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  1. Go for Claire from RE2 next, and make her cockhungry like Lara was, even more actually.

  2. Honestly?
    I don’t like it.
    Actually, I don’t like the whole Quite thing…….

    • Most of us do and it seems to get even better now! But if you don’t like it, there are few more studios that are making high quality 3D porn

      • most of you do because you’ll take anything but in terms of narative this is much worse than the Lara videos

        • I get it for free so why crying like a little child about it that didn’t got what it wanted? No offense but its a different kind of porn here… if you dont like it, than move on to annother artist

          • Because Animo can do it much better, as he proved in the ‘Lara with horse’ videos. That is why many people keep complaining: this could be much, much better.

            Thus, who’s the real ‘Animo enthusiast supporter’, the one who keeps liking each and every product, or the one who’s sure the product can be better, and claims it?

      • what other studios make good art like this? or just what are some other good ones? im not good at finding them. thanks

  3. Makes it seem like Quiet might throat Brutus’ cock willingly from this angle. We can hope!

    • You’re new here ? Because generally, it takes months. You had better to expect the release at summer 2020.

  4. Aw, she has her bra back on

    And lol guys, you know it will be almost a year until release, don’t start complaining already

  5. I’d love to see quiet poop a mix of her feces with horse cum right into the bitch’s mouth.

      • There’s always these retards in the comments, asking for shit like 3 people max want, extremely niche, extremely specific garbage.

      • Yeah, because the horse raping is fine but add scat to it and that’s where the issues start. Don’t fucking judge people on their fetishes on a beast site. We’re all fucked up here.

        • A horse cock is a sex organ, FECES is shit, literal shit that every human finds so disgusting that they build utilities to get rid of it. If you find feces sexual then you seriously have something wrong with the way you think.

          • You know some animals eat their own poop, don’t you? There’re reasons for humans to eat their feces too, and that’s been proven by science.

          • The only thing that has been proven is that there is something wrong with the way you think.

          • A lot of humans find rape disgusting too, dude. The horse raped the bitch, bro. C’mon… what can you say about that, huh? Sigh jeez, I know you did not say rape is fine but damn do not bash him because of his bizarre-niche-fetish when you’re watching this lmao. And to be honest I do not think that’s a fetish of his, I personally think he jyst wants the interrogator to have the worst experience possible.

  6. Looks very nice! I specially like it that Quiet has her Bra back on, cause then we can get exited again when she take it off again!
    I hope that Quiet grabs and rubs brutus dick through the bulge on interrogators belly up to her chest, and maybe squeeze brutus cock a little bit from outside the bulge (like when you grab something thats underneath your blanket from above and wrap the blanket around it, but with her skin instead of a blanket)
    Keep up the good work and i hope it gets even better!

    • yesss.. Quite should definityl start to stimulate even more Brutus , cock, balls, its ass even.. mmm

  7. Would be outstanding if Quite, to increase the horse erection, start to rim the stallion ass, finger it.. to reach its prostate.. even using her feet.. and using also her ass pussy gape to arouse him.. that would be simply epic..

  8. Animo really out here acting like we can’t tell the dick suddenly/magically/mystically shrinks while inside the girls? We want an all the way through scene. Both girls would be dead either way with how deep the dick goes into them so why not throw at all logic and give us an all the way through.

    P3 the horse cock was half way inside quiet and it was at the top of her chest and when he went balls deep it stayed at just the top of her chest. Same can be seen in this gif if you pause it. Horse is halfway in her and the bulge is between her tits, he goes balls deep and suddenly it’s not coming out of her mouth (yes i know this is vaginal atm but it applies because quiet got it in the ass and I’m sure she will too)


    • You both (Gollum and Smeagol) should already know that those animations are not a biology nor anatomy classes/lectures. This is fantastic realism by AnimoPron and not by you. You can try to create your own hentai anime with your own rules for biology and anatomy.

    • There won’t be any atwt, cuz it’s not that the dick suddenly/magically/mystically shrinks, but scientifically passes through a black hole placed inside Quiet by Hideo Kojima.

  9. Pay them and you might get what you want.
    A small amount people want all the way through, most don’t care for it and some think it’s weird, same for every other niche thing in the comments. You never hear the ones who like what’s served, and I’d imagine its a lot less than 90% who want either atwt, scat, absolutely no anal or see interrogators face, yet that seems to be almost all of the comments.
    I for one think what we’ve gotten is pretty fantastic.

  10. Please please PLEASE Animo, add some rimjob !
    Quiet rimming the horse’s ass.. that would be awesome.

  11. Omg, it so good. I wish a pussy creampie and an another creampie at the 4th part! :0

    • Yeah, the latest post mentioned an eta, it’s 02/30/2120
      though Animo might delay it.

    • Well I like good quality futanari (beautiful women with dicks rather than grotesque men with boobs) but not in this particular case and story. This lovely series doesn’t really have to include all the weird stuff that is out there on the internet or crazy people’s minds.

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  13. I’m new but i can take.I find this very interesting and amazingly creative,the rawness is captivating making it hard to tear away from waiting for the climatic end .if anyone would be so kind to direct me to this exact kind of porn .i would really appreciate it .thanks

    • Go to the “MY RELEASED VIDEOS” page and you’ll find there several links to external websites where AnimoPron has published his/her own animations. Try to search for something similar in there.

  14. Hm from that angle with the horse behind Quiet it looks like she’s willingly coming back for seconds.. Here’s hoping

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