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  1. Animo, listen to me, I hope I am not too late, but this setup of characters might be the only chance for this. You gotta do a scene where interrogator is on her back horse cock fully inside her vag, huuuge bulge. And Quiet strokes, licks the bulge until he cums. She can even ride the bulge cowgirl style. All of this would be so hot from interrogators POV. Quiet should look at her while doing this, like it’s interrogators cock…

  2. I hope there will be some “all the way through” scenes as a revenge from Quiet.

  3. This could be hot, but Quiet doesn’t look like she’s into it. Please make her facial expressions lustful and flirty.

  4. Please Animo, make a scene when Quiet stuff interogator uterus with horse poo

    • No, no no no no, just no. I know we are all here watching horse porn, but seriously, WTF is wrong with you!

    • This is a really shitty idea. We all are far-out fans here without a doubt but some of us are messed up in a sick and rather disturbing way apparently.

  5. Ha nice pun. But on another note. I think Quiet should have a Dire wolf that comes in ready for some action with the Interrogator and Quiet.

  6. Quiet should get some other type of revenge (like she remembers the baseballs and butt-plug) In the end the Interrogator gets loaded in both vagina and ass and is forced to hold it with the butt-plug and baseballs.

  7. Hello animopron, I love that you respect the lumps that the horse’s penis generates when it reaches the stomach, I recommend you watch the Taimanin Asagi series, it contains a catalog of well-endowed heroines that fight against orcs, demons, tentacles, horses, and all kind of being evil that have huge penises xD, the series is a very popular eroge, that game contains everything so it would be incredible that you will recreate the girls since you do respect the original design.

  8. 360 release please. I would love to have a 360 video for vr viewing of this release

  9. Animpron, a fan of your artistic ability to pass your passion of your artwork into the CGI world. I have, and am currently in the transition myself from paper and pens to macros and monitors. Just a word on this GFI. Watch the placement of the pointer finger and finger tips. I know this is a GFI, however your WIP is your best work in the engine you are using. GFI,s do not compare. Cheers Animo: All your work is very interesting Great !

  10. PLEASE please give us a double blowjob, ball licking, rimming scene! I can dream…

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