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    • Complaining about free stuff….trend on the anonymous negative comments. Pathetic doofus.

      • Sigh, yes he’s putting them out there for free but you realize the guy is making bank right ? He has over 3000 subscribers at 6$ a piece, even if he only sees half that money after subscribestar gets its cuts that’s 9k a month and he release at best 2 vids per year….

        • You realize the guy has to pay taxes? The net profit is probably a lot lower than you think.

          • Just for the sake of argument i looked up Subscribestar, after their cut/fee, 3k subscribers at 6$ is 15k back to you, so let’s say he pays 50% in taxes thats 7.5k net/month. P3 was posted what 6 months ago ? more i think, P4 is not coming out for another month, maybe 2 .So that’s 8 X 7.5K = 60K$ for producing 1 3D horse porn vid, nice gig he got there.
            So yeah, he’s doing good work, but he’s milking his backer pretty badly

          • Backers literally choose to pay, you fucking retard, nobody’s getting “milked”

          • The point is you cum to it for free while others choose to >donate< so go fuck yourself you free handout TriHard

          • The people sticking up for their milking says need to kill themselves

          • The people who feel entitled to free shit haven’t worked a day in their life

        • Not like you’re paying, you entitled fuck. If you knew how much work went into these, you wouldn’t be pissing your pants and crying like a man-child in the comments section, you big dumb bitch.

          • Woop Woop thanks for the very thoughful, calm and collected response. I’m sure to change my mind now that you’ve opened my eyes with this very concise, articulate and powerful answer.
            I’m not denying the quality of the artistic work or the amount of effort going in the videos, merely pointing out there’s a very high probability he’s working deliberately slowly and splitting up the vids in more segments to keep the money rolling as long as possible with the same idea/project.
            It is allowed to criticize something while enjoying the work too : Marlon Brando was an extraordinary actor but had awful professionnalism at the end of his career for example.

          • Ok I have to jump in here the amount of work put into these would not take this long and i have done 3d animations so I have to agree people getting milked here big time

        • Dude, look at the AWESOME content he is delivering to us. He DESERVES to get paid for it! It’s a lot of work he puts on an amazing project. If you don’t want to pay, fuck off! The rest of us is very happy to financially reward his artistic talents, and as long as the video continues to be as awesome as it is, I wouldn’t mind a part 6 or 7 either!

        • Oh my, somebody earns more money than an anonymous loser. What an unfair world! Let us pray, that someday every loser get what he deserves, whatever that might be…

      • Quick question?
        Has ANYONE/ANYBODY ever clicked on this as a way of finding what your specifically looking for?.
        Do people come to Animopron.com and go, never mind the AMAZING 3D animation, I need my fix of drfaker.com? If you do then you need to find your fake nudes somewhere else.
        I just opened drfaker.com to see what I was complaining about. FUCK ME they want YOU to PAY!!!, yes PAY!!! for them to fake any photo you ask for. IMO that is just lazy fantasizing. Create your own wanking material, don’t PAY!!! some body else to do it. Creating wanking material is half the fun, also I don’t want ANYONE/ANYBODY knowing my deepest, darkest and weirdest fantasy, that’s my fetish, not yours to beat the meat over. Thank you Animopron for taking the time to get your vision of bestiality the way YOU want it and not how others want it, i.e SHIT, SHIT EATING, HORSE RIMMING OR UNRENDERED. After all this time it better be AMAZING.

    • OK, that’s a nice stash of cash I guess but I think that AnimoPron deserves it for the outstanding quality they release. I can imagine that it is not just one person who receives a fair share for participation in the project. Everything comes with its cost: electric power supply, internet connection services, website maintenance and so on.

      On the other hand… more BTQ is not only more money for AnimoPron but also more fun for me and some of you too. So I wouldn’t be so grumpy about it.
      Any supporter/subscriber can withdraw own financial support at any time. Any fan/viewer can decide not to wait for (or watch) another part of this or some other series of episodes. So I think that you just need to grow up finally.

    • Animo makes money per month, not per video. Releasing the first part separately from the other part doesn’t mean the whole thing will take longer than it would have if he didn’t release it in multiple parts.

    • Thank you Animo, that we get 5 videos instead of 3. I really appreciate it, that nowadays somebody take his time to get a job well done.

    • I guess it’s still there but AnimoPron just posts 3rd person perspective to calm some of the guys who felt so very insecure watching the action from the 1st person perspective. Show them a little bit of your understanding, please. It’s just beyond their comprehension too often.

  1. I’m ignorant on all this stuff. What’s the purpose of rendering? Genuinely curious.

    • When you animate in 3D, you use a very low-resolution texture for the “drawing” and editing. Rendering will replace these low-resolution textures with the final high-resolution texture.

          • Rendering does not take anywhere close to 30 to 60 days for small peices that he sends out. At most for the part he releases maybe takes a day to 3 days depending on length.

        • It depends on how many computers (computation power actually) you have. Any process of computation must be previously prepared and it also takes time. When something goes wrong (looks bad in the final result), then you have to work your time on some fixes and repeat the process.
          Just try to record a full-hd video for several dozen of minutes and then try to edit it with some visual and audio effects (esp. animation-like) on your computer. Or just try to transcode a full-hd video to a different resolution with some cropping and scaling effects on your personal computer – then you’ll understand how long it can take.

    • Rendering in 3D is simply the act of flattening a 3D scene into 2D frames for a video (or any image really). The more detail that gets taken into account, the longer it takes to render.

      With projects like these, the vast majority of the rendering time goes into realistic lighting and physics. It takes a massive amount of computational power over a long period of time to that stuff right, especially where fluid simulations are involved.

    • He said he will START rendering and the beginning of next month, meaning it will take at least two months if not more. Maybe end of April.

      • You will not pay for the work of the author, but for the fact that the computer processes the models for two months.
        this is not the hard work of the author, so I advise you to unsubscribe for this two months.
        Lol. Animo could already buy a computer more powerful, and not render 15 minute videos for two months using nvidia 9500gt

  2. For God’s sake can we please have a scene in which Lara, Quiet and the Interrogator gangbang the shit out of Brutus. Anal fist him, suck his huge cock and make him cum until he is completely satisfied. All this while the Avengers: Assemble theme plays in the background when all 3 girls join forces to take down Brutus and his cock. Others? Whats your take on this? Also, Thanks a lot Animo for your work.

    • I became guy while reading your god damn comment you mother fucking fucker sack of pure shit

        • No need to be rude there.He is just keeping his fetish. We are no one to judge i believe. Everyone has got their own fetish and we must respect it.

          • Everybody deserves basic (and mutual!) respect… Unless some people come here knowing past and present content yet showing no respect to those of us who do appreciate AnimoPron’s creations. This isn’t a scat fetish site as far as I know, but some of them try to take all its beauty away aggressively and turn it into an awful and disgusting crap or some other terrible gore.

          • Why should we respect dumb faggots begging for scat? Those degenerate bastards deserve everything they get.

  3. You’re a master of your craft, animo. I can’t wait for your next masterpiece.

  4. Next video with horse size dicks:

    3 head dog

  5. Next video with 2 horses at the same time:

    Shuri (black Panther’s sister)
    Aloy (horizon zero dawn)
    Claire (resident evil)
    Captain Marvel (pregnant by horse and tortured giving birth because of her over confident attitude)
    Harley Quinn
    Kitana (mortal kombat)
    Wonder woman
    Power Girl
    Elastic Girl
    Ellie (Last of us 2)
    Jessica Rabbit
    Chloe (Uncharted)
    Jasmine (Aladdin)
    Rey (Star wars)
    Hermione (Harry Potter)
    Vennefer (Witcher 3)
    Triss (Witcher 3)
    Jennifer Lopez

    • Two horses for each girl I guess.
      Yes, please… And I would love to see it happen in many various positions simultaneously like:
      – spit-roast (mouth and pussy, mouth and ass);
      – pussy and ass in a boxing fight-like position of 2 stallions with a girl picked up in the air by 2 shafts;
      – pussy and ass with one horse lying on his back and the other one standing above them like a horse-girl-horse sandwich;
      – both girls in 69 position licking each other’s pussies while being fucked by 2 horses in their assholes from both ends etc.
      I would love to see this in AnimoPron’s outstanding quality. |-D

      • As an artist myself, I can say it’ll be a logistic nightmare to put 2 horses fucking the same girl at once. Animo would have to be very creative to make it happen, as the creatures are quadrupedal and very large. Just remember, 2 bodies can be at the same space at the same time…

        With that said, as a fan who loves his work and also loves gangbangs, what I have to say it:
        HOLY FUCK please make that happen! 2 horses on one girls would be amazing XD

        • Heheh, I’ve already seen some of those points above in several short videos of various creators (so I know it is possible), but not in a single consistent and beautiful story. And those other videos were also of poor quality comparing to AnimoPron’s videos. I agree it would be amazing to see it happen in this episode of BTQ or some other AnimoPron’s project.

  6. I don’t know how often you read the comment section my friend but i want you to know that your content is genuinely amazing. Keep up the good work!

  7. Your amazing works deserve it.
    But just no more the same scene, please. Try something new.

    • But then again don’t reveal too much, AnimoPron. Avoid the spoilers so we may have some fun when it is finally accomplished. Right?

  8. Oh, by the way… that’s a great piece of news, AnimoPron! Thank you for sharing that information.

      • Take a look at the top of the page just above those 2 renders – the message from AnimoPron related to their plans. I’m sure you must have seen it at some point. Everybody has, but sadly most of people here tend to complain about it and don’t appreciate it at all.


  10. I hope we see some Strapon action, Quiet should fuck the interrogator into oblivion. Animo if u are splitting P4 into 2 parts please consider including Quiet fucking the interrogator with the Strapon. She just go hard and fast on her

    • I wouldn’t mind that. It would great to see Quiet slapping her hips against the interrogator buttocks, we need some Strapon action let Quiet show the interrogator how to really fuck a woman

  11. I’m ok with getting two slightly shorter parts if it means any part will cum sooner

  12. I’d personally prefer to have it take more time, but get part 4 complete. I know you might feel pressured to publish something soon bc of the hate comments here, but your actual fans dont mind.
    I myself do some animations in Blender, and while that is easier than what you do I can imagine how much time it must take. People here cry that you make so much money and yet it takes so long to make these, as if money could speed up the process…

  13. Im appreciate of the free vids and the hard work but I do find it really hard to believe animo doesnt ever have the time to pop in the comments and answer some questions. I believe it would alleviate a lot of the hostility and wondering about the release dates.

  14. Probably the reason the videos take so long to render might be because Animopron’s PC probably is a piece of shit, but that just my theory

    • He will take few weeks to render the video (and obviously progress for the next part will not continue, because CPU affinity setting in his universe has not been invented yet.) and another few weeks to get the sound done. As if voice actors cared if video is ray-traced or not.

    • Or (and hear me out) he probably doesn’t have the ability to leave his PC on 24/7 reliably, or has a wife/girlfriend unlike you virgin losers that doesn’t want to see this shit, so he renders in parts.

  15. Starts rendering next month? Let’s hope it’ll finish in a week and that’d be a miracle.

    • No, it takes approx 3 months or more to render. You won’t see it until summer

  16. Any chance of seeing that lovely swollen belly taking a beating? I’d love to see Brutus knock the cum out of her with a kick (or several).

    • On one hand you’re apparently just too stupid to understand what I’m talking about. On the other hand I take your comments of a retarded anonymous coward as a strange compliment since you follow me like a loyal dog. So thanks for that, doggy.

  17. We need to see quite get shitted on by the horse and interrogator. This is what we all really want.

  18. Thank you for the videos. Just keep going. Porn or others. It is amazing. The fantasy and the graphic work.

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