Update on BTQ 4

I’m currently rendering the last action scene, it’s only last ~2 minutes of animation left to do.
I will try to do a release for supporters on next week, and a public release week after.
P4 is the longest episode, about 36 minutes of “clean” time (not counting titles).

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  1. So this is possibly the last episode in the future are we going to get anything extremely hardcore I mean intense fucking and less 4play. Maybe a dark horse or something.

    • Ofc there will be a Part 5, this one doesn’t look conclusive too me, it’s just about the interrogator. I feel like Part 5 or (if he wants more money) Part 6 will conclude the series.

      • And if you follow recent updates, or support him on subscribestar, you’d know he said he’s splitting part 4 into 4 and 5. Otherwise it would take way too long.

        • No – he’s splitting it so he can milk another year of money out of it for another $15,000+ from dumb morons.

          • I think back when he was on patreon one month he made around ~70k ish. If I’d be making this much money it would take me to render 2 minutes weeks too

          • Are you paying him money? Are you supporting him? Are YOU the one getting “milked”?
            No? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP.

          • I pay money to much better creators you fucking faggot so no YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP

          • Ok then, show us an example of a higher quality animation that doesnt take a lot to render

          • i agree he is almost the only one i know that takes a year to make a vid.

          • Selfdrillingsms seems to be the best, he work good on expressions making the characters more human, animo is good but there where something back in the first animations that were different

          • There are way better creators out there and if youre only stuff on this guys work then open your fucking eyes bitch

    • You mean the cock being two times longer, and both of them being fucke by the same cock at the same time, your choice in whatever order or in which way the gals are.

      • Not free if you’re a supporter… Which in turn what a coincidence that their payment is due 7 days from then, exactly a week from the “delay”

        This dude knows how to milk his supporters.

    • Next week : update on part4 accidentaly poured coffee on my motherboard need to rerender sorry for the delays guys

  2. That’s gotta be a yikes from me dawg. I was waiting for this shit since yesterday…

      • Stfu if u pay this man a penny u a fuckin simp that deserves to be milked, go on sheep, its your fault that he takes literally a year to release shit and u still have the balls to come here and talk shit, dumb people are unbelievable

        • You literally are the most entitled crybaby in these comments. Imagine having this opinion lmao

          • hes spitting facts and you know it, don’t promise something if you cant get it done, period.

          • What a fuckin argument: “you are entitled, imagine having this opinion”, woah u destroyed me there bud, sike, if you dont have anything to say then dont say it, braindead bitch

      • Not even gonna bother arguing with fags that payed this scammer monthly for nothing.

        • Only scammers are peeps who pay him nothing, expect everything to be delivered when they want it to be delivered.

  3. If you can answer, what are your future plans once the part is out? Will there still be more horse related content?

    Really excited for the next part! Keep up the awesome work!

    • He said something about the future some time ago but I can’t remember exactly. I think he said this will be the last part in the BTQ series but I don’t think he mentioned which girl his going to use in his next work although he did say it will still involve a horse if I remember right.

    • He said he is going to make a part 2 of part 4 because it would be too much content to fit into 1 video. After that he would work on a game and fuck off for several years like Studio Fow.

  4. Let’s get another horse and spitroast the interrogator. Also, I hate niggers and jews.

  5. 2 weeks later: I will do a release in 3 weeks and a public release 1 week after

  6. Animo you are a fucking faggot. I can’t stand you. Also, reply to this if you’re a cuck shit-eating retarded gay dumb ass:

  7. LMFAO ik this nigga would do something like this welp see ya’ll in June and for those saying shit like “Stop fucking crying it’s free porn” it doesn’t fucking matter you fucking primate imagine if i set a due date and and kept pushing it back again and again this is what happens you have to wait another 2 weeks ya’ll niggas are dumb asf i swear ya’ll sucking this mans dick and balls ig Animo can’t do no wrong 🤷‍♂️

    • You are the only dumb dude on here. “Stop fucking crying it’s free porn” this is completely normal and fine. Have you not heard of movies, tv shows, anime, games being delayed? Those are being delayed by months all the time and you complain it’s taking a week longer when you don’t even pay for the shit. It’s not he’s fault it’s taking this long, depends on the rendering process it changes all the time so stop talking if you don’t know shit about animation.

      • Who say its free porn when someone getting paid 28k per month from his “supporters”. Yeah its voluntarily paid, but do one 36 min video by year and now it could be maybe more then only year, i dont think its much fair to his supporters. They should rethink their support. Its my opinion like someone who really long watch Animo work. We know something like this not happened first time.

        • Are you paying for it? No? Then It’s free motherfucker! It’s donations from people who appreciate his work!

        • ^Thank you i swear some people have no brain cells these mf comparing his work to movies, tv shows, anime, games are you actually dumb are you dumb? movies, tv shows, anime, games don’t have delays for every project that comes out from that company are you dumb? looking at his last 4 projects they all had delays similar to this one so how is this “this is completely normal and fine.” Fucking shit for brains it isn’t normal at all

      • Ur dumb as a mfin rock man, if films, shows, anime gets delayed, the studios LOSES money, but when animo delays he MAKES MORE money, think about that dumbass mf

    • The reason why most of us don’t care about it being delayed, is because we don’t schedule our entire life around this one porn video, and we don’t think about it every fucking day. And also because it’s free. Why are you upset about something you didn’t invest anything into? Just jack off to somehing alse and check back when it’s done. If i were sucking his dick, don’t you think i would also pay for his content? Your moronic logic and entitled behaviour represents your IQ very clearly. See you in june my guy, i’ll go jack off to the video i linked in my name, i’d suggest you do the same, it’s a good video.

      • Im not crying…your mom is because she got deepthroated so hard by Brutus. Suck it piss boy nigger

      • Dude your hung like a church mice stfu you act like some prissy bitch calling someone “entitled” i bet you over heard someone say that shit for the 1st time like 4 weeks ago and waited to use it at the right time

    • You sad fuck, if you’re not paying why the fuck do you think he’s obligated to gift you shit? Make sense if you were a supporter, but you’re not so keep your mouth shut or look like a shitbag in front of everyone.

  8. Hey animo i hope theres a bonus were one of them stays cum inflated or at least one gets pregnant


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  9. Why do you keep setting deadlines? I don’t mind that you take your time, but setting deadlines for when it’s supposed to be finished is just a really bad idea

  10. Why do you keep setting deadlines? I don’t mind that you take your time, but setting deadlines for when it’s supposed to be finished is just a really bad idea

  11. Translation: I’ve realized I have one more week before your payments gets charged to me so I’m gonna purposely “delay” it so I can get your money…

    • If that was really the case why wouldn’t he just set the release date for the 1st and then release it on time so everyone is happy..

      • Because he does this for several months in a row and makes you think he’ll release it close enough to the end of the month to get you to wait just that little bit longer and spend just that little bit more.

    • I’m finding it really funny how predictable it is. He’s rendering this on a TI-84 or some shit. I honestly couldn’t care less but it’s so obvious that he’s doing this just to milk out every single sub payment he can.

      • He probably makes about $100k per year on these videos – and in the crap country he lives in – that money makes him the richest person around. He probably has some huge mansion you guys paid for him. lol

        • His supporters are so fuckin dumb they deserve to be milked, all props to animo lmao

  12. How does it take a week to render ~2 minutes of animation? Are you rendering off of a potato?

  13. Just curious, have you any interest in doing any guys stuff? Your work is amazing, it would be great!

  14. So it will be released on 1 June for supporters and the following week for the public?

    • No its going to get pushed back to august because the last part needs to be rendered,flipped over,fucked and rendered again

  15. It is estimated that next week you will tell us that the work will be postponed for another two weeks

    • Yeah there is sure gonna be some voice acting problems kicking the release another 2 weeks offf

  16. Push it out till June so supports have to pay another month, nice cash flow strategy.

  17. Must be two in 4k, for a week to release. 2min 1080p, dwl… We curious about video now.

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  19. Yep, just as predicted. Release in June 2020. This means BTQ 5 release is June 2021. Unless you get a better rendering machine or someone else to help you with animation, so that would be February 2021.

  20. Why are people so toxic in the comments did he do something? Or are people just being toxic because no one really cares?

    • Because it’s like clockwork how often he finds ways to inexplicably delay his release. It’d be cool if he just said, “I’m working on it, sub if you want.” Or “I’m releasing soon, sub if you want it sooner.” But no he keeps baiting people into thinking it’ll be soon and delaying for more payments.

      • No shit. Why do you think he got banned from Patreon a couple years ago? He was taking in about $25,000 and releasing nothing. He purposely stalls the videos every 2 weeks to keep these mornon cucks hanging on and paying him more money and more money and then he waits until mid June after the next month cycles over on Subscribestar so people cannot cancel their payment once he puts the video out.

        He has done this ever since Part 1 many years ago. If you figure out his schedule – he follows the same pattern every time.

        • I often wondered his subs not upset with this, also you have better response on making posting on reddit or something about this. only crack addict and 9 years old mostly replys here and It’s nowhere constructive

          • Who the fuck gives a shit about porn scammers on Reddit? Besides if they even cared in the first place it would be to tell you how you should be a good little sheep and get milked appropriately. That site is even a more degenerate cesspool than this comment section. Let that sink in.

    • It’s because he keeps scamming money out of people – taking 2.5 years to make a half hour video and making enough money to buy a new Ferrari.

    • This is the website of an animator who makes porn involving horses and enormous amounts of cum going into women. Do you seriously expect anonymous comments by mostly under-aged kids to be nice?

    • Bitch man the fuck up no catching feeling over online..wait nvm this whole generation cries over everything

  21. I was wondering if you would release a file that would contain all four videos. That would be really awesome!

  22. Dude gets enough money to be able to build a PC with enough GPU power to render most of this in a couple days.

    Either the guy needs to consider hiring staff, or quit milking the people supporting them. One of the two.

  23. Dude its only tuesday,release the fucking shit already or do you need to render the render of the render to that render…2mins of render ppppsshhhh

  24. Although its super obvious this is milk city (2 mins of render on announced on a Sunday will take until next week to finish?) I can’t even hate on him. Some rough head math over the last few months based on subscriber numbers, you can see he’s clearly $200k a year on this alone (and that’s a low end estimate).
    It’s annoying but his work is good and you won’t get this length and quality niche anywhere else outside of hentai manga.

    I’d be making all you niche hornballs wait too, can’t hate the playa.

  25. the video will be 36 minutes wow for this period I would make a video that would last 2 hours

  26. Oh, a delay, big fucking surprise.
    Did you note that releases are always on the first day of the month?
    His delays seem to be very convenient in terms of payment schedule.

    • You do realize that even if he would release in the middle of month, payment still keep going ?
      Talking about delay is stupid Imo

      • I’m talking about what he usually does: He finishes the project, is ready to go but he waits till next month so he gets an extra check.

    • I’m pretty sure he spends only one day per week on this project and most of the time he’s just gaming.

      • He probably ties a belt around his neck and chokes himself while j’ing one out,lmao

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    • Another horse? I support.
      The two cocks meeting in the middle? Sure. I’d like that.
      Docking? not for me.
      Scat? Absolutely not.
      Fisting? Very much nope.

  28. This is why i fucks with wildeer they actually keep their fans informed,they are putting out good 3D work,they seem like a fairly new company but the fact that they keep their fans updated on their progress is key

  29. Dunno about the other comments up top and their butt hurts, I just want to see if Ani will add an X-ray for the vaginal penetration.

  30. Meh its just horse sex anyways, not really worth getting upset about. DesireSFM makes better content and it dont even take him nowhere near this long to release stuff. Not to mention its even better animated than Animaprons stuff.

    • Desiresfm movie sucked so much ass what you talk about. All it was take the end it got fast other than that it’s just regular porn. He first and second movies where the best and the truss short movies are hardcore that’s about it.

  31. Very exciting! Looking forward to it! Sorry to see all these haters But thanks for continuing to share your awesome talent and dirty dirty mind! The previews look amazing.

  32. A lot of people dont understand the point of “supporting” someone, it’s not about paying for have animation, that’s only what you can get at the end, the main point of supporting someone is to show you like his stuff and you want him to be able to keep going and maybe do higher things, it’s not write anywhere that he must finish something fast to please us at first, he is free to take 1 years or even 2, support is showing appreciation to work over time, if you actually criticize the way he work and talking about free porn, then stop coming here to put fuss or even trying to have right cuz you’ll not be right anyway, even pouring salt on other to try to change their mind about it will not change anything
    All people who show appreciation to the artist without paying, that’s also a great support, commenting with positive things is also support. Nice to all who do !

    • This guy wrote a whole ball kissing paragraph…GET FUCK OUTTA HERE with this bullshit

      • There is no place for salty, stupid and angry people in this site, if you dont like his work despite coming out free after a year or two, you should just ignore it all and search something that suit your taste more you idiot

  33. Like the last years, I’m sitting here, laughing at all the comments, never paying a cent to this dude and waiting a week to get the video for free

    If you want to support an artist who is worth the money, check BaronStrap on Patreon, other kind of stuff, but the quality (of the newer videos) is outstanding.

    • Hahaha yes, me too, im just waiting for the Supporters leak so i don’t have to wait the extra week for Public Release.

  34. Motherfucker “you’ll try”… Fuck you.. Can i get my money back instead.?!?!?!…. This is fuckin ridiculous…..

    • I keep telling ppl he’s a scammer to his patrons it takes him a year to get 1 vid done and right now he’s asking for a week for 2 min render that should not take more then a day even with the most shit computer. Milky milky milky for them patrons.

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