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  1. he is working on ep 4 but says: P.S. I’m gonna start working with BTQ 4 in a few days.
    animo are you high or something?

  2. Idk, i mean we dont have the context. But that chick got tortured by the horsedick, now she all horny and let the cum on her breasts. I mean its not really making much sence.

    I would think she would kinda rage, and go hard right away with the other girl.

    • it is not horny it is just a feature of Quiet she breath from her skin when it’s wet

    • have you ever played the game lol to understand her character like for real dont say somthing dont make sense unles you know how she breaths or anything she breath from water and other liquid things it cus she a phantom lol aka a snake

  3. Ya it would be much better to see her just go into a rage and hate fuck the interrogator.

  4. Can you make Quiet give the interrogator an shoulder deep anal fist? Maybe an peehole penetration too? Would very appreciate that !

    • But please add more resistance in the penetration scenes! It should feel a bit like real life, so it didn’t slide in like she would do this all day! More like 45-60 seconds till she got very deep!

    • meanwhile fucking your mom’s smelly face that is like my dog masturbating on a pregnant watermelon you asshole cunt

  5. What do we need now a bj with creampie pussy creampie anal creampie some bizzare toys xD and if we can get a second horse that will be nice ps i really bad want to see nipple fuck and some futa action with horse cock xD…

  6. I think the anal is much more kinky. Also, that part where the interrogater started to drink horse cum straight up from the bucket was awesome, but it was so short, and quiet never drank it! I hope there is more of that.

    • How about a bit of variation though. Throw in vaginal for variation. Vaginal creampies. Vaginal fisting. Something. @Ns is right!

  7. Brace yourselves, for we are going for another 6 months of editing only to get a 30 min POV from Lara under the horse LOL. Which will mean it won’t matter since we aren’t gonna see anything from that angle anyways haha

  8. I think Quiet was partly turned on through everything she endured.

    In BTQ1 she was soaking wet when the Interogater removed her panties.

    I know it is not realistic but I think Quiet even came from Brutus cock.
    The Interogater was allways turned on by watching Quiet get fucked by Brutus. She masturbates in every episode.

    I would love to see Quiet turn that against her. Quiet could keep fucking Brutus in front of the Interogater just to show her that she never had any power over her. When the Interogater is turned on to the max Quiet could start fucking her with various objects and put her through a lengthy orgasm torture. Quiet could continue till the Interogater is at the point where she desperately begs Quiet to let Brutus fuck her.

    That would be a great script for me. And it would be different then just turning the tables.

    • That’s a pretty nice idea. I like it a lot!

      Anyway I can hardly wait to seeing part 4 of “Breaking The Quiet”. The quality is overwhelming. They should transmit it on TV channels like Animal Planet or National Geographic Wild (after midnight, of course) with a title like “Proper ways of collecting stallion sperm for horse breeding” or something similar, heheh.

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