anals the fuck out of you,could happen in jail too so we can wish on that too

    • Yeah, more anal! This is awesome!

      That insecure afraid-of-anal little cocksleeve can go hide under the same rock he crawled out from.

  4. Imagine if Quiet started to get worried now. She tries to make him back away…but as he slips out it makes him mad. He moves forward, rams into the other hole, breaks the thing holding his legs up (making the interrogator grab on the stirrups), and runs outside, pounding the interrogator deep with every step.

  5. Is she gonna lose the cum filled belly yet? I wanna see that cock bulge going through her.

    • If we are speaking frankly, her intestines and stomach and lungs would be bruised and broken and bleeding from that kind of position and fucking

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          • No way am I sharing video I’m not risking getting done for enjoying illegal mischief but gf is watching her copy as I’m strapped under his belly with him in my ass legs and arms tied over his back my pony is standing next to us and I’m sucking on him as I’m held tight so he’s buried balls against my ass she knows to slap my pony on rump so he drills into my throat as she knows I love him stretching my throat

        • God he’s so thick it’s tight as hell fit his head so flared and swollen I’m bent over under him hanging by him stuck inside my womb he’s getting my ass next

      • Nup can’t be assed punctuation I’m getting my holes punched that’s what matters most, considering other comments at least I’m not hating on others

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          • God I love that girl of mine, vet lube so slippery made it impossible to stop him sliding deeper and deeper god he reached some depths that’s why love my girl so much I’m her toy and she can enjoy doing anything the kinkier the better she had foot of him in before realised and had more rammed in sadly no chance entire length but him cumming that deep wow

        • That’s great you’re not another hater. That is pretty nice fanfic although proper punctuation would make it even better.

          • Sorry hunny I’m all girl and it’s comments like some that appear here that prevent me from sharing videos of me breaking law in my country for pleasure , I wish I was in country it was legal but not here I’m just lucky we have place in secluded bush countryside , I love my girl dominating me as I love getting fucked in all manner kinky ways but I will always blow my pony every day before anything else he fits my throat so nice and cums down it and even empties his bladder sometimes all buried in my throat

        • Well, you find time to put apostrophes, and a couple of commas also slipped by you, so it is quite possible to find time and put down the missing punctuation marks

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  7. Does anyone have a good pornsite or specific video of anime belly bulge ?!
    Please answer directly to my message !
    Thanks in advance

  8. OMG!!!! You鈥檙e the man, that鈥檚 gorgeous.
    Please make a rimming scene with brutus like the previous part. I’d like to see that again.

  9. OH HELLLLLLS YA! Brutus cock totally DESTROYED her asshole and broke the intestines and now it broke her stomach and organs and guts! look how deep he is pounding. All the innards are for sure broken now and bleeding

  10. Brutus is fucking her so deep in her asshole with his thick cock.. he need to cum inside it then fuck her brains out in her pussy

  11. Please tell me that her pussy is plugged up a baseball. And after Brutus is done with her ass, have Quiet plug it with two baseballs. Let the stomach to stretched to the max before it all shoots back out.

      • Hahaha a Football works for me. A basketball might be slightly too big in my opinion. I was thinking the baseballs in the beginning but you’re right; might need something bigger than that at this point.

    • Yeah! Stuff some big balls into her pussy until it rips open and bleeds. There is no way the pussy can hold a basketball. It will stretch until the pussy and asshole rips and becomes 1 big hole nice

  12. We need you to make a brutus animation fucking a man, putting his thick cock in him. Its a request, I hope it’s fulfilled.

  13. Since this is unrealistic……..At the end, screen turns black then 9 months later…….We see 2 half human half horse laying in a pool of blood….Both ladies are laying on the floor dead with their stomachs torn apart……Brutus in the corner, chilling

    • Hells yah!! The girls insides and guts are for sure all damaged and broken from the cock pounding

    • yes them being inside his ass and slowly digested while he poops out their clothes. his source of food is them slowly fueling him up and causing his cock to get bigger

    • Why dead? If Loki managed to give birth not even to an ordinary horse, but to an eight-legs horse, and survive, then why can’t these super-whores be able to give birth to ordinary centaurs?

      • I’m mentally retarded yet you on here watching a horse fuck a woman…Idiot

  14. some of you were hoping for new position well this isnt new. hmmm i can think lots of ways for horse postion

    • there’s just a gag about “my amazing horse” and “tasted so crazy”.

      • huh? oh you were hoping i have farm barn and horse? sorry maybe you do im poor ass hell. im only here because people wanted new position which pron fail to deliver. if your crazy keep it to your self. i dont walk down that road with horse like you if your in to that. the moment i comment here shit head like you or other bashing me. like i said keep your crazy to your self you horse fucker

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    • Honest question, what makes you attracted to that? Is it similar to a foot fetish where it鈥檚 a legit mental problem? (Not being rude it actually is an issue with the brain)

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  17. Alrighty placin bets how many weeks, months, years, and or decades, for this bitch to come out. Also side note yall asking for scat your opinions are seen just ignored because you are simply just wrong.

  18. Someone so afraid of anal as you must have some horrible experience in their luggage. But please, eve if your dad fucked you in the ass as a child, dont take that out on the rest of us. If we want to se a GIRL getting fucked in the ass, let us have that oppinion. We would let you have your oppinion as well if you left out the “gay” comments because lets face it, the biggest -asshole- here is you.

    • but why the ass when the pussy is right there? you like to have your cock smelling like shit and looking brown? Ohhhh I get it…you are one of those scatfags then

      • You could say the same thing about the pussy. Why fuck the pussy when the ass is right there

        • LMAO because i dont want my cock smelling like shit when Im done? and I dont want shit on my cock and in my cock? Clearly you are fine with that scatfag. go watch more scatporn

          • What kind of nasty asses are you fucking? Disgusting hobo

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  19. New day. Same thing.

    After being a once supporter, and now seldom lurker here. I check in when I hear some buzz… nothing has changed here. I’ve figured out a long time ago what this blog, and it’s comments, are all really about. Some are genuine. Stumbling on this blog via some rando p0rn site, or doing a search on a title video they saw. But most are just shill/defense bots. Anytime some questions a release date, or the product direction. Out come the shill/defense bots defending the laziness/desire-less of the creator to finish the product in development in a timely, or declared manor. Or even the F-U, or “you can leave” response (like this will get). Imagine defending a guy who blatantly takes advantage of so many for thousands a month in 2020. This when this is far better creators that charge little or nothing at all… and minus the “delay-tactic” BS.

    How quickly people forget just two episodes ago (Episode 3 BTQ). He released a paid support “full” version but with no sound. Then waited two more weeks to release the audio track with the full public release. 90% of these posters weren’t even around when it was proven he started this trend during the middle of Lara X Horse. Where it was proven he purposely held back content for weeks. Even months at a time. Someone even posted it in Reddit with a screenshot proving it. All to simply to lie about delays around the same time every month, or every other month. All just to get more money for an already completed project. Sure, nothing illegal, but it’s a terrible practice.

    I really didn’t want to admit it, but I see it now. He really does just milk his supporters for months for work that takes not even two weeks. Same cycle every time. Website issues. Sound issues. 2/3 release dates “missed” every episode. And my fav, the rendering that takes weeks for a 15-20 minute clip… right. Just be warned… wait for the public release or “search” for the paid one.

      • I have also noticed you start off your comments exactly the same way. EVERY time. Do you not know any different phrases? LMAO. ‘Yet you’re still here’ ‘Yet here you are’. JESUS

    • Lmao bruh its fuckin horse porn. Whooooo cares. This shit has me rollin. Y’all folks act like this is some AAA developed masterpiece. Its horse porn lol

      • It’s not even a horse porn. This is just modulation of enormous things. Are you for real thinking like that? *doublefaced*

    • This man wrote a whole damn essay about some shit he’s more than likely not backing financially, that hes still gonna indulge in whether it came out today or 5 months from now, like who gives af
      I could understand if ur one of his backers or whatever, then id maaaybe get y youd be frustrated. But if youre not, u really need to stfu about it

    • The amount of people worked by that essay of truth is amazing
      The amount of shilling for a known con-artist is unreal even by 2020 standards
      The amount of samefagging with the comments is obvious
      What, you think he actually reads this blog? That he actual cares what you think? That you’ll get an award for being the whitest knight? Samefagging “nigger” comments over and over? Awards for the anon who gets worked the hardest by his work ethic/comments? 95+% of these comments are from bots/people that don’t support let alone even care after they click away. It’s been known for years how this guy “works” and drags his work out to milk support money. Most of the shit-tier guys do it. Shit’s been done for years by people who just don’t care. Maybe you all should do that too! yOu ArE dEfEnDiNg PoRn!

  20. Maybe now is the time when the asshole’s is so wide open the other bitch could stick her head in the broken asshole,It would be a fantastic perversion

  21. Excellent work. I’m waiting for the full video.

    By the way, I have two videos of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler licking each other’s pussy.

    If you have interested by those rare ones…

    • @animopron can you tell us what is status of BTQ EP5 atleast give us expected released date.

      • If there is no more scenes to add except cuming and postcuming punish, i think march/april, not closer.

  22. ‘Oh fuck my ass is going to prolapse…I can feel it, get this cock out of me!’ Then brutus stops fucking her, pulls out and she jumps off holding her ass. ‘Oh you’ve wrecked my ass its gonna fall out, what have you done!’ Then she lets go pushes out all the cum and her prolapse follows, rolling out about 12′ long and really fat. Now that would the perfect way to end this 馃お

    • Really? Two most overhumped persons in media that they doesn’t have SO MUCH content (not gaming content, erotic2porn content), you cant be serious, right?

    • do you like making brutus big cock go so deep that it breaks all the organs of the girls? and crushes all the guts like squishing an orange?

  23. Guess what? Anuther week without a gif fer ya loozars. Wait until Maestro buys another hundred black South African slaves motherfukkaz

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  26. >imagine thinking this even qualifies as shit tier porn
    just because 2020 has been horrible
    doesn’t mean your taste in porn has to be

  27. Not wanting to trigger another rant by “Anonymous”, but what did happen to the ropes that were trying her ankles to her thighs in the previous GIF, as there is no way her legs would stay in that position while having her ass destroyed without having some restraints in place.

  28. Animo ! there is possible a scene when she’s penetrate by Brutus and the same hole to insert fist or double fist while another hole is penetrate with huge dildo or something…total destruction………….

  29. Why does she look like she preggo ? At least Quite got the cum out of why didn’t she?

  30. I hope Quiet fucking this super cock, anal of course !!!!!! Hugs Animopron !!!!

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