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  1. Wow, that’s fast like in the old and silent films made in the ’20s of the previous century, hehehe.

  2. Can you doing thé same with kait Diaz (gears) later pls. I love her and there’s not a lot of content with her

  3. Please tell me it’s going to be a vaginal creampie. Wanna see her belly get nice and round.

  4. Cool! The closer to the pussy cumshot, the closer to the anal scene. Hopefully with blood from the ripped asshole and heavy diarrhea of Lara’s shit and Brutus cum.

      • What are you, dude, straight? Anal is really cool thing, especially the way Animo handles it.

        • Yes, I am straight. I don’t mind anal sex (and even fountains of sperm from Quiet’s or Interrogator’s ass-hole) but all this shit, blood and diarrhoea (or horse butt rimming or horse to horse anal sex) are simply repulsive ideas to me – to be the most euphemistic as I only can. :-p
          It wasn’t present in the 3 previous parts of BTQ and I don’t expect it to appear in the 4th part either.
          So yeah… Meh…

    • I hope the horse cock blasts her ass to the point it teleports to your computer monitor and cockslaps you so hard it breaks your neck.

      • I’m watching it from the smartphone, so it will probably get stuck in the screenframe.

    • You trying to cause a lot of people to hate his work? Blood would be a stupid dumbass idea even StudioFOW isn’t that dumb. Blood is a major turn off for a lot of people, just go to any video where a girl is on her period during sex, and look at the massive hate it gets.

  5. Since this is unrealistic, get her pregnant. Maybe an alternate ending……..Next video, who we need to see with 2 horses at the same time:

    Aloy (Horizon zero dawn)
    Jasmine (Aladdin)
    Captain Marvel (torture and pregnant because of her own cockiness)
    Claire (Resident evil)
    Shuri (Black Panther’s sister)
    Jessica Rabbit
    Elastic Girl
    Harley Quinn

  6. Please please let there be double blowjob with ball licking and rimming. Please

  7. Will Quiet use the strap on and fuck the interrogator’s brains out?.

    Quiet should go rage mode on her

  8. Have Quiet use the strap on, put the interrogator in missionary and doggy style. Quiet should go full rage mode.

    Have alot of angles showing Quiet go fast and hard while making the interrogator look deep in to her eyes

    • New idea: Quiet drives some nails into strapon head and then rips the interrogators insides making her excrete loads of bloody giblets

      • New idea: make a loopy-loop with a rope and show off your new shoes to whoever finds your rotting corpse.

        • Whoah, I see you got butthurt. Did Brutus fuck you so hard your asshole smoked?

          • I wager that was 10x more pleasant than whatever gave you permanent brain damage to the point that you would want to jack off to someone dying.

  9. After the cumshot scene have I agree with the two comments above have Quiet fuck her hard with the strapon, Quiet should be the one to finish her off. Hard and fast. Please let that be the big end

    • A nice close up of Quiet’s ass as she fucks the interrogator in doggy style give us that animopron

  10. I like the three comments above, I agree Quiet should use the strapon, please make this happen.

    Missionary and doggy style hard and nasty, hairpulling just make Quiet very dominant.

    Have Quiet fuck the interrogator into oblivion and at the end have Quiet french kiss the interrogator and then have her smile down at her but then have her eye markings appear and have Quiet choke her out while giving her an evil look as she passes out

    Don’t let the horse have all the fun let Quiet finish her and give the perfect revenge.

    • I’d rather have the interrogator tied under the horse bellyriding the cock.

    • Choking out always looks like dying to me, I dont want to see that BS when Im trying to jerk off. Just rape her and then walk away, but dont do anything that looks like a death scene. Besides it sucks Quiet isn’t a futa, sex toys are idiotic and their only for people who are in denial about females with cocks, so they rather look at a dumb object that resembles a dick. If Quiet actually had a cock, she can do a a lot more to the interrogator with it, like cum down her throat, impregnate her, all sorts of shit a lame fuck toy cant do.

  11. I like that idea!

    Instead of having the interrogator tied down Quiet should show her putting the strapon on and then untie and throw the interrogator on the floor. Have the interrogator try to crawl away from Quiet as she walks towards her woth the strapon swing left and right then she grabs the interrogator and forces her on all fours then fucks her hard and fast on the ground while pulling at the interrogator’s hair, go missionary and have alot of camera angles of Quiet plowing her into hell and finish her off. QUIET NEEDS TO BE THE ONE TO END HER

    • That is hot! Please Animopron make this happen Quiet should fuck her back harder and nastier

  12. Have Quiet grow a monster dick and then have her Dire Wilf come in for a triple finish (horse, wold, and Quiet)

  13. Quiet needs to mess her up personally, have her obliterate the interrogator with the strapon, fast and dominant

  14. After the cumshot please let Quiet fuck the interrogator with the strapon used on her, Quiet should be very agreesive fucking her wtih the strapon.

    Quiet should show the interrogator how to fuck its the perfect revenge. Please do this

      • You repeat yourself and you answer to your own comments just to fool everybody else here.

        • I know right? Just control+f 16 and you’ll see how many comments he typed in the same hour.

  15. Looks like alot of people here want Quiet to fuck the interrogator with the strapon, you know what I want that too! Vag and anal!!

  16. If the interrogator doesn’t get any anal I am going to be pissed might cut off my patreon maybe

  17. Something tells me that this will be completed around the Holidays. I can’t wait until this is complete!

  18. Please don’t let this be the last shot, let Quiet have some personal fun with her

    • I agree. The interrogator has fucked her personally so I think Quiet should have some personal payback. Only she goes at it much harder

  19. Off topic question.
    Is he still working on that game that was mentioned months ago?

  20. I’m sure there’s loads of requests and suggestions floating about but a rimjob scene would be phenomenal.

  21. Quiet should do everything to the interrogator that was done to her (except the bat and ball) only more aggressive ya know? Show how its done kind of attitude. Quiet should definitely have her own fun with her not just brutus.

  22. Hey, I’m not a bot🤣🤣🤣 I’m a female btw
    Brazilian and Japanese. My fantasy is to get throatfucked to death by several men or a bunch.

    I want to be drawn getting facefucked or in a blowbang. I will reward you in sex tapes of me and nudes

    Or if you cant draw

    I sell content.

    Hmu on kik ImTheMonsterRAWR

  23. I’ll say this, I agree with the ‘Quiet dealing the finite impactor’ idea. There’s a shimmering beauty to the darkness of death that not many artist recognize. With your work Animo, I feel you could being that beauty to its full glory. I hope to see this as atleast an alternate ending but, if not oh well. I’m sure what you have planned with be flawless as per ush.

    • Stfu you scat loving snuff faggot. If you want to ruin this animation with your niche and braindead fetish how about you pay him? At least then you’ll be wasting your money to ruin the fun for the rest of us who aren’t as deranged as you.

  24. Please don’t let this be the last shot, would love to see Quiet have her turn with her personally

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    • Translation below:

      Пожалуйста сделай нужно войти до плотного до конца в вагину без половина от члена Бруса а еще один добавляй в анальную пробку вставьте и оставайся и несколько часов и клара крофт пускай она сама всунь от пробки а потом снова вставляйте пусть остается с дыркой пошире в вагину и в анала. И сделай входить в сперму до плотно больше и больше во внутрь во влагалище и ищите найти и вставьте вторую пробку только 20 см в пробке кончики и 20 см длина в вагину и все. Вставляй две штук пробки в вагину и в в анала чтобы было заполнена во внутри.
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      Show more
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      • Yes, we all know how crappy Google Translate still is – despite all the AI they implement into it.

  26. Quiet and horse double anal the interrogator with lots of cum. That would be a perfect ending.

  27. I would like to see one of these kinds of forced horse videos where the woman resists at first but eventually she gets converted and can’t live without it. She becomes obsessed with it. At the end of it, fast forward in time several years and she lives alone with the horse as her lover, the cum as her sole nourishment. She does nothing but feed and water the horse and she fucks the horse daily. She collects cum for when she’s away from the horse, drinking it as her only sustenance. She doesn’t even drink water, all her food and drink is just horse cum. She abandons her life, her friends, her family, to live on a quaint farm, or an island, with the horse.

    You know what, how about a shipwrecked woman on an island where she can never be found. Maybe medieval or renaissance times, a Lady to a Lord or high-class woman. A storm sinks the ship and washes only her and a horse ashore on an island. She can’t catch or harvest any food, and in her loneliness and hunger she turns to the horse and its huge cock and balls.

  28. Sorry to say but this is why I dont pay for the patron it take close to 3 months for a and short video.

    • It’s not that long considering he’s doing it all by himself minus the voice acting. 3D graphics do require time.

    • I guess you would do it better, faster and more beautiful. If so then please do it and let us know. Or just shut up and don’t make a fool of yourself anymore.

      • Lol who’s the fool paying money every month for something that comes out a week after for free and by the time it comes out you out what 30 bucks depending on how much you pay lmfao.

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