Update on P4

Right now i’m finishing the ending of P4, don’t want to spoil it, so i won’t be posting any more previews here.
I’m gonna start rendering it soon, so i will start posting some final shots here after.

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  2. que emoción, haces un excelente trabajo, tómate tu tiempo, vale la pena esperar por tu trabajo.

  3. Now, I know that this will not happened unless it was already planned…..


    how COOL it would be to see a “blooper reel” of Quiet & the Interrogator & Brutus just laughing and giggling (and neighing) together…. just to twist it all into “oh it was just a porn flick, all consensual!”

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  4. You know? I’m pretty tired of this bestiality thing.
    Next project should be an anthropomorphous horse or a horse dick type giant.
    Female doesn’t really matter as long is well designed.

    • And honestly this BTQ project is quite boring, bondage and POV leaves little options, Animo got himself into a restrictive hell.

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    • Meh… There’s plenty of this crap you suggest on the internet already. So yeah… Meh…

      • Plenty of crap, you said it, it’s more fun if the male has hands, you know?
        Plenty of crap mainly because is cheap cgi, Animo could do wonders if he didn’t limit himself.

        • This time by crap I meant some kind of centaurs or other totally fictional creatures that look like 2 or more species intermixed together. Those hentai anime are so far out that they are extremely boring, in fact… just like watching My Little Pony episodes. A male with hands doesn’t make it any better, but fantastic realism does the job.

          • So the fact that Animo is repeating positions and male partner despite his awesome quality is not boring?
            This one project is specially monotonous, it were three long videos of Quiet being ravaged by all her fuckable holes, yeah, sounds great. But why does them bore me after a few minutes? Why i’m not viewing them once and again like i do with Lara with horse?
            I’ll tell you why: Because it has no soul and it goes on the same over and over.
            Just like those hentai videos you described, it almost look like looping.
            Love his job and love how he upgraded his technique, but Jesus dude, put some soul on it!

          • I’d really like to see some shit fucking with anal. It’s something I don’t see often . I’m not into skat in real life but I’d like to watch a horse literally fuck the shit out of someone deep.

  5. I’m excited to see what Animo decides to do after this. Personally, I’d like to see Elastagirl!

    • Never in my life did i realise i needed something so much before your sentence

  6. Anyone know how long it will be till release? I assume the patreon supporters get the video first. What is an estimate for the rest of us to get the release?

    • Yes, you are right
      well animated. But with the cost of beeing just 2 minuets long
      that’s quiet boring

      • That looks pretty and nice… and is pretty impressive too. What a pity it lasts only 2’19”, but on the other hand few first AnimoPron’s clips like “Lara with horse” (that Our Lord Stan likes so much he can watch it over and over again, and is never bored with it) and “Lara’s horse blowjob” are only ca. 1 minute long. Just look at the progress that AnimoPron has made so far – BTQ has all that and so much more, just not too much, hopefully. Anyway, thanks for the hyperlink.

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  10. Hey man, love your work. Any chance you could do some porn on Anna from Metro Exodus? It’s pretty lacking these days.

  11. This is how the quiet need to treat the interrogator. Tell me if this made you cum 🤤https://www.xvideos.com/video35557979/cute_daddy_s_girl_gets_roughed_up

  12. I dont understand what takes so long to make a short vid rendering has never taken this long for me

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