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  1. I hope now the fucking has the consent of both of them. I found it way more hot when they are enjoying and trying hard to take all the cock up their holes

  2. I dont understand where the story is going. Why not let the horse do the job on his own, and accidently hitting the worng girl here and then, would make more sence. Instead Quiet is now having a friendly fucking with the Girl she got tortured by before.

  3. best animator 馃ぉ馃ぉ
    I’m looking forward to seeing your work
    good job 馃槏馃槏馃槏

    • With that brilliant logic of yours I just assume that you dislike kissing and blowjobs as well, right? (both males and females have mouths, just like anuses, if you get my point).

      Secondly, you must be horribly booring in bed if you go around thinking that “sex” is just all about vaginal penetration.

        • I have sex with your mom and sister. They love to have their asshole ripped apart and bleeding while I fuck the pussy and cum hard inside while you cry in the closet fucker

    • You’re not gay, you’re just so insecure about the thought that you might be that a woman getting fucked in the ass is “gay” to you.

      Insecure faggot detected. Did your dad not love you enough? Too much? Weak.

      • Im just too busy fucking your mom in the ass until she farts and shits. Ive had too much anal with her…getting bored

  4. I hope part 5 includes a scene where Quiet sucks on Brutus’s dick. Like the interrogator did in part 2. I also want to see a scene where she drinks the cum willingly.

    I think i know where Animopron is heading with the story. Quiet is trying to corrupt (she is already broken, she is enjoying it now_ the Interrogator into enjoying the brutal fucking. And then Quiet will take Brutus away from her, leaving with Brutus.

    • I can’t hide it anymore, if any women in new Zealand who has a horse as study as brutus I would gladly agree to anything if she admitted to wanting to do this herself, as a kinky guy I’m admitting I would agree to anything to a recreate with real stallion everything in these videos and openly admitting to wishing I had a hard horse buried in my ass if your in nz please send an email if you genuinely into this I want to chat, brutus is so hot and I’m very envious of both girls rendered or not

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  6. Quite ass giant gape.. love it.. hope Quite will get it wilder and kinkier.. using the interrogator only for her personal pleasure..So quite become a stallion cock addict.. and doing the most extreme things with Brutus.. the kinkier and more raw the better..

  7. Espero con ansias este capitulo, eh disfrutado cada entrega de animo, va a ser genial que ahora ellas desfruten, y se la metan ellas solitas.

  8. What soft is using Animo to make this cool animation of models. Dynamic morphing, many moves. Great.

  9. I hope the interrogator isn’t going be stay tied up, Quiet should cut her bindings and allow the Interrogator to freely join in. Maybe have the interrogator and Quiet grope each other as they take turns and by the end when the interrogator is so broken and obsessed with Brutus it is at that point Quiet turns on her and tie her up again and she leaves with Brutus and just leaves the interrogator tied to a chair like Quiet originally was in PART 1

  10. YESSSSSSS !!!!! More and more anal i love this !!! Super animation !! Hugs Animopron !!!

  11. Will be nice to see double ass or pussy fisting until another girl take seriously his cock all the way….to the balls… penetration with completely demolition

  12. Does anyone know if this part will take too long to leave? or is it already well in advance?

  13. Please have Quiet fuck the interrogator with the strapon and have Brutus fuck Quiet in the ass at the same time

  14. Finally. Both of them are joining in. One thing I would want left is Quiet sucking Brutus off.

  15. Hope make versions with fetish like fart or something, after all normal episodes be made. Like Lara with horse p4

    • Yes if animo will be realistic there will be fart sounds and also a little bit of scat with all the anal. just imagine you stick your dick in a asshole…it will look brown coming out and smell like fart too

  16. Man, I’m done with your animations. Anal shit no stop, I would understand if it was 50/50, but it looks like vaginal is some kind of perversion these days. It feels like a surprise when I see vaginal for more than 30% of all penetration time in your clip.
    I have nothing agains anal, some may prefer it, but it looks like your supporters are only into this kind of sex and you have to do what they want.

  17. Can we just see the interrogator face in this part the only reason I found BTQ 4 kinda boring it鈥檚 was because we didn鈥檛 got too see her face yet instead to many POV….

  18. Hopefully i will see teo totally wrecked holes and prolapsed nicely for some time.
    But my advice it to..not voice it. Listening to some party brat touching herself in the studio while screaming obsenities in her half masculine voice is…making my dick shrink and i go into a fighting stance

    • Hmm…so u want to see their guts out on the floor? U sick fuck. Imagine ur mom with her guts on the floor lmao

  19. Why doesn’t the third whore get involved when she comes to that fucking lair and refreshes the perverted situation with three hands penetration and horse dick at the same time to one of those bitches

  20. I hope that the interrogator gets brutally ass fucked, then filled with so much cum she has to puke it out…. then while she is puking cum, Quiet forces her mouth to stay closed in order to keep as much cum in as possible.

    • mmmm…and then have her belly expand until its like a balloon and finally her belly RIPS AND EXPLODES all over the place with guts flying everywhere and splattering all over the walls. thats hot

  21. for your next project can you please make gwen tennyson from Ben 10 please it鈥檚 just a fantasy

  22. I couldn’t help myself after watching all 4 vids repeatedly I talked to my dearest gf and admitted I wanted to try, she grinned and told me Friday she would take me to aunties place, she has several horses.
    My BFF had talked to her auntie and both helped make my dreams come true I finally experienced sucking a pony and it cumming in my throat but best was strapped to bench and mounted by horny horse he took my ass and impaled me on his fuck stick till he filled me with cum, my BFF had to work but I stayed with auntie and showed her all animopron vids asking her to treat her niece to filthy private show next weekend I told her aunty to do everything quiet was put through just not as big as brutus by end week I was well filled and ready for BFF to arrive all tied up she got to make me suck and be fucked by all horses then tied down tight and blindfolded her aunty said I had to obey her every word and say thank you as her fuck toy next thing I feel huge cock split me open shaft pushing against my cervix lots lube used I felt it shove my cervix and open me up till screaming it popped into my womb and drove in deep as one shoved into my mouth she let both ram as deep possible cum pouring in I felt another aim at my ass afterwards and head pop in I heard question will I take whatever she wants me to I nodded yes I felt biggest horse cock swell and drive deep into my ass I felt hr yank my legs around his waist and tied my wrists to saddle my belt was being pulled towards his back legs I allowed them to impale my as with biggest horse cock she could get she stuffed gag in me and ask do I consent I nodded yes desperately with loud slap I was impaled by her stud grabbed horse that barely fitted in my mouth told her niece to help it go in my throat I heard her ask if I was sure I wanted this I gave her thumbs up her nice saw him drive so hard into my ass I was shoved forward straight onto the other cock till it was rammed in lips hard against his sheath they watched me take both to last inch and brutally fucked, right now I’m in wedding dress about to marry both auntie and niece by getting raped by horses I’ve stayed away 6 months so I’m as tight as possible take two biggest one each end no matter size both ladies look so sexy in riding gear I’m strapped down spread wide and ready to say take me if only ones size brutus,

    • Aunties new horse is not as long as brutus looks but definitely twice as thick to celebrate our honeymoon I was strapped under her new horse and begged them both to pull the ropes tied to my ankles to yank me onto him and help him shove up my ass balls deep he fucks me every day now whilst each one that fits throat fucks me even the prize Arab they rush to get him deep before he’s rock hard his flare holds him in deep

      • They are hoping p5 is outrageous as I will be copying whatever happens all 3 of my holes are stretched to rediculous capabilities but I love these ladies and can’t get enough horse maybe a brutus size is needed but for now ones we have aren’t damaging me badly and girl can’t help loving deepthroat when fully hard they are stuck in my throat till pumped full

        • I don’t think artist realises how inspiring his videos are to me aside from size having to be more realistic in reality I have done my best to copy all things these two hot sluts have done

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