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  1. You know what’s funny ? There’s coomers out there ANGRY at animo for making a ton of $$$ with this shit. It’s absolutely hilarious, they are like slaves complaining about their master living the good life. Animo is doing all this shit, stuff nobody else does anywhere close to this fucking level, and posting it for FREE for us, and these fucking losers come here to bitch about “waaaa why is he making so much money? why is it taking so long reeeee” ? Fucking laughing at their life. Animo didn’t have to turn this part into so many and make it so long. But he listened to feedback and he did. Yeah he gets more money, but so fucking what ? Most of us losers here don’t even pay him. It’s funny as fuck to me.

    Also, i am glad Animo is turning Quiet into a slut – i was getting tired of that rape shit, it was boring. I would love to see Lara again in the future though, she is the true horse cock queen. Hope Animo brings her back

    • I agree, like why the fuck do people care that Animo makes a ton of money? Like why does it matter to you? How does it affect you at all? Because you think he’s somehow milking the donors and so you have to wait an extra month to get your wank? Even if he was (and I dont think so) like who the fuck cares? People make their own decisions. Dont be a fucking communist.

    • I agree; aninopron is not milking anyone. as I know a little bit about render times. most animations are 29-30 FPS. so, at high end renders; 1 frame of 30 FPS take at least 4 hours to render in HD (and that,s only on my computer) Do the math. So 1 sec of render takes at least 2 hours on a high end computer. then add 29-30 frames will take 2 and a half days to render, just for one second. this doesn’t account for multiple camera angels. since aninoprns’ animations are over 20 mins long on this project. it takes many hours. this does not even include post work and voice like candy.

      • Not to mention the dude probably has a wife or at least a social life and can’t render while people are over.

          • Not to mention you don’t even have to see what you are rendering, since it hurts performance and most people disable it anyway.

        • He doesn’t have a wife. He lives alone. That’s why he doesn’t have a job. This is what got him banned from Patreon because he was stealing too much money and not delivering the product. He was milking people every month and lying about release dates just to keep the money flowing.

          • Are you always dribbling out lines of such mental retardation? Patreon doesn’t allow horsie porn you degenerate fuck nugget, nobody is stealing money. All donations are voluntary.

            You’re still here, aren’t you? Can’t care that much, bitch.

      • 1 sec is 2 hours rendering? that would mean he will be rendering for 2400 hours i dont think that right cuz rendering takes him only 1 month most of the time and the past 2 were 30min + so let we say realese will be may

        • That’s maybe why he try to get money, to have a render farm. Judging by the quality of the animation, yeah, in your average computer I can see that rendering for months.

    • what’s wrong with earning money with his own talents seriously? what’s wrong with those people? animo has been making good stuff for free.

  2. Love your work animopron, can’t wait for the final video and the next project your going to do, I have some ideas for you email me and I’ll share some ideas I got in mind

  3. Yo Animo, your work is first-rate and your sound design is magnificent, but I gotta ask. Did you outsource your voicework for Quiet to Miro and Co. over at Affect3D? Because the moans in Bloodlust:Royal Descent are literally the exact same ones. Not just the same actress, but the same exact sounds.

    It doesn’t bother me at all, she’s quite good. And I’m not trying to out you here if it’s a secret or something, but I have autist-level hearing and that shit is the same. Keep up the tremendous work, can’t wait for part 4!

  4. Awesome vid animo. I look forward to part 4a lol. Gotta ask, how’s the game coming? I know it’s odd but I look forward to playing a futa with a horse cock

    • Can’t wait for the entitled kiddies to come crying that people VOULENTARILY give Animo money, piss their pants bitching about the release date, yet still come here every week to fap.

      Seriously, reevaluate yourselves before your mom checks your search history.

  5. Animo’s quality is unique, I would like to see a future 2B project by Nier automata

  6. I don’t understand why quiet’s bra is back. It would make so much more sense and be so much sexier if she didn’t have it on.

      • King of faggots, really? You’ve made a fool of yourself… again. You must be insane. What a moron.

        • I am not this guy you cunt. I will insult you cause i can and i enjoy this but i dont insult other people. I will just bully you and you cant do shit

          • BTW: not everything I say here is directed to you, puppy. Do you have some kind of delusions of persecution now?

          • @Wired, Its not him. Its me.
            I am the one who knocks!
            And you are the one who is found sucking cocks!

        • OK, thanks, silly me. You’re perfectly right, of course. I must have been blind or something else must have caught my entire attention then. I haven’t got any better explanation for myself, sorry. In that case I don’t mind Quiet wearing her bra just for a change although I like watching tits swinging on the loose.

  7. Why do I get the sense that the interrogator is actually enjoying getting rammed, I mean not once in these scenes do we see her kicking quiet away. She is just looking back seeing it happen lol

    • Maybe the Interrogator is turning her sexual fantasies into memories, but it looks like she’s not stretched enough with fisting to an elbow depth.

    • You are on to something there lol Quiet is close enough for the Interrogator to kick away on this Gif and all she is doing was just watching it happen. Well the interrogator did say in PART 3 she could only image what it would feel like, I would be surprised if she loved it after a while

  8. Next video with 2 horses at the same time:

    Shuri (black Panther’s sister)
    Aloy (horizon zero dawn)
    Claire (resident evil)
    Captain Marvel (pregnant by horse and tortured giving birth because of her over confident attitude)
    Harley Quinn
    Kitana (mortal kombat)
    Wonder woman
    Power Girl
    Elastic Girl
    Ellie (Last of us 2)
    Jessica Rabbit
    Chloe (Uncharted)
    Jasmine (Aladdin)
    Rey (Star wars)
    Hermione (Harry Potter)
    Vennefer (Witcher 3)
    Triss (Witcher 3)
    Jennifer Lopez

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          Yeah, you wish you could bang my mom. But it may happen only in your dreams, poor puppy.

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      • Does he want 2 horses to fuck ALL of these girls in the same video? Or each in a separate video?

        • Two horses for each girl in a separate video I guess. Otherwise it wouldn’t make too much sense to me with so many girls and so few horses.

    • can i second Ellie from the last of us as a character to get fucked by a horse,even if it is just a short video!

        • yeah have the horse give ellie a rimjob and then have the horse climb inside her and then have the horse eat her from the inside out and then have the horse shit her out +1

          • First dont try to be someone else second thats disgusting

          • I guess that your impersonation of me is the greatest form of your admiration for my person. Well, thank you… but I don’t like this twisted idea at all.

    • I would enjoy a video with most of all of those girls. Harley Quinn actually makes the most sense since she is the most interesting of them and probably would fuck a horse LOL

  9. Really glad he is splitting P4 into 2 Parts, makes me wonder what he’s got planned for the final part

    • +1. I do not care if each video shorter if it means we get to see something sooner

    • I hope AnimoPron will introduce few more horses to the party somehow… in the next part.

      • No bad idea dumb bad idea bad not good very bad not good very awful bad bad not good idea

        • Could you tell us why? …just to make your criticism a little bit more constructive and eventually a little bit more valuable.

          • I mean, your comments are hardly worth replying to, let alone in any meaningful manner.

    • We are not toxic. There is a guy who calls himself wirek and acts like he is so funny or cool but he is a total jerk and all the toxic words you see is cause of him

      • Jealous?
        Are you feeling better now? …I mean with yourself? If not then you should seek help ASAP, take a pill or something before it’s too late.

    • I’ve got a fan here apparently who follows me like a loyal dog and expresses his admiration for my humble person with his barking because I don’t share his disgusting coprophilia fetish. It may look toxic, but I don’t really care. He’s just making a fool of himself… again and again. it is a strange form of compliments to me in fact. He dreams of fucking my mom or me, but he’s just a poor poor puppy with no chance to make it come true so he barks even more because of all his frustration. I kind of like his barking – it brings a smile on my face.

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        • Maybe you don’t have shit fetishes, but at least one or another inferiority complex…

  10. An answer to my sweet son(wirek)
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    • feel like you and wirek are actually the same person and are just continually making a fake fight to make other losers angry

      • No, I’m not him although he sometimes uses my name to impersonate me… just to express his admiration for my person in some strange way. Not everyone gets own psycho-fan I guess. On the other hand he actually does reply to his own comments sometimes.
        He may change his names but he still remains a coward throwing his shit at people… unlike other anonymous users here who can have my respect – this is the basic difference.
        I have no intention to make others angry with this shit-war, but I’m not responsible for that lunatic on the loose.

  11. Just a thought… What if PART 4 is a dream and in the end she wakes up to see Quiet aiming a gun at her before shooting here…. Could be possible

    • What if the interrogator wakes up in the desert and finds out, that she only had a heat stroke? Could be possible…

    • Ah yes. All-holes horse rape never happened and instead we get gore and death. Very sexy.

  12. Whats up with all that hate on Wirek i didnt see him do anything to deserve this to be honest

    • As I already explained: my psycho-fan hates me because I don’t share his disgusting coprophilia fetish… although he denied to be a shit eater recently.

      • You know it’s not just one anon, right? I was shitting on you like three weeks ago, no idea where these other people came from, but they have the right idea. Go fuck yourself, fag.

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          • Have you already started bullying him? Looks more like you are whining all the time and Wirek makes a fun of you…

        • Yes, I know there are several coprophilia fetishists in here, even though not all of them are so messed up and delusional as that particular one who also changes his names to pretend a crowd and generally acts like a plain coward.
          I just dare to claim that some people come here knowing past and present content yet showing no respect to those of us who do appreciate AnimoPron’s creations. This isn’t a scat fetish site as far as I know, but some of them try to take all its beauty away aggressively and turn it into an awful and disgusting crap or some other terrible gore.
          If they also make fools of themselves at any opportunity they get, then I won’t mind at all. Everybody has a right to be stupid from time to time, right?

  13. WOW!!! Looks like she’s aiming for the butt hole, but she hasn’t lubricated and/or gaped it enough for Brutus to easily penetrate the Interrogators brown eye with ease. What’s the betting that that’s the end of the first part of part 4 and we’ll have to wait for part 4 part 2 for the full anal scene. Does anyone else think that part 4 being in 2 parts is that it’s going to be a long part? Hopefully it will be at least 30+ minutes per part? then Animopron can move on to animating more masterpieces. Does dog cock or horse cock feature in the next block buster? Then the character. I don’t care who it will be as long as she is wearing heels ( I HATE FEET!!! ). Try Jessica Rabbit.

  14. Animopron could finish that Barbara Batgirl in the wheel chair and the Dog or Assumi and the pack in better resolution?

    • I don’t think that the act of plagiarizing work of other artists is any good idea even if those other artists’ work could be essentially upgraded. I hope that AnimoPron will walk their own way of beautiful stories and outstanding quality.

  15. OOH!!! Just channel surfing and found Miraculous: The tales of Lady Bug and Cat Noir. Marinette and a horse? How about Lego friends: Girls on a mission. 5 girls and a horse and a pack of dogs? Or any girl for Pokémon and a Pokémon with a big cock? I could mention loads but it’s not up to me or any one else. So stop listing girls I’ve never heard of.

  16. Do any of those 18+ games actually show porn in the game play or are they Clickbait?

  17. Huh, I’ve just noticed that The Interrogator is wearing the right hand glove and Quiet is wearing the left one. Bit weird ain’t it?

      • So it was all a dream and then the Interrogator wakes up in a big wet patch with her butt plug still in? Mirrors? LOL

        • No, not really. I wouldn’t go that far. I guess it was just a processing shortcut. If you want some story to it, then maybe the Interrogator has an alien origin similar to the Quiet’s one, but I don’t insist on this idea at all.

  18. Ok now I dont comment like ever but all I see is people ganging up on one person and really its sad. Like what is the point? We all want the product to come out no need to argue over the most pointless shit. Its been happening over the past dozen posts…Honestly its the saddest and dumbest thing Ive seen Tbh. So thought Id leave my Pointless Opinion here thank ya and good night.

    • When I pray to God I think of a nice thing to say,
      but I don’t think I can so fuck the bastards anyway.

  19. Wirek called someone out for having a disgusting fetish that frankly no one wants to see anywhere. In response this guy, who has a disgusting fetish that’s unhealthy and for which there’s no excuse, responds by harassing him nonstop in the comments.

    It’s just a message board; I don’t feel sorry for Wirek because if I was in his position, I’d find it funny. I’ve endured too much harassment of much worse kinds to be offended by stuff like this, but at the same time, it’s quite immature for this disgusting fetish guy to respond this way. Keep speaking your mind Wirek

    • Thanks, Marcus. But you should watch out or you’ll get your own psycho-fan here too. Yes, we all know that those silly puppies need to bark a lot…

  20. This dude messing with Wirek structures his insults like a mentally retarded kindergartener.

    • Which one? There’s some other guy that can’t type for shit, but I’ve actively told Wirek how big of a homosexual he is.

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      • That’s interesting. How can you tell? Share with us your precious thoughts, please.

    • That’s interesting. It’s something new, finally. How can you tell? Share with us your precious thoughts, sick puppy. Be creative or at least be much more precise.

  21. Haven’t checked the comments for a day and omg wirek my son all people in here now understand that a guy who calls himself wirek is a total dipshit and also i repeated this and i will write this again. I dont have fucking shit fetishs(an answer to marcus aswell) so stop calling me by that name. I hate you cause you are a cunt and i simply dont like you my pathetic son

      • No way, I am not. I haven’t done anything heroic here.
        When I pray to God I think of a nice thing to say, but I don’t think I can so fuck him (the shit throwing coward) anyway.

    • What a miserable father you are. You should be proud of a son, who is smarter, nicer and more liked than you. But you are just envious and complaining all the time, that he did not became a sorry old loser like you. Your Son is the single thing you did right in your live and you are too petty minded to appreciate him.

    • Hush now, baby. Baby, don’t you cry. One time you say this. Another time you say that. I don’t keep a track whether you’ve already had your shit today or not yet. Basically I don’t care if you like me or not. And even more – it makes me kind of proud that you don’t like me ‘cos I don’t search for any higher feelings from an anonymous coward like you who’s throwing own shit at people. You may change your names just to pretend a crowd, but it doesn’t change who you really are. So bring it on. Share with us your precious thoughts. Bark, silly puppy, bark…

  22. Please have quite make the interrogator eat Brutus’ shit then have Brutus throat fuck the shit down her throat cumming in her stomach forcing her shit and Brutus’ out her ass so Quiet can force her to eat it again.

    • Okay, why not. But I really like to know, why you think, this is so sexy. Usually someone has a personal connection to a sexual fetish. And am dying to know what that might be. You want to explain it to us?

  23. What kind of render setup do you need to render a 30 minute animation of Animo’s quality in a month (or 2)? Dual 2080s or such? I’m learning and hoping to contribute in the future to the world of 3D

    • Dual 2080 ti would work, but you need a really good CPU, intel are good but a thread ripper would be better. And a HPC would greatly speed up rendering. 64 gb of ram 3000mHz at minimum. And ssd help greatly as well.

  24. Wirek is the hero what we have but we don’t deserve. He should be the guest character in the next episode

    • LMAO
      Despite the rumour around here, I’m not a hentai anime character. No-one would like to see that. The idea is dangerous – the view could damage one’s sight irreversibly.

        • Well, I don’t mind that at all even if you were actually trying to offend me. I would be honoured in fact.

  25. Yo aquí esperando tranquilamente por el porno de caballos y un wey todo loco obsesionado con Wirek, siempre y cuando no vivan en el mismo condado todo bien :).

    • No me interesa el porno de caballo, sólo estoy aquí porque quiero saber si Wirek y Anonumous se van a casar. Es la gran historia de amor de nuestro tiempo, extrañamente escondida en un sitio de porno.

      • Al principio, el amor es una locura, que sólo uno puede sentir, pero al final atrapará a ambos. Y ya lo llamas “mi” psicópata. La esperanza no está perdida.

  26. I really miss the creativity, i hope u thought about sth. new for the ending, not something u have done already 4times before.

    • Really? No deeper meaning in pornos anymore? No messages between the lines? What a sad place the world has become!

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