P4 is released for supporters

Ok, P4 is released for supporters. The public release is going to be on the next weekend.

P.S. Comments are locked till the public release

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  1. Hi, everybody. I am Russian and I have waited a year for this video. Like you. Finally. Fuck yeah.

  2. Is the ver for supporters available in a streamable form? Or do you have to download it first?

  3. dont free download
    support admin

    не качайте бесплатно
    поддержите админа

  4. So the supporters get it a week early but without sound. The freeloaders get it with sound. That doesn’t anger anybody whos a supporter.

    • Let’s think about this for a minute.
      The alternative would be supporters get it next week with sound, and then Animo makes everyone else wait an extra week for no reason at all.
      Let’s also remember what it means to support an artist in this way. You’re not buying a product. You’re willingly giving money to a creator who you want to be able to keep creating. The rewards are a good incentive, but they’re not a product you’re purchasing. The supporters should be aware that they are receiving early yet unfinished results. This may be unfamiliar compared to many premium models, but this one is not a model for punishing anyone who doesn’t support by holding on to a finished piece just to make supporters feel more valuable.

  5. freeloaders still get it at the same time as the supporters just on other platforms


  7. Animapron is doing this thing all wrong, why do u cheat your supporters by giving them a version with no sound? WTF kind of bs is that? No other animator does that.

  8. Anyone wanna bet the free one won’t drop next week due to a tech glitch? more sound editing? minor tweaks? more rendering? this shit has been going on for YEARS with this guy! this is reason i dont support him any longer. his deadlines are never met and his work is becoming more click bait then anything

  9. agreed anon
    i stopped supporting him months ago after i realized a pattern with his deadline delays and moving them. always around the month change just to get/keep more supporters on Patreon only to dupe them the following month with either “more edits, voice acting issues, and of course muh rendering times”
    he’s been doing this same shill shit for years and people STILL fall for this shit. many of his laraXhorse supporters are even Patreon members anymore because of this. I know, i was one of them
    that and you can only lie so much about rendering times. a 20m clip doesn’t a month to render. this isnt pixar or marvel quality at all

  10. Hmm, too many supporters and time for the uninteresting semi-finished work, the art quality is very good but the rest leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry my bad English!

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