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  1. Looking great! Quiet should get the baseballs and butt-plug ready for some revenge to give the Interrogator. She should also have a Dire-wolf or another beastly horse…or something new come in at the end to join in on the fun.
    And, the Interrogator should be forced to hold both loads of cum in her ass and pussy…just some thoughts

  2. I’m so fucking ready for the massive load that’s about to be dumped deep inside her womb

  3. Damnit, with the slapping last gif I was hoping it would lead into a deepthroat

  4. what I wanted to see is quiet getting fuck in virgna not some bitch I dont even know. and im sure some of them agreed with me. who the hell is this bitch anyway. should we care NO we dont need to. idk about these jackass people im sure im not interested

      • its not enough pussy fucking most are anal. if you compare anal and virgna fucking you know which has the most scense and minutes. for me anal to common.. maybe ass fucking excite you or faggot people but for me it wont do it at all. the last 3 part you say? you mean the fake dildo. hell no thats not going to do it. if this animopron want me to support him then I need to see the next 3 female character hes going to work on next is mostly virgna then just maybe i’ll think about it. im not saying there isn’t any anal but not to much anal scene is all im asking. I even pay him a little extra on the side but doesn’t look like its going to happen most this faggot supporter only want anal

        • I agree. When did anal become the norm? Me personally, I prefer some good old fashion vaginal. Not saying anal is bad, just saying that seems to be all there is these days. When anal is used for all the way through, then I love it, but for some reason it has all turned to anal. I just don’t want the whole video to be about anal. Speaking of all the way through sex, I would love to see a scene where quiet gets all the way through and the tip goes into the interrogators vagina, Not practical, I know, none the less wanna see it.

          • Bro you’re literally watching horse porn and crying because of some scenes being anal

          • aw whats the matter little faggot you love anal so much? you try’n to keep you anal scene alive. I got an idea how about you do a video on pornhub where you eating shit then. I have nothing to say anymore. you claim you like anal so much you better talk the talk walk the walk boy. or else you aint shit all you can do is shut up. you want to start the hole money with me your talking to the wrong person boy pretty sure im way richer then you. I call you a boy im pretty damn sure your way younger then me. like I said you better fucking talk the talk walk the walk boy or go piss off some where else.

        • Lol you’re so insecure about a horse fucking a girls ass that you instantly start talking about gay shit, broke boy.

          Get a job loser, then Animo might listen to your retarded ass.

  5. The biggest miss in this series is still when the interrogator was fucking quiet, Brutus was planning on fucking the interrogator in the butt and it would have been an amazing double fuck. But She slapped him away… So sad

  6. Dude, I really enjoy your work, it’s very innovating and of very good quality, just keep going. All I ever wanted to see was the interrogator having relations with ”Brutos”, and now we’ll have it in part 3, amazing! Just wish it was consensual like the blowjob part when she(the interrogator) got so horny that she couldn’t resist the lust and ended up sucking the horse too(I really really like that scene), unfortunately the only did it for a little bit, I’d love to see her swallowing the horse cum(she already said it tasted good :3). It would be amazing to see more interaction between the interrogator and the horse.

  7. im so happy you focus on vaginal again. i was sick of this anal gay shit.
    can you make her pussy super loose / cervix prolapse at the end? i kind of want her to have a ruined pussy for the rest of her life. so the only thing that can please her must be horse cock sized.

    • I liked that you called anal “gay” but cervix prolapse via giant horse cock is totally cool and not degenerate at all

      • Simple, penis are meant to be put on vagina, not anus.
        There is no rocket science…
        Gay people is stuck on a man body and will never feel the true pleasure of having a pussy.
        How sad are their lives. But there is a way to solve it. Suicide and maybe on your next life you will be female

  8. Finally.. thank god out of the akward POV mistress view.. just missing her face, which so damn important to enjoy fully the scene.. to see her face expression, the reaction towards the raw painful giant penetration/stretch…

    • Bro if you need to see a face to enjoy this scene, or find POV awkward if it’s a woman, you might be a fag.

  9. It looks really nice already. I would love to see a double-fuck by two horses (1st one in the pussy – 2nd one in the mouth, pussy-ass with both horses in a boxing fight-like position, pussy and ass with one horse lying on his back etc.) for the interrogator or Quiet, or even for both of them (at the same time by four horses?!?). Now that would be a nice surprise for both of them and an insane end for the whole story of an incredible imagination – grand finale orgy. Bring all the wild mustangs from the dunes to the party, I say. Or rather called by Brutus neighing and his other loud and happy horse noises.

  10. Where is the interaggator’s deepthroat. I want to see the interrogators big titts deepthroated

  11. Nothing bad with anal, but I prefer more vaginal porn.

    The videos have been very anal friendly, so a change is nice.

  12. what program do you use? and you can make the load be in pussy and anal and he stayed there

  13. Imagine being so insecure that you cry in the comments about too much anal in a horse sex video lmao pathetic fags

    • true, of all the comment sections on the internet, this one is always the worst
      it is also somewhat entertaining though, with all the retards, closeted homos and insane shit they blurt out

  14. Animo really out here acting like we can’t tell the dick suddenly/magically/mystically shrinks while inside the girls? We want an all the way through scene. Both girls would be dead either way with how deep the dick goes into them so why not throw at all logic and give us an all the way through.

    P3 the horse cock was half way inside quiet and it was at the top of her chest and when he went balls deep it stayed at just the top of her chest. Same can be seen in this gif if you pause it. Horse is halfway in her and the bulge is between her tits, he goes balls deep and suddenly it’s not coming out of her mouth (yes i know this is vaginal atm but it applies because quiet got it in the ass and I’m sure she will too)


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