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    • What’s this recent futa trend? Everyone turned gay in these last 10 years?

      • Imagine being so insecure about your sexuality that you think futa is gay.

        Futa on girl means two sets of tits. You want to see a hairy naked guy fuck a girl? Sounds pretty gay to me, dawg.

        • I’m not attracted to tits that are attached to dicks, just like I’m not attracted to tits that are attached to fat rolls. It is not a bonus for the dick to have lady parts, because it doesn’t result in more people in the image I want to fuck.

          • Once again proving how fucking insecure you are lmao closet homo

          • Stupid moron. You can go suck on your moms futa dick. Maybe thats how you were born. Your mom got fucked by a chick with a strapon

    • I want scat in the game so we can eat it up while we get fucked. Then stick our heads up the horses ass and fart on his balls.

  1. Man thats looks promising. We do need herto shove much larger objects in that asshole till its completely ruined

  2. Animopron please have Quiet and The Interrogator become friendly with each other, have Quiet fuck her with the strapon doggy style and have brutus fuck Quiet’s ass at the same time

  3. The animations look amazing, but I expected nothing less from you. Let’s hope the gameplay loop is fun enough.

  4. Game looks awesome, for PART 5 I would love to see the ladies share brutus while groping and kissing each other

    • I love sucking big fat nigger dicks all day long. I love them one or two at a time in my mouth and boipussy. I love eating nasty nigger shit, especially if they’ve been eating nothing but watermelons, pigs feet, and KFC. Sometimes I wish I was a girl instead of the fat, white pathetic loser I am, but that won’t happen. I want a bigger to shit in my mouth and make me eat his porch monkey feces. I want moon cricket poo on my entire body until I look like a dirty bigger myself.

  5. Interrogator body+bigger tits and giant human dick being fucked by house for part 5 needs to happen

      • Hhmm, in the past gay men would fuck women in the ass in reverse cowgirl, pretending they were fucking a guy, now we’re talking extremes here, but I’d rather see more pussy too.

    • If you think anal is gay you must’ve been touched by your uncle or something lmao

      • ? of course anal is gay you fucking brown eyed retard
        why would you take a scat hole that both genders possess over a pussy? makes no sense to me. there has to be something gay about you. and gays should be gassed.

        • You are so insecure that you think fucking a girl in the ass is gay.

          You’re literally so far in the closet you’re finding Christmas gifts.

  6. Please give us some lesbian action Animo, have Quiet and The Interrogator try and out do each other and near the end Brutus comes between them and they turn their attention to him and have one more fuck with him

  7. ooo.. hot… hopefully there will be shotas in the game so they can fuck us…

  8. Meh, so many faggots here…
    Futa here, futa there, all these “please shove the Empire State Building up my ass”.
    Faggot alert is through the roof.

    • Straight porn: you get to look at a girl and a dudes hairy asshole. Gay at.

      Lesbian porn: gay by default.

      Shemale porn: two sets of tits but still not gay.

      Sorry you’re too insecure about your own sexuality to enjoy non-gay porn. I like how you’ll watch monster rape, lesbian (gay) scenes, and horse sex, but a girl with a dick just makes you far too uncomfortable so you’ve got to cry about it.

      The game is having futa, dipshit, get over your own issues.

        • If you like loli shit you are a fucking pedophile. I don’t care that it “isn’t real” or that it’s just a “fetish”, you’re a fucking pedophilic piece of shit and should fucking off yourself or be in prison.

          Japan perpetuates this shit (most hentais involve underage highschoolers, if we’re lucky for them to be that old) and girls who look fucking ten. It’s disgusting, and you should fucking die if you get off on that pedophile shit. You’re a sick freak if you’re into that crap, and you have no business in any form of modern society.

          • Bro you’re arguing with someone on the internet while looking at bestiality. Frankly I don’t care what the person posted about but you made me laugh and went out on a rant about it. That shits hilarious. Think you should get off the internet and gets some fresh air before you blow your load on bestiality porn. Also… Animo did a video on Ellie who is also in the category as well. so… two sided????

          • Amino actually did Ellie who is a loli but i guess thats ok for you.

          • is ur logic so backwards? animo did ellie who is also one but u support him… your mindset is completely flawed

          • Still defending being a pedophile. You’re literally a pedo. You’re into pedo shit. You do not deserve an argument, let alone to live.

        • your logic also means animo is a pedo because he did ellie you’re so far twisted up your ass you cant get it straight.

      • Lesbian porn isn’t gay for the viewer, by the same reasoning that hetero porn *is* gay because you’re looking at a manass.

        And as far as my dick is concerned, a shemale ass *is* a manass. I’m not attracted to people with dicks, period.

        • Lesbian porn is by literally any definition “gay” you fucking retard.

          You’re an insecure faggot is all.

        • Either way, the majority of people win because the game is having futa. Sorry you’ll be missed lmao

        • Horses fucking Futas, her dick flopping while being rammed… Needs canines in there too…

      • dodges the question… animo did ellie so animo is also a pedo but yet you’re supporting him… explain ur logic dumbass

  9. Have you looked into converting your videos to VR? Because currently basically all CGI VR videos are 3 second clips that repeat for 3 minutes. Having a big ol’ video like the ones you make would be awesome and something I’d definitely be willing to pay money for.

  10. Hopefully there will be scat in the game… I wanna dive in the pile and rub myself with all of the poop and eat it while also pooping out my anus… Then a horse comes in and I can smear my face on his balls that’s covered in poop. While I suck his balls he poops on me and then I eat it while it falls onto my tongue.

    • get the fuck out of here with that shit… thats beginner level what you want to do is lie down then have a device that holds the person mouth open then have the horse eat something that’ll give it diarrhea and have him shit on her so she gets the liquid shit. You can then fist the horses ass while he’s havign diarrhea to cause him to shit even more

  11. Animo after PART 5 can you consider doing another Quiet project? Maybe do one with her in her cell with DD the Wolf?

  12. this creator just half asses everything and takes forever so he can milk his subs then releases a non finished product (audio).

    • Only shows up if your ISP has complained. Hope you don’t live at home! If you got a Captcha here, your parents are going to know you’ve visited when the bill comes. Enjoy!

  13. Will we be able to poop and then eat our own poop? I feel as if its what everyone wants because of the comments? If thats the case please make sure to add it so we can eat our own poop and any creatures poop.

  14. God I wish you would just can BTQ and do anything else. Lara with horse was 1000x better and it’s only a fraction of the length BTQ has been. Please, just stop.

    • We need scat to be added in part 5, that will make it much better Quiet eating Brutus poop and then shoving it down the interrogators throat.

  15. Have Quiet rub the potion on Brutus’s rod making it bigger in length, have Quiet force the Interrogator’s face in her ass and that’s when Brutus goes all the way through the interrogator and right into Quiet and he can do them both at the same time

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