Ok, i’m still rendering, a lot of frames done already. I will post next update tomorrow.

Right now you can check out another comparsion with Ambien Occlusion off\on:

I will use AO only for cam-views, and 1-st person angles. You can also check out a AO test render on my patreon.

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  1. Many thanks for the constant heads up updates rolling out that the rendering is doing it’s job quickly, the after image also is an outstanding graphic update for sure, given the horse likely lays on this back in this pose/scene I assume she’s going to take riding sexual literally?

  2. On your earlier post on may 17th i would’ve said ‘it barely makes a difference’, but in this image the AO-pass definitely makes it way better.
    I’m biting my nails to see what the final result wil look like… and sound like! (did you ask a voice-actress perhaps, like Studio-FOW does..?)

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