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        • Paedophile? Really? It’s not under-aged, it wasn’t born at any time nor at any place, it doesn’t get any older, it doesn’t eat and it doesn’t shit. It’s just an imaginary creation, a fantasy and fictional character like Mickey Mouse, Shrek, a talking donkey, a dragon, a fairy, any of The Smurfs, any of The Simpsons (BTW: Bart should be 40 years old now and not a ten-year-old boy for all eternity), you moron! If you don’t shout murderer(!) on actors playing in crime or action movies, or if you don’t shout murderer(!) on players killing their opponents in video games then you’re just another hypocrite pretending to be anything better than the others. But you’re not any better, you’re not any good at all in fact. Just like a dog barking the wrong tree.

  1. Man really , this got boring, same models , same scenes over and over again.

  2. Animo, please, make deep vaginal fisting (better double-fisting) scene! THX :-).

    • ATWT Mouth-to-ass and Quiet does a handy or a BJ when it comes out… also what about a cum-drinking scene to make up for spilling the entire damn buket in Part 3?

  3. This fan base really went down hill. In no way do I want to see this from the interrogators pov.

  4. Dang I was hoping Quiet would get into it and Amazon/cowgirl position the horse

  5. Really don’t want to see this from the interrogaters pov. Would prefer if she kept dominating Quiet.

    • Well I do and the content will still be 95% what you prefer, so why not let us have it…

  6. Home there is some good cum play and cum drinking! Seemed like a missed opportunity in the last video with that bucket of cum.

  7. Fuck yeah, role reversal!
    Thanks, looking forward to anything you do with it.

  8. Lara climbs into interrogators ass and bj horse and then become extension of horse cock, pretty messed up idea sorry….

  9. So Quiet anally fucks the interrogator for 20 minutes, first 10 minutes of this is POV from the interrogator. There is no cumshot as strap-ons don’t cum.
    However the video is now in 4K with Dolby Digital and THX sound.
    The video will be available in 9 months because that is how long it takes to make a baby. (Though it might take longer as it takes a while to get pregnant from only using the anus, and we all know BtQ is anal only)

  10. Son of a bitch, I thought this series was finished! Glad to know the dom bitch will get some!

  11. Hell yeah im so hyped, really hope it stays with the interrogators pov now that she’s getting some

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