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  1. So, what exactly can you still do with this scenario? I have the impression we already have seen everything and that there is not really much room left for anything that is not overly crazy and disgusting. Really hope, there is still some variety to be had and this will not be just a cheap attempt to milk this series for all that its worth.

    • Anal. And have the girls shit all over brutus cock and then he rams the cock in their mouth

      • Thanks for the link. I must admit that it is pretty impressive at Thumbzilla. It would be even better if those futanari were more feminine – less muscular and preferably just hermaphrodites. But I don’t expect any futanari appearance here in BTQ series as a result of putting the lotion here and there – I woudn’t like that twist at all.

    • I feel there is still loads of stuff that can be done that isn’t overly disgusting.
      Personally I feel I’ve seen the same stuff for 4 episodes long and everytime I hope something new will come but it’s always the same.

      Still sad that he didn’t go with Brutus fucking the interrogator while the interrogator was fucking quiet. Would have been amazing.

      • Through all episodes pussy fuck 2 times, and the same position just different character.

    • If only Animopron decided to add at leat one more horse, it would bring fun and magic to the series. Just imagine two girls with two horses… in many various positions simultaneously like:
      – spit-roast (mouth and pussy, mouth and ass);
      – pussy and ass in a boxing fight-like position of 2 stallions with a girl picked up in the air by 2 shafts;
      – pussy and ass with one horse lying on his back and the other one standing above them like a horse-girl-horse sandwich;
      – both girls in 69 position licking each other’s pussies while being fucked by 2 horses in their assholes from both ends etc.
      Anything except any nasty shit that those two coprophils love.
      Unfortunately, I don’t expect it to happen any more since it would be much more complex to animate and would take many, many months (if not years) to be accomplished.

  2. Mmmm instead of lube on brutus cock make quiet rub shit from Brutus that he pooped out and then have him facefuck integrator while his cock is covered in shit.

  3. Bring in the group of shotas and have them fuck the bitch while Quiet gets fucked by a horse.

    • yes have the boys fuck her and while quiet is getting fucked by brutus she is giving one a bj and watching.

  4. Perhaps the Interrogator will finally get ass fucked by Brutus so hard, his cock will go all the way through her and come out her mouth

      • Yes would be amazing if quite paly more with Brutus asshole.. sticking even her hand inside to stimulate his prostate… and the giving him also a great footjob…

      • now animo just needs to show a closeup of the ass with all the poop stains everywhere on the girls face

        • Bro if you’re gonna spam at least wait a bit between comments, we can all tell it’s you Wirek

          • No, it wasn’t me, obviously. I’m not a coprophilia fetishist at all and that’s why I posted a guide on what to do with the crappy rimming (of Brutus’s anus) in BTQ part 4 – how to remove it losslessly. Everyone knows this already, except newbies maybe. LOL

  5. Maybe use the potion to grow brutus dick bigger and something like p4 lara with horse

  6. just skip all those in between scenes and give lots of fucking scenes. Slow start then some painful full penetration in all variations. you were creative in BTQ3 with shooting out of her mouth, or her being a sperm fountain.
    increase quality. lots of room there when I see other projects.

  7. Please more scenes where Brutus gets a rimjob from the girls!! That was hot as hell

  8. >first two renders
    this shit wont see public release until 2021 the earliest
    no less than 2 “setbacks” with audio issues
    no less than 2 “post public release next-week…” – 3 weeks later – sorry guys – rendering again
    stop falling for this shit
    its the same thing every single release
    great he’s “begun” work which means endless drips until the bucket is filled again

    • Yet you’re still here, crying and throwing a fit

      Animo is a girl, by the way. Shows how much you know lmal

    • Of course. Release date for BTQ5 is June 2021. It’s been like that from the start.

  9. have brutus drink the potion which pisses him off and starts growing muscular and his cock starts to stiffen and grow even more busting that 20inch ring off.. brutus mercilessly pounds the interrogator until his dick goes out her mouth and kills her.. quiet watches in horror and tries to leave but brutus knocks her to the floor and steps on her hair not allowing her to escape and… that would be a good BTQ5

    • wrong. we need to see brutus shove his cock all the way through the mouth and out the ass and cum while like that

  10. After all that ass fucking with that giant cock, she needs a massive anal prolapse when that huge mushroom head pops out! Other woman then struggles to push it back in cos its so big.

    • Or atleast a really wide rosebud like on lara when the cock slipped out on doggystyle. Except this time it would be nice to see it lasting longer.

  11. My idea when I propose that I will use the position on Brutus’s penis, that it becomes 3 times bigger and thus anally violates the interrogator by making her an abdominal bulge larger than all the previous ones, that with the audio you can notice the pain that this feeling, she asks for mercy from Quiet and Brutus but Quiet just laughs and takes it out of the interrogator’s anus and throws it what is left of position, since Brutus’s penis is longer than his own body and diameter of the body of the interrogator, she really screams and is raped to the bottom obviously does not go in, but does everything possible to make it so, everything inside her moves and the rib bones are marked because she seeks to get out from the front and she succeeds … comes out of his mouth letting out a scream that says You will pay me! He rapes her violently and after 10 min of this Brutus knocks Quiet down and steps on her hair, raping her too …

  12. Ese unguento ara el pene del caballo aun mas grande? Seria bueno ver algo asi quiet queria mas

    • Te traduzco mi comentario justo arriba: Mi idea cuando propongo que usaré la posición sobre el pene de Brutus, que se hace 3 veces más grande y así viola analmente al interrogador haciéndole un bulto abdominal más grande que todos los anteriores, que con el audio se puede notar el dolor que ante este sentimiento, pide piedad a Quiet y Brutus pero Quiet solo se ríe y lo saca del ano del interrogador y lo tira lo que queda de posición, ya que el pene de Brutus es más largo que su propio cuerpo y diámetro del cuerpo del interrogador, ella realmente grita y es violada hasta el fondo obviamente no entra, pero hace todo lo posible para que así sea, todo dentro de ella se mueve y las costillas se marcan porque busca salir de frente y lo logra … sale de su boca deja escapar un grito que dice ¡Me pagarás! La viola violentamente y después de 10 min de esto Brutus derriba a Quiet y le pisa el pelo, violándola también …

  13. I would be very curious to see what this potion is doing on those girls’ pussy.
    I dunno…
    Maybe grow a cock ?

  14. And believ it or not this didd not take the creator A FUCKING YEAR TO COMPLETE while getting showered with money

  15. Two scenes with pussy fuck in the whole series, same position just different character. Lame

  16. Now Quite really deserve a total anal devastation.. and would be amazing if she will go again playing with brutus ass.. her tongue deep in and then quite stick her hand in without glove..to make lot of Brutus precum so she can pour it on her feet.. for foot fetish games.. Love Quite ass and throat.. let’s use them very very wild…

    • +1 on the devastation part. I too would love to see the interrogators ass getting FUBAR. I loved Quiets huge gapes and all which was fantastic, and maybe I come out as a sadistic fuck saying this, but its kind of dissapointing to see when Quiet forced the interrogator to lick her, her ass looked almost untouched. One would expect an asshole that was abused by a huge horse cock balls deep to show a little more.. well.. Damage? Not blood or gore or antyhing like that (or scat, go and eat some) but I would like to se some more “irreversible slackness” maybe. I dunno.. Even Lara was semi prolapsing in the end of her episode but Quiets ass seems almost indestructible no matter what. Hope interrogators ass is more fragile. And please skip the first person view for those shots (or maybe you can introduce a mirror or a camera in the scene so interrogator can witness the destruction of her ass… >:D

      • Lara is a cool tomb raider. But she’s just a tomb raider. She has no super powers. But Quiet has a super-body, which, after absorbing moisture, restored all damage. And so her ass was healed

      • And yes, one normal idea (I do not mean coprophagia, etc.) has not yet been used by Animo – ass fisting with a foot

  17. Im glad animo take 0 idea from here, it’s painful to see that minority of degenerated people lol, just being like “oh no, he milk people money and his stuff is bad omg” just stop following him tho, you like to scream like a small dog that never bite, if you like his stuff and want submit idea, go support him on subscribestar if you can, if you are an annoying person that just complain and have 0 intelligence in each sentence you write, just shush, a lot would thanks that

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