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    • I think that is optimistic. More like halfway though the animating part.

      Then comes the rendering.

      That takes longer than animating.

  1. he said he didnt want to spoil the cumshot scene, hence this is the halfway mark like anon said.

  2. guesstimating: her legs will fall behind her head and the shaft will come our her mouth, bet?

  3. Does anyone has some good stomach bulge video or comics ?
    Thanks in advance !

      • Nah I guess he meant that thing from Lwh parts with “all the way through” all the way through from ass to mouth by other words

        • What about into the mouth of the interrogator and out through ther ass where quiet is rimming her and gets a stomach full of cum from the tip of Brutus cock?

      • house* you dumb fuck learn,youre just as stupid as your mother when she texts me come intead of cum

        • LMAO! house is not the correct word dumbass. home is. learn your english. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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  4. Be wasn’t kidding when he said this will be extremely hardcore. I’m telling you guys hardcore animal and futa even monsters harder sex is in the market more artists would make tones of money doing that alone. Animopron is just making bank because he’s doing it right.

  5. Don’t make cu come out of her mouth yet. I already know that’s gonna happen. There just needs to be a huge plug (baseballs, football, something in the shed) afterward the cumshot to make it an horse cum enema torture since Quiet wants revenge…and plus some lol

  6. This is definitely going in the same direction as Lara with Horse 2 with the horse coming inside her ass resulting in fountain out of the mouth. Our maybe Quiet will plug her mouth someway making the Interrogator’s belly pop with the cummy and bloody entrails flying all around

  7. We need with a Minotaur, 2 horses (at the same time), or a Cereberus:

    Yorha No.2 (Nier Automata)
    Ciri (Witcher 3)
    Yennefer (Witcher 3)
    Triss (Witcher 3)
    Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)
    Suri (Black Panther’s sister)
    Harley Quinn
    Wonder Woman
    Power Girl
    Jasmine (Aladdin)
    Jessica Rabbit
    Claire (Resident Evil 2)
    Chun Li (Street Fighter)
    Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat)

      • But wasn’t there two put in…I only remember one coming out lol. I need confirmation down to the minute

          • Yeah there was 2 for sure and the first one comes out in part 1 at 12:55 like he said but I don’t recall the second one to come out.

          • And the second one comes out at 10:24 in part 2. So they are out for sure. I think the interrogator should hold onto them now

    • The first one comes out just before Brutus fucks her then the second one comes out after he came in her stomach.

  8. animo, i like ur work, but i cant understand why do u bow before lgbt+ community by making more and more anal scenes? im sure most of ur fans are straight people who want to see more VAGINAL sex

    • Is this some new direction of trolling or just a mob of virgins having no idea about sex whatsoever?

    • yes we do. God created a cock to shoot cum into the pussy. He didn’t plan for faggots that stick cocks into shitholes. Why would you want to fuck a dirty asshole when the pussy is so much more moist and contracts and you can feel the cervix

      • Why do some people do blowjobs if there is pussy. Why do you drink beer or stuff when there is water, like god gave us?

        • Just letting the fact slide that you think god exsist, but even if you think he does. The fact that he does exist not only means that he intended it to happen, he saw it coming, he is seing it coming, if the people was real he would be feeling, doing it and capable of stopping of them. think about that for a sec. any of the omni powers is a bitch to argue away.

  9. I know it’s prolly too late for ideas, but how about this:
    Brutus starts cumming in the ass, when the cock slips out and while moving and while still cumming pokes it straight into Quiet’s throat deep down.

    Would be cool.

  10. I’m loving where this is heading, I remember when my pony got to take my ass the whole way, luckily he isn’t as big but 12 inches horse still goes deep, his balls slapping my thighs as he buried his cock deep in my ass was heavenly

      • Not at all I have 18 inch toy I use reguraly, he’s not big size pony 12 inches long but not too thick very manageable

          • Tell us more sasha. I’m down to read about your adventures with your pony while waiting on part 5.

          • lmao sasha is a guy in real life. have fun imagining gay sex

  11. I inherited little lifestyle block in very secluded rural spot when I found out and took my BFF who I’ve known since kindergarten went to take possession we found aunty had mini horse, after lot of alcohol and admitting to my BFF I wanted her to be my girlfriend she said yes if I’d give mini horse a hand job, well I couldn’t resist after grooming him till he looked beautiful I did more than just hand job I licked and kissed his cock, seeing he wasn’t to big I sucked him too even deepthroated him that’s where it started, since then we each bought pony and I’ve been the fuck toy for all three since.
    I love getting fucked by the ponies and live with gorgeous red head with hot body who loves my Curvy ass and pussy and I love being her dirty horse cock slut

    • We recently adopted two racing horses who weren’t meeting standards and were being sent for slaughter, friend who works in stables told us so we had time to adopt them before too late, they are lovely and so gentle and placid, we’re are looking forward to trying to train them.

      Both bigger than pnies but if we are careful I think they will be great fucks then I’ll have 5 to satisfy, which is ideal as I’m real nymph and love anything kinky

      • Being young they are friskie and easily excited so after grooming them a have started giving them hand jobs and involved licking and popping them into my hot wet mouth and I love them covering my face in horse cum, it’s quite tasty and little sweet, both very placid and happy to stand still which is great.
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        • When she found out I wanted to be her lover more than BFF we discovered we loved huge toys and nothing would get me to say no whenever she wanted to go more extreme that’s how I ended up fucked by pony she had me on my back tied down helpless blindfolded and after throating mini horse and warmed up my ass with large dildo she had pny mount me and ram his cock in my ass I was an addict after that so now her toys are for my pussy our pnies get my ass mini gets my throat and with training I’ll be fuck toy for our adopted stallions she knows I’d love to try belly riding

          • That is pretty nice fanfic although proper punctuation would make it even better.

          • LMAO imagine being the grammar police on a horse porn website

          • That’s Wirek, he always says retarded shit cuz a horse fucked half his brain out

          • Dude that was quite the fantasy, do you dream about that everytime you take hormone blockers?

          • Such a shame so many are quick with negative comments.
            I’m very tall stocky build blinded dutch woman I’m no skinny take but not fat either , I have very curvy figure and fortunate enough to be statuesque girl made for kinkier mischief.

            No I will not share vids or pics as I run risk of getting caught and sent to jail as it is illegal in this country I live in , not like holland where I was born.

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            My girl has never wanted or had a cock but loves her large toys to use on me and gets soaking when watching me satisfy horse cock.
            So to all you haters get a life I love being impaled by thick horse cock I wish I could be quiet or Lara and have a brutus and one day I will for now I’m happy to have stallion ram into my ass whilst my darling ponies shoves his down my throat and choke on him till both empty their balls

  12. >imagine knowing this final episode is already done
    >imagine knowing it’s release will be teased for another 2 months
    >imagine knowing the next project being a return to an old favorite

        • You’ll be here, every day, posting your crybaby bullshit under each post. Keep yelling into the void, tittybaby, it’s funny lmao

          • >imagine a world in where you can not criticize nothing but must accept every thing
            >imagine a world where OP (AI) can not even look at a mirror and accept truth
            >Imagine all of this just to get noticed and get a (you)
            quite sad my friend, quite. don’t worry. this will be leaked on the subs and chans all the others. just hang on and shill a bit longer for no reason

          • If you’re going to use greentext, do it right retard. If autists on 4chan can do it, what’s your excuse, dipshit?

      • >imagine white knighting for a man that makes horse porn in the hopes you’ll be noticed
        this is you my friend, this is your life. you are an unpaid shill hoping to get a (you). well done sir so here (you) go

          • whelp im convinced
            you’re an (un)paid shill
            hardly a master at your craft given the other (bots) white knights
            a crowded field so I understand your desperation to standout
            perhaps if you were a (former) supporter you’d see things a bit different
            then again, you still wouldn’t
            so here we are… no
            here you are

  13. Nearly six months of work and he’s only posting gifs at this point? FFS it’s time to move on boys!

    • you must be new here friend. this won’t be released until the end of next month at the very least. this after two or three missed scheduled releases. he takes no less than 6 months for twenty minute clips

  14. youd think by now hed do a tentacle monster instead of using the same horse model for two years. at least give the hentai crowd some love and give the barnyard a rest

      • whats wrong with a tentacle fucking their pussy? Yeah…thats right….go suck a cock mother fucker

      • i actually dont mind a tentacle scene too you insecured pos i think you should put your chocker and ball gag back on and crawl back to your basement you pussy ass gimp

  15. When the next preview at last? I haven’t fappwd for days waiting for another masterpiece piece by Animo Pron my ballies are about to bust already (

  16. Ah, so good. This reminds me of the food old days in Enumclaw when we used to take it deep with my buddy Ken. To bad he got his gut ripped and died though. Rest in peace Ken

      • He did, but the horse wasn’t very receptive that day so buddy Ken suffered a colon perforation. He died on the way to the hospital, may God have mercy on his soul.

  17. I could complain about how Animo is milking his supporters by not posting an update in 10 days, but on the second thought I can’t make anyone more consistent than him among the NSFW 3D artists lol.

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