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  1. I know you said BTQ will be finished before the game. But will you continue to work on the game while you finish this series up?

  2. I hope it will be hot! I guess she’s gonna like it, though. I wish Brutus would mount Quiet again anyway and come inside her one more time.

  3. It would be nice to see her face not all in pov,she’s got damn good boobs,so it would be perfect to se face also

  4. Anyone else kinda confused here? Not complaining but i swear it took him like at least 4 or 5 months of working on animating before getting previews out of actual animation when first starting part 2 and 3.

    • It’s because this has already been animated, the camera view is just different. He’s just rendered it from Quiet’s viewpoint.

    • Same animation as BTQ 3, he just changed the angle and moved the camera inside Quiet’s head.

  5. it is really interesting I like all BTQ series the only real thing that I can complain it is too much time to realize that

    • You fags need to find another animator. If you like cock so much just ask for futa

  6. Man it’s been so long I’ve been asking for the Interrogator to be fucked, don’t even feel excited anymore.

    • same … i asked him few times with no reply or even a hint , well fucking a faceless girl it just so weird tho , kissing or cumkiss probably not possible .

  7. Animo, you need to model the horse cock flare better and make some play with it. That’s the only part lacking in your modeling.

  8. Oh man, please tell me this is all going to be interrogator POV taking instead of giving now.

  9. The only toturure that is missing now is a kinky forced horse rimjob. Please do it.

  10. finally the main woman will fuck her big dick, will sucking scene? that from the inside, the horse plunges his cock very deep into his throat and enjoys it as an example in part 2 only there was no inside view and the like.

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