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  1. i noticed she’s moving her ass agains his cock by herself, hope she’s more keen on getting fucked than in the last episode

  2. Out of 30 mins, wasting graphics for one exciting scene. Expecting BTQ 5 more different scenes.

  3. Stuff her ass until the limit… After all Quiet revenge make both of them have some time together or a threesome with Brutus

    • The potion hasn’t been applied yet. Once he’s inside her, Quiet will use the potion to make the dick bigger while he’s inside her, stretching her ass.

  4. YESSS ANAL! The POO wishes are coming true! If animo is making this realistic brutus cock will be brown after it comes out of the ass and maybe interogator will also poo out a little. im so hard

  5. Please stop with anal, or at least limit it. As another anonymous guy said, 90% is anal, please let’s have some variety. Unless paying supporters are all voting for anal

  6. Please make them rub the potion on Brutus’ cock, it grows and it grows black until the ring breaks, and then he pierces them both with his big member and ejaculates on both of their ass.

  7. Please make them rub the potion on Brutus’ cock, it grows and it grows up until the ring breaks, and then he pierces them both with his big member and ejaculates on both of their ass.

  8. Oooo, looked like the Interrogator was positioning and backing into Brutus. She finally getting into it like Quiet did in the end of the last episode? If that’s what the rest of this episode is then it’s finally going to be even better.

  9. I remember when everyone really believed this would only be a 3 part series max… dense motherfucking suckers xD throwing away your cash


  11. Id love to see her belly get even bigger with cum or prohaps she becomes pregnant fingers crossed 😘

  12. Others also noticed that the interrogator moved her ass towards Brutus’s cock. Because of the subject of the previous episode (about stealing Brutus), maybe the interrogator wants to show Quiet that she has guts too.

  13. You know pornhub comments can be funny and chill but the comments here are just 90% shit every time

  14. I hope there’s prolapse involved, and scat, or maybe inflation. . . Or at least a creampie

  15. I’ve read all comments and you all are forgetting something.
    We need to see an All The Way Through fuck. Better if it is Interrogator x Brutus

    • I think AI and wirek are both gay insecure faggots. They both fuck eachother in the closets

      • Excuse me, you little bitch? I’ll fuck you to death with my 8-inch monster dong while you cry the pain away. You fucking little pathetic excuse for a ladyboy. I’ll fucking beat you or any other nerd’s asses on the spot if you come at me with that fag shit you’ve been spouting, bitch. You better watch your fucking back, loser, I’m out there.

        • I dont know who the hell wirek is but if he poops some quality turd I am down to fuck with his 8 inch monster dong. cover it with turd and jerk him off. or he can stuff that brown rod in my ass while i rub myself all over him. im getting hard now

    • Did you really just found out about Animopron? It’s all about horse penises and you have to watch all his videos to get into it! But the comments here are even better

  16. Personally I love every video its something very dear to me I’m looking forward to see final and next project, I love that horse he is gorgeous and I wouldn’t change a thing size is perfect I want to see him pop all way through and quiet suck on the head


  18. I officially declare: I – the original Al – am against all scat, farting, etc. All statements above (and if they’ll be below), allegedly on my behalf, asserting the opposite, are an attempt to discredit my nickname by some scoundrel(s).

    • Really bro? You are sick…saying u want scat and then pretending you dont. Stop being a drama queen

      • Who else wants to see helen from the incredibles get her pussy,ass,or mouth fucked by brutus

        • That would be some hot stuff right there that horse cock would really stretch her pussy out

    • Please stop impersonating people, I am obviously the original Al you fucking queer. Look at my profile picture, it’s legit. Fuck off, I love poop and shit and scat.

  19. Insert baseball balls one by one by pushing them with Brutus, until the belly is inflated

  20. How about a truth serum for Quiet and after it she starts to talk very dirty, making Brutus angrily horny.

  21. In the end i hope an UFO grabs the whole barn and bring them to a planet where the nastiest things in the galaxy happen.

  22. Hope make versions with fetish like fart or something, after all normal episodes be made. Like Lara with horse pt 4

  23. Unlike so many commenting I’m under no illusions that this is rendered and make believe, fantasy, that doesn’t mean a girl can’t wish, this is byfar the single hottest series of vids I’ve enjoyed and totally wish I could join the girls to have them make brutus fuck me with his gorgeous cock.
    The animator has serious skill and eye for details and the girls could easily turn me lesbian as lm getting nailed by his massive pole I have found I’m looking at horses more and more and joined riding club in hope to make fantasy reality, sensibly of course but definitely I’m gagging to have horse in me and trying it myself, in fact I’ve seen size mini horses have and I’m going to make it happen to suck one and feel it go as deep as I can thanks animopron for insperation I hope one day I get lucky and nailed by fat horse cock

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