Ok, so the first cumshot scene is pretty much finished, i’m gonna start posting new updates soon (don’t want to spoil the cumshot moment before release).
Also – it’s not the end of episode – there’s more scenes after the first cumshot.

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    • In the meantime, you should have noticed that nobody demands false nudes…

  1. So from what I’ve seen from the previews and heard from those who are on subscribestar is that we’re still watching from the Interrogator POV, with 3rd person views around as well, but can we get the rest of the half in third person and see the Interrogators face? I swear when Animo first started this he said the final part of Breaking the Quiet her face would be revealed. I just hope it’s not the last few minutes of the video. If you still want it to be a persons POV, it could be from Quiets POV. That would be a nice change.

      • But this is not enough! We need a next level of video. For example double penetration by two horces or triple penetration by thre horces. With creampie by thre horces on same time. Its will be great video!

    • Her face was revealed, just to Patreons. I figure this is alright to share since Patreon pretty much nuked everything that old. i.imgur.com/qs7QAr3.jpg

    • He usually works an entire year on one episode.
      He started in Summer 2019, so wait Summer 2020.

  2. not sure why people want X-RAY. the girl have nothing inside them. All you see is??? I dont know what is that? what its call? its like the inside of a fake pussy but meaty no heart no nothing no intestine. some cheapy ass hentai video did better. at lease the girls have all that heart and liver lung intestine in side them

    • Oviousliy they need X-Ray Scenes, because they want to be disappointed of it.

  3. Will Quiet fuck the interrogator with the strapon? Would love to see Quiet dominate her

  4. Oh! OH! Oh! Merry Christhmas!!! Lol!!! Santa is cummming to “town”.. :P.

  5. Please have Quiet use the strapon on the Bitch, bent over the table or doggy style on the floor. Quiet should go fast and hard while pulling at the interrogator’s hair pretty much showing her how to really fuck.

  6. I thought we would get more than just one scene of pussy action. What a dissapointment

  7. Ya I dont understand people obsession of anal porn like look in there mirror and think if ur straight or not.

    • If sex is involving another species, it isn’t very much “straight” animore.

    • If you think anal is gay, even with women, you´re either fucking retarded or denying you´re still deep in the closet.

      • youre the one whos retarded here, you brown eyed race mixed filth. anal = where shit comes from. a vagina = the special place that only a women has. why the fuck would you want anal when you could fuck a pussy? just be gay and find a man then.

        • Atleast some people have commen sense this kid calling people retarted without looking in the mirror.

      • Lmfao kid calling me retarted or something hidden deep down lol anal is a gay act it’s what u can do with male or female what make vaginal sex not gay is it’s a vagina dipshit so who’s really retarted

    • And I was hoping for more Elephant Flowerpower Sex with Hillary Clinton! Why is it always me, who needs to be disappointed the most?

  8. Something tells me that you’re probably gonna do more scenes, like you already did the vaginal scene. Then you most likely to use oral next and the anal sex finale. Not sure how the series ends, but I can’t wait until it’s finished!

  9. Yea, dont left that pussy untouched. When you switch to anal and deepthroat, keep playing with that pussy.

  10. That’s great news, AnimoPron! Thanks for that info. Good luck in your enterprise! I just can’t wait patiently until it’s complete. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, AnimoPron.

  11. I want Quiet to be mean and nasty, let brutus have his fun and Quiet will have her turn.
    Remember that last part when Quiet freed herself?
    Interrogator: you think you can fuck with me.

    Well let Quiet fuck her personally and just show the interrogator messed with the wrong woman, just have Quiet as a very dominant woman to her bitch

  12. I think its unfair that quiet got a ruined asshole from the ordeal and the interogator gets away with only pussy action?

    Of course she needs to have her ass destroyed as well!

  13. I have been watching all your videos. What I always wanted to see is the dick penetrating from the pussy/ass all the way to the month. And maybe cumming in the month this way.
    Also once the horse have come in the stomach through the ass, and I was frustrated she did not vomit some sperm.

    • “I have been watching all your videos”… Well. I cant tell right now if you are joking/trolling or not, but you just -in detail- described exactly what happened in Animoprons work “Lara with horse 2”. There is an “all the way through” version which exactly does that and the second thing you are asking for also happened in the end of the regular “Lara with horse 2”. So I guess you havent looked very good… ?

  14. Would love to see a flare after the cumshot. Maybe make his cock stuck because of it

  15. YES, still no anal yet. i was worried hes gonna ruin it with this gay shit again. when i see females i wanna see pussies, if i wanna see an asshole i dont need a women for that.

  16. I just hope at least one of the cumshots is POV.

    Well, honestly, I hope most of the video remains POV.

  17. Have you guys seen Sinn Sage? I think Quiet should be dominant like her. Watch her performance with Ash Hollywood. She is a beast and imagine Quiet being like that with the Interrogator

  18. Will you be doing more series with Quiet after this series? What about a sequel series where she has grown to love riding the horse, maybe have a canine have fun with her

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