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  1. mmmmmm now have her poop while getting fucked by a horse and fart on his balls…

    • scatfags, understand you are a small minority, so it’s never gonna happen – get the fuck out with your shit

        • How about i take a shit on your mom? You like that? That’s right…go jerk off to me shitting all over your bed and in your mom’s mouth and pussy

        • Stop spamming “We want poop” in every video. It isn’t going to happen no matter how much you scream, cry, and throw a tantrum. Get the fuck out of here, creep.

      • whats wrong with his suggestion, there should be scat if its literally about anal. Bitch take your ass out of here.

        • Why there should be scat? You have a woman shit every time you fuck her? Not everyone is as patrtic you know

          • Bitch you need to take your angry ass out of here. We want to see her poop

        • It’s not even the suggestion (which is more niche and disgusting than anything on this site, I might add), it’s the fact that it’s spammed literally *every* time Animopron posts anything here. It’s clearly not ever going to happen, this animator has never even hinted at being interested in shit or poop.

          You’re like little children, thinking if you scream loud and often enough, you’ll eventually get your way. Go fuck yourself, retard.

  2. more anal gay shit…

    dude show us a the pussy. show us a prolapsing cervix.

    • take ur insensitive ass out of here. Anal is not fucking gay you homophobic bitch.

          • Lmao this guy is going around calling everyone insecure closet faggot

          • Literally just you, because that’s what you are. You’re so scared of a woman’s butthole because it’ll make you realize just how fucking gay you are that you need to cry anytime an artist makes an anal scene. Pathetic lmao

          • On the other way… Any man who watches porn for cocks is gay no matter what excuse is he making for it. And only reason why anyone would be more interested in anal than pussy is because he needs something tighter than pussy to make him feel good. Or is a gay also.

    • Imagine thinking putting stuff in a girl’s ass is gay. Are you that insecure? Did you uncle touch you as a child? Get your pussy ass out of here, you closet faggot.

      • lmfao ironic as fuck. ME liking pussy over a scathole that both genders posses, makes ME a faggot? meanwhile disgusting homos like you who like assholes, are the straight alpha men?

        you disgusting race mixed inbred mutt. get the fuck out of here

        • Not only are you so fucking scared of how gay you are that a woman with a dildo in her ass makes you uncomfortable, but you’re so afraid of other races and your pathetic self being phased out that you’re crying out of nowhere about race mixing.

          You’re a scared, pathetic tiny little man lmao enjoy living a life of fear. Internet anonymity can’t make you anything less than the weak little bitch faggot you are IRL.

          • get a load of this autist

            so by your logic, you dislike people who dont like other races. THEREFORE youre an insecure nazi, probably the biggest racist that ever existed.
            is that correct?

            you also dislike tiny and pathetic little males. therefore you are a tiny, pathetic little manlet.

            lmao i love communist logic.

          • Additionally so insecure about your shitty ideologies that you need to bring them up in a conversation about butt sex?

            You have issues faggot

          • Lmao what a dumbass that is so insecure that he needs to reply to a post

          • Yet here you are, still crying and whining that he didn’t get his little way lmao

            Project harder, gay boy, it’s funny

    • Leave this site if you are so insecure about anal that it makes you angry lmao ain’t nothin here for your vanilla, scared, gay ass.

    • It’s not gay if its done to a woman. That’s literally the opposite of gay.

      • im not saying that the women herself is gay. im saying that the people who like assholes OVER a pussy are gay. because thats what they are. the thing that really defines a women are not even the boobs. its the pussy and the womb. thats the main difference.
        if you wanna look at an asshole then look at a fat guy with manboobs. same thing.

  3. Animo, bro, you gotta stop hitting all my fetishes, this game is gonna be lit. Gonna break that world record fap attempt and die.

  4. Man, just stick with the game. Fuck BTQ part 5. This game should take priority NOW! Haha.

  5. Pretty sexy! And I assume we can have her insert larger items up ber bottom or have her wear some derogatory clothing…actually gapers is good idea from Lordodie stories.
    What is this game about anyway what is the heroine doing?

  6. Mmm. Looks like she is taking a poop. Now make it brown and add fart sounds! Great work! Suck you fag scatophobes. Scat lovers unite!

  7. Hopefully we can get our characters to be 3 feet tall and have them get fucked by all the creatures, flat chest and all.

          • Pedophile trying to justify themselves being a pedophile. Kys pedo

          • you are literally supporting one do you not see the response to the question? (read it again out loud)

          • You aren’t even denying being a pedophile lmao kys my dude

          • You’re supporting one do you not see your fucking logic. The dude was literally saying to you that you are supporting one How do you not see it? Is your fucking mindset so far up your ass you throw out logical reasoning because you cant handle logical thought process?

          • I think you’re the pedo here fella, you support one so good job. Also proved the other person point your thought process is up ur ass. Enjoy

  8. Man, is it just one faggot commenting with all the scat and pedo shit, or does this site just attract literally the shittiest human beings on the planet? Only pedophiles and pieces of shit will respond angrily:

    • look at this dooooddd prob a closet homephobe and cant handle shemales or futas

      • The fuck does that have to do with anything?

        Shemale confirmed for this game. Scat isn’t. Cry more 👍🏿

        • Animos an anal fetish so its bound to happen. But I feel as if you’re crying… do you need a tissue? prehaps a height modifier so you can make your character look like a loli.

          • You scat fags literally shake your fists and scream into the video *every single post*

            Grow up faggot

  9. Seriously, the quality of your animation is worse than it was three years ago. Im just making an honest observation and not trying to troll you. You used to have some of the best shit on the internet. This shit right here looks like it was made in 2007.

    • It’s in a fucking game, it’s not pre rendered like all their other work. Dipshit.

  10. Why are you here, reading the comments? Are you that big of a fucking lower lmao get a life

  11. It would be cool if “socketing” toys like that gave the character additional powers or bonuses.

    Then the toys size would actually work like a level cap.
    The character at the beginning can only, say, put a small butt plug with a tail to speak with animals, and as she increases in level she can stick into herself a magnificent brutus sized butt plug giving her control over animals.

    Somehting like this. I think it’d be a novel mechanic.

  12. many bad comments, ignore all, you make a perfect job!
    I wish I could do that

  13. you know why this weirds me out?
    I can do the same thing, but my ass don’t look that good and my dildo is blue.

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