P4 supporters release

Ok, so release for supporters is going to be on this Saturday, and the public release a week after.

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  1. You are awesome! No other NSFW creator is as consistent as you. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. At this point I’m honestly not even too interested in the videos anymore. It’s just funny as shit watching all these people losing their shit over horse porn in the comments lmfao.

    • Same here,
      In fact I got a girlfriend while amino has been making this so I kinda ain’t interested in pom anymore
      Also Jackin off to horsepom seems too much wrong now

    • Yeah, its hilarious as hell. I don’t care for the horse stuff either. The people posting angry comments..I don’t understand them. Animapron have the saddest, most pitiful as hell followers. Of all animators I follow on patreon, none of them have followers nowhere near this bad. But Animapron is partly to blame for how he lies, still it doesn’t really excuse the shit behavior of these pathetic millennial’s or just idiot kids who are just now figuring out porn exist.

        • You cant see anything you idiot dumbass. I rarely comment on animaprons page. GOD you people need to stay the fuck off the pipe.

          • And you should just stop crying. Look into the mirror and you know why animo has shit followers And i dont know where they lied about? because of some delays? Bet you never had projects on your own.

    • Why would you event share your sht opinion if you losed interest, just stfu and get out of here lol

  3. All the pedophiles insulting people and calling them freeloaders needs to get their throat slit and tossed into a concentration camp

  4. I am waiting patiently for Quite to rim Brutus and get some poop in her mouth and then feed it to interrogator and then Brutus will fuck his big ass cock down her throat and push all the shit down

  5. Avatar My name is jeff but its spelled with and d i hope you can say it right next time dickhead i never knew stupid people could... Even talk says:

    24 hours left

  6. Can you please ensure P5’s development is quick. And for the love of God don’t divide it into two parts again. Enough is enough.

  7. Lmao. Does anyone else notice how the comment section is getting sadder and sadder? Now its just full of ppl getting mad and calling eachother nigger/nigga/moron/retard. Telling eachother to fuck their moms lol

  8. Lol ooouuuuu im scareddddd they tracking meeeeee,please….lol theres worse shit to worry about example…the pedos like you

    • At long last hopefully this is what actually happens and it doesn’t get milked further

    • Shut your 14 yr old ass up over here just throwing out random hate words fuckin confused racist ass

  9. Lol everyone waking up coming straight here,go brush your teeth and wash your ass the video isnt up yet 😂😂😂

  10. Libera antes de sábado p nós, 1 semana ainda, tá pior que a prorrogação da Quarentena

  11. Я так последнюю серию игры престолов не ждал как этот ролик;)

  12. There are just two sorts of People this evening: the ones waiting for SpaceX Launch and the ones waiting for P4 Launch

  13. Considering how bad these fans are, I wouldn’t click on any links. You might end up with a virus, or sent to some illegal website. Because this site is full of morons, I have reasons to believe Animapron followers are all under the age of 13 years old judging from the post itself. If not that then they are of the strangest adults I’ve come across anywhere online.

    • its the most toxic community / commentsection i ever saw. under the thought that the people want something from him it gets even more ridiculous.

      ANIMOPRON YOU FQ WHERE IS MY HORSEPORN!!1!!!!11111!11!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. saturday is almost over but here we are waiting with a Squadron of cocks and pussies ready to fire

    • As usual
      And I’ve pointed this out to you here several times, long ago.
      When animo says when to release it, it won’t be in time, or it will be at the last minute or he will change it several times.

  15. Im dissapointed about the new Episode, only 1 creampie, no anal, deepthroat without creampie, the Animations are good but not what i expected

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